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How Do You Breed Donkeys In Minecraft

Tips And Tricks For Breeding Horses In Minecraft

How To Breed Horses/How to Breed Donkeys – Minecraft Tutorial

In Minecraft, horses can come in seven different colors, and have five different types of “markings” on them. This means that there are 35 different types of horses in the game.

When you breed two horses, the game rolls dice to decide what the foal will look like. Most foals will share their color and markings with one of its parents, but there’s about a 29 percent chance that it ends up with a completely random appearance. So if you want a horse of a certain color, you’ll want to breed two horses with that color.

Every horse in the game also spawns with random health, movement speed, and jump strength statistics. When you spawn a foal, the game decides its stats by averaging the stats of its two parents, along with a totally random imaginary horse. This means that the better your parent horses are, the better the foal will be but breeding a perfect foal is almost impossible.

Lastly, horses don’t only have to breed with other horses. If you breed a horse with a donkey , you’ll end up with a baby mule. Mules can’t breed with any other creature.

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Required Materials To Breed Horses In Minecraft

To make horses breed, you need two Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. Either of them will work, but you need to either craft or buy them from Villagers.

To craft them, youll need to grow carrots and/or apples and mine gold. But all may also be bought from Villagers. Apples can be obtained from oak trees as well.

To craft a Golden Apple, follow these steps:

  • Break some oak or dark oak leaves until you have at least two apples.
  • Mine some gold.
  • Repeat for more Golden Apples as youll need at least two.
  • For Golden Carrots, youll follow different steps:

  • Harvest some carrots from a Village or your home.
  • Mine some gold.
  • Smelt the Gold Nuggets into Gold Ingots.
  • Go to your Crafting Table again.
  • Place the carrot in the middle slot.
  • Surround the carrot with Gold Ingots.
  • Obtain a Golden Carrot.
  • Repeat for more Golden Carrots as youll need at least two.
  • Gold can be mined or found in chests, whether its Gold Nuggets or Gold Ingots. Smelting Gold Ore and Nether Gold Ore also yield Gold Ingots. Mining Nether Gold Ore also yields Gold Nuggets, and nine of them can be made into a Gold Ingot.

    Now that you have enough breeding food, its time to get your horses.

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    How To Tame A Donkey In Minecraft

    To tame a Minecraft donkey, you only need to mount it until hearts appear atop their head and they no longer buck you. As aforementioned, do not hold anything while you try to have it tamed.

    You will definitely be bucked off sometimes, but keep trying until you succeed.

    Also, you can feed them with a multitude of the same things as their horse counterparts.

  • Wheat
  • Golden Carrot
  • Golden Apple
  • These are all useful when teaming or healing the donkeys. However, just the golden carrots and golden apples are suitable for breeding donkeys.

    Minecraft Horses: What Do They Do

    How to breed horses and donkeys in minecraft ALQURUMRESORT.COM

    It’s all well and good learning how to breed horses, but why would you want to?

    A tamed horse can be saddled and ridden, with the player able to control the horse’s movements. The world of Minecraft is huge and horses can travel quicker than your running speed, so they provide a good vehicle for exploration.

    You can also farm horses for resources. Adult horses drop leather scraps and experience points when killed .

    They’re also super cute and with up to 35 different varieties of coat markings getting an example of every horse added to your stable is a challenge all of its own.

    Donkeys and Mules

    Horses aren’t the only equines in Minecraft: you also get donkeys and mules.

    Horses, donkeys, and mules are nearly identical. They can all be saddled and used as transportation in exactly the same way they have the same maximum stats and if you decide to kill one it will drop the same resources. However, there are just a few key differences:

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    How To Feed A Donkey At Minecraft

    In Minecraft, you can reestablish a donkeys health by consuming it. You could also speed up how quickly a baby donkey develops by feeding it food.

    Suggestion: A donkey will only consume food, whether its gym is down or if its a baby donkey thats growing. If you attempt to feed a donkey differently, then it wont consume the meals.

    Foods to Feed a Donkey in Minecraft

    MInecraft Donkey food

    Steps to Take a Donkey

    1. Locate a Donkey

    As soon as youve got one of those foods, then youll have to discover a donkey to nourish.

    Donkeys live in the Plains biome.

    If youre having trouble locating a donkey, you can summon a donkey working with a cheat, or you may use a spoonful egg.

    2. Utilize the Food

    Next, with all the meals chosen on your hot tub, youll have to feed it into the donkey. In this instance, were likely to provide the donkey wheat.

    TIP #1: To nourish a donkey, you have to have the food item chosen on your sexy bar, and the donkey shouldbe hungry. Otherwise, the donkey wont eat.

    Hint #2: If you arent holding a food item and follow the directions below, you might wind up mounting the donkey instead. So make sure you keep the food at first before trying the directions.

    The sport controller to use/feed the wheat into the donkey Is Dependent upon the variant of Minecraft:

    To get Java Edition , right-click the donkey.

    To Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.

    For Nintendo Switch, then press the ZL button on the control.

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    Horse Colour And Markings

    If you’re breeding two horses, then the colour and markings of the offspring are likely to each be taken from one of the parents, but there’s also a low chance of the baby having completely random markings and colouring:

    • Chance to have random colour: 11.11%
    • Chance to have random markings: 20%

    If you’d like to inject more variation in the looks of horses, donkeys, and mules, then your best bet is to find a good Minecraft texture pack that does the job for you.

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    Why Make A Mule

    Why should you go through the trouble of breeding a Horse with a Donkey, you may ask. Well, Ive already anticipated your question, young reader. Basically, Horses are much faster and can jump higher than Donkeys, but they cannot carry chests. Donkeys can.

    Mules are a breed between the two, and can carry chests while going at decent speeds. They may not reach Horse stats, but its much better than Donkeys. You may then proceed to annihilate the other mobs, if you so please.

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    True Achievements

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    Once you tame two horses, you unlock the ability to give your horses equipment and have full control with riding them. You will also be able to breed the two horses to spawn more. To breed two horses, you must feed them either golden apples or golden carrots. Love hearts will appear around the two horses upon feeding them, and a foal will appear.

    To obtain a golden apple, you must either craft it or find one in naturally-generated chests. To craft a golden apple, you will need one regular apple surrounded by eight gold ingots in a 9×9 crafting table grid. You may also randomly find them in naturally-generated chests around your Minecraft world. You may obtain golden apples in the following areas:

    • Dungeon chests

    What Is The Difference Between A Horse Mule And Donkey In Minecraft

    Horses can wear armor and are typically faster. Donkeys cant wear armor but can be bred with horses to produce mules. Mules cant be bred but can wear chests like donkeys.

    All three animals are capable of reaching the same potential maximum stats, so mules can be as fast as horses with proper breeding.

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    How To Get The Best Horse Donkey Or Mule In Minecraft

    The stats of wild horses and donkeys might suggest that the former are naturally faster than donkeys, although some selective breeding can render this claim untrue. Wild horses spawn with random stats, whereas donkeys in the wild are typically pretty slow and a bit useless.

    However, if you begin to selectively breed your horses, you could, in theory, create a donkey that is just as fast, healthy, and able to jump as any horse. This can take a bit of time, but it’s probably worth it: an animal with chest space is generally more useful than armor because fighting on horseback in Minecraft is a bit of a nightmare.

    Horse Vs Donkey Vs Mule: Which Is Best

    how to breed a horse and donkey in minecraft onettechnologiesindia com ONETTECHNOLOGIESINDIA.COM” alt=”How to breed a horse and donkey in minecraft > ONETTECHNOLOGIESINDIA.COM”>

    The main difference between the three types of mount in Minecraft is that horses can equip armour for greater protection , while donkeys and mules can equip chests for increased storage.

    In terms of the mount’s stats , all three species have the same potential maximum stats. Naturally spawning horses can have random stats while naturally spawning donkeys always have fixed and mediocre stats, which has led many to believe that horses are faster than donkeys and mules, but with enough selective breeding you can have a donkey or mule that is as fast and can jump as high as any horse.

    That concludes our Minecraft horse breeding guide. If you’re looking for an edge in combat on horseback, be sure to stock up on the best Minecraft enchantments and the most powerful Minecraft potions available. If you’re having trouble finding horses, have a look at our best Minecraft seeds list for a good starting point. Or enlist the aid of friends or strangers on a Minecraft server! If you want to know how terrain generation might change, find out everything that you need to know about Minecraft 1.18, which will also bring Dripstone.

    More Guides

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    How To Tame And Breed Horses In Minecraft

    Before you can breed horses in Minecraft, you must first find two horses and tame them. To tame a horse, you must mount it without being knocked off. If you fail, the horse will knock you off its back, and you will not tame it. However, if you are successful, the horse will allow you to ride on its back, and hearts will appear around the horse.

    How To Craft Or Obtain Golden Carrots In Minecraft

    To craft a golden carrot, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your 3×3 crafting interface.
  • Place a carrot in the very middle of the crafting grid.
  • Place eight gold nuggets in the boxes surrounding the carrot, like in the photo below: Photo from minecraft.fandom.com
  • Once a golden carrot has appeared in the box next to the crafting grid, drag it to your inventory.
  • You can also obtain golden carrots by engaging in Minecraft villager trades or looting chests. Theres a 50% chance that a master-level farmer will trade you three golden carrots when you give them three emeralds.

    If you prefer looting chests, however, you can try your luck in bastion remnants or ruined portals . Around these structures, youll usually find chests that might contain anywhere between four to 17 golden carrots. However, the chance that these chests contain golden carrots is only around 7% to 13%.

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    Things To Do With Horses In Minecraft

    You can saddle a horse and ride them all around the overworld. Depending on the horses stats, their speed can be only marginally faster than a sprint or at least three times faster. These stats are random, but repeated breeding can allow you to breed faster and higher-jumping horses.

    Saddles grant you an extra slot as well, handy for keeping an item on the horse.

    Riding a horse is done by using the movement and mouse keys to travel. Horses can also jump over obstacles. The best horses can jump above five blocks, while the weakest ones are only barely able to clear two blocks.

    You can make armor for your horse as well for additional protection. The armor protects the horse from getting killed quickly, but it doesnt prevent the horse from getting injured by fall damage.

    Only horses can wear horse armor, while skeleton horses, zombie horses, donkeys, and mules cant. However, the latter two can be equipped with chests to grant you 15 extra slots. This reflects the nature of donkeys and mules as pack animals.

    With a horse, you can explore the overworld much quicker than just sprinting. You also dont have to carry as much food around, since horses dont have hunger levels. You do have the feed them if theyre hurt badly, though they have health regeneration abilities.

    How Do You Breed Horses In Minecraft

    How to Breed DONKEYS in Minecraft! 1.18.1

    Horses spawn naturally in herds of around 2-6, and can also be found in animal pens built by Villages. All color variations are equally likely.

    To breed horses, youll need to tame them first. To do this, press the use button on the horse with nothing in your hand. After a few seconds, the Horse will buck you off. Repeatedly mount it, and once you see heart particle effects, youve tamed the Horse.

    To start breeding, youll need two tamed Horses, along with golden apples or golden carrots. Feeding both Horses with either will activate love mode causing them to mate and produce a foal. This foal will most likely look like one of its parents, but it has around a chance of being a completely random color variation.

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    How To Craft Or Obtain Golden Apples In Minecraft

    The process for crafting a golden apple follows the same steps as crafting a golden carrot. However, instead of placing a carrot in the middle of the grid, place an apple. In addition, youll need eight gold ingots instead of eight gold nuggets.

    Golden apples can also naturally generate in some parts of the Overworld and the Nether. Theyre usually contained in chests, just like golden carrots. Youll definitely find a golden apple when you go to an igloo, but the chances of finding one are much lower when you go to other places like strongholds, mineshafts, and desert temples.

    How To Tame Horses In Minecraft

    Before you can breed horses, you need to tame them.

    To tame a wild horse, you just need to mount it . You’ll inevitably be bucked off on your first few tries, but eventually the horse will be tamed.

    That’s all you actually need to know, but if you’re interested in the numbers behind it, here’s how taming works under the hood.

    Horses have a Temper metre on a scale of 0-100. Wild horses always start with 0 Temper, and the first time you mount them the game assigns them a “Temper threshold” with a value anywhere between 0-99. Each time you mount the horse they gain +5 Temper. When you overcome the threshold, the horse is tamed. Therefore, the maximum number of attempts it takes to tame a horse is 20.

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    How To Breed Donkeys

    Donkeys are a passive mob primarily used for transportation. As they are considered one of the fastest animals in Minecraft, they are also known to drop leather upon death. In this guide, we’ll cover the process of breeding Donkeys and will detail the food and items you’ll need in order to breed these handy mobs successfully.

    What Do Donkeys Eat In Minecraft To Breed

    How To Breed A Mule In Minecraft Pe

    Donkeys are helpful and passive mobs in Minecraft that are usually found in plains, savannas, and meadows. They are essentially used for traveling and carrying lots of items. They can even breed and have different variants of the horse family.

    Their specialty is that they can be equipped with a chest. This hugely helps players when they are traveling far and wide in the overworld and need more inventory space to keep valuable items.

    They are slower and weaker than horses but can be helpful to players thanks to the chest. Though they can be fed wheat, they will need something more to breed with each other.

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    How To Breed Donkeys And Mules In Minecraft

    Breeding donkeys works exactly the same as with horses. You will need to tame them and then feed them Golden Apples and Carrots. Donkeys are much slower than horses but can equip chests instead of armor. This can be super useful for above-ground adventures and transporting items from one area to another.

    If you breed two horses together, you get a foal. If you breed two donkeys together, you get a baby donkey. However, if you breed a horse with a donkey, you’ll get a mule. Two Mules cannot be bred in Minecraft. Plus, a horse won’t be much use in the Nether, so you might want to ride a Strider instead.


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