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How To Change Microsoft Privacy Settings To Play Minecraft

How Can I Keep My Child Safe

How to fix Privacy Settings for Minecraft on Windows 10, Mobile, Nintendo Switch

Once you’ve configured your child’s Xbox Live settings, you’ll never have to worry whenever your child wants to play Minecraft with their friends. Xbox Live is definitely the easiest way to configure these settings on Minecraft, since those settings should affect Minecraft no matter where you’re playing it. If you wish, most platforms also have additional parental controls of their own.

Here’s how to use Xbox Live to make Minecraft even safer:

First things first, you need to set up not only an account for you, but also for any children you have. We have an awesome guide which goes into great depth on all of this, saving you a ton of time with the guesswork.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a lot of new controls you can use. Some of these controls only work on Xbox or Windows devices, but many of them are applicable elsewhere as well. Some settings also won’t appear until eligible devices are added. If you want to limit your child’s playtime on an Xbox One, for example, the child needs to sign-in to the Xbox One first. Using these family settings, you can:

Xbox Live gives you a ton more control than just using your Microsoft Account. Some of these features will really only come into play on an Xbox One or Windows 10 device, where things like your Xbox profile are much more accessible, but settings applied here apply to any device with Minecraft installed and your child is signed in.

How To Manage Playstation Switch And Xbox Privacy Settings

Weve gone through this guide to ensure its still up to date, and added more recommendations for Xbox settings.

Modern video game consoles offer sophisticated social experiences, and theyre designed to be connected to the internet just about all the time in order to deliver them. Like other always-connected devices, including phones and TVs, the Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch all gather data and share your various activities with your friendsand advertising partners.

Tips On Navigating The Minecraft Launcher:

If you have previously logged in and sound is enabled, follow these steps to launch Minecraft Java Edition:

  • After starting the Launcher, you will hear a positive sound from a Villager indicating that you have now successfully entered the Launcher
  • Press Enter to launch Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Game music will indicate that Minecraft Java Edition has loaded.

If you are not logged in and sound is enabled, follow these steps to login and launch Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Initial focus will be on the email/username text box.
  • Enter your email/username.
  • Press Tab to move to the password text box.
  • Enter your password.
  • Press Enter to Login. If the credentials are not valid, you will hear a negative sound from a Villager. Your focus will be reset to the email/username field to retry your login. If the credentials are valid, you will hear a positive sound from a Villager indicating that you have now successfully entered the Launcher.
  • Focus will be on the Launch button, and you can press Enter to start the game.
  • Game music will indicate that Minecraft Java Edition has loaded.

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Changing Xbox Privacy Settings

IMPORTANT: If you are not considered an adult in your country, you cannot change these settings yourself

Only adults will be able to change privacy settings. Regardless of how your Microsoft account is set up now, you will not be able to change your privacy settings unless you are added to a Microsoft family by your parents/guardians. Your parent/guardian must follow the remainder of this guide to grant you access to multiplayer on your Xbox account.

Is my Microsoft account considered underage?

Try going to in your browser. If, after logging in to your Xbox account you see the page in the screenshot below, your account is considered underage and your parents/guardian need to give you permission to play multiplayer. Continue with the instructions on this page.

NOTE: If you see the privacy page, then directly change your privacy settings according to these instructions.

How To Enable Cross

How To Change Microsoft Privacy Settings To Play Minecraft Realms

If you have a family group set up with your Microsoft Account and for Xbox, then you’ll already know about some of the great features for controlling what your kids have access to. But one thing they may want to use is actually hidden behind a setting you might not know exists.


This is specifically referring to cross-network play, that is, playing with friends outside the Xbox Live walls. When it comes to some of today’s best Xbox games like Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, it’s perfectly possible for your kids to play from their Xbox Series S with their friends on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, for example, but to do so, you’ll have to give them the magic permission first.

There are a couple of different ways to enable it and we’ll walk you through each.

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Change Settings Via Xbox Account

  • Within the browser, go to the
  • Here you will have to sight in with the same credentials you used for your Microsoft account and the account you are using within Minecraft launcher
  • If you have not previously had Xbox account, this is it now
  • On the left side, pick Privacy & online safety
  • Select Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety section
  • Scroll down until you find You can join multiplayer games
  • Make sure this option is set to Allow and then click Submit.

Fix Multiplayer Is Disabled In Minecraft Java Edition 2021

Today I faced an error in Minecraft Java Edition stating Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft Account settings.

It took me quite some time to figure out where to turn on Multiplayer mode, but luckily I found the setting. In this article, I will describe step by step how you can solve the problem Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft Account settings and how to enable Multiplayer mode for Minecraft

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The Best Game Consoles

Whereas the Switch defaults to more stringent privacy settings, the PS5 and Xbox both default to lax privacy settings during the setup process, and if youre excited to start playing games, you might skip over these options without much care. Its worthwhile to give your account the occasional audit to make sure youre not sharing more than you expect. Plus, these assorted settings can affect how features work, especially in circumstances such as online play and group chat, so knowing which settings do what can help you troubleshoot issues that may occur.

What To Do If You’re Playing Bedrock But Don’t Have A Microsoft Account

How to change your Privacy Settings in Minecraft.

Some versions of Minecraft Bedrock specifically, the versions for Switch, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad, and Android don’t require you to have a Microsoft account to play. Not having a Microsoft account locks you out of multiplayer, but if you still want to change your username, you have options.

On an iPhone, iPad, or Android, the default name without a Microsoft account is “Steve.” You can change it by tapping Settings and then Profile.

On a PlayStation, your name will match your PlayStation Network name. There are three ways to change that, which you can find more details on here.

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How To Change Your Minecraft Username

There are two major versions of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock. They have a whole host of differences, and one of those differences is the steps you need to follow to change your username.

If you’re not sure which version you have, think about what system you’re using.

  • If you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you’re playing Bedrock.
  • If you’re playing on a Mac or Linux computer, you’re playing Java.
  • If you’re playing on a PC, it could be either. Open Minecraft and see if it says Java Edition below the title if it does, you’re playing Java. If it doesn’t, you’re playing Bedrock.

Additional Parental Controls For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This article covers instructions for configuring parental controls for Minecraft for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows and Xbox consoles.

To allow your child to play with people on gaming services outside of Xbox Live follow the instructions below:

  • Go to and log in with your parental account
  • On your profile page, click on Privacy Settings
  • On this page, you should see your name and the Microsoft Gamertag of your child. Click on their name/picture
  • If you want them to be able to access Realms, you will also need to set the “You can create and join clubs” setting right below it to “Allow”
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Submit”
  • Your child will then need to fully restart the game by closing it on the main menu of their device

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    Repair Your Errors Automatically team is trying to do its best to help users find the best solutions for eliminating their errors. If you don’t want to struggle with manual repair techniques, please use the automatic software. All recommended products have been tested and approved by our professionals. Tools that you can use to fix your error are listed bellow:

    Microsoft Settings And Privacy

    Cannot play online, I know the issue is telling me to change my privacy ...

    Signing in using your Microsoft account to get around a new application or device does not mean that you have to fill up all your credentials again and again. When you log in to your MS account on a new device or any mobile application, it automatically syncs with all the settings you have made in your account to date.

    • If you want to update any settings in your Microsoft account for Xbox, a single Microsoft account on any device would be more than enough to change the settings and syncs everything automatically without you having to update the account settings on every other device or application separately.
    • Similarly, if you would like to change your MS account profile picture, updating it on a single MS account would be enough to enable this change on all the synced devices.
    • Microsoft settings allows rapid customization and changes. The applications that use your MS account are safe and secure because they are bound to follow the security and privacy measures set in your official Microsoft account.
    • To access further control and upgrades in your account, you can go to your devices settings and click on accounts button. This click permits you to make whatever changes that you would like to make.
    • This is how all of your credentials, applications, and software are interlinked with each other ultimately.

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    What To Do If Akams/accountsettings Not Working

    • Make sure that you are running the Minecraft version youre running is not a beta release.
    • It is possible to get access to the vast majority of Minecraft Realms when youre playing with the non-beta version of Minecraft.
    • Sometimes, the antivirus software or the devices firewall might be activated and render it impossible to start Minecraft. Minecraft game from the mobile.
    • Be sure to ensure that there isnt a third-party entity that causes your game to fail to function properly.Removing them from your devices settings will block their showing.
    • When the new model is installed, youll need to quit Minecraft and then relaunch the game.
    • Make sure your routers internet connection is stable prior to trying to fix the issue of poor coverage.
    • You can configure your router, and set it up using NAT.
    • It is recommended to connect via Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi, if possible.
    • You can restart your Realm to help it run more quickly.
    • Also, make sure your access is granted to your backup files for access into your world.Alternately, you can accomplish this by choosing the backup option in the Realm Settings menu.

    Determine If You Have A Privacy Setting Issue

    Some indicators that the Xbox privacy settings need to be changed:


    • Failed to login: null error message when trying to play multiplayer.
    • On the main title screen, the Multiplayer and Realms buttons are blacked out.


    • Multiplayer menus show that realms/shared worlds/servers are disabled due to Microsoft account settings.

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    What Is Aka Ms Accountsettings

    Users can modify their Microsoft Account Settings by clicking to

    Minecraft is among the most well-known games from Microsoft. Many youngsters enjoy gaming Computer games with their Nintendo, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, etc. Furthermore, Minecraft is the most creative option.

    It is crucial to modify your Microsoft Account settings so that children, particularly kids, are not exposed to inappropriate adult content while playing their preferred Minecraft game. Aka MS Account Setting allows parents to manage their Minecraft privacy settings. The is, therefore, a useful method to prevent kids from any unwanted material.

    Microsoft offers a complete way to use the internet that is efficient and lets us, you, or anyone else perform basic tasks with greater ease and accessibility.

    More information on configuring or adjusting your Microsoft account settings on across your selected devices, as well as considering alternatives to your account, can indeed be found here.

    If youve ever been curious about Microsofts privacy policies, you could be able to better understand them today.

    With these security settings online and methods for security, You can ensure that your account will only be accessible to you and will never be transferred to another account. Keep reading for settings as we explain the entire process thoroughly.

    How To Enable Multiplayer On Minecraft Java

    How to Change Your Privacy Settings For Minecraft PE.

    Minecraft is a fantastic game to play both solo or multiplayer however, those wishing to play with their friends or on other servers may be dismayed if the option isnt available. Particularly on the Java Edition of Minecraft, some players may notice the Multiplayer and Minecraft Realms buttons on the title menu are disabled. Hovering the mouse cursor over these buttons will generate the message, Multiplayer is disabled. Please check your Microsoft account settings. It may sound somewhat complicated at first, but resolving this issue should take no less than two minutes. Read on to learn how to enable multiplayer on Minecraft Java Edition.

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    How To Fix Multiplayer Is Disabled Error In Minecraft

    The problem of Minecraft Multiplayer error can be caused in two places: it can occur with your own account, or it can occur with your childs account. Setting up your own account is practically the same as setting up for your child, so lets start with your own account:

  • Login to with your Minecraft account.If it signs in automatically with a wrong account, click your photo at the right top and choose Sign out
  • Once logged in with the Minecraft account, enter the following URL: . This will take you to Xbox privacy and online safety.
  • In Privacy & Online Safety, click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety.
  • Scroll down to the second option from the bottom, stating You can join multiplayer games. Set this to Allow
  • Click Submit to save your changes
  • Thats it. For your own account at least. If you want to set the Multiplayer option for your kids account:

  • Head back to once more.
  • Scroll down to your childs identity. Click More Options and choose Xbox Online Settings
  • In the Xbox Online Settings page, do the same as you did in your own account:Go to Privacy & Online Safety, click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety. Scroll down to the second option from the bottom, stating You can join multiplayer games. Set this to AllowAfterwards, click Submit to save your changes
  • This should have solved the Multiplayer is Disabled error for Minecraft on your PC.

    Akams/accountsettings Fix For Minecraft Error On Pc/ps4/ps5/xbox/xbox/nintendo

    Gamers can use their Microsoft account to play a variety of video games.

    Minecraft is one of the most popular MS games for the younger generation. However, a lot of children who play Minecraft on their Xbox, Playstation, Laptop, or Nintendo Switch usually get an error.

    This error usually happens when users try to connect to the Realm of a friend. When kids get this notification, they wont have multiplayer access to connect with other players online.

    The main reason why minors usually get this notification is that privacy settings have been restricted through the parent Microsoft account.

    To fix Minecraft error, adjust Xbox/PC/Playstation/Nintendo account settings by changing the player age or repairing and resetting the Minecraft app. Make sure to allow multiplayer games, joining clubs, and communicating with friends under the Minors GT Privacy settings.

    In this article, learn about the common causes of Minecraft error. Well also discuss effective solutions for this issue on different gaming consoles.

  • 3 Conclusion
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    How To Change Privacy Settings On Microsoft Account For Minecraft Realms Plus On Pc

    Discus and support How to change privacy settings on Microsoft account for Minecraft Realms Plus on PC? in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem I have read other threads about this issue, many saying that the issue is due to being underage and needing to get the guardian to log in and edit…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Windows‘ started by JinPalajin, .

    Minecraft: How To Fix Unable To Connect To World Error On Xbox Ps4 Iphone And Switch

    How To Change Microsoft Privacy Settings To Play Minecraft Realms

    If you’re struggling to join another world, we’ve got some tips. Fix that pesky unable to connect to world error here.

    If you are wondering how to fix the unable to connect to world error in Minecraft, you are in the right place. We have got you covered.

    Sometimes, joining friends and family in another world can be a difficult experience. If you are unable to connect to another world in Minecraft, be it on Xbox, PS4, iPhone or Switch, is there anything you can do to overcome this issue and set off on adventures with your nearest and dearest?

    Today, we’ll take a look at possible causes of, and solutions to, the Unable to Connect to World Error. So let’s start digging, and see what answers we can unearth.

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