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How To Get Enchantment Books In Minecraft

How To Build An Enchanting Table

Minecraft: How To Get The Best Enchanted Books Easy – Bedrock, Java, PS4, XB1, Switch

An enchanting table is your tool for enchanting everything you own, so if you’re interested, it’s imperative that you craft one of your own. Not only that but just crafting an enchantment table isn’t enough. You’ll need to feed your enchantment table the sweet, sweet knowledge that only books can afford.

To craft an enchantment table, you’ll need:

  • 4 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is created when water hits a lava source block. As one of the strongest blocks in Minecraft, it can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.
  • 2 diamonds. One of the rarest materials found in Minecraft, diamond ore is only found near the bottommost levels of the Overworld. You’ll need an iron pickaxe or better to mine them.
  • 1 book. To craft a book, you’ll need three pieces of paper and one scrap of leather .

Once you’re done, you’ll need to combine everything in a crafting table, as seen above. Enchantment tables are placeable, just like crafting tables, furnaces, and more.

Whenever you’re deciding where to place your new enchantment table, it’s best to leave space all around it. A 2 block gap on all sides is your best bet that way, you have room to upgrade your enchantment table as needed. Oh? You don’t know how to upgrade your enchantment table? It just so happens the next section covers precisely that.

How To Use Enchanted Books In Minecraft

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Enchanted books are a surefire way to rocket up your strength in Minecraft as you embark on challenging quests and explore the depths of the realm. To create an enchanted book, you’ll need lapis lazuli, a book, and the anvil. You’ll also need the requisite experience. We’ll teach you how to quickly increase your level, easily acquire the necessary items, and use your enchanted book for maximum power. You’re soon to be unstoppable.

Why The Mending Enchantment Is So Good In Minecraft

Were talking about all of these farms, but you might not know why books of mending are even worth getting in the first place. To put it simply, think of the enchantment like unbreaking on steroids. Rather than giving your item a chance not to use up durability, it actively repairs your item while you play, like a built-in portable anvil.

How it works is by using up XP, you get out in the world to repair your item rather than it going to your player level. This means that in situations where youre mining, the XP you get from coal is essentially going to allow you to use your pickaxe indefinitely.

The downside to this, of course, is that youre not going to be able to level up. However, if youre at a point in your game where youre looking to use this kind of enchantment, you should already have an XP farm set up, so this shouldnt be a problem.

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How To Get The Enchantments You Want

Each time you use an enchantment table you will be given three options, and for each option you will be told one enchantment that you will get, but not if there will be a second or third enchantment on the item.

If you dont like any of the choices you see the only thing you can do is enchant something else and try again.

What Are All Of The Enchantments

How to Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft (with Pictures ...

There’s a long list of enchantments available in Minecraft. Most items have their own enchantments, and some of those enchantments aren’t compatible with each other Here’s a list of all the enchantments currently available in Minecraft:

III None

Some of these enchantments can only be added to certain items using an anvil, and will never show up in an enchantment table. This includes to Mending, Unbreaking, Thorns, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Efficiency, Silk Touch, and Frost Walker.

I’ve separated items that can be enchanted via table and items that can only be enchanted via anvil by using a hyphen between them in the table above.

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How Do You Give Items With Multiple Enchantments

Once a player enchants an item, there are two possible things a player can do with it on the anvil. Either combine it with another enchanted item or use a second enchantment on it. Likewise, to use a second enchantment, players will need to use an enchantment book. Players can find it inside chests.

How Do You Get Multiple Enchantments

It is not possible to further enchant an item using an Enchanting Table once it has been charmed once. An Anvil, on the other hand, may be used to merge two charmed goods, or to add a second enchantment from an enchanted book, by combining them together. You may also combine the enchantments from two books to create a new double-enchanted book by placing them next to each other.

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What Are Enchanted Books

Enchanted books are exactly what they sound like. You can take normal books and place any enchantment onto them, to be used at a later date. This has several advantages for you.

  • Saving your levels. If you’re about to embark on a potentially dangerous journey and have a plethora of experience saved up that you don’t want to risk losing, you can invest your levels into a useful enchantment on a book. Then you can store the enchanted book for later use.
  • Saving awesome enchantments. If you’re prepping to build a sweet new piece of equipment, but aren’t quite ready to move forward, you can save any powerful enchantments you don’t want to throw on a random item or throw away by enchanting a book.
  • Gifting enchantments. Useful for if you’re playing with friends and family. You can enchant a book and then gift that enchantment to other players. New player not high enough level to enchant their new sword? Enchant a book and give it to them.

Books are enchanted precisely like anything else is, but they can be enchanted with pretty much every single enchantment. The only significant disadvantage with enchanted books is that you’ll end up spending significantly more experience in the long run with them. You’ll spend a bit to enchant the book, then another bit to use the book to enchant something else.

Why Is Minecrafts Mending Enchantment So Effective

How to get Mending Enchantment Books in Minecraft!

Were talking about all of these farms, but you may be wondering why you should bother with books of mending in the first place. To put it another way, imagine the enchantment as unbreaking on steroids. Rather of allowing your item to degrade over time, it actively fixes it as you play, similar to a built-in portable anvil.

The way it works is that by gaining XP, you can go out into the world and repair your equipment instead of having it go to your player level. This implies that in mining circumstances, the XP you get from coal will effectively enable you to use your pickaxe endlessly.

Of course, you wont be able to level up as a result of this. If youre at the point in your game where you want to employ this kind of enchantment, you should already have an XP farm set up, thus this shouldnt be an issue.

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How To Upgrade Your Enchantment Table

Upgrading your enchantment table allows you to put more powerful and advanced enchantments onto your equipment. An enchantment table by itself can only do up to level 8 enchantments. Spoiler: enchantments can go up to level 30. You can upgrade your enchantment table by “feeding it knowledge,” or surrounding it by loads of bookshelves.

To craft a bookshelf, you’ll need:

  • 6 planks of wood. If you don’t know how to obtain planks of wood yet, you might need to peruse our guide on how to survive your first night in Minecraft. Or you could just punch a tree.
  • 3 books. We mentioned how to craft books earlier. You’ll need three pieces of paper and a scrap of leather per book.

Once you’ve got your supplies together, you’ll need to put it all together to craft a bookshelf. As is logical, a bookshelf has a top and bottom made of wood, with books stacked in the middle. If you want to upgrade your enchantment table fully, you’ll need a grand total of 15 bookshelves minimum.

Great! Now that we have our bookshelves, where do we put them? The answer is quite simple. Enchantment tables have a limited range, so we need to place the books strategically to maximize that range.

Follow these rules for the best methods:

Here’s a few examples to give you some ideas:

  • This will be the most basic layout. Do a ring around your enchantment table with a one block gap as an entryway.

  • This option is more open-faced, having three walls of bookshelves to accommodate your enchantment table.

  • How To Create Enchanted Books

    To create enchanted books, youll need three items:

    • Enchantment table

    You can make a book at your crafting table using:

    • 3 Paper
    • 1 Leather

    Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled when youre out fishing. Many players obtain books randomly that way as well.

    Once you have the basic three items, go to your enchantment table, and place the Lapis Lazuli in the upper-right box, to the left of the enchantment options. Place the Book in the box to the left of the Lapis Lazuli and choose your enchantment.

    You can only enchant one item at a time, though, so if you plan on stockpiling enchantments, youll need to repeat the process.

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    Quick Answer: How To Craft Enchanted Books In Minecraft

    In the Enchant menu, place the book in the first box. Then place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box. TIP: In Creative mode, you do not need to place the lapis lazuli in the second box. Once you have placed your book and lapis lazuli in the two boxes, you will see the enchantment slots display up to 3 enchantment options.

    Make A Perfect Arrangement

    Can you make enchanted books in minecraft,

    Once you have gathered all the required items, you are ready to place them in their exact position. So, what you will do is:

    • Fill the first slot of your smithing table with the enchanted tool. The tool from where you want to transfer your enchantment.
    • Then, fill the other slot with the tool that you want to transfer it to. This tool must contain the enchantment that you want to transfer.

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    Tips On Fishing For Mending

    Ever since fishing was changed in Minecraft’s 1.16 update, the mechanics have been altered to balance AFK fish farms. It’s no longer possible to fish for treasure in single water block AFK fish farms. Since Mending enchantment books are considered treasures, this has significantly impacted how often players can hope to fish for a Mending book.

    The new requirements according to Minecraft Wiki are as follow: the bobber now needs to be in an open water area, which is at least a 5 by 4 by 5 area. Every block in this area must consist of either air, water, or waterlogged blocks.

    What Is The Infinity Enchantment

    In Minecraft, the infinity enchantment only affects bows. The sole effect of this enchantment is to allow the player to shoot arrows infinitely. Departing a bit from the majority of Minecrafts enchantments, the infinity does not have levels. Therefore, it will always stay at the same tier level one.

    The infinity can work fine with other enchantments. However, you cannot combine it with the mending enchantment. Additionally, the arrows must be normal, meaning that spectral arrows, for instance, wont do the trick.

    Its essential to understand that you must have at least one arrow in your inventory for this enchantment to work. The arrow will never disappear from the inventory even after shooting the bow.

    Finally, you wont be able to recycle any of the arrows you shot while wielding a bow with the infinity enchantment.

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    Combine The Enchanted Books

    Place a book in each of the first two slots. When you hover over the slot on the left, youll see that the output is a level higher version of the enchanted books inputted.

    Once you click on the upgraded variation, your experience points are spent, and you can place the book in your inventory. You can now add the higher level enchanted book to your items through the anvil!

    What Is Enchanting In Minecraft

    Minecraft how to get enchanted books fast easy steps

    Enchanting is a Minecraft game mechanic wherein players can add special abilities to armor and tools. Its like enchanting mechanics featured in other games, with a few slight differences.

    Level and experience do play a large part in what you can enchant and how powerful the enchantment is, but you also need key components like Lapis Lazuli and an enchanting table. You can bypass the special crafting table, though, if you have cheats enabled in creative mode. Simply use the /enchant command to add special abilities to your items.

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    How To Create An Anvil To Use Enchanted Books

    As mentioned earlier, we need an anvil to use enchanted books in Minecraft. Beyond the enchanted books, the anvil also has the ability to combine enchantments, repair items, and rename items as well. And all you need is a crafting table and iron to make an anvil in Minecraft. Actually, you need a lot of iron. Lets see how to craft an anvil.

    1. Crafting an anvil requires 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots. Since each iron block is made of 9 iron ingots, we need at least 31 iron ingots to make our anvil. Fortunately, iron ore is not hard to find, and you can use our Minecraft 1.18 ore distribution guide to make it even easier. Once you have the iron ore, you can heat it in a furnace to make iron ingots.

    2. After collecting enough iron ingots, its time to make iron blocks. To do so, completely fill the crafting area with iron ingots in every single cell. Doing so will give you a block of iron in Minecraft. We need 3 blocks of iron for an anvil, so you need to use 27 iron ingots in this step.

    3. Finally, to make an anvil in Minecraft, place the 3 blocks of iron in the top row of the crafting area. Then, you need to place 3 iron ingots in the bottommost row. Finally, to finish the recipe, place an iron ingot in the center cell of the middle row. And with this recipe, you now know how to make an anvil.

    What Is The Rarest Item To Fish In Minecraft

    1. A container for ink. The rarest item to be gotten when fishing in Minecraft is currently at number one on the list. In addition, there is a 0.1 percent chance that the player will be fortunate enough to fish up this item and discover that they will be handed 10 distinct ink sacs at a time, which is worth taking into consideration.

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    Best Ways To Acquire Enchanted Books In Minecraft

    An enchanted book is one of the best items in Minecraft. It allows players to add any enchantment to their tools, weapons, or armor. Players can also combine multiple enchanted books into one item, resulting in an incredibly over-powered weapon, tool, or armor.

    Luckily, enchanted books are not super rare in Minecraft. They can be found in many generated structures or by using a number of techniques.

    How To Get A Minecraft Mending Enchantment Book

    Comment utiliser les livres enchantés dans Minecraft

    Fishing, out of the three options available to you, is the one that demands the least amount of work. If youve ever spent any time fishing in Minecraft, youre well aware that the seas are home to more than just fish. You may wind up reeling in a variety of items, even enchanted books.

    A book of mending is one of the magical books that may spawn when fishing. Its a rare drop, but if you stick it out long enough, youll be able to get your hands on one. Thats not to imply you should hang about in Minecraft for hours fishing. That is not something I would advocate. Instead, you may construct an automated fishing machine that will do the job for you.

    You may develop a variety of devices to automate the fishing process, the majority of them are easy to construct and take up little space. By building one of these machines and leaving it running, you may go about your business while checking to see whether one of the books has spawned.

    Because it depends on locating those chests in the first place, looting chests is perhaps the least dependable means of getting books of mending. Trying to locate enchantments from these chests is more of a mental exercise than an active farm, so make sure you examine every spawning chest you come across, but dont go out of your way to look for them.

    Books of mending may be found in a variety of chests, including the following:

    • End the chests in the city.
    • Chests from dungeons.
    • The chests of the Temple.

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