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How To Get Rid Of Curses In Minecraft

The Developers Added The Curse Of Vanishing In The Exploration Update

how to get rid of curse of binding in minecraft java 1.17 no XP loss

The Curse Of Vanishing wasn’t always something you needed to worry about necessarily. In fact, it was first in the game around 1.11 during what was dubbed the Exploration Update. This was the first time the developers introduced an enchantment with negative effects into Minecraft.

The Curse Of Vanishing was most likely added to this update to balance out some of the loot that you could gain from exploring the world. For once, you could find what at first glance was fantastic loot, only to realize it had a curse all along.

Iv You Lot Tin’t Remove The Expletive Of Vanishing With A Grindstone

At this betoken, you might already be planning on other ways to simply purge your items from the Curse Of Vanishing and defeat the curse birthday. Sadly, this is an impossible task. While it would exist cool to encounter something that could remove curses in the future, it’s impossible to do then in Minecraft currently.

The grindstone is everyone’south go-to for removing enchantments, merely this object doesn’t work for curses. The all-time way is to simply accept the curse or tweak the game rules, especially if the detail in question is of import to you lot.

Put On Pumpkins That Are Carved

This is not known to many players but a carved pumpkin can also be a place containing the enchanted items. The curse of vanishing can be put on the head of a carved pumpkin via its anvil.

The carved pumpkin has served as a comic relief for the players as they played quite a lot of pranks on their fellow players using it.

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How To Get Bad Omen

This negative buff strikes the player after they kill a patrol captain, which commonly walks with a group of pillagers holding a faction banner. Therefore, the first and most basic approach to avoid getting bad omen is to evade patrolling pillagers.

Additionally, even if you cant resist the urge to beef with pillagers, there is a method of striking the patrol captain without receiving a bad omen.

For the method mentioned above to work, the player must indirectly defeat the patrol captain by throwing them on lava, thorns, explosions, or suffocating it.

In addition, setting the captain on fire or hitting them with a crossbow loaded with fireworks will immunize the player from bad omen.

So, going after the enemy using flint and steel as a weapon and starting a fire on the ground they are standing will trick the game into believing the fire did the final blow, not you.

Now, if you got the bad omen anyway and are trying to get rid of it, youll need a few different approaches. Lets see them.

Minecraft Curse Of Vanishing Guide

how to get rid of curse of binding in minecraft 1.16+ no XP loss

Curse of Vanishing is one of the rarest Enchanted Books in Minecraft. Mainly because its a cursed book and must be found naturally in the game world.

It has few uses, with one of the main ones being a good opportunity to troll any friends youre playing with. Apply the curse to their tool, and theyll lose it for good. If you happen to play on a PvP server, its also a great way to ensure that any enemy players get none of your loot from killing you.

In this guide, were going to show you everything you need to know about the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment in Minecraft. For more guides and best-of content, check out our dedicated area here! We also have a video version of this guide available below.

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What Bad Omen Does

Bad omen puts the player as a pillager raid target whenever he enters any village. So, when the negative buff is active while inside a townlet, several pillagers begin to strike in waves, with the final round containing a Ravager mob.

Fortunately, defeating all enemy waves grants the player a few rewards. For instance, apart from the regular and valuable loot from indicators, ravagers, and pillagers, the villagers from the townlet express their admiration by throwing gifts at the new hero.

Furthermore, there are different approaches to end a raid sooner and collect the rewards faster.

If you find it troubling to fight raids and fear losing your items during a pillager invasion, use some tips for finding the location where you died.

What Is A Curse Of Vanishing

Curse of vanishing is actually included in the rarest Enchanted Books collections in Minecraft. To get this item, you need to “sacrifice” an item to be cursed with the vanishing curse enchantment.

You can use this curse of vanishing charm to some various weapons by arranging it together in the captivating table, game order, or an iron block. The compatible items you can combine with the curse include Axe, Swords, Shovel, Pickaxe, Shield, Bow, Hoe, Fishing Rods, and many others.

You can apply the curse to the player’s tool. And, boom, they will lose the weapon. When the tool is being cursed with a curse of vanishing enchantment, it will only get removed when the also player dies in the game. It doesn’t drop after they die.

For the Curse of Vanishing level 1, the curse will allow you to captivate an item with up to the level, not a higher level. As you need to know, level 1 is the highest level in the Curse of Vanishing.

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You Can Store Curse Of Vanishing Items Inside Chests Indefinitely

If you find an item with the Curse Of Vanishing useful, then you should put it inside a chest. Equipment with the Curse Of Vanishing never disappears while inside a chest, so it’s a safe place to store an item.

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Since chests are easy to craft, they’re a great way to avoid losing your item upon an accidental death. If you store Curse Of Vanishing items inside a chest, then be careful about when you take them out. Only use one of these rare items when necessary and place it into a chest quickly after using it.

Remove Curse Of Fading Magic In Three Easy Ways

How to get rid of Curse of Binding in Minecraft 1.14

In various forms, the effects of the spell could nullify. That is by putting the cursed object in a shulker box while the other sets the game rule to keep inventory real.

Also, several other approaches like merging the cursed object with another item again from the crafting framework and using the grindstone. You could think that the enchantment cannot reverse. Some 100% of its working ways to get rid of the evil spell are out there.

This method can also be called White Magic. Hey! Whatever!

Here are some helpful ways for any object to get rid of the disappearing enchantment:

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Its Effects Are Devastating

So what are the effects of having the Curse Of Vanishing on an item? The initial misconception is that it makes an item wear out faster, which isn’t true. A lot of the loot the enchantment is on is already mostly broken anyway, which might perpetuate this idea.

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The Curse Of Vanishing makes it so that upon death, the item with the curse will always disappear, and you can’t pick it up off the ground even if you make it back to the place of your death in under five minutes. This means that it’s always a big risk to carry any powerful gear or weapons with this curse.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Omen In Minecraft


Minecraft has plenty of random events that can either be highly fruitful for your gameplay or pretty dangerous. For instance, you can stumble upon shipwrecks and buried treasures or into sketchy temples and pillagers posts.

Now, one of Minecrafts most war-like mechanisms, which, although dangerous, can provide a good loot, is the pillagers raid. The feature operates as an event, a consequence of a negative buff called bad omen.

However, even though bad omen is fun in its way, it can cause some trouble for non-aware players entering a village. Still, some actions can make this negative buff disappear before trouble begins.

Lets discuss how to get rid of bad omen in Minecraft in a pretty practical way.

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The Keep Inventory Game Rule

A new feature has been added to the game that enables you to avoid the Minecraft curse of vanishing. It is referred to as the create a new world feature and reduces your annoyance considerably. Earlier players had the option to change the rules of the game and ensure keeping their inventory after death. Keep Inventory solves that problem and you can activate it even before the game is uploaded.

What Is The Spoon Icon In Minecraft

How to get rid of curse of vanishing in Minecraft

William StantonRead more October 22, 2020

If youve been playing Minecraft for a while, you have most likely come across various in-game icons. Each one has a meaning behind it.

Knowing what the icons mean will help you survive in the huge world of Minecraft. However, there are too many icons to keep count, so no matter how long youve been playing this game, there will always be a few youre unfamiliar with or just cant remember.

One of the icons that confused most players is the Spoon icon. In this article, well explain everything about it and help you understand what it means.

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What Are The Differences Between The Curse Of Binding And The Vanishing Spell In Minecraft

The key difference between the Curse of Binding and vanishing is that Curse of Binding is a rare spell used on Armor for preventing the player to remove it. However, the armor can only be removed if it gets damaged or if the player dies. On the contrary, the Cursed spell is the enchantment used on any item to get vanished after the player dies.

The purpose of both the treasure enchantments is limited and useful in many ways. However, I am not a big fan of these banes but

These spells are a unique gift in Minecraft. So, why not use them? The curse of Binding helps the player to stick with the armor enchanted with. This is helpful if you are trolling players.

Use the Curse of Binding Spell in a pumpkin and convince other players to wear it. Looks like the player is going to be dead with an annoying vision if you make them wear the cursed pumpkin.

So, its better to think twice before wearing any objects in multiplayer mode.

Want to get some more useful items? Quickly check out our post and get the Minecraft Composter, Blast Furnace, and Minecraft Stonecutter.

More tricks to come, if you stick around.

Besides, both the enchantment spells can be obtained by trading, fishing, looting from chests, and even digging up the buried treasure.

Here are some secret uses of the Vanishing Enchantment:

2. If you have a super-powerful sword but also at the same time you know you are risking your life on an adventure, then use it on a sword for securing the item from other players.

Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Curses In Minecraft

Minecraft: Removing cursed items

Put plainly, without the use of console commands or Creative Mode, a curse can only be removed when the cursed item is broken or when a player dies. For Minecraft players with cursed armor, touching a cactus block will slowly but surely damage the armor to its breaking point.

Is there a way to get rid of Curse of vanishing? In survival Minecraft, there is no way to remove a curse of vanishing from your items. A grindstone will not remove the curse and the item will remain enchanted. If you set the world rules to u201ckeep inventory Trueu201d then the curse will not have any effect.

How long do curses last in Minecraft? Unlike Binding, you can take the item off , to repair or enchant it further. Once you die with the cursed item equipped or in your inventory, though, its gone forever.

In respect to this How do you break a curse of binding?

Curse of Binding in Minecraft. Curse of Binding is one of the two curses in Minecraft, and can only be found on armor pieces or enchanted books. Curse of Binding prevents the player from removing the armor once equipping it. The only way to remove it is to die or run the durability of the items out.

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How To Remove The Curse Of Vanishing

We recommend picking up the items with the Curse of Vanishing in a few different ways.

So, the first thing to do is to enter the shulker box. If you have never heard about it before, it is mainly used to store some stuff or move items from one spot to another. Thus, this item can be precious in a pinch for this dreaded curse.

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If you have some plans of having a journey and have no idea whether you will have enough chances to survive, here is what we recommend you do. Put the cursed item you want to keep inside. All the contents will still be inside as soon as you respawn from any unpredicted deaths.

A similar effect can be obtained with the help of gamerules. In this case, please type /gamerule KeepInventory true and use the cheats enabled in your world.

Keep reading our guides to get the most helpful content, and always be aware of valuable tips. Enjoy playing and have fun!

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You Can Obtain Curse Of Vanishing Items From Specific Places

GETTING RID OF CURSES | Minecraft Crazy Craft

Curses are very special enchantments. Just like Mending, which is actually one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft, you can’t get it by using an enchantment table, even with a full bookshelf set up. The Curse Of Vanishing enchantment is common as loot, like buried treasure.

Additionally, you can occasionally purchase the Curse Of Vanishing from a librarian villager who is selling an enchantment book with this curse. Desert and jungle temples, as well as fishing, also have a chance of yielding items or books with the Curse Of Vanishing on them.

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Minecraft Curse Of Vanishing Is A Treasure Enchantment: What Does That Mean

In this particular case, treasure enchantments only appear in chests or are found naturally all over the Minecraft world.

Curse of Vanishing enchantment is considered a treasure enchantment, so the crafting table wont be useful enough for getting it.

Pro tip

Curse of Vanishing can also be found on raid rewards, but only on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Therefore, if you really want to obtain the Curse of Vanishing, you will have to spend some time on it!

Luckily for you, Minecraft is so fun and playable that even such an activity is fun, exciting, and full of new stories.

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How Do Elder Guardians Behave

Elder Guardians swim around their spawning areas and burst into abrupt charges when a player gets in their line of sight. However, they dont swim as much as regular Guardians.

When theyre in battle mode, they start moving their tails rapidly and retracting their spikes. They have three methods of attack:

a) The defensive thorn-like attack

b) Inflicting the Mining Fatigue effect

c) Firing a laser that changes colors

Youll know that an Elder Guardian hasnt seen you if theyre swimming slowly and their spikes extend. Although theyre water mobs, they can live on the surface without suffocating. If theyre without water, their spikes will be fully extended.

Allow The Keep Inventory

Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment In Minecraft Explained In 5 Minutes
  • Enabling that Keep Inventory deactivates the Curse for good, rendering it utterly useless for the evil enchantment. I do not even know more about Bedrock Version, frankly speaking. However, this move works fine on PS4.
  • You must give JAVA and Bedrock Version a try, and then let me know if this movie has succeeded. Its not for you people.
  • You can see a choice in the Hold Inventory named Gamerule. Place it to Real, but in Minecraft, that Curse of disappearance will not be of any use.
  • If you have no inventory, then dont think about it at all.

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Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft: What It Is & How To Use It

Whenever you are playing Minecraft, you hope that all your precious items can be recovered as soon as possible when your player dies.

Well, even though thats the common thing to happen, theres the possibility of losing the item equipped forever.

So, why does that happen? Is it because you are playing the Minecraft Pocket Edition or the Nintendo Switch version? Or is it just bad luck?

The answer is none of the previously mentioned.

Although the game world might seem like a friendly place to loot chests and use your Diamond Sword against easy-to-kill enemies, theres a Minecraft curse that can make your game a bit harder.

We are talking about the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing, an enchantment that will make your cursed items completely disappear upon death in-game.

Fear not – we will tell you all you must know about this Vanishing Enchantment so you can prepare yourself for the challenges to come!

After reading, you will comprehend:

  • What does Vanishing in Minecraft stands for
  • Everything you must know about the Curse of Vanishing Enchantment
  • How to remove curses forever .

Jump to the specific section:


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