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How To Find Treasure In Minecraft

What Is A Buried Treasure

How to find Treasure in Minecraft

Buried treasure is a loot chest in Minecraft with many rare items. From food items to tools and minerals, it has several things that can help you survive in the game. If you are planning to create a Conduit in Minecraft, you will need this chest. It is the only source of the Heart of the sea. Creating a conduit with it will give you Minecraft beacon-like powers but focus on underwater mobs.

Locate Command In Minecraft Education Edition

In Minecraft Education Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

    buriedtreasure Nearest
    ruins Nearest Ruins
    shipwreck Nearest
  • Edu

How To Use Buried Treasure Map

1. Check the area where you are on your map, and you will understand your geographical position. As you can see, my current location on the following map is South-West. That is opposite to the X mark. So, I need to move North-East to get to the mark.

2. Next, we need to check which direction our player is facing. On the Minecraft Java Edition, you can quickly press the F3 key to open up the information panel. On the left side, you will see the direction your player is facing.

If you are playing the Bedrock edition, you will have to manually try moving into random directions or use the sunrise/ sunset to determine the correct movement. Even in Minecraft, the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.

3. Next, once you know the direction you are facing in your Minecraft world, you need to move towards the ideal direction. In my case, the buried treasure is present in the North-East direction. So, I will move North first and East next once I am close to the mark. If you move in the correct direction, your map should look like the screenshot below after traveling some distance. Also,if you are close enough, you will start seeing the world forming onto the map.

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Step Four: Enjoy The Loot

After finishing all the processes explained above, now you can enjoy the loot of this buried treasure which contains lots of valuable things such as diamonds, emeralds, etc. You also have the chance to get both from the same loot. It also consists of TNT and most importantly the heart of the sea which is very rare and important. You can not get it from another treasure chest.

How To Find A Buried Treasure Map


Buried Treasure Maps are one of the few items in Minecraft that you cant craft. But once you find one, youll be able to go on an adventure to find some loot. So if youre looking for tips on how to find a Buried Treasure Map, what to do with it, and the loot found in the buried treasure, we have you covered in our Buried Treasure Map guide below.

Looking for something particular in our Buried Treasure Map guide? Be sure to click the links below to jump to…

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Example In Xbox One Edition

To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Xbox One Edition:

/locate pillageroutpost

To find the coordinates of the nearest Buried Treasure:

/locate buriedtreasure

To find the coordinates of the nearest Ocean Ruins:

/locate ocean

To find the coordinates of the nearest Woodland Mansion:

/locate mansion

To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PS4 Edition:

/locate pillageroutpost

To find the coordinates of the nearest Stronghold:

/locate stronghold

To find the coordinates of the nearest Shipwreck:

/locate shipwreck

To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

/locate mineshaft

How To Use A Buried Treasure Map

Now that you have the map, youll notice a few things. For starters, your icon will be far off in the corner, and the map will be brownish with a drawing of the land and a giant red X. As you get closer to the red X, youll notice that the Treasure Map will begin to look more and more like a normal Map.

Once youre above the red X, youll need to start digging in the general area to find the treasure. Its worth mentioning that the treasure wont always be directly on the red X. So as long as youre digging the general area of the X, youll find it in no time.

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Advantages Of Finding Buried Treasures In Minecraft

Minecraft hs started to feature these buried treasures from the Minecraft 1.13 JAVA edition. And one of the exciting things is that those buried treasures are the only way to conquer the heart of the sea when you will go outside of the commands or the creative mode inventory.

Dont dare to take the heart of the sea so casually because this is the most precious thing that you can get in the whole Minecraft game. On top of that, you can utilize the buried treasure maps if you want to look after those treasures in the biome where the invaluable treasure will be spawned.

On the other hand, its more enjoyable, and its kinda an adventure to find a buried treasure in this Minecraft world. You have to first find the Maps and then look after the treasure by using that Map. This is the most fun part of this game which is far more enjoyable compared to just collecting the loots.

Hence, there are so many advantages of finding the buried treasures in Minecraft that you cant even consider.

Locate Command In Minecraft Ps4 Edition

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

In Minecraft PS4 Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:


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How Does A Buried Treasure Look Like In Minecraft

The look of Buried Treasure totally depends on the Biome in which it is found. But Mostly is a colorful treasure box.

Buried treasure in Minecraft contains only a single chest.

The chest is almost always buried under some materials and so you wont leave empty-handed.

Some Minecraft biomes dont have buried treasure chests. Here, I have given a picture for your ease to know how actually a Buried treasure in Minecraft looks like.

If the chests are buried in a beach biome, then they will have a sand or gravel block covering it up. Sometimes, if the buried treasure is generated on the side of underwater structures, hills, the treasures will spawn underwater with a stone block covering them up.

Add the best Minecraft Music Bots to make your treasured adventure more amusing.

Sometimes the treasures spawn on the surface of the ocean floor which gets covered by gravel or sand blocks.

Brew some potion of weakness in Minecraft to kill the hostile mobs easily so that your treasure chest adventure doesnt get disturbed.

Terrain biomes generate buried treasuries by any suitable terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite.

What Loots Can I Find Inside The Buried Treasure

Each Buried treasure contains a lot of loots. Each buried treasure chest contains items including the Hearts of the sea, Iron ingot, Gold ingot, Iron Sword, TNT, Emerald, etc.

In the Bedrock Edition, each buried treasure contains items like Chainmail helmet, Lead, Potion of Regeneration, cake and many more.

Keep in mind that the chances of finding the heart of the sea are 100% in any buried treasure chest.

You can also find treasure maps and treasures like emeralds, nautilus shells , a Diamond sword,s or even a golden apple if you get lucky.

Yes, You wont leave empty-handed if you find one treasure.

Use the Curse of Vanishing spell for securing valuable items once you are dead.

Also, check out our experts recommended best VPN for Minecraft.

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How Far Down Are Treasure Chests Buried

After getting a treasure map and going to the area chunk where the X mark is, the next step is to dig for the buried treasure chest.

Usually, treasure chests are always buried with different kinds of blocks. These chests will not spawn in an area chunk wherein they are exposed to sunlight or have no covering above.

However, most of the time treasure chests generate buried somewhere in a beach biome. Therefore, the usual blocks covering them are sand or gravel. Nevertheless, any suitable terrain-generated blocks such as diorite and coal ore can also cover treasure chests.

These chests are sometimes found just by digging 3 to 4 blocks below the surface where the X mark is on. Usually, players dig not more than 10 blocks below the surface to find a treasure chest. Depth is rarely the problem in finding treasure chests.

Instead of digging deeper, the best strategy is to dig around the X mark to find the treasure chest. This way, finding the chests will be a lot quicker. Some players even use TNT to blow up the ground above the chest to avoid the hassle of digging around.

Use your shovel or pickaxe to dig 15-18 blocks around the X mark to unveil the treasure chest hidden beneath the surface.

In some cases, players reported that some treasure chests generate around 40 blocks down in an underground cave. Others also found treasure chests underwater in an ocean biome. Obviously, those chests are deeper than the normal ones found in beach biomes.

How To Always Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft Java


In the Java Edition of Minecraft, there is a little bit of change in buried treasure. The white dots which indicate the players position, lie under the red cross marks. And the treasure in the java edition contains the highest amount of diamonds per chest which is very rare and it has about 1.25 diamonds per chest on average.

And the finding process is the same. Follow the instructions and directions on the map which will lead you to the treasure.

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Treasure Hunting In Minecraft

Gear Up

  • First things first, treasure hunters need to prepare for their ocean voyage by bringing along appropriate items. Sailing through the water on a boat is much quicker than swimming, so craft a boat and a backup just in case. Those with access to a brewing stand can concoct water-breathing potions by using a pufferfish, which will grant them more time underwater. Additionally, all other basics, like armor, tools, and food are needed to keep the player safe and healthy on their expedition. There’s a variety of aquatic life roaming Minecraft‘s ocean biomes, including deadly mobs that can threaten the player’s expedition if they’re unprepared.

Find A Treasure Map

  • Next, players will need to travel out into an ocean biome and search for any shipwrecks or sunken ships. The abandoned ships dont spawn very often, so treasure hunters will need to scour the oceans in search of them. Crafting a spyglass will enhance the players sight a bit and make them feel like a pirate, but a more reliable method is by feeding raw salmon or raw cod to a dolphin. By doing so, dolphins will reward the player by bringing them to a location of interest out in the ocean, which has a chance to include the shipwrecks. They contain multiple loot chests, with some containing junk like poisonous potatoes, while others harbor metal ingots. Its never guaranteed, but one of these chests might hold a treasure map, which will lead players to the closest buried treasure in their game world.

Find And Use Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft

With the ability to find a Buried Treasure in Minecraft, you can take your ocean quests on a completely different level. And what better way to start one than one of our best Minecraft island seeds. These seeds spawn you on a survival island, offering you the perfect opportunity to look for buried treasures and go on sea adventures. Though, if you are running the latest Minecraft 1.18 update, digging down into some of the beautiful lush caves might be a fresher alternative. Well, at least until the Warden comes in the Minecraft 1.19 mob update to make cave exploration riskier.

Coming back to the treasure, the hardest part of the process will be finding a Shipwreck with a map chest. Some players even use particular Minecraft seeds for this exploration side quest. You can ask fellow community members for such seeds on Minecraft Discord servers or try one from our list of best Minecraft seeds. Not to forget, as a lot of treasure exploration is underwater, so good performance and visibility are a must in-game. Therefore, we suggest you to get improved FPS. The treasure hunt in Minecraft is a fun adventure, but it is also time-consuming. So, dont waste another moment and get exploring! And do share your experience with us in the comments below!

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Minecraft Buried Treasure: How To Find It

So, you traveled to different biomes but couldnt find the exact location of the buried treasures?

What if I say, the best method to find a buried treasure is by using a treasure map. Thats where my Minecraft Buried Treasure Finder Guide comes in handy.

You have to dig a few blocks to find the treasure chest. The closest chest also contains saddles in Minecraft.

How far down is the buried treasure in Minecraft?

The buried treasures are 3 to 6 blocks deep down. Treasure maps dont help you find the exact location of the treasure. They only reveal structures and monuments. You have to dig about 2 meters of radius around the X mark to get the treasure.

Keep Reading, As Ill show you where the treasure chests are exactly located.

Also, Check out our separate post on how to find spawn chunks in Minecraft.

Locate Command In Minecraft Java Edition

How to Find Minecraft Treasure! 1.16.4

In Minecraft Java Edition 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following, depending on your version of Minecraft:

    Features in 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18


    Features in 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15


    Features in 1.11 and 1.12


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One: Shipwrecks And Ruins

While exploring the ocean, youll notice unusual features on the ocean floor or near the shores.

Shipwrecks appear as parts of a ship underwater, either upright or on its side. Most shipwrecks will have three chests, one of which contains a buried treasure map. Additional loot inside these chests can be just as valuable, so theres much more to maps than just exploring them.

Alternatively, underwater ruins look like structures made of sandstone or stone bricks. They can often appear in close-knit clusters. Exploring the ruins will yield a chest that usually has a buried treasure map inside. As you explore more ruins, you increase your odds of finding a buried treasure map.

Youll usually need to dive to explore these ocean floor features, so make sure you dont stay underwater too long, or youll drown. You can also look for some enchantments and potions to make the diving part easier to manage.

Locate Command In Minecraft Pocket Edition

In Minecraft Pocket Edition , the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

    buriedtreasure Nearest
    ruins Nearest Ruins
    shipwreck Nearest

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The Easiest Way To Find Buried Treasure In 113

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Everyone know about buried treasures in 1.13 but everyone also know it is har to find them.

You get a trasure map, you find the red X. But you can’t find the chest!

I made an easy system to find the chest instantly.

1. Stand so the red X is in front of you.

2. Make sure to stand exactly as it is shown in the attachment below.

3. Dig down. If you don’t see the chest, dig around one block. Now the hole you made should be 3×3 blocks and you should see the chest.

If you didn’t understand step number 2: When you move on the map, the map shows where you move and where you are facing with a white arrow. On the attachment below, you can see a red X and something white below. That is because the red X is overlapping the white arrow. Just try to move around and rotate until the white arrow is exactly as it is shown.

How To Use The Buried Treasure Map

How to find a treasure chest in minecraft MISHKANET.COM

Once youve acquired a buried treasure map, its time to read it in order to locate where the treasure is buried.

  • Start by holding the map in both hands. You can do this by holding the map with your right hand and simply dragging your mouse down. This will bring the map upwards revealing the entire map on your screen.
  • Locate your position. When you see the map on your screen, you will also see that there is a white circle on the map. Depending on the size of the circle, it will tell you how close or far you are from the treasure. Based on the image below, the player is relatively close to the location shown on the map.
  • Look at the treasures coordinates on the map and locate where it is from your current position. Based on the image, the treasure is located North-East from where the player is currently standing.
  • Open the coordinates menu and check the direction of which you are headed. You can open the coordinates by pressing F3 on your keyboard for PC users or FN + F3 for Mac users. This will show you information of your current location including the XYZ coordinates, current biome, and more.
  • Take a look at the Facing information tab. This will show you the direction which you are currently facing whether it is in north, south, east, or west. Based on the map shown below, the player must head towards North-East. North-east is between north and east. You may choose to head in one direction first, or simply go diagonally.
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