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How To Find String In Minecraft

Using String For Crafting

How to Find and Use String in Minecraft! – Tutorial

Once you’ve gathered four to eight pieces of string, you have a few options for using it. Creating a 2×2 square in the crafting grid using string to yield a block of wool, which you can combine with certain items, like dye, to create decorative blocks. Alternatively, you can combine string with sticks at a crafting table to make either a fishing rod or a bow for fighting. If you want to fish, don’t forget the lead you’ll not only need some string but also a slimeball to make it.


Minecraft: Can You Tame Frogs How To Breed Variants

Minecraft Wild update 1.19 has released and some people are unsure if you can tame frogs and how long it takes to breed themand their variants.

Theres lots to enjoy in the newest version of Mojangs beloved game. The developers have shared the changelog and the biggest additions include Warden, the Allay mob which won the Live 2021 Mob vote, plus new music and achievements.

While all of the above is fantastic, one of the best additions is the arrival of toads.

Minecraft | The Wild Update Official Trailer

How To Get String In Minecraft Without Killing Spiders

There was a time when killing the spiders was the main souce of the string. But now there are some more ways through which you can get the strings in the new versions of the minecraft.

If you do not know how you can get the strings then this guide will help you to know how to get string in Minecraft without killing spiders.

So, lets get started.

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Minecraft: Ways To Obtain String In

With various means of acquiring string in Minecraft, players can choose their favored method. Some will produce more string than others, and not all are repeatable for farming, which is worth considering. Whether or picking it up as a drop, it’s good for players to have options.

Below, players can find different means of acquiring string as of Minecraft 1.18:

How Do You Get String Fast

Minecraft: string duplication!

How do you craft a fence in Minecraft? Crafting

  • Put 2 blocks of wooden planks on the bottom and middle left and two blocks of the same wooden planks in the right bottom and right top, then put sticks in the middle bottom and middle center.
  • Put 6 Nether Brick blocks on the bottom 2/3 of the crafting grid
  • How do you make a red rose in Minecraft?

    Rose red can now be obtained by putting a poppy, red tulip or rose bush flowers in the crafting grid. Red mushrooms can no longer be smelted to obtain rose red. Rose red is no longer used to craft cocoa beans. Rose Red has now been renamed to Red Dye.

    How do you make a painting in Minecraft? Add Items to make a Painting

    In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a painting, place 8 sticks and 1 wool in the 3×3 crafting grid.

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    How Do You Craft A Furnace In Minecraft

    How to Make a Blast Furnace

  • Open your Crafting Table and put 3 Iron Ingots In the top row of the 3X3 grid.
  • In the second row, put an Iron Ingot in the first box, a Furnace in the second box, and an Iron Ingot in the third box.
  • Put 3 Smooth Stones in the bottom row.
  • Add the Blast Furnace to your inventory.
  • How do you make a shield in Minecraft? How to Craft the Shield

  • Obtain six wood planks.
  • Obtain one iron ingot.
  • Open your crafting table.
  • Arrange your planks and iron ingot in the crafting table. Put the iron ingot in the middle of the top row.
  • Drag the shield from the upper right box to your inventory.
  • Your shield is now ready to use.
  • How do you make a leash in Minecraft?

    To make a lead, place 4 string and 1 slimeball in the 3×3 crafting grid.

    How do you make a bed in Minecraft survival mode?

    Obtaining A Campfire In Minecraft

    Just like with shears, you can obtain a campfire in Minecraft by either crafting or finding one.

    To craft a campfire, youll need these three materials:

    • 3 sticks
    • 1 coal or charcoal
    • 3 pieces of wood, logs, or stems

    Once you have those, simply open the crafting grid. Next, place the three wood, logs, or stems all on the last row and the coal or charcoal in the very center of the grid. Then, place one stick on either side of the coal or charcoal and another on the slot directly above it.

    You can also find a campfire in taiga or snowy taiga villages or in ancient cities, particularly in camps. Alternatively, if you come across an apprentice-level fisherman villager, you can try buying a campfire from them for five emeralds. However, theres only a 50% chance that theyll take you up on that offer.

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    Effective Ways To Obtain String

    Some ways to obtain string might be very easy, however players won’t be able to collect a high amount of string with these techniques.

    Players can go out at night and look for spiders, which can drop up to five strings when killed with a weapon enchanted with Looting III. This is obviously not ideal as it takes a lot of time and puts the player in dangerous situations.

    String can also be obtained by bartering with a Piglin, which can provide a decent amount of string. However, bartering requires that the player travels in the Nether, which again is quite dangerous.

    Locate Command In Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition

    How To Get STRING In Minecraft

    In Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

    /locate < feature> 


    • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

      buriedtreasure Nearest
      ruins Nearest Ruins
      shipwreck Nearest

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    How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Without Being Attacked

    Honeycomb is a handy item in Minecraft PE and can be used to craft a number of items, including beehives. Plus, its incredibly easy to get. You do need to be careful when youre harvesting them, though, since bees will attack you if you touch their honeycomb. But do not worry were here to walk you through how to get honeycomb in Minecraft without being attacked. We also show you the many uses of this bee product in this guide.

    Finish Off Crafting A String

    When you have 1x Cobweb, press E to open your inventory and put the Cobweb in to craft 9x String. This recipe only works on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    The main method to get String is to kill Spiders and Cave Spiders. They drop 0-2x String on death. Striders in the Nether dimension also drop 0-5x String on death. With Looting III enchantment you can get up to 5-8x String.

    Another mob that drops String is cats. They drop 0-2x String on death.

    String can be found in looted chests in most Minecraft structures like Dungeons, Bastion Remnants, Temples, Pillager Outposts, and Woodland Mansions. They normally contain 1-8x String.

    Fishing has 0.3-0.6% to give 1x String. Make sure to use an unenchanted fishing rod for a higher chance.

    You can also trade with the Piglins in the Nether dimension to get 3-9x String for 1x Gold Ingot.

    There is a normal chance that a tamed cat will give you 1x String when you sleep and wake up from your bed. As long as your tamed cat is nearby.

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    Other Ways To Make/acquire String In Minecraft

    Players can also make strings in their inventory by killing a spider in Survival Mode. If you are not able to find any spider in your surroundings, you can always try tweaking with night and day to make a spider spawn. Players can also try summoning a spider using a cheat or spawn egg.

    Attack the spider and it will turn pink with injuries and damage. Continue chasing the spider and attacking it. It will disappear after getting killed and it will provide you with either a string or spider eye.

    Mostly the spider dies only to leave behind string but theres a fair chance of getting a spider eye too. Pick up these items before they disappear. If you dont want to go through with this process you can try the cobweb one.

    Players can try fishing for strings. This process has very low chances of helping you collect string but you can use it if you like. An unenchanted rod doesnt really improve the situation but using a sea enchanted fishing rod will actually lower your chances of finding string down by 0.3%.

    Did you know that wool can also be used to create strings? You will only require wool for this process. Collect wool and use it to make a string.

    If none of these methods grab your attention or ease this process for you, you can try sleeping in a bed with a cat by your side. Especially if you sit beside one that hasnt been ordered to sit tight you will have better chances of waking up with a gift from them. This step will increase your chances to acquire string by 16%.

    How To Make A String In Minecraft

    [Datapack 1.13] Wool to String Recipe Minecraft Mod

    In Minecraft, a string is a common crafting resource thats utilized in a variety of recipes. They can be used to link tripwires, wool, fishing rods, bows, and other items. A string has numerous applications and can be obtained in a variety of ways. You can get a string early in the game, so you can start working on some of the more essential recipes right away. This tutorial will show you which Minecraft versions support string, the ingredients needed to produce a string, make string from scratch, and utilize string in Minecraft.

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    Obtaining Shears In Minecraft

    A pair of shears can be generated from two iron ingots. You can obtain iron ingots by either making them from scratch or finding them in villages, strongholds, dungeons, and a number of other places. Theyre normally contained in chests.

    Iron ingots can be made from scratch using one of two methods. The first is by placing a block of iron in the very center of the 3×3 crafting grid, which yields nine iron ingots.

    The second method involves filling the entire crafting grid with nine iron nuggets. This recipe only yields one iron ingot, so youll want to do this at least twice to make a pair of shears.

    Once you have your two iron ingots, launch the crafting grid again. Then, place one of them in the very center and the other in the first slot of the third row of the grid, as shown in this example:

    If you dont feel like making a pair of shears from scratch, you can always just look for them in Minecraft Overworld. Youll normally find them in shepherds chests in villages, but theres only a 12.3% chance that a shepherds chest contains a pair of shears. If you want a guaranteed way of getting them, look for a novice-level shepherd villager, and trade two emeralds for a pair of shears.

    Move The Lead To Inventory

    Whenever you have crafted leads, you want to move the new thing to your inventory. In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting matrix. To make a lead, you want to place a total of 4 strings and 1 slime ball. Place one string each in the top and center square in the left segment. Place one string into the top square in the center segment. Place one string into the bottom square in the right segment.

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    Example In Nintendo Switch Edition

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition:

    /locate pillageroutpost

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Shipwreck:

    /locate shipwreck

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

    /locate mineshaft

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Village:

    /locate village

    How To Acquire String In Minecraft’s 118 Version

    Minecraft Tutorial Episode #5: How to Get String

    A basic crafting component vital to many Minecraft recipes, string is an excellent item to keep a healthy stock of.

    To keep that string stock in Minecraft, players will need to find a reliable source to acquire the item. Doing so can be done in various ways, yielding different amounts of string and varying in difficulty and accessibility.

    Fortunately, so many options for acquiring string give players plenty of leeways to pursue it at their leisure, including farming it and more or less eliminating the need for the item.

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    Material Required To Make String In Minecraft

    The only material required is Cobwebs. This can be easily found in caves in Mining Shafts. To obtain cobwebs, you need to have Sword with a Silk Touch enchantment on it. This will ensure that whenever its broken it can drop cobwebs.

    To find such Mining Shafts in Minecraft, you need to look around while mining below the ground. Any empty cave or passage may be a sign of a Mining Shaft nearby. Since these shafts are huge and spread a long way, you can find them easily but you have to bear with the process of mining.

    Locate Command In Minecraft Xbox One Edition

    In Minecraft Xbox One Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

    /locate < feature> 


    • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

      buriedtreasure Nearest
      ruins Nearest Ruins
      shipwreck Nearest

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    Where To Get String In Minecraft

    A string is an item often used to craft bows, fishing rods, and leads. It is obtained as a drop or loot from killing mobs like spiders and striders. Killing spiders and cave spiders will drop a maximum of two strings per mob. Each drop is increased by one based on the level of the Looting enchantment equipped on your weapon, with a maximum drop of five strings using a Looting III enchanted weapon.

    Striders can also drop up to 5 strings per mob with a maximum of 8 strings at Looting III. Striders can only be located in the Netherlands as they mostly spawn in the lava lakes below, making this mob a bad option if you plan to farm for strings. Another option is to farm strings from cats that spawn inside villages. However, since a cats drops cannot be affected by any looting enchantment, it is better not to kill cats. Instead, you can tame cats, and in return, they will provide you with gifts, one of them being a couple of strings. A player who tames cats gets a 70% chance of receiving a gift upon waking up from a bed. Gifts from tamed cats can vary, but there is a 16.13% chance of receiving a string.

    Example In Xbox One Edition

    how to get string in minecraft without spiders

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Xbox One Edition:

    /locate pillageroutpost

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Buried Treasure:

    /locate buriedtreasure

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Ocean Ruins:

    /locate ocean

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Woodland Mansion:

    /locate mansion

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PS4 Edition:

    /locate pillageroutpost

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Stronghold:

    /locate stronghold

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Shipwreck:

    /locate shipwreck

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

    /locate mineshaft

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    How To Craft String In Minecraft

    In a Nutshell

    Crafting string yourself may be a pain as finding cobwebs is oftentimes harder than finding the string on your own. If you happen to have plenty of cobwebs, you can consider converting them into string as it is used in multiple different types of recipes for different stages of the game. Since string is such a basic material, it pays to know what you can use string for in Minecraft.

    It may come as a surprise, but you can obtain strings in multiple different ways. However, the only way to craft string in a crafting menu is to use a cobweb. You can only obtain a cobweb by breaking one with shears. Doing so will drop the cobweb itself. Placing a cobweb in your crafting menu will yield 9 strings.

    It is worth noting that you cannot do the inverse of this recipe. You cannot use 9 strands of string to craft a cobweb.

    If you would like to obtain string through other means, you can fish for string. This is very low odds of gathering string, with only a 0.6% chance to obtain with an unenchanted fishing rod. Using a luck of the sea enchanted fishing rod actually lowers the chance to find string, down to 0.3%.

    The most common way to obtain string is to kill spiders. Both cave spiders and regular spiders will drop 0-2 string, which can be increased with the looting enchantment.


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