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How Do You Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft

How To Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft On Pc

Minecraft: How to make Smooth Stone – (Minecraft Smooth Stone)

It is not simple to find smooth gems in the open world, which is why PC users can also make smooth gems.

  • Build an oven with eight cobblestone blocks on the crafting workbench.
  • Cobblestones and fuel must be placed in the furnace.
  • Stones can be molded from cobblestones.
  • Make sure the furnace has enough fuel if necessary
  • To melt your regular stone, stack it up and proceed as usual.
  • After you are finished with your smooth stone blocks, remove them.
  • This Minecraft Tutorial Explains How To Craft Smooth Stone With Screenshots And Step

    In Minecraft, players are allowed to harvest different types of stone building blocks and then refine the materials into smooth stone via crafting. For the unversed, the most common type of smooth stone is Cobblestone, which is quite easy to be found.

    In Smooth Stone Minecraft guide, we will explain the entire process of crafting smooth stone and what items you are required to have in Minecraft. Before process further, you should know that crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft need you to have three things Stone, Coal, and a Furnace.

    How To Make A Furnace In Minecraft

    In order to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft, you will need first need to gather Cobblestone which will be for constructing a Furnace. We recommend getting as much Cobblestone as you can, because not only will you need it for the Furnace, but for actually making the Smooth Stone itself.

    While you are harvesting Cobblestone, be sure to check around for some Coal as this will be the material best suited for the Furnace. Once you are done gathering materials, follow the below image which is the recipe for making a Furnace.

    Once you have completed this task, then we are ready to move on making Smooth Stone!

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    How To Make Smooth Stone Slab In Minecraft

    Theres not a lot you can do with smooth stone blocks in Minecraft, but its still a good-looking base material. If you craft smooth stone slabs you can expand your decorative options if you want to take advantage of the refined texture.

    The same process used to make slabs from other materials applies to smooth stone.

    Where Do You Get Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    How to make smooth stone in minecraft

    There are several ways to get smooth stone in Minecraft. The fastest way is to smelt regular stone, which you can craft by smelting cobblestone.

    The game also generates smooth stone blocks in various locations, usually inside buildings. You can find it in houses throughout villages in the plains, savanna, and snowy tundra biomes. The butchers house has a higher chance to contain smooth stone.

    Another alternative is as loot from Masons chest.

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    Making Smooth Stone Slabs

    If you’re wondering how-to make some Smooth Stone Slabs with that fresh new material, then it’s very easy! Head back to your Crafting Table and then line up three Smooth Stone at the bottom of the boxes.

    Once you do that, you’ll get yourself some Smooth Stone Slabs! For every three Smooth Stone you use, you’ll get six slabs.

    Smooth Stone And Its Application

    Smooth Stone is the final product that one can attain refining the cobblestone. The cobblestone placed in the furnace gets you a stone which after further refining turns into smooth stone. The conversion is 1:1, meaning you will get a single smooth stone from a single cobblestone.

    The Smooth Stone is attractive than your regular cobblestone or stone. But even though it is attractive it has a limited use case. The Smooth Stone can make the building look attractive, but you can only make smooth stone slabs.

    You can acquire smooth stone slabs using the crafting table. Place three smooth stones in a horizontal position. Three smooth stone slab produces six smooth stone slabs. This method might not be applicable for all as it does burn out your smooth stone resources.

    The stonecutter is the most efficient way to use your smooth stone supply. The stonecutter produces two smooth stone slabs for a single smooth stone. You can control your resources and save a lot of time and resources.

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    If You’re Planning On Doing Any Decorating In The Near Future You’ll Probably Want To Know How To Craft Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    Published June 5, 2020, 11:37 a.m.aboutMinecraft

    by Andrew Smith

    If youre planning to build a house anytime soon in Minecraft, youre going to need a lot of different materials. If you want an item that wont take up a lot of resources and looks really nice, you might want to consider crafting some smooth stones. In this guide, we are going to give you a quick rundown of how to make smooth stones in Minecraft.

    How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft On Iphone And Android

    How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

    With the release of Minecraft 1.9.0 for the Pocket or Bedrock Edition, iPhone and Android users can also create smooth stone blocks to enjoy its aesthetics.

  • Access your furnace.
  • Place a stack of cobblestone along with fuel.
  • Smelt the cobblestone into regular stone.
  • Place more fuel and the regular stone stack in the furnace.
  • Smelt the regular stone to turn it into smooth stone.
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    How To Make A Smooth Stone Slab In Minecraft

    Level up your builds with Minecraft Smooth Stone

    If youre starting in Minecraft, youve likely been using simple cobblestone and stone for most of your builds. Those textures are classic, but can get repetitive. Thankfully, the Minecraft Smooth Stone block adds some variation and style into the mix. You get a more polished look with some distinct-looking borders, but it doesnt look as noisy and rough as cobblestone does.

    Smooth Stone is a great block alternative for any exterior or interior build. So if youre looking for how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft, heres the Smooth Stone recipe for easy guidance.

    Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    • Take the Stones you have created and put them in the place of Cobblestone.
    • Again add coal or wood and it will turn your stone into Smooth Stone.

    I hope this article helps you and now you know How to make a smooth stone in Minecraft.

    There are several more helpful articles to make things in Minecraft.

    If you are having any Minecraft errors like Minecraft Not Responding, do check related articles.

    Also, let me know in the comments what are you using the smooth stone in Minecraft for?

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    Final Words: Minecraft Smooth Stone

    Thats how you can make the smooth stone in Minecraft. Smooth stone is a building block in Minecraft and can be used for creating various crafts in Minecraft. You can easily make smooth stones out of the cobblestones in Minecraft. All you have to do is find yourself cobblestones as well as fuel, which wouldnt be too difficult.

    What Is Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    Minecraft: How to make Glass, Smooth Stone, and how to ...

    Smooth stone is a material block in Minecraft that players can easily get their hands on. The main usage for this block is building. Minecraft builders love to use smooth stone for their base foundation thanks to its texture and color. When combined with other building materials, such as different kinds of wood and stones, the results often come out amazing.

    If you’re in Creative Mode, the smooth stone block is under the “Building Blocks” tab in the inventory menu. However, not every platform or every version of the game supports smooth stone.

    Here are the versions where the smooth stone is available:

    • Java

    Besides the versions above, you won’t find smooth stones anywhere else.

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    How To Make A Smooth Stone Minecraft 114

    Smooth stones can be made with cobblestone as the first material. Youll find plenty of cobbles, so grab as much as you like and start building:

  • Build a furnace with eight cobblestone blocks.
  • Cobblestone blocks can be added here.
  • Fuel can be sticks, charcoal, or anything flammable.
  • To make your cobblestone pile into a regular stone, smell it.
  • To the regular stone pile, add more fuel.
  • The smooth stone can be obtained by melting a regular stone.
  • Where To Get Smooth Stones Minecraft

    A smooth stone can be obtained in Minecraft in a variety of ways. Melting regular stone, which is produced by melting cobblestone, is the fastest way.

    The game also spawns flat stone blocks at various locations, typically within buildings. There are houses in plains, savannahs, and villages in snowy tundras where it is found. There is a greater likelihood that the butcher house contains a smooth stone.

    Looting from Masons chest is another option.

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    Why Cant I Create Smooth Stones In Minecraft

    In gaming forums and on social networks, some users have expressed their dissatisfaction. They mentioned that they cannot create smooth stones in any way.

    This in-game bug has caused a lot of noise, but the creators have not responded with a pronunciation. The task of investigating what led to the failure, however, has been taken up by several users.

    Smooth stone can be crafted in creative mode and survival mode, but not in beta mode. They tried making smooth stones with coal and wood, but it was impossible. You should play Minecraft with a premium account if you want the best experience.

    Add Items To Make Smooth Stone

    How to make SMOOTH STONE in Minecraft (Automatic)

    After adding fuel to the furnace, the next step is about ensuring that the flames already cooking the stone. The smooth stone will appear in the box as well as its cooked or smelted in the furnace.

    The smooth stone will only appear as well as you did previous steps with furnace and coal. You need to take this step and try to repeat same process to get a perfect smooth stone you want.

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    What Are The Types Of Stone In Minecraft

    Cobblestone is the first type of stone you can get in Minecraft. Mossy cobblestone is another variant that can easily be found in dungeons.

    Other types include granite, diorite, andesite, and calcite. Sandstone is another stone block variant that you can craft or mine on beaches and deserts. Even gravel is a type of stone block, but it is essentially useless.

    The Nether region has its own stone variants such as Netherrack, basalt, blackstone, and end stone. A unique glowstone is also available in the Nether and you can use it for its light-emitting properties. Prismarine is a type of stone only found underwater.

    How To Make Smooth Stone Stairs In Minecraft

    Smooth stone slabs have the same properties as other types of stone in Minecraft. However, you cant use them in many crafting recipes.

    That doesnt mean you cant build smooth stone stairs the old-fashioned way.

  • Smelt a big stack of smooth stone slabs.
  • Place a regular block on the ground.
  • Place a slab on top of the block.
  • Place one slab in front of the block.
  • Destroy the regular block.
  • You will have created your first two steps in a staircase.
  • Repeat the process to ensure consistency and prevent gaps between slabs.
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    Refining Stone Into Smooth Stone

    We will be repeating the steps here. After attaining the stone, we will again refine the stone similar to cobblestone. Keep the stone right above the energy source and wait. After few seconds, you will obtain a smooth stone. It is a long process, but the final product looks way better than your cobblestone or regular stone.

    How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft 114

    Minecraft How to Make Smooth Stone

    The first ingredient you need to make smooth stone is cobblestone. Cobblestone is abundant, so get as much as you want and start the process:

  • Use eight cobblestone blocks to build a furnace.
  • Add your cobblestone blocks.
  • Add sticks, charcoal, or anything flammable for fuel.
  • Smelt your cobblestone stack to turn it into regular stone.
  • Add more fuel to the regular stone stack.
  • Smelt the regular stone to get smooth stone.
  • Use the smooth stone blocks to create a better furnace or start using them as a decorative or building block.

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    Collect The Smooth Stone

    When you place the stone in the top box, youll see the flames turn red and the arrow begins to fill white.

    Once the arrow fills white, a block of smooth stone will appear in the right-hand box.You need to pick up the smooth stone and put it into your inventory to complete the process.

    If you are smelting multiple smooth stones, you can wait for all of the smooth stones to stack in the right-hand box if you want.

    Unlike the crafting menu, if you exit without taking the new item, the materials wont drop to the ground.

    The furnace will continue to smelt whatever is in it until it runs out of fuel, materials, or space in the right-hand box.This is great because it means you can do other things while waiting for your smooth stones to smelt.

    How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft Recipe

    Smooth Stone is a light gray color, and has a visible outline. There is no Minecraft crafting recipe for Smooth Stone in the Crafting Grid, however you can still make it:

    This is how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: The Smooth Stone Recipe.

    Step 1: Get Cobblestone. Cobblestone is the most common type of stone. This is the stone to use to craft a furnace. Also, it is the stone that you can refine into smooth stone.

    Step 2: Get Coal, or Wood. Coal or Wood is needed to get your furnace fire started. You will find coal in stone areas. Look for the blocks that have black pixels in them.

    Step 3: Build the Furnace by using 8 Cobblestone blocks in the Minecraft crafting menu. Every block should be filled, except the middle one. This is how you craft the Furnace.

    Step 4: Turn Cobblestone into Stone with the Furnace. Use the coal and put it into the bottom of the furnace. In the top put your Cobblestone. Once you put both in the furnace, flames are burning and Cobblestone is turned into Stone.

    Step 5: Turn Stone into Smooth Stone with the Furnace. Repeat the exact same process. Take the Stone you created in the furnace in the first place, add coal and you will get Smooth Stone.

    When, smelting in the Furnace, the conversion is 1:1, so you will get one Smooth Stone block for every Stone block, you smelt.

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    Minecraft How To Make Smooth Stone

    Lee StantonRead more February 22, 2021

    Smooth stone has been featuring in Minecraft for a very long time, but it wasnt always available to players as a building block.

    Now you can use this stone, albeit in minimal crafting recipes. Most players use it for its decorative purposes and smooth texture. The following guide will show you how to make smooth stone blocks and slabs, on any platform, as long as you have the required game version.

    How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft With A Survival Mode

    How to make smooth stone in Minecraft | Survival Minecraft 2020

    This tutorial describes you the steps about making smooth stone in Minecraft and what materials needed through the process.

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    There are various types of stone you can severally make, and one of the stone is called smooth stone. Instead of using a crafting table to make it, this blocks tone should be made with a furnace.

    So, lets find out the ways how to make a smooth stone in simpler and easier way down below.

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    How To Make Stone Bricks

    While there is not a Smooth Stone Brick variant, there is a regular Stone Birck that looks fantastic alongside Smooth Stone. The process of making these blocks is going to follow the same procedure as if you were making Smooth Stone, but instead of burning the Stone a second time you are going to halt here.

    Once you have the stone, you are then going to load up your crafting menu once again. Then, you will need to place four Stone blocks in a square pattern, or 2X2 this recipe will then produce the Stone Bricks!

    Smooth Stone Still Has A Long Way To Go

    Did you know that most blocks in Minecraft are air blocks? Stone blocks come in second. Theres more stone than dirt, water, or sand blocks in the game.

    Its no surprise that it has a wide range of variants since its the second-most available block and the most available resource. Its limited uses aside, it is important to the core game in its current state. Would you like to see smooth stone available as a valid ingredient in other stone block and slab recipes? Let us know in the comments section.

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    What You Will Need To Make Smooth Stone Slab In Minecraft

    You need to have a furnace to create a smooth stone out of cobblestone. You will need eight cobblestone stones to make a furnace, and more will be required to make a smooth stone. Moreover, you will also need fuel for the process. You can use any kind of fuel like coal, charcoal, and even a bucket of lava.

    How To Make Smooth Stone Slabs In Minecraft

    Minecraft Smooth Stone Slab: how to make it, what it can ...

    If you want to craft Smooth Stone Slabs, the here is the Stone Slab Recipe:

  • You will need three Smooth Stone blocks.
  • Place them in a Crafting Table in a row, which will give you 6 Smooth Stone Slabs.
  • Note:

    • Smooth Stone Slabs do not combine to a single block, when placed on top of eachother. They create a layered double-slab pattern, instead.
    • Smooth Stone must be mined with a pickaxe for it to drop. You can also get Smooth Stone by finding it by villages and houses.
    • You can also use the Stonecutter on Smooth Stone as on other rock-based block.
    • You can no longer make Smooth Stone stairs, however, as far as I know

    NOTE: If you are mainly using your Furnace to smelt ore, then read our article on How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft. The Blast Furnace will smelt ore at twice the rate as a normal Furnace.

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