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How To Add Worlds To Minecraft

How To Manage Minecraft Instances And Mods With Multimc

How to add a custom worlds on a Minecraft Server

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Whether youre a mega modder, someone looking to keep your Minecraft versions and their accompanying worlds in a nice orderly fashion, or you want to totally silo your kids Minecraft experience to keep their worlds separate and cut down on the fighting, MultiMC is the solution to your problems.

Installing Mods And Resource Packs In A Multimc Instance

If youve been following along with all the lessons at home, you already have a copy of Optifine on hand. Go ahead and copy that .JAR file to your /MultiMC/mods/Mods/1.7.-/ folder .

With the appropriate mod file placed in the folder, right-click on the Modded 1.7.10 instance in MultiMC and then select the Loader mods tab on the left-hand side of the window. Select the Add button. This will bring up a file browser which will allow you to select the mod file you wish.

After selecting the mod, click Open and review the mod load list to ensure it appears there.

Right along with the Forge and auxiliary mods, you can see Optifine is front and center.

Note: If you spent a lot of time messing with Optifine after our last lesson and you want to immediately copy your hard-tested settings over from your standard Minecraft install to your MultiMC instance, you can simply copy the optionsof.txt from your /.minecraft/ folder to your /MultiMC/instances/Modded 1.7.10/minecraft/ folder. Change the instance name accordingly if you named your instance something different.

If you want to add more mods, simply repeat the above steps to add more mods. Have some resource packs from Lesson 2 you want to add in? Just select the Resource Pack tab on the Instance editing screen and use the Add button to add resource packs the same way you add mod files.

Format Version And Information

FME supports Minecraft version 1.7.*, with NBT version 19133.

The format contains of binary data consisting of a level metadata file, and a number of region files defining a Minecraft world.

Note: FME does not currently support writing to the Minecraft Pocket Edition format. If you require this enhancement, please visit the FME Community and suggest an idea.

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What Are Minecraft Maps

Minecraft maps are basically the same as Minecraft worlds: custom virtual environments made by in-game players. These maps can be anything from a pixel-art statue to a parkour challenge. They can even take the form of an entire city.

And once players create a new Minecraft map, they can share their creation with the community. In addition, importing these maps allows users to explore the designs of other community members.

Existing Single Player World

Minecraft Worlds! Welcome to Minecraft 1.12!

Refer to this Minecraft Wiki tutorial.

CurseForge Launcher

  • Choose the modpack in the list that you want.
  • Right click and choose Open Folder.
  • Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.
  • Technic Pack

  • Open Modpack Options in the upper right corner, and click Open.
  • Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.
  • Feed The Beast

  • Start the launcher.
  • Click My Modpacks on the left side to show your installed modpacks.
  • Navigate to the modpack options page. If your modpacks are shown in grid mode, you will need to click on the 3 dot icon in the upper right of the modpack’s image. If your modpacks are shown in list mode, you can click anywhere but the play button.
  • On the modpack options page, click the Open Folder button on the upper right side.
  • Go to the saves folder. The world you want should be in there.
  • ATLauncher

  • Choose the modpack you want and click Open Folder.
  • Find the saves folder containing the world you want in there.
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    Change The Settings To Use The Folder

    Minecraft automatically names all worlds it creates world, and if your’s was named this, it will just automatically look for and use that folder when it starts up. If your world is named something else, you will have to change the settings that tell Minecraft which folder to load the world information from.

    How To Install Minecraft Java Maps On Pc/mac

    Installing a minecraft map might seem a little daunting at first, but it is actually a very simple process. This short guide is primarily aimed at Windows users, however it is the same process for most operating systems, only the path to the folder will be different.

    The majority of minecraft maps that you can download will likely be archived within a .zip or .rar file. The folders and files contained in this archive must be extracted into your minecraft saves folder, this allows minecraft to detect the map. You will need a file archiver program to do this, such as 7-Zip which is free.

    If you have a Mac, the “Archive Utility” built into OS X will be able to open .zip files by right-clicking on the .zip and selecting “Open With > Archive Utility”, but you will need a program such as The Unarchiver for .rar files.

    Once you’re ready to extract the map, you will need to locate your minecraft saves folder. To find it, follow these steps:

    1.) Open the Minecraft Launcher.
    2.) Click “Launch Options”.
    3.) Click “Add new” at the top next to the + sign.
    4.) Locate where it says “Game directory” and click the green arrow next to the folder icon.
    5.) Your saves folder will be in here.

    Once you’ve found your minecraft saves folder, you can copy and paste the location into your file archiver program and extract the minecraft map to there. The location of your saves folder will be something like this: “C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves“.

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    Easiest Way To Install Custom Minecraft Maps

    1.) Download the map that is going to be installed.

    Players should first select the map that they want to install and download it.

    There are several different websites players can use to browse and download thousands of different Minecraft maps, here are some of the most popular:

    2.) Place the map into the Minecraft saves folder

    Once the Minecraft map has been downloaded, players should now place it in their Minecraft saves folder.

    It is located in different places on different operating systems. If the map came in a .zip or .rar file, then the player should use a program like Winrar or 7Zip to extract it before proceeding with this step.

    For Windows users:

    Press the windows key and the r key simultaneously to open a run window. In this window, type %appdata% as shown in this picture

    Now click “ok” after this has been typed in and a folder should open. Within this folder, find the .minecraft folder and open it.

    In this folder, find the saves folder and open it. Place the map within this folder so that it looks like this .

    For MacOS users:

    First, navigate to this path: /Users//Library/Application Support/Minecraft/saves/ and then place the downloaded world in this folder, as shown in the image below.

    3.) Launch Minecraft and check if the world appears.

    Once the world has been installed, it’s time to launch Minecraft and check if the custom map appears to be playable.

    4.) Play the custom Map

    Get Custom Maps For Your World

    How To Add a World To Your Minecraft Server

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    Custom Minecraft maps can be shared, allowing others to enjoy your creations and giving you access to remarkable templates. Whether you’re interested in player-versus-player action, parkour, puzzles, survival, or something else, there are maps available for every style of gameplay. Here’s how to download a Minecraft map and install it.

    Downloading and installing Minecraft maps varies by platform.

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    Next Lesson: Downloading And Installing Custom Maps

    Creating worlds of your own using the generation tool or looking up awesome seeds other players have shared is a great way to expand your map palette, and exert a little control over what your maps look like.

    Theres one major thing that the tools we reviewed today wont do. No seed or generator tweak is going to build custom terrain or structures that dont already exist in the Minecraft generation algorithms. No amount of seed hunting or Superflat generator tweaking will ever yield anything that looks like say, an Ewok village from the Star Wars universe because theres simply nothing in the game code that would ever spawn villagers homes up in the trees of a Roofed Forest biome.

    Other players, however, go nuts building cool worlds like that filled with awesome structures. Tomorrow were going to look at how to download and install custom maps created by other players so that not only do we get a cool map but we get all the cool stuff the player has built in that world too.

    For homework, play around with the world generators, especially with the Superflat generator and the website we linked to. Wed recommend you save the Amplified maps for last, its almost impossible to resist exploring them.

    How To Add Mods To Minecraft On Ps4

    Currently, there are no mods available for the PS4. However, players do have access to add-ons, but you have to purchase them from designated sources. Heres how to obtain add-ons for Minecraft on a PS4.

  • Launch Minecraft on your console and visit Marketplace on your main menu.
  • Select a World, Mash-up Pack, Skin Pack, World, or Texture Pack.
  • Proceed to purchase the selected add-on using Minecoins or your credit card.
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    Game World Operating System Locations

    Minecraft game worlds are stored in:

    • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\
    • GNU/Linux: ~/.minecraft/saves/
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/

    Each world is stored in a separate folder containing the level.dat file and the regions, as well as additional game data. Adding the folder generated to this location will make the world playable in Minecraft.

    Note: It is not recommended to make this location the destination dataset, since changing game files while Minecraft is running can lead to instability.

    How Do You Convert Old Worlds In Minecraft

    5 Easy Builds and Details to add to any Minecraft World ...

    There may be times in your Minecraft life that you upgrade from an older console like an Xbox 360 to a newer one, or that you simply get a new device and want to make sure to have your oldest worlds brought along with you. Fortunately, Minecraft does their very best to make this as seamless as possible for you, so that you never have to worry about where your worlds are.

    When you’re moving between different versions or devices on Xbox or Windows it’s incredibly easy. As long as you have cloud saves enabled on your account older worlds should appear in the list of worlds. In these cases, the worlds will be greyed out to signify that the world comes from another version or device. If you tap or click on that greyed out world, Minecraft should sync all the necessary data for you If the world truly is an “Old” world you can change that after it has been converted by editing the world’s settings.

    To change a world from “Old” to “Infinite,” follow these steps:

  • Start by opening Minecraft on your device or console.

  • Tap or click on the “Play” button directly below the Minecraft logo on the main menu.

  • This should open up a screen with three tabs along the top. Look for the world you want to manage in the list under the “Worlds” tab, below the “Create New” button.
  • Tap or click on the “Edit” button to the right of the world’s name. It’ll look a bit like a pencil or crayon writing something down.

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    Find The World Folder On Your Existing Game

    Go to where your Minecraft game is installed on your computer, and open the game folder. MInecraft names your world save by default to world, unless you changed the name to something else when you created it. You’re looking for that folder name, or world for default.

    If you open the folder, you should see something close to the view below.

    That listing above is from a world created with a specific Modpack , so the exact files and names might be slightly different. Certain files will be common to all worlds, such as level.dat, and the folders DIM1 and DIM-1, so this is just an example to help you make sure you are looking at the correct folder.

    How To Upload A World To Your Minecraft Serverprint

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    Your Minecraft server will support custom maps and we’ll show you how to add that map to your server! Custom maps are very important for Minecraft servers, offering the ability to upload existing maps so that you can enjoy custom builds, minigames, custom hubs and spawns, and so much more.

    To start, you will want to download the world you want to use. That map must be in .zip format. We would recommend the program WinRAR for this. With WinRAR, right-click the world folder you wish to upload and click “Add to Archive”. Set the format to ZIP and then press OK. You have now successfully put your world folder into a .zip format.

    To upload a world to your server:

    1.Stop your server.

    2. On your control panel, click FTP File Access.

    3. In your FTP File Access click the Upload File button and select the map you wish to upload.

    Please note that when uploading a world in either a .zip or folder format, it must be archived in a certain way. For a .zip file, you will need to ensure that any sub files/folders are contained within a folder before archiving.

    This will make things much easier when it comes to unzipping the file after the upload is complete. For the folder upload option, just ensure that any sub files/folders are contained within one folder. If a world is not archived properly, your world may not work and files/folders will likely need to be moved into the correct directory.

    4. Click Upload File to confirm the upload of that map .zip file. Allow that upload to complete.

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    Upload And Use A Custom World On Your Minecraft Server

    We have a video tutorial to upload and use a custom world for your Minecraft server:

    If you have a custom Minecraft server world from singleplayer, a world downloaded online or shared to you by a friend or a world from your previous server, you can use this as your server’s world. We have a different guide to do this on Bedrock edition.

    If you’re looking for a fun world to upload, take a look at our article listing the Best Minecraft Maps.


    If you already have your custom world ready, follow the steps below to use this on your server:

  • Log in to your server’s Multicraft panel . If you have more than one server, select the server you would like to use a custom world with.
  • Stop your server if it is currently running. This prevents the server from creating any new files or modifying existing ones.
  • Once you’ve stopped your server, open up FileZilla or any FTP client of your choice and access your server directory. If you do not have FileZilla installed on your computer or you are not familiar on how to use this, you may check out our tutorial for this: How to Use FileZilla for FTP
  • Upload your custom world using Filezilla. If your custom world’s folder name is “world,” this will replace the existing world folder. If you do not want to replace your server’s world, rename your custom world to something that is not the same as any of the folders in your server directory.
  • Click on the Save button found at the bottom of the page.
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    How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core)

    If your server is instead a modded one, running either Fabric or Forge, you can install WorldEdits mod version and it will work the same as the plugin.

    You can download WorldEdits .jar file on its . Once youve done so, take a look at our How to Add Mods to a Minecraft Server guide for instructions as to how to add it to your server.

    WorldEdit is a server-side only mod, meaning it doesnt have to be installed onto any players computer in order to be used. Once its in the server, thats it it will work out of the box.

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    How To Install A Map On Minecraft: Java Edition

    Players from around the world have been designing custom maps for Minecraft since the game came out! In this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through how to setup a map you downloaded so you can play it yourself!

    NeoMc, August 25th, 2020

    Over the years, players have designed custom maps and changed the way people view Minecraft. Onnowhere, a brilliant programmer, designed a functioning Minecraft chatbot that expands its language capabilities as players talk to it. The team over at Mental Block Gaming designed one of the most popular puzzle maps of all time titled “There is No Learning Curve!” And one of the most popular Minecraft maps of all time, Diversity, was designed by a father and fellow map-maker that goes by the name of qmagnet.

    Minecraft is used today in classrooms to educate students, in architecture projects to create mock walkthroughs for blueprints, and even in tech camps to help introduce students to STEM careers! Mojang couldn’t have possibly imagined the game to be this incredible!

    In this guide, I will show you how to install a Minecraft Java map on your computer for Singleplayer. Note: Multiplayer is a tad more complicated, mainly since you have to either use your own router or find a third party hosting company to help you out. Also, this tutorial is for a Windows 10 machine.

    In this guide, I will be installing a map made by a friend of mine, MrGarretto’s Extreme Golf. You can check it out here.


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