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How Do You Tame A Villager In Minecraft

Can You Turn A Zombie Village Into A Normal Village

How to tame a villager

Throw the splash/lingering potion or shoot the tipped arrow at the zombie villager from a distance. Or stand within 3 blocks of the witch and the zombie villager until the witch throws a splash potion of weakness. After 3 to 5 minutes have elapsed, the zombie villager will convert into a normal villager.

What Do Villagers Do

Villagers start off with no job and will tend to wander around until they find a purpose in life. That purpose tends to be a profession of some sort. You can influence these professions by placing specific blocks down. If an unemployed Villager comes across one, theyll claim that block as their job site and change into a different outfit. The blocks that are required for these jobs are as follows:

  • Smithing Table: Toolsmith
  • Grindstone: Weaponsmith

Each profession will give the Villager a new set of items to trade for. If youre willing to spend some time developing a village, this makes acquiring certain materials much easier than searching for them in the world. The quality of a Villager’s trades improves as they gets better at the profession too, so it pays to keep an eye on them.

How To Breed Villagers Through Trading In Minecraft

When a villager is found, the only way to allow it to begin breeding is by its willingness. Now that you know how to increase its willingness, you need to know how to unlock it. Doing this is fairly simple though. If the villager has a new trade that you have not completed before, it is a 100% chance that the willingness of the villager will unlock. If it is a trade that you have already completed once before, it is a 20% chance. You can use this as a way to increase the chances of your villagers taking the food in their inventories and breeding.

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Some More Things To Make Villagers Like You

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1. Be nice to the children!2. Curing dem zombies!3. Bring them protection!4. FarmingRewards for your kindness:2. Donations3. Priests rarely give an effectConstructive criticism is welcome!

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  • Building them Houses2. Defending ThemAre you planning to make suggestion? check the search bar first.

    How Do You Protect A Village

    How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft 1.7.10 (HD)

    With all these threats looming ominously over every innocent village, it may be in your best interests to thoroughly protect them. From simply ensuring the village is well lit, to building external defenses, to contracting a private army, there are multiple ways to accomplish this.

  • Light it up. Hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons and creepers typically spawn at night in areas with little to no light. One of the most effective deterrents to prevent villages from being attacked is filling it with torches. By default villages aren’t lit very well, so placing a ton of torches can do the trick.

  • Man the walls. While torches can keep hostile mobs from spawning inside of the village, walls or trenches can prevent mobs from wandering in from outside. There are multiple ways of doing this. A simple wall at least 2 blocks high will prevent anything from getting in. A trench at least 2 blocks deep with a fence on the inside will also do the trick.

  • Defend the weak. The final line of defense for your village is going to be the iron golem. Villages aren’t completely protected even with both torches and walls protecting them, so you can create an army of iron golems to automatically defend the villagers and ward off hostile mobs.
  • The best course of action is to adopt all three of these methods. None of them are perfect solutions. Iron golems can’t be everywhere at once, and may arrive too late to save a villager. Walls and torches are great, but zombie sieges can end it all.

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    Requirements For Breeding Villagers In Minecraft

    Unlike breeding other mobs, the process to breed villagers in Minecraft is a little complex. Lets go over the various factors that affect it separately. You need to ensure all of the requirements below are met to breed villagers in the game.

    At least Two Villagers

    Yeah, the most basic requirement for breeding is at least two villagers. And two willing villagers at that. We have explained how willingness is important to make the villagers breed and get a baby villager in this section below.

    Breeding Area

    The second requirement to breed villagers is a proper space. You need to place a bed for each villager while leaving two empty blocks above each bed. The empty space above the bed allows the baby villagers to jump, and thus, improves the circumstances of their spawning. Beyond that, make sure the area where you keep your villagers is large enough.

    A good practice is to have 3 block area for each villager. So, if you want to breed 10 villagers, make sure you have an empty area of 30 blocks. You can use one of the designs we cover later in the tutorial to utilize this space better and breed villagers faster to grow your farm.

    Food Items

    Unlike animals, you cant feed food to Minecraft villagers to make them breed. But having enough food supplies does make them willing to breed. So, you need to collect and throw food in front of each villager. The villager will then pick up the food items until they have 3 bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 12 beetroots.


    How To Make A Village Zombie

    If youre playing in survival mode, your villagers can be killed by zombies, and you will have to breed more to replace them. If you dont want to spend time breeding, ensure that your village is safe. Follow the steps below:

    • Ensure that theres always plenty of light in the village. Craft torches from sticks and coal and place them around and inside your buildings.
    • Create a wooden fence or a cobblestone wall around your village. Ideally, it should cover the whole perimeter and have a gate that you can close at night.
    • If your village has less than 16 inhabitants, create iron golems to protect the village. In large villages, they spawn automatically.
    • Optionally, instead of iron golems, tame wolves to protect the village. Feed 12 bones to a wolf to tame it.
    • Craft steel doors instead of wooden ones zombies cant break them.
    • Optionally, use wooden doors but raise them one block from the ground.

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    How To Breed Villager In Minecraft: A Step

    Once you have fulfilled all the above requirements, the actual process is easy, and you can follow the steps below to breed villagers in your Minecraft world. Heres how it works:

    1. To begin, you need to lure two villagers to a certain enclosed location. Minecraft being Minecraft, you have to do it by force. You can either push the villager to the location or build a structural path to lead them. Though, the simplest way is to place a boat in front of the villagers and wait for them to sit in it. Then, you can row the boat to a specific area.

    2. Now, you need to trap the two villagers close to each other by creating a structure of some kind. The best place to make villagers breed is either their house or a dedicated breeding area.

    3. Finally, you need to place 3 beds around the villagers and give them their desired food. Doing so will increase their willingness to breed, and within minutes, you will meet the baby villagers.

    Breeding Villagers In Minecraft: Explained


    We have tested the method on the latest Minecraft 1.18 update as well, and you can rest assured about compatibility. The process here has a variety of variables attached, so follow the steps carefully. Use the table below to jump directly to specific sections with ease.

  • How to Assign Professions to Villagers?
  • Recommended Reading: Minecraft Bedrock Tick Speed

    Where To Find Cats

    There arent any animal adoption centers in Minecraft youre going to have to find a stray cat to bring home out in the wild. Luckily, cats are relatively easy to find. Stray cats spawn in villages with at least one villager and four beds. For each four beds in a village, a cat will spawn , so youll likely have a variety of colors to choose from in an average village.

    Black cats can also be found around witch huts in swamps.

    In the Bedrock Edition of the game , black cats are more likely to spawn when there is a full moon.

    How To Increase Your Popularity In Minecraft

    The more popular you are, the better deals you get with trades so it pays to be nice to Minecraft characters. Or you could do horrible things and lose points and thus increase trade costs the choice there is yours.

    The point system words on a -30 to 30 scale and the aim of the game is to be as far from -30 as possible. To do that, you will want to do the following things:

    • Fending off a raid from pillagers will give you a massive point boost of10.
    • You can get between two and four points for helping a villager level up through trading.
    • And when you trade with a villager you also nab yourself one point.

    So make sure you focus on these things when you play to stay beloved by all. Alternatively, here is what you can do to decrease popularity.

    • Kill a villager which will lose you two points casual assault loses one.
    • Attacking a villager child will lose you between three-five points and deservedly so!
    • You will have five points deducted if you kill a villages Iron Golem so avoid that if you need some popularity!

    But that should be all you need to know to make the most out of the villagers and the items that can be traded from them. Now were off to play the game ourselves to do just that!

    Follow for all the latest insights. Or if youre looking for something to watch, see our TV Guide

    Visit our video game release schedule for all upcoming games on consoles. Swing by our hubs for more Gaming and Technology news.

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    How To Tame A Villager In Minecraft


    Minecraft Bedrock Edition – How Do You Tame A Villager …

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    How Do You Tame A Villager?, Minecraft … – Super Cheats

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    How To Unlock A Trade

    How to " Tame"  a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

    There are five trade levels that you can work through and the higher you go, the better items you will see available.

    • Expert
    • Master

    You will be able to tell the level of the Minecraft character you want to trade with by the colour of the badge that they wear with honour. Novices wear a stone-coloured, one, Apprentices sport an iron-coloured badge, then its gold for Journeyman, emerald for Expert and Diamond for Master.

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    How To Build A Smoker In Minecraft

    A smoker is the food counterpart to the blast furnace. Instead of processing ores, smokers cook food at twice the rate of a normal furnace. Just like the blast furnace above, start by placing a furnace in the middle crafting slot. Then place wooden logs of any type in the top, bottom, left, and right slots. Leave the corners empty.

    Butcher villagers claim the smoker as their designated job block. These villagers arent super useful, but they purchase raw food for a good price. This makes them a great source of emeralds in the early game. High level butchers will even buy sweet berries, which are used to tame and breed foxes in Minecraft.

    How To Build A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    A blast furnace is a very useful item to build in Minecraft even without villagers in mind. Its a direct upgrade to the furnace and doubles as the job block of the armorer. To build a blast furnace in Minecraft, place a normal furnace in the middle slot and surround the top and sides with iron ingots. The bottom row should be filled with smooth stone.

    A blast furnace serves the exact same function as a normal furnace, but completes tasks at twice the speed. Think of it as a direct upgrade rather than a separate tool. The armorer villager sells important tools like chains. High-level armorers can even sell sets of enchanted diamond armor, which is definitely worth the steep price it sells for.

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    How To Build A Cartography Table In Minecraft

    If youre interested in creating cartographer villagers, or just want to alter and edit your maps, a cartography table will come in handy. This tool block is also easy to make. All it takes is some paper and wooden planks. Place four planks in a square just like a crafting bench. Then place two pieces of paper on top.

    Cartographer villagers are mostly useful for emerald farming. They trade one emerald for 24 stacks of paper, which is a great way to use your infinite automated reed farm. They also purchase gold ingots for emeralds, which is a good trade if you have nothing else to craft with gold.

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    Minecraft tutorial: How to tame a zombie villager

    Villagers are one of the many different species inhabiting your blocky world in Minecraft, and theyll often have a bunch of items theyre happy to trade with you. As such, you might be wondering whether its possible to get villagers to follow you in Minecraft, so that you can set up your very own little market full of villagers offering different things to trade.

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    Benefits Of Breeding Minecraft Villagers

    Here are some of the endless benefits of breeding villagers in Minecraft:

    • Villagers in a specific area automatically make the Iron Golem spawn
    • A variety of villagers can help you get a variety of trade deals
    • If you have enough farmers, you can create a multiple automated food farm
    • Villagers such as librarians can provide rare items like enchanted books, which you can use for the best sword enchantments, best trident enchantments, and more.
    • Aesthetically, your base can be more colorful and active with the villagers in it

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    Side Effects Of Taming A Pillager

    If you decide to keep your pillager by your side in the game, there are a few side effects that you should be aware of:

  • Your tamed pillager will still scare away . Even though your tame pillager will not attack any of the villagers, the villagers are still programmed to run away from pillagers in the game.

  • You will NOT be able to sleep in a when your tamed pillager is nearby because the game still considers the pillager to be a monster. If you try to sleep in a bed with your tame pillager nearby, the following message will appear in the game:

    You may not rest now there are monsters nearby

  • You should use a on your tamed pillager to prevent him from despawning. After spending nearly 15 minutes taming the pillager, you don’t want him to disappear in the game.
  • What Else Can Be Bred Other Than Villagers

    How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

    Villagers arent the only species that can be bred in Minecraft. You can also breed pets, tamed animals, such as horses, donkeys, cows, and even bees! Every animal species has different breeding requirements. So, to breed horses, you need to feed them a golden apple or a golden carrot. Cows, goats, and sheep are willing to breed after eating wheat. Pigs will eat carrots, potatoes, and beetroot same as villagers, though you only need one instead of 12.

    Wolves will breed after eating most types of meat. Chickens want to be fed seeds, and cats raw fish. You can also make baby animals grow faster by feeding them certain types of food. For example, sheep grow faster when eating grass, horses when consuming sugar.

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