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How To Add A Resource Pack To Minecraft

Converting Old Texture Packs

How To Add A Resource Pack to Your Minecraft Server
  • 1Determine if the pack needs to be converted. Texture packs for Minecraft 1.5 or earlier are not compatible with newer versions of Minecraft. These packs will need to be converted before they can be used with the newest versions.
  • 2Unstitch the texture pack. Minecraft 1.5 texture packs are “stitched” together before they can be used, and this process will need to be undone before the pack can be converted. While you can unstitch manually, this can be very time-consuming. Instead, download a program called Unstitcher, which is designed to automate the process.XResearch source
  • Run Unstitcher and then load the texture pack. The un-stitching process will begin, and may take a few minutes to complete.
  • 3Convert the unstitched pack. Once you’ve finished unstitching the pack, download and run Minecraft Texture Ender. This program will convert the unstitched texture pack pack into a resource pack. Run the program and load the unstitched pack to begin the conversion process.
  • 4Load the pack. After the pack has been converted, you can load it into Minecraft just as you would any other resource pack. See the previous section for detailed instructions.Advertisement
  • How To Add Resource Packs To Minecraft Windows 10

    To install a resource pack in the Java Edition of Minecraft, players must follow the steps given below: Choose and download a resource pack. Open the folder that contains the downloaded file. Open Minecraft. When in Minecraft, click on Options. Then click on Resource Packs. Click Open resource pack folder..

    How To Install A Resource Pack For Minecraft Java And Windows 10 Edition

    Players who are looking to partake in a brand new Minecraft experience are highly recommended to try out various resource packs. Resource packs provide some kind of relief from vanilla Minecraft textures, which may get boring to long-time players.

    Luckily, Mojang has made installing a resource pack incredibly easy. The following tutorials are only for the Java and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft.

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    Install Texture Packs On Minecraft Bedrock On Pc Vr And Consoles

    Minecrafts latest Bedrock edition works on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and various VR devices. You can learn how to play Minecraft on your Oculus headset if you dont know already. The following steps can be used on any of these platforms. You can even use the same tutorial for the Minecraft 1.19 beta.

    Get Texture Packs

    1. To get started, open Minecraft Bedrock and on the homescreen.

    2. Within settings, scroll down until you find the Global Resources option and click on it.

    3. If you have any texture or resource packs installed manually or as a DLC, they will appear under my packs in this section. If theres nothing available here, .

    4. Unlike Minecraft Java, you can find a variety of free and paid texture packs in the Minecraft Marketplace. You can even search for specific themed texture packs. Click on the one that interests you.

    5. Finally, on the texture pack page. It is located in the top right corner. If you are buying the texture pack, you will have to enter payment-related information to complete the purchase. But if its a free pack, it will be visible in your account right away.

    Once the texture pack is added to your Minecraft account, you can find it on any platform that supports Minecraft Bedrock. You just need to ensure that your login credentials are the same. As for using the texture packs, heres how you can activate them on Bedrock:

    How to Install MCPACK Files in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Adding New Sounds Or Music

    How To Add Resource Packs To Minecraft Server

    This section is a work in progress.expanding or improvingtalk page

    In addition to modifying default sounds, you can add your own! In this example, a new player hurt sound can be added without replacing any of the current player hurt sounds.

    Finding the sound path

    In order to add a sound, you’ll need to know where it should actually go by determining its path. Unlike replacing sounds, you will go straight to your resource pack folder and search in there.

  • Find and open your version’s .json index file from .minecraft/assets/indexes.
  • Press to search for your sound path.
  • In this case, the location for the player hurt sounds will look like this: minecraft/sounds/damage/.
  • Adding the folders and sound in your resource pack
  • Going to your resource pack folder, navigate to Tutorial_Resource_Pack/assets/minecraft.
  • Inside the minecraft folder, create a folder named sounds.
  • If you already have a sounds folder from replacing a default sound, open that folder.
  • Within the sounds folder, create a folder that matches the directory of the sound you want to add. In this case, we are going to create a file called damage.
  • Add your sound here.
  • The sound must be a .ogg file. Like in the previous section, you may use the free website or use Audacity as mentioned at the top of the page.
  • Changing the sound event

    Because we are adding a sound, we must change the associated sound event in sounds.json.

  • Go back to assets/minecraft in your resource pack folder.
  • }
    Testing your sound

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    What Are Minecraft Resource Packs

    Similar to Minecraft mods, resource packs change certain in-game features. Some examples include:

    How To Install Resource Pack In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    If you want to further customize the look and feel of your Minecraft world, you can install resource pack in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Follow the below steps to learn how to do it.

    Though many think Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is far more limited than the good old Java Edition, you can still do a lot of things. One of those things is the ability to install resource packs like skins and textures. In fact, there are some awesome global resource packs that completely change the look and feel of the Minecraft world.

    So, without further ado, let me show how you can install a resource pack in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

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    Installing Minecraft Resource Packs

    As of Minecraft 1.6 texture packs have been officially renamed as resource packs. This guide explains how to install resource packs of all resolutions.

    1. Download a texture pack from this website by clicking the button on a texture pack page.

    2. Open Minecraft and click Resource Packs from the settings menu.

    3. Click Open resource pack folder. This opens up the folder where the texture packs are stored. If the folder does not open you will need to manually locate it:

    • Windows: %AppData%\.minecraft\resourcepacks
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks

    4. Place the texture pack in the folder leaving the file as a .zip.

    5. The texture pack will now show up in Minecraft. Highlight over the pack in the available packs section and click the rightward arrow. This will move the pack to the selected packs section and apply it to the game.

    Popular Resource Packs

    Changing Existing Sounds Or Music

    How To Add a Resource Pack to your Minecraft World (Tutorial)

    This section is missing information about Changing subtitles of sounds, adding subtitles to existing sounds without page

    Just like modifying the default textures or models, you can substitute custom sounds in place of the default ones. In this example, you will learn how to change the boss music in the ender dragon fight.

    Finding a sound’s path

    Similar to the custom texture and models, you’ll first need to know the path of the sound you want to change.

  • Inside your .minecraft folder, navigate to assets/indexes, which will have a list of numbered .json files.
  • Find the .json file corresponding to your Minecraft version , and open it with a text editor or IDE.
  • In this file you can find all the sounds found in Minecraft. Press CTRL to search for your sound.
  • For a list of filenames for music, you can check Music#List
  • Your sound path will look something like this: minecraft/sounds/music/game/end/boss.ogg
  • Modifying the sound
  • Inside your resource pack folder, navigate to assets/minecraft.
  • Create a new folder named sounds.
  • Now inside your sounds folder, you need to create new folders depending on your sound’s path. For example, if your path is minecraft/sounds/music/game/end/boss.ogg, you need to create the folders sounds/music/game/end.
  • In the last folder you can put in your new sound file. Make sure you named the file to the file that you’re replacing, or in this example, boss.ogg.
  • Testing your sound
  • Make sure you have enabled your resource pack.
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    How To Add A Resource Pack To A Minecraft Serverprint

    • 18

    Resource packs replace existing resources in the game including textures, sounds, music, models, language files, and more. Using a resource pack on a server requires hosting the files on a file-sharing website and then adding that resource pack link to your server. In this example, we will be using Dropbox. Dropbox is free and easy to use. You can start an account and download the software here.

    Preparing a resource pack for your server:

    1. Locate a resource pack you wish to use or create your own resource pack by using this guide. There are specific requirements for a resource pack:

    a. The resource pack must be within a .zip archive. This can be done through the use of programs such as 7Zip and WinRAR.

    b. The resource pack must be 50MB or less in size. This is a restriction imposed by Mojang.

    c. Ensure that the .zip file has been fully uploaded to Dropbox. If the upload isn’t finished or doesn’t complete, the file may corrupt and not work.

    d. Ensure the resource pack’s URL ends with ?dl=1

    e. Ensure that the link starts with https://

    2. Verify that the resource pack is working by testing this in single player. A resource pack may be outdated with a specific server version, so testing is extremely useful. You can learn how to add a resource pack to your Minecraft client for testing in single player by reviewing Minecraft.gamepedia’s guide here!

    Uploading a resource pack to Dropbox:

    1. Sign into your Dropbox account to prepare for uploading the resource pack.

    Structuring The Assets Folder

    Now that you have your resource pack set up, you can start adding content to it. Most files you add will be in a subfolder called assets. Simply create a new folder inside your resource pack folder named assets. This, pack.mcmeta, and pack.png should be the only files located directly in your parent resource pack folder. Any other resource files must be located somewhere in assets or they won’t be read by Minecraft.

    Adding a namespace folder

    Next, inside your assets folder are your namespace folders. These help separate the files in your resource pack so that there is no confusion between which files are located where. If you plan on modifying or replacing vanilla resources, those files would go into the minecraft namespace folder. Custom additions should go in your own namespace folder, which for this tutorial will be named custom. In the future, you should use a significant or unique namespace so that there isn’t a possibility of other resource packs confusing which files belong where when multiple packs are loaded.

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    Where To Find Minecraft Resource Packs

    Minecraft PvP Resource Pack: Default Edit

    Resource packs are made by Minecraft fans who want to share them with other players. You can find resource packs via a quick Google search, or from fan sites like, MinecraftTexturePacks, and CurseForge.

    Resource packs were called texture packs in older versions of Minecraft. You can add older texture packs only if they match the edition of Minecraft you are playing.

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    Modifying An Entity’s Texture

    This section goes through the process of modifying a texture, using the creeper texture as an example.

    Finding the vanilla texture

    First, you will need the vanilla resource to get the texture you want to edit. This will be located in the extracted version folder that was created in the previous section. In the extracted folder, navigate to assetsâminecraftâtexturesâentityâcreeper where you will find creeper.png. Save a duplicate of this file somewhere accessible or keep the folder window open during the next few steps.

    The creeper texture loaded in

    Next you’ll need to replicate the folder structure of the vanilla pack within your resource pack, which lets Minecraft know to use the texture. Since we are modifying a default texture, this will be in the minecraft subfolder of our assets folder. Within the minecraft folder of your resource pack, do the following:

  • Inside minecraft, create a folder called textures.
  • Inside textures, create a folder called entity.
  • Inside entity, create a folder called creeper.
  • Copy the creeper texture from the vanilla resource pack into your newly created creeper folder.
  • Now that you have the normal creeper texture placed in your resource pack, open it up in the image editor of your choice. It should look something like the image shown.

    Since texture files are very small, you may need to zoom in.

    A quick note on textures

    Color-coded Texture. Sections of the same color will always face the same direction.

    Pack Hierarchy

    How To Install A Resource Pack In Minecraft

    While shaders make Minecraft look pleasing, resource packs are an additional way to change a theme or aesthetic of a Minecraft world. Because resource packs are separate than shaders, you dont need to install any mods, which makes them so versatile and vanilla-game friendly.

    What is the difference between a resource pack and texture pack?

    While many use both terms to mean the same thing, there is a fundamental difference between the two. A texture pack is used for 1.6.1 and earlier versions of the game 1.6.1, and they only changed the in-game textures. Resource packs were added in after 1.6.1, and allow players to change sounds, music, and particle effects. They also can modify blocks, items, and entity textures.

    Lets get into our guide on how to install resource packs to Minecraft!

    Before moving into the actual installation of resource or texture packs, its important to know where your Minecraft game is installed. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Make sure the launch option is the game version you plan on using.
  • Go to the Installations tab at the top of the window.
  • Hover your mouse over the game version you want to find and click the folder icon to the right of the Play button. See the image above for help.
  • Locate the resource pack folder. This is where youll place any resource pack you want to use.
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    World And Server Resource Packs

    Resource packs are also available for custom worlds and for servers. Learn more here

    Custom world resource packs

    Worlds created by players sometimes also contain resource packs. These are integrated into the world and by copying them into the .minecraft/saves folder, you transfer the package with them. Under resource packs in the options menu, you can find it under world-specific resources.

    If you want to share a world with a resource pack, copy the resource pack into the world folder and name it The world folder can be easily opened via the menu item Edit world.

    Server resource packs

    Server resource packs can be preset on a multiplayer server. You can decide under Multiplayer and edit if you want to use the resource pack or not. If you dont set anything, the pack will be installed automatically in the background after entering the server. However, the resource pack does not appear on the resource pack selection page of the Minecraft menu. It is automatically saved in the folder .minecraft/server-resource-packs. Only there, a corresponding resource pack can be deleted again.

    How To Install Resource Packs

    How to Add A Resource Pack To Your Minecraft Server

    Those are the universal steps to download and install Minecraft resource packs on a platform. The detailed steps may be a little different on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Step 1: Find the resource packs you want to download and install

    You can find the Minecraft resource packs from many popular Minecraft sites like,,, etc.

    For example, if you want to install Minecraft texture packs, you can go to to find the source you want to use. These resources are made and uploaded by fans of Minecraft, and they are always free.

    Step 2: Download your needed resource packs

    When you find the resource packs you want to use, you need to click it to access its download page and the click the download link to download it on your device. Here, you need to sure that you have selected the proper version of resource packs.

    The download file is usually a .zip file. You dont need to extract the files in it.

    Step 3: Install/Add resource packs to Minecraft

  • Open Minecraft.
  • Click the Options button on the home screen.
  • Click Resource Packs.
  • Click Open Resource Packs Folder.
  • Copy the downloaded resource pack zip file to the Resource Packs In this step, you will remind you again that you should not unzip the resource pack.
  • Go back to Minecraft and the resource pack should be listed. If you cant find it, you need to manually add resource packs to Minecraft: go to Options > Resource Packs to make it to be listed.
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