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How To Get Concrete Powder In Minecraft

By Step Guide On How To Get Grey Concrete When In Survival Mode

How To Get Concrete From Concrete Powder Really Fast On Minecraft! (All Editions!)

It is pretty simple to make gray concrete while in survival mode. All you need to do is pour a bucket of water on gray concrete powder.

Step 1: Put down some grey concrete powder or you may use blocks of grey concrete powder.

Step 2: On your hot bar, select a water bucket then pour all the water onto the gray powder. You will notice that grey concrete start to form as soon as the powder comes into contact with water.

Step 3: Collect the water and put it back into the bucket.

Where To Find Sand

Sand can be found on the coastlines of many different biomes. It can also be found in rivers and other waterways. Be careful when mining Sand blocks, as theyre affected by gravity. If you break the bottom Sand block beneath more Sand, the rest will drop down. Dont mine directly below a column of Sand, as doing so will cause it to fall onto you and potentially suffocate your character.

How To Make Concrete & What Its Used For In Minecraft

Concrete is formed when some concrete powder comes into contact with water, either in a bucket or river. Concrete wont form through rain, so dont worry about leaving your concrete powder outside, for whatever reason.

You can obtain concrete powder by using dye, sand and gravel blocks in a 3×3 crafting grid. Choose a colour you like, because this will affect the corresponding concrete block when it hits the water.

Grab a bucket of water or head to the nearest spot of water in order to start making concrete. Once the water touches the gravelly block, it will harden into proper concrete.

If you are unhappy with your placement of the concrete block, for example, if you had to craft it through the river method, it can be mined using a pickaxe. It wont leave any materials behind if you dont hit it with a pickaxe, so always have one on hand.

Concrete blocks can be highly decorative. They are available in a nice array of bright colours, and wont burst into flame like wool. In addition, its hardness is slightly higher than stone, so can be good for fortification. However, it is important to note that it has a lower blast resistance.

Give your builds a more modern feel, experiment with colour, and try concrete out when you get a chance! Brighten up that death tower, you know you want to.

Also, be sure to check out Skippy 6 Gamings video to see his instant concrete device, for even faster crafting.

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How To Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft

You cant make concrete if you dont have concrete powder. After collecting sand, gravel, and a dye of your choosing, combine them in your crafting grid to make this material:

  • Launch the crafting menu.
  • Place one dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks into the grid.
  • Once the concrete powder appears, place it in your inventory, and youre all done.
  • Showcase Your Building Prowess

    How to craft: Concrete &  Concrete Powder in Minecraft 1.12 ...

    While concrete blocks are a basic building component in Minecraft, learning this skill opens the door to a multitude of construction options. With this material, you can build stunning roofs and towers youll be proud of. All you need to do is mine the necessary supplies and decide on the ideal color the remaining steps will be a breeze.

    Is concrete among your favorite building materials? What constructions have you built using it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    How To Make Yellow Concrete In Minecraft

    • The procedure is similar to that of white and black concrete.
    • You will need a yellow concrete dye, four sand, and four gravel to craft yellow concrete powder.
    • Once you make the powder, get a water bucket from your Hotbar.
    • Pour water from the bucket onto the yellow concrete powder.
    • As soon as the powder comes into contact with the water, it turns into yellow concrete.
    • Place the water back into the bucket.
    • Your yellow concrete shows up!

    Minecraft: How To Make Concrete & Concrete Powder

    This guide will help players learn how to craft Concrete Blocks and Concrete powder in Minecraft for their next building project.

    Concrete Powder is a craftable block in Minecraftthat turns into Concrete Blocks when it comes into contact with water. Concrete comes in 16 different colors depending on which dye a player uses when crafting Concrete Powder, and it is crafted with sand, gravel, and dyes.

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    These blocks added in Minecraft Java 1.12 are solid colors with relatively no textures. These decorative blocks have expanded the arsenal of master builders, and are relatively easy to craft. This guide will teach you how to craft and use Concrete Powder and Blocks.

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    Concrete Powder Minecraft Recipe

    Once youve obtained the ingredients above, heres what you need to combine to make concrete powder:

    • Four pieces of sand.
    • Four pieces of gravel.
    • One dye .

    Once youve gathered those materials, place them in the order shown in the picture below. If done correctly, you should now have eight pieces of concrete powder in your inventory!

    Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft

    Minecraft 1.12 | How To: Craft Concrete & Concrete Powder Blocks!

    Concrete powder produces concrete blocks. Now, to make concrete powder in Minecraft, you need to:

  • Launch your crafting menu. This has a 3×3 grid.
  • Take one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks then place them on the grid.
  • The order of placing the ingredients doesnt matter.
  • As soon as you add the last item on the grid cell, a stack of 8 concrete powder blocks will appear.
  • Take the concrete powder and put it in your inventory.
  • The only variable in the process is the dye. So, to make black concrete in Minecraft, or any other color, you simply change the dye.
  • NOTE: Make sure your dye of choice is in the inventory before you start making the concrete powder.

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    How To Make Concrete In Minecraft Survival

    Making concrete in Minecraft Survival works the same as in the original version. Well give you an example of how to create a grey concrete block:

  • Start the crafting menu and mix one grey dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks.
  • After the grey concrete powder has been crafted, move it into the inventory.
  • Place the grey concrete powder onto the ground.
  • Use a water bucket on the powder to get grey concrete.
  • Give The Command For Concrete

    In Minecraft Java Edition versions 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, 1.17 and 1.17.1 you can give a command for concrete. The command is:

    The color in this case is a placeholder. You will have to replace it with your preferred color out of the 16 that are available. For instance, if you pick blue, the command will be:

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    How To Get Dye

    To get the dye, you can smelt, craft, or even trade for it. The crafting process varies from one dye to the next because they use different ingredients. Here is a simple breakdown to help you out:

    • Green: Add cacti plant to the crafting grid .
    • White: Add one bone meal or one lily of the valley to the crafting grid.
    • Yellow: Add sunflowers or dandelions to the crafting grid.
    • Grey: Mix black and white dyes.
    • Magenta: Mix red, pink, and blue dyes, or add alliums or lilacs to the crafting grid.
    • Blue: Add cornflowers or lapis lazuli to the crafting grid.
    • Cyan: Mix green and blue dyes.
    • Pink: Mix white and red dyes, or add pink tulips or peonies to the crafting grid.
    • Black: Add one ink sac or one wither rose to the crafting grid.
    • Light blue: Mix white and blue dyes or add blue orchids to the crafting grid.
    • Light grey: Mix white and grey dyes.
    • Brown: Add cocoa beans to the crafting grid.
    • Orange: Mix red and yellow dyes or add orange tulips to the crafting grid.
    • Red: Add one poppy, one beetroot, one rose bush or one red tulip to the crafting grid.
    • Lime: Mix green and white dyes or add sea pickles to the crafting grid.
    • Purple: Mix red and blue dyes.

    Once all the items are in place, you can move on to the next process of making concrete. Its simple and straightforward.

    Use The Water Bucket On The White Concrete Powder

    How to make White Concrete Powder in Minecraft

    Next, select a in your hotbar and then pour the water bucket onto the white concrete powder. The to use the water bucket depends on the version of Minecraft:

    • For Java Edition , right click on the white concrete powder.
    • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the white concrete powder.
    • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
    • For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
    • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
    • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
    • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the white concrete powder.
    • For Education Edition, right click on the white concrete powder.

    You will see the water touch the white concrete powder and turn it into white concrete.

    Only concrete powder blocks that touch the water will turn into concrete.

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    What Is The Most Efficient Way To Make Concrete From Concrete Powder

    I have an entire chest full of Concrete Powder that I want to turn into normal Concrete.

    What is the most efficient way to turn the Powder into Concrete?

    Another way to achieve this without the need for mining the concrete, would be to make use of the fact, that TNT now drops all the blown up blocks.

    So you could insert the powder into a piston feed tape, which is next to water => powder gets converted to concrete.

    The stream of concrete get blown up by TNT after that. With a simple water stream collection system in the end you can build something that works like a charm.

    If you search for TNT blast chamber you will most likely find something that works wonders.

    Disclaimer: Many of the designs out there make use of a bug in the game to duplicate the TNT block that is used to blow everything up. I don’t think that this will work for bedrock, but if you have enough gun powder you should be able to achieve the same result with normal TNT

    The easiest way is to put a pickaxe into your main hand, concrete powder into your offhand and hold both mouse buttons while aiming next to water.

    The issue with this is that the items fly out in all directions, because you place a new block where they appear, accelerating them outwards. The best solution to this is to put hoppers everywhere around you, wherever items can land.

    How To Make Concrete In Minecraft Survive The Game Using 3 Effortless Ways

    Different materials like sand, gravel, and dye are required to create the resource in Minecraft. So, before you proceed, make sure that you have assembled all of the necessary materials required. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the color of the concrete powder. Whether you want black or red or yellow powder, it is in your hands, so decide it beforehand. You can obtain multiple dye shades as per your requirement by following the crafting, trading, or smelting process.

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    Can You Change The Color Of The Concrete Minecraft

    You can change the color of concrete by using dyes and stains. Your color of choice will depend on whether the concrete is outdoors or indoor. If you fancy an intense color, use concrete dyes. If you want a warm, more relaxing color, then consider concrete stains.

    Concrete blocks come in bright, vibrant colors giving you a wide variety to choose from.

    How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

    Minecraft Survival: How to Make White Concrete Powder

    Lee StantonRead moreAugust 15, 2021

    Concrete is a vibrant and sturdy building material in Minecraft. It adds a terrific look to any project you undertake in your game. Best of all, the material can be crafted in a variety of colors, and its not combustible like wool.

    In this article, well give you a detailed guide on making concrete in Minecraft.

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    Concrete Is A Great Material In Minecraft For Buildings And Decoration With 16 Different Dye Colors

    Concrete is a block in Minecraft that is mostly used for decoration and building houses. It has more hardness and less blast resistance than stone. Concrete can have 16 different dye colors. In this article, we will show you how to make Concrete in Minecraft in different colors.

    How To Make White Concrete Powder In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft white concrete powder with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, white concrete powder is one of the many building blocks that you can make. The crafting process will create 8 blocks of white concrete powder at a time.

    Let’s explore how to make white concrete powder.

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    Where To Find White Concrete In Creative Mode

    • Java

    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find white concrete in the Creative Inventory menu:



    • Platform is the platform that applies.
    • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
    • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

    The Process Of Making Concrete Begins With Acquiring Dye Through Crating Smelting Or Trading Then It Can Be Combined With Gravel And Sand Blocks In Minecraft

    Snapshot 17w06a


    Out of all the other materials, concrete is one of the most important building material in Minecraft. It is durable, can be given any colour, and adds a great look to any structure being created in the game. Before a player proceeds with the crafting process, they shall decide the colour and acquire the needed dye. Concrete can be crafted in a variety of colours like cyan, yellow, grey, white, black and pink. Keep reading the article for more information on Minecraft concrete and how to make concrete in Minecraft.

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    Crafting Concrete Powder In Minecraft

    To craft Concrete Powder players will need four pieces of sand, four pieces of gravel, and a dye. The recipe requires a player to use a crafting table as the image above indicates where each piece of the recipe needs to be placed. Sand is placed in the top middle, bottom middle, left middle, and right middle of the crafting table. Gravel is placed in each of the four corners of the crafting table. And the dye is placed in the center of the crafting table.

    A player will receive 8 pieces of Concrete Powder for every four sand, four gravel, and one dye used, meaning Concrete Powder is a 1 to 1 ratio in terms of blocks used. It is also important to note that whatever dye is used will warrant that color Concrete Powder, and the color of the powder cannot be changed after it is crafted.

    How To Get Floating Concrete Powder

    hey guys craftbetter here and welcome back to another blog. Today i’ll doing something that alot of people are wondering about. How to make floating concrete powder.

    So first you are ganna need one textur pack. The 1.12 blocks one. You can add more like i did if you want

    So what the 1.12 blocks pack does is it adds the vanilla testures into your game. But you might say: there already in the game. This pack was make before 1.1 so it add them a different way

    All it does is add testures for a damage value of stonebricks dirt and red sandstone

    Now im using the BdoubleO textur pack. I really like it because it looks great with the vanilla blocks

    so what bdubs did is he made concrete look more realistic. But you also have the retextured stone bricks next to it!

    he didn’t retextur the concrete powder though

    so since the dirt is retextured it doesn’t have the properties of normal concrete powder. So it doesn’t fall or turn into concrete when next to water

    ya it all falls well the dirt does not

    Also it works with terracotta, but most textur packs right now just have the default textures

    Now im ganna show you guys some cool things you can do with floating concrete powder

    This is cool if you wanna make a room that’s really colorful and you wanna do the ceiling

    or if you wanna make a waterfall. I recommend using gray concrete powder. It looks like wet stone.

    This is really cool for terraformers if you wanna do the underside of a mountain.

    BdoubleO resource pack: BdoubleO

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