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How To Build An Automatic Door In Minecraft

Minecraft: How To Make An Automated Sticky Piston Door

Minecraft: How to make an AUTOMATIC DOOR!

One of the more common and effective Minecraft automatic door styles is the sticky piston door, controlled via redstone currents to expand and contract as the players make their way through.

To create a sticky piston door, Minecraft players should perform the following steps:

  • Dig a 2x2x3 hole. The hole should be two-blocks deep, two-blocks long, and three-blocks wide.
  • When facing one of the three-block wide sides of the hole, dig a two-block long and two-block tall arm/channel from the center blocks of the hole. Then remove the block in front of you. Do this for both long sides of the hole.
  • In the center of the hole, create a 2×3 grid of redstone dust.
  • At the end of each arm or channel, place a redstone torch.
  • Line the arms/channels with redstone and connect them to the central grid.
  • Place a building block over each redstone torch.
  • Cover the hole itself and its channels with standard building blocks. The hole itself should be flush with the ground level and the only blocks at above ground level should be the ones placed over the redstone torches.
  • Place a sticky piston in front of the blocks placed over the redstone torches. Make sure that the piston is facing inward, or in the direction of the center of the structure.
  • On top of the sticky piston already placed, place an additional one on top. Ensure that this is done for both sides of the structure.
  • Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

    Dispenser And Blocks To Cover It Up

    Place a block on top of the torch in the lower left corner and place a dispenser beside it . Cover up the hole the two blocks to the right of the dispenser has to be placed above ground or the minecart will get stuck on them.

    Add some more rails and place a mine cart on the powered rail, fill the dispenser and you are done. 🙂

    Enter the cart and it will start moving and after a while a new minecart will be placed so you don’t have to remember to carry one next time you want to take a ride.

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    Can Monsters Open Iron Doors In Minecraft

    In theory, any monster can trigger an iron door and open it if it has a pressure plate. Items such as stone pressure plates interact with all mobs and player characters.

    Interestingly, weighted or wooden pressure plates interact with more game mechanics. Even items, orbs, or arrows can trigger wooden and pressure plates. This can create instances when pillagers or archers shoot a pressure plate and can open a door from far away.

    Aside from stepping on a pressure plate, monsters in Minecraft cant open iron doors, and they cant use Redstone powder locking mechanisms.

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    How To Make A Door In Minecraft

    Now that you know the resources you need to make a door in Minecraft, it’s time to start building it. First, make sure you have in your inventory 6 units ofwooden boards of a specific variety of your choice. In case you want to make an iron gate, you will have to get it yourself. 6iron ingots.

    Once done, place the resources listed above in 6 of the available slots in the Job – You will need to insert them into the slots of two adjacent columns. Just in case, you can help you with the project in the section Recipes, to automatically and correctly organize inventory resources on the workbench.

    If you have followed exactly what I have indicated in the previous lines, in the right slot you will see the preview of the door resulting from processing. Now all you have to do is drag its icon into your inventory or a quick slot to equip it and drop it in your shelter.

    Building An Automatic Door In Minecraft Using Pistons

    How to make an Automatic Door in Minecraft (Easy Tutorial ...

    Regular in game Doors are easy to manipulate, but did you know you can build your own doors from scratch?

    If you like playing around with Redstone technology and making custom doors, then these might be the perfect thing for you.

    Pick a material of your choosing. I will be using regular Spruce Planks, but you can use virtually any solid block. You will also need Redstone Dust and Sticky Pistons.

    I put 4 Sticky Pistons down, 2 on one side and 2 on the other, 4 blocks apart and facing each other. I put my Spruce Planks against the Pistons. These will be your doors and the Sticky Pistons will be the ones opening and closing the door.

    Unlike regular Pistons, Sticky Pistons will make any solid block stick to them. So rather than just pushing, they can pull blocks as well.

    Now dig a hole that is 3 blocks long, 2 blocks wide, and 2 blocks deep so that your doors are in the center. View the image below for example.

    Inside this hole place down Redstone dust. From the center blocks, right under your door make a small tunnel, about 3 blocks long. Make the 3rd block taller by 1 and place down a Redstone Torch and repeat this on the other side.

    Use the picture above as a reference for the grid.

    These Redstone Torches should be a single block below and a single block behind your bottom Pistons. If you did everything right, the Torches will activate the two bottom Sticky Pistons and close the doors.

    Now your door is closed. How do you open it back up?

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    Fishing Loot In Minecraft

    Like I mentioned before, fishing is a good method of getting all kinds of loot, not just Fish.

    The types of additional loot you can gain from fishing is usually separated into Junk and Treasure.

    Treasure is usually why people fish in game, because some of these items are rather hard to find in the game by simply exploring:

    • Bow
    • Name Tag
    • Nautilus Shell

    Theres a certain chance that the Bows and Fishing Rods you fish out can be enchanted themselves.

    I find this to be the best way to get a hold of some of the best Enchantments for the Bow and other weapons and tools, as well as Name Tags for your pets. Name Tags help with preventing certain untamable Mobs from despawning.

    The Junk loot isnt so bad either and some of the other items you can fish out can still be as useful, though they arent so sought after or rare.

    • Lily Pad
    • Ink Sac
    • Tripwire Hook

    You can probably spot some items which are usually used in crafting and Potion making. So its not entirely useless, which makes fishing always worth the time in my opinion!

    In certain Biomes theres a chance of getting different items. If you are fishing in the Jungle Biome theres a chance to either fish out Bamboo or Cocoa Beans.

    How To Create A Door Which Opens Automatically For Players But Not For Mobs

    I would like to make a door that is easy to open by players, but not mobs.Tried using a button to power the door but clicks are inaccurate while playing on laptop, rendering the door an obstacle, and also jump to activate a tripwire to power the door, but it just closes too quickly, rendering the door an obstacle again.An extra point is that no wooden doors as I am playing on hard difficulty and I am playing on survival so no commands, just redstone.So how can I solve this problem?

    The simplest way I know of to make a player only door is to abuse stairs and fences. Since a fence is ~0.5 blocks wide, and stairs are missing 1/4 of a block you can stand between the fence and the stair. And so using four stairs and three fences you can make a player only door. Finally it needs to be surrounded in blocks , so that mobs can’t get around the setup. such as walking through the middle.

    If looking face-on you should have:


    The top left stair has to have a gap in the bottom right corner, the top right in the bottom left corner etc.

    Which visually looks like:

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    How To Make An Automatic Piston Door In Minecraft

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 596,592 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to make a door that opens when you step on a pressure plate in Minecraft’s Creative mode. This is doable in computer, mobile, and console versions of Minecraft.

    Make Doors With Pistons


    If you have prepared all the materials, then you can put the Sticky Piston and Tinted Glass. Its like this:

    1. Place the Sticky Pistons facing each other with a height of 3 blocks. Then make a distance of 4 blocks between the sides.

    2. Then install the Tinted Glass which will function as a door in front of the Sticky Piston.

    3. More or less, the design is like the following picture.

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    Dig A Hole In The Door Area

    When youre done making the door, you can dig a hole that will later be used as a place to run electricity from the Redstone.

    1. Make a hole in the door area first. Into two blocks, the width of two blocks long and three blocks.

    2. Then please go down into the hole.

    3. Then make a hole back to the side , 1 block below the middle and 2 blocks above.

    4. Also make holes on the other side as shown above.

    How To Build An Afk Fishing Farm

    Now if you are wanting to just gather up Fish and the Items from the junk category you can build a straight forward and small fishing farm. This will be a good way to just build up Experience and Levels if you need them quickly and gather a few stacks of Fish.

    However, if you are on a particular search for Items from the treasure category you will need something a little more complex. There are several requirements that need to be made before this is possible.

    The Redstone community of Minecraft is still trying to figure out the most efficient way to get around these requirements.

    Luckily, a simple AFK fishing farm can still be built and utilized for Experience and food Item build up.

    Start off by digging a 1×4 hole in the ground. On one end place down a double Chest and a Hopper connecting into it. Leave the final block empty.

    Place a single Fence block on the Hopper. To do so without accessing the Hoppers Inventory hold the crouch button . Place a Bucket of Water directly onto the Fence and the Water should flow right into the empty block in the ground, rather than spreading around.

    At the end of the hole you will place a Note Block with a any regular solid block on top, just to stop it from playing. On top of the Fence place an Iron Pressure Plate.

    Now your small farm should look something like this.

    The final step is adding an Iron Trap Door above the flowing Water block, between the Pressure Plate and the Note Block.

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    Other Methods To Make An Automatic Door In Minecraft

    In addition to the systems that I talked about in the previous chapter to automatically open and close a door in Minecraft, there are other more complex ones, which may require the replacement of the door by passages formed by blocks. An example is the construction of a secret passage, which hides the entrance to a shelter.

    In case you are interested in this topic, I suggest you read my guide on how to build a secret passage, in which I explain in detail how to do this project using the Red stone and a system of pistons. You can use any mechanism to activate it, including pressure platforms or daylight sensor, which I told you about in the previous chapter.

    In addition, if you want more ideas to create your own personal project to automate the opening and closing of a door, you can consult the many videos available at Made by the many Minecraft fans.

    To do this, go to the YouTube website and type your terms in the search bar at the top. Minecraft automatic gate o Minecraft automatic gate, in English.

    Can Zombies Open Iron Doors In Minecraft


    Zombies cant activate most mechanisms that allow players to use iron doors. Although, similarly to pillagers and villagers, if a zombie steps on a pressure plate it can open the iron door connected to the plate.

    They cant break iron or wooden doors. Theres only a small chance that the game spawns a zombie with door-breaking capabilities on the Hard difficulty setting, and even then, the zombie wont be able to break an iron door.

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    How To Open Iron Door In Minecraft

    After you install an iron door in Minecraft you have several ways to activate it. Players can use buttons, levers, pressure plates, tripwires, and a wide range of complex Redstone mechanisms for automation.

    The following paragraphs will detail your options when dealing with single and double iron doors.

    How To Make A Door Secret Door Or Automatic Door In Minecraft

    Creating an automatic door is very convenient, since you will not have to press any button on your keyboard to activate it, only stepping on pressure plates provided, you will be able to properly activate this type of door, read the following guide carefully to learn how to make this door within Minecraft.

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    How To Build A Door In Minecraft

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 31 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 324,829 times.Learn more…

    Doors are a basic essential to all buildings in Minecraft. Every house should have a door, including your first one. Without one, hostile mobs would be purging in to kill, even if you already have a strong weapon. Later in the game, you may start moving towards fancier piston-powered doors, but in the early and middle of the game, it’s best to just stay with the basic door.

    How To Farm Mushrooms In Minecraft

    Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make Automatic Door

    The Mushrooms you have collected can be grown on your farm in two different ways. You can grow them in their small or huge variants.

    Since they are so different in the ways they grow and the space they take up, you can have two entirely different farms. Each one has its benefits and you can pick whatever works best for you and your world.

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    Using An Auto Clicker

    An auto clicker is an app that can be downloaded on your PC that is programmed to make your cursor click on your screen without you needing to touch your mouse.

    This is a key component in making an effective AFK fishing farm since this is what allows you to step away from your keyboard.

    AutoClicker by mousetool is a reliable auto clicker that I used and that worked perfectly for me. If you want to download any other auto clicker make sure it comes from a reliable source.

    Once you download the auto clicker you wont really need to do much other than start it as everything is already set up.

    How To Open An Iron Door Using A Button

    You can use any blocks you want to create a button. Preferably, you will use something that is harder to destroy or grief on public servers. Take note that griefing is highly frowned upon in the gaming community, so do so at your own risk.

  • Create a button.
  • Place the button on a block adjacent to the door.
  • Right-click the button when playing on a PC or Mac.
  • Press the LT button when playing on Xbox.
  • Press the L2 button when playing on a PlayStation.
  • Use the ZL button for Nintendo Switch or Wii U
  • Tap the button for the Pocket Edition Minecraft
  • Remember to place a button on the other side of the wall to open the door from the inside.

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    Cover Up The Door And Place Pressure Plates

    There’s no need to place miles of redstone to create an excellent hidden door. As you can see, this type of piston door can be easily integrated into your home, hidden temple, potions lair, modern building, or whatever you can dream up.

    Do you have questions, or a request for a future how-to? Let us know in the comments section below!


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    Automatic Door Made Successfully

    Minecraft how to make an automatic door

    All steps have been done, lastly, you just need to check it. The steps to check it are as follows:

    1. Please advance to the front of the door until the Stone Pressure Plate material is compressed.

    2. Then the door will automatically open by itself.

    3. Then please stay away from the automatic door.

    4. Then the door will automatically close.

    5. Done.

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