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How To Friend People On Minecraft Pc

How To Back Up Or Replace Your World In Minecraft Realms

How to ADD FRIENDS on MINECRAFT PC (Fast Method!)

You don’t have to stick with the same World when using Minecraft Realms. If you want to start a completely new World or if you want to replace your current one with another, you can do that too. But you might want to back up your current World before doing so, otherwise you’ll lose any progress you’ve made on it.

To back up your existing World on Minecraft Realms, click the ‘Edit’ button next to your Realm world and select ‘Download World’. This will save the World to your device and you’ll be able to play it locally or re-upload it again later if you change your mind.

To replace your current World on Minecraft Realms, again click ‘Edit’ next to your Realm world and select ‘Replace World’. You will be then asked to confirm this action before being presented with a list of available worlds to replace it with. Once selected, the new world will be uploaded and you’ll be ready to go.

How To Play Minecraft With Friends: 5 Different Ways

Want to party up and craft with your crew? Here’s how you can enjoy Minecraft multiplayer with your friends.

Playing Minecraft by yourself is a blast… but playing Minecraft with friends is an entirely new world of fun. If you’re not sure how to play Minecraft with friends yet, fear not! We’ll make it quick and easy for you in this article.

You have more than a few options for Minecraft Multiplayer; some of which require an internet connection, while you can play other methods offline and from the same room.

Regardless of how you want to craft,;we’ll look at how to play Minecraft with friends!

Note: We’ve included instructions for both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition .

How To Play Minecraft With Friends: Cross

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is part of the growing list of games that features cross-platform play. The only;caveat here is you’ll need to be on the same version; Java Edition players cannot play with Bedrock Edition players.

However, if you want to play Bedrock Edition on your iPhone or Android while your friend plays on their Xbox, PC, or Switch, you absolutely can. Use one of the methods in this list to link up with other playersRealms is your best bet for a hassle-free experience.

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How To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft Education Edition

The Minecraft Education Edition is a welcome addition for students, leveraging their teamwork and creative skills in offline and online play. With this in mind, users can play Minecraft EE online using their Office 365 accounts. Heres what you need to do:

  • The host needs to set up a game world and note their IP address. Press Play, and then select New World. After selecting the game options, choose Host.
  • You can see your IP and port by opening a new multiplayer game with Minecraft EE and pressing Escape.
  • For best results, youre better off switching to a static IP address if you want to have multiple sessions in the same world.
  • Turn on port forwarding. Open your browser, log into your router, then select Port Forwarding.Enter the IP address noted on the world.Use 19132 as the starting port and 19133 as the ending port.Youll need to set this up for both TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Note the Join code in the game, made from four pictures, again from the game menu. Share the join code with other players.
  • Other players can now join a world by going to Multiplayer on their Minecraft EE, then putting in the join code.
  • If you want to access more settings, follow this guide.

    Minecraft Realms Plus Updates

    How To Join Friends On Minecraft Pe

    If you’ve opted for the 10-player subscription to Realms Plus, you should keep an eye out for the monthly updates on the official website. New maps, character skins, and mini-games are constantly being added and as they’re available for free with Realms Plus, it seems silly not to at least check out what’s on offer.

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    How To Play With Friends In Minecraft Pc

    In Java Edition, you can play on an online server by connecting with the exact IP address of the multiplayer servers of your friends. If you want to set up your server, you would have to download the server file. Otherwise, connect to your friends server.

    In Bedrock Edition, three official servers are Mineplex, Lifeboat, and InPvP. You can choose and join any of the servers you like to play with your friends.

    How Do You Play Minecraft Multiplayer For Free

    The only way to play with friends for free is to set up your own server, although that may be more time consuming, and youll need to be careful to set everything up correctly. Alternatively, you can try finding free server hosts online, although finding a trusted host might be more challenging than it looks.

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    Minecraft Multiplayer For Private Servers

    If your friend is running a private server, either from their own PC or through third-party hosting services, you’ll need the server’s IP address. Copy and paste it as you would a public server address to join.

    If you’re not sure how to find an IP address for a public server, it’s covered in How to Join a Minecraft Server.

    How To Play Minecraft With Friends On Lan

    [Minecraft 1.17] How to Play Minecraft With Friends on PC

    LAN allows you to play the game with other players or your friends on the same network. To play, enter the game as a single player and press on the Esc key and then click Open a LAN. Select the game mode and click on Start LAN World. You will see a system prompt that the local game has been hosted. Now your friends on the same network can start their game and select Multiplayer. Their system should detect the game and they should be able to join you in the new world or an existing world.

    Start a LAN game:

  • Create a new world or edit a current world by pressing the pen icon
  • Go to multiplayer and make sure that Visible to LAN Players is enabled
  • Start the world by choosing Create or Play
  • Join a LAN game:

    ;;;;; 1. Go to the Play menu

    ;;;;; 2. Click the Friends tab and look for available LAN Game

    Here are two ways you can play Minecraft with friends.

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    Joining At A Distance

    Joining a Minecraft LAN server from a distance can be tricky. The host must provide the LAN number and their IP address to the person wanting to join.

    To join, the gamer can click “direct connect” and type in the IP address, including periods with a colon right after the final digit. The player should then type in the LAN number. The code they’ve placed in should have zero spaces between the character.

    Option Two: Third Party Hosts Are Flexible But More Hands On

    • Pros: Best value-to-dollar ratio. Host more players for less. Supports plugins and advanced features.
    • Cons: Requires more hands-on-configuration and parental involvement.
    • Best for: Parents comfortable with Minecraft and doing some manual configuration .

    If youre willing to invest a little more energy into the project , then you might consider purchasing a third party Minecraft host.

    There are a multitude of benefits that come with a third party host over a Realms server. First and foremost, youll get more for your dollar: the $8 a month you spend on a Realms server will get you a third party host that supports many more players .

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    Furthermore, most hosts will include support for plugins that enhance Minecraft with cool features, a subdomain so your kids server will have a memorable name like, and a good host will even have a web-based control panel where you can control the server .

    On the downside, while youre getting more bang-for-your-buck than buying a Realms account, youre also getting more work: its up to you to make sure the whitelist is turned on, for example, and youll be in charge of managing all the whiz-bang extras you get with a more advanced host.

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    Option One: Purchase A Minecraft Realm For Dead Simple Shared Play

    • Pros: Dead simple. Hosted by the company behind Minecraft.
    • Cons: Only supports 10 players. No advanced features. expensive.
    • Best for: Anyone who wants an online server right this second with no fuss.

    The absolute simplest solution, hands down, is to purchase a Minecraft Realms subscription. Minecraft Realms is the only officially hosted Minecraft server platform in the world, as it is directly hosted and maintained by Mojang, Minecrafts parent company.

    For $7.99 a month , you get an easily accessible and always up-to-date Minecraft server with three world slots as well as a bunch of mini-game templates if they want to play mini-games with their friends.

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    The Realms servers are strictly whitelist only, which means players have to be manually approved to gain access to the servera random person can never join the server with your kids. They can support up to 10 players.

    If your kids just want to play Minecraft with friends, dont have any interest in playing with Minecraft game mods or server plugins , and they only need space for 10 players or less, then getting a Minecraft Realms account is a no-brainer.

    How To Play Minecraft With Friends

    How To Friend People On Minecraft Java

    Minecraft is arguably the best-selling game of all time, depending on what kind of statistics you are looking at and who is doing the research. Regardless of its exact placement on the list, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular games downloaded. There are a handful of reasons for this.;

  • Minecraft can be downloaded on nearly any gaming platform including, but not limited to, PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and tablet.;
  • Single-player gives you a perpetual amount of possibilities on how you can play Minecraft and alter your world. However, this alone isnt enough reason for Minecraft nearing the top of the list. The real answer lies in its multiplayer capabilities.;
  • Minecraft provides you with the option of enjoying your gameplay experience with friends.
  • For most people, connecting with friends through multiplayer gameplay is the best way to play.; Whats even better is that there are multiple options you can use to play Minecraft with friends including:

    Its highly recommended you understand the difference in each option and what they offer because choosing the best course of action can greatly enhance your gameplay and help you tailor your game to your needs. Ill explain each below and give you a few pros and cons to help.

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    Play Minecraft With Friends On Pc

    Minecraft is a great game to play by yourself. Two versions of Minecraft are available to purchase on PC, Minecraft Java, and Minecraft Bedrock. The main difference between them is that Minecraft Bedrock allows you to play games with your friends that have other consoles like PS4 or Xbox One.

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    If you and your friend both have the same version of Minecraft. If you have Minecraft Bedrock and your friend has Minecraft Java then it is not useful for both of you. You will not be able to play together. Microsoft Bedrock is also known as Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

    Playing on LAN in Minecraft Java

    If your friends and you all have Minecraft Java then you just only have to follow a few steps and you are totally ready to enjoy the Minecraft game with your friends on the device.;

    • First of all, you have to create a new single-player world.
    • And then, Select Open to LAN in the options.;;
    • After all of this, Finish the process of creating the world.
    • Now, your friends can easily choose the world which is created by you in their Multiplayer tab

    Playing on LAN in Minecraft Bedrock

    If your friends and you all have Minecraft Bedrock then the same, you only have to follow some steps and you can enjoy the Minecraft game with your friends on the device. Here are the steps.

    How Do You Add Friends On Minecraft Switch

    Heres how to add friends on the Nintendo Switch:

    • Go to your profile page.
    • Go to Add Friend > Search with Friend Code.
    • Insert your friends 12-digit friend code.
    • Choose Send Friend Request when it confirms their identity.
    • Press OK.
    • Go to Add Friend > Friend Requests from their profile page.
    • Select your friend request.

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    How To Join Other Players’ Minecraft World In February 2021

    Minecraft is a great way to connect with friends and other players.

    So, how does a player join another’s private world? They can join friends on Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock, hop on a LAN server , or connect to a realm. Here’s an overview of what is to follow:

    • Join using LAN
    • Join through friends
    • Connect to a realm

    How To Invite Friends In Minecraft Dungeons

    How To Play Minecraft with Your Friends on PC (Java Edition)

    Whether youre playing online co-op with a group of friends or split-screen at home with your siblings, Minecraft Dungeons was meant to be played with others. Of course you can play it alone if youd like, but if you want to play with others, youll need to know how to invite friends to your game.

    To invite friends in Minecraft Dungeons, youll need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Complete the tutorial
  • Open up the main menu
  • Select Online Game
  • To invite a friend, select Start Online Game
  • To join a friends game, select Game Sessions;
  • If youre having trouble with inviting friends or joining game sessions in Minecraft Dungeons, make sure everyone in your party has completed the A Cry for Heroes on Squid Coast tutorial mission. In theory, only the host player needs to have completed the tutorial to invite their friends, but that doesnt always seem to be the case.

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    Using Realms For Multiplayer

    Players can also join Realms, which are servers that stay online all the time and dont require a host to be currently playing.

    You can send invites to your Realm via your Friends tab or invite via a link if youre playing on a PC. Clicking the link will launch the Minecraft app. Console players will need to be invited via friends list.

    After joining the Realm for the first time, you will be able to return to it whenever you want from your Friends tab. The Reams youve joined will appear under Joinable Realms, as long as the Realm is still online.

    How Much Does Minecraft Realms Cost

    The monthly subscription, Realms Plus will cost you $7.99/£6.69 for a maximum of 10 players per month. As well as getting your own private, always-online multiplayer server, you will also have access to over 50 Marketplace packs which includes maps, mini-games, and character skins. If you’ve never used Minecraft Realms Plus before, you may find you’re entitled to a 30-day free trial.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit smaller, you can choose to create a Realm for a maximum of two players at $3.99/£3.29 per month. You’ll get the same benefits of your Realm always being online but you won’t have access to the Marketplace content. There’s always the option to cancel later if you feel you’re not getting much use from it.

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    How Do I Use Splitscreen In Minecraft

    If you have one to three friends over for a Minecraft session on a console, you can enable split-screen to allow everyone to play on the same world at once. When you connect additional game controllers to the console, you can set up a game.

  • Select Play Game. Select a new world or load a previous one.
  • Uncheck the Online game setting.
  • After the first player entered the world, the rest can join by pressing START on their controllers.
  • If you want to expand your split-screen experience to up to eight people, youll need an additional console and enable online play. The steps are similar to the single-console play, only now you need to enable Online game and log the players in before starting.

    How To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft Dungeons


    If youre playing Minecraft Dungeons, the steps to playing with friends are similar to joining a LAN network. Heres what you need to do for LAN multiplayer:

  • Connect additional controllers to the console.
  • The primary player needs to start a local game by pressing A.
  • The other player need to press the appropriate button on their controller to connect to the game.
  • And here are the steps to join an online game on Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Complete the tutorial.
  • Press A while playing Minecraft Dungeons to bring up the menu and go through to the online multiplayer settings.
  • Youll need to link your Microsoft account to your console. Youll need another device to access the URL shown, like a PC or a phone. Follow the prompts shown on the console screen. Enter the code the game provided.
  • Once youve linked your accounts, youll see a list of your friends on the screen. One player will be the host, while the others can join them by pressing Join next to the hosts name to play together.
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    How To Play Minecraft Multiplayer Using A Realm

    Minecraft Realms is a multiplayer service developed by Mojang that allows you and up to 10 friends to play simultaneously. However, you’ll need a subscription to use it, and the price depends on the platform you’re using.

    The cheapest realm is only a few dollars for a server supporting up to three players on mobile, consoles, and Windows 10. For a bit more, you can get a server supporting up to 11 players. You’ll get a better deal if you set up a recurring subscription or buy multiple months.


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