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How To Get Weapons In Minecraft

How To Make An Enchantment Table

How to get 32k weapons on minecraft bedrock edition

Making an Enchantment Table in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. The difficulty lies in the items youll need to create it with. Youll need one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian.

The book can be made with three papers and one leather. The diamonds can be found by mining, and the obsidian is often found near lava or can be created by pouring a bucket of water into lava. The tricky part is that youll need a diamond pickaxe to be able to mine the obsidian.

Best Weapons In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is the new dungeon crawler from Mojang Studios set in the Minecraft universe. If you want to defeat the Arch-Illager, youre going to need to get your hands on some of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. There are many different weapon types, including armor, melee weapons, and ranged weapons. In this guide, well give you a rundown of the best items in Minecraft Dungeons.

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Upgrade Enchantments To Upgrade Weapons

In order for you to upgrade your weapon, you will need to unlock & upgrade enchantments. These enchantments each have 3 levels. You will need to use enchantment points in order to upgrade enchantments.

Use Enchantment Points For Upgrade

In order to upgrade enchantments, you will need to spend Enchantment Points. These points are earned by leveling up your character. Farm levels to gain as much enchantment points as you can!

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Which Are The Most Powerful Weapons In Minecraft And How Do You Get Them

The world of Minecraft is a vast and beautiful place, filled with breathtaking sceneries and landscapes, but within these beautiful fields of grass and dirt, many threatening creatures are waiting to sneak up on you and whether you are an adventurer mining for diamonds or looking to sly the end Dragon, you need to be equipped with the most powerful weapons if you want to survive on this harsh environment.

So, take your diamond pickaxe and let’s get mining through the Top ten most powerful weapons and how to get them:

Minecraft Minecraft How To Make Netherite Armor Weapons


Minecraft Minecraft How To Make Netherite Armor Weapons. How to make netherite ingots, armor, weapons and tools in minecraft 1.16. I hope you enjoy it!

For that, you can open the smithing table. Then, place an armor, weapon, or tool diamond and a netherite ingot to make one netherite armor, weapon, and tool do you want. Now, you will need to previously have a diamond piece of whatever armor you want to create.


This texture pack was made just for fun. The only way players can get netherite weapons is by upgrading their diamond ones using a smithing table.

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How To Make A Trident

With this weapon we have bad news, the tridente is the only weapon in Minecraft that it cannot be built. The way to get a trident is to take it from creatures called drowned . It is a type of weapon that serves both melee and ranged attacks.

Now you know how to make minecraft weapons to protect you and to be able to fight. Since Creative Stop we recommend that you take a look at How to make explosives in Minecraft so that you are invincible.

Hypixel’s Content Admin Shows You How To Make Your Own Custom Weapons And Use Them In Minecraft

Sean McCafferty is Hypixel’s Content Administrator and is responsible for all of the content in Hypixel’s maps and mini games. Hypixel is the world’s biggest Minecraft server network and over 2 million people play their games every month.

In this class Sean will show you how to create your very own custom sword – and then actually load it into Minecraft to play with and share with friends.

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How Many Enchantments Can A Sword Have In Minecraft

A sword can have up to seven different enchantments. While there is no set limit on the number of enchantments a sword can have, its worth keeping in mind that some enchantments are not compatible with each other.

Also, some enchantments may require you to use different methods to obtain. For instance, the Curse of Vanishing enchantment cannot be used through the enchanting table in Survival mode, forcing you to use an anvil by combining the sword with an enchanted book or another enchanted item.

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How To Craft Minecraft Netherite Tools

So you’ve managed to get yourself some Netherite in Minecraft. Question is, how do you turn those Netherite ingots into useable tools?

Firstly, you need to ensure you have the Netherite tool you desire, but in Diamond form. Want a Netherite Sword? Make a Diamond Sword first. Simple.

To upgrade it to Netherite, you need to get your hands on a Smithing Table. This is a block that has been in the game for over a year, but until now has had no functionality except to provide a job for a Villager. Now however, Smithing Tables are crucial to create Netherite equipment.

You can craft a Smithing Table with two Iron Ingots at the top of a 3×3 crafting grid, with four wooden planks below them, taking up a 2×3 space in total. Alternatively, you can take them from villages.

To turn your Diamond equipment into Netherite, you need to have one single Netherite Ingot. Use the Smithing Table, put your Diamond tool on the left-most square, and the ingot on the next. This will create a Netherite tool, which is stronger, faster, and more durable than anything Diamond. What’s interesting is that in the pre-release of the Nether Update, creating a Netherite tool would repair all durability but not carry over enchantments, but now it works in the opposite way. Enchantments will carry over, but you’ll need to repair it with an anvil to fix the durability.

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Soul Scythe: Jailors Scythe


Among Minecraft Dungeons, the Jailors Scythe has been declared the best weapon. It is certain that you will be in contact with souls when you are in Minecraft dungeons. You can use the soul scythe to gather souls in a Minecraft dungeon with this powerful melee weapon.

Chaining and binding enemies are among the many uses of this strong melee weapon. Furthermore, it can increase a players versatility.

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Minecraft: The Best Weapon Enchantments To Get First

Weapon enchantments in Minecraft are essential for taking on the game’s tougher challenges, but there are some players should prioritize first.

The Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft has caused a huge influx of players, both returning and new, to the game this past few months. Usually, when players are late in their survival worlds, they’ll begin to use an enchantment table to enchant their best pieces of armor or weapons. Most players will wait until they’ve mined enough diamonds in Minecraft to make diamond weapons before enchanting any of their gear, so, there’s no need to worry about enchanting until players are ready to tackle the game’s tougher challenges like the Nether or the Ender Dragon boss. No matter when players decide to enchant their gear in Minecraft, there are enchantments that players are going to want to prioritize over others.

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Unlike armor enchanting in Minecraft, there are tons of variations of weapon enchantments that players will want to seek out immediately. Some of the best enchantments for combat in Minecraft can be found on the Sword and Bow. Aside from Unbreaking and Mending, players will want to look for enchantments that increase their damage and survivability when in combat. The Bow is excellent when fully enchanted and offers a great way to survive easily at range, but sword enchantments in Minecraft will make players the most lethal as well as net them more loot from mobs.

Best Melee Weapons In Minecraft Dungeons

  • Heartstealer
  • Eternal Knife


The Heartstealer is a unique claymore and one of the highest damaging weapons in the game. It is slow, so you may want to equip some items to increase your attack speed to compensate. Either way, the Heartstealer has built-in life-leeching modifiers, meaning you gain health whenever you defeat an enemy.

Try using an item like the Death Cap Mushroom artifact for some additional attack speed, and you will be unstoppable.

Grave Bane

This unique glaive weapon deals a ton of base damage, with extra damage to Undead. The range on it is longer than most melee weapons, making it very useful, especially on levels with skeletons and zombies.

Eternal Knife

  • Thrust Attack
  • +2 Soul Gathering

The Eternal Knife is one of the ultimate weapons if youre running a soul gathering build. It naturally has a chance to gain souls and +2 soul gathering, with a long reach. Base damage is also very high, meaning you can clear levels using just this weapon. Overall, a very strong weapon in the game.

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Splash Potion Of Harming

How to get: Brew a Potion of Harming with Gunpowder

A Potion of Harming can deal up to 6 full hearts of damage if its high levelled enough, all in an area of effect. As you can imagine, such raw damage out-put can be devastating. Particularly powerful with the Lingering effect applied, producing a cloud of high damaging smoke is pretty badass!

How To Make A Trident In Minecraft

How to get weapons mod minecraft pe

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a trident with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, a trident is a new weapon that will be available in the Aquatic Update . When using a trident in combat, it can either be thrown like a spear or swung like a sword. The trident has +9 attack damage.

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How To Make A Sword In Minecraft

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 22 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 227,485 times.Learn more…

Your sword will probably be your first defense against the hostile mobs of Minecraft. Your first sword will probably be made out of wood, but if you’ve already gathered cobblestone or iron you can skip ahead to the section on better swords.

Best Enchantments For Trident

Impaling V. It deals extra damage to aquatic mobs. This enchantment is a must for raids to any Ocean Monuments on your way and is easily one of the most powerful damage dealers in Minecraft.

Loyalty III. This enchantment allows you to use the Trident to its full potential as a ranged weapon. Loyalty makes it so that when you throw the Trident, it returns to your inventory after a short time. The highest level of Loyalty increases the speed of the Trident returning significantly.

Channeling. Channeling is one of the most fun and interesting enchantments in the world of Minecraft. When you throw the Trident, this enchantment will summon lighting that strikes on the mobs you hit.

Channeling only works during a thunderstorm, and you have to be out in the open for it to work. Funnily enough, some mobs transform when struck by lightning. Creepers turn into Charged Creepers, Villagers turn into a Witch, Pigs into Zombified Piglins, and Mooshrooms change colors.

Riptide III. With this enchantment, you can throw the Trident when the player is standing in water, during snowy weather or rainy weather, then the player will be teleported to wherever the Trident is launched.

This way, the Trident turns into one of the most efficient means of transportation on Minecraft. Riptide is mutually exclusive with Channeling and Loyalty, meaning that you can have Riptide and either one or the other. Channeling and Loyalty are compatible with each other, however.

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Installing The Mod Minecraft But There Are Custom Weapons

Here you can find detailed step-by-step instructions for installing the “Minecraft but there are custom weapons” mod.

  • Go to Minecraft, the main menu will appear.
  • Press the “Options” button, the Minecraft game settings menu will appear.
  • Go to the “.minecraft” folder .
  • Go to the “mods” folder.
  • Copy the downloaded file to the “mods” folder.
  • Restart Minecraft.
  • Enjoy playing Minecraft with a new mod!
  • Best Minecraft Weapons And How To Find Them

    Mod Another Weapons for Minecraft PE

    Minecraft being an adventurous game have many weapons to fight with mobs and opponents. There are plenty of weapons for different fight situation that creates confusion among players when choosing the best.

    Weapons differ from Melee attacks to long-range attacks. Thus it is necessary to understand the powers of each weapon before you decide to create or loot it. In this Minecraft article, Ill list the 30 best Minecraft Weapons and how to find them in the latest updated versions of the Minecraft games.

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    Best Weapons In Minecraft

    Whether you play on your own, co-op or even against players competitively, the right weapons are important to know.

    Most players use a conventional sword to do most of their dirty work, little do they know theres plenty of other ways to destroy your enemies.

    Different play-styles are widely encouraged in Minecraft, you can easily conquer places like the Nether without crafting a single sword or bow.

    Keeping your armoury topped up with a variety of weapons can make a huge difference. You likely dont know just how many powerful weapons there are, so consult this list to find out!

    A little tip to start things off: Snowballs damage Blaze mobs!

    Determine The Basic Version Of The Unique Weapon

    If you find a unique weapon, you can check its appearance, name, and effects to determine its basic version.

    On the image above, the Whispering Spear has a “Long Melee Reach” effect, which is the same effect as the Spear weapon. It also has “Spear” in the name and it look like a spear, so yeah, this means that any mission where a Spear can be found has a chance to drop the Whispering Spear, too!

    Simply look at the loot table of a mission and see if the basic version of the weapon you are looking for is listed.

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    How To Use A Crossbow

    The crossbow is not a typical weapon in Minecraft, and it’s a bit different from the regular bow players are familiar with. The crossbow is charged just like the bow, but the charge time is usually much longer. Charging a crossbow will also slow down the player, so strafing isn’t an option when facing another player, for example.

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    On the upside, crossbows can shoot much further away and are way more accurate than bows. Plus, a charged crossbow will remain charged even when unequipped from the player’s hotbar. It’s also possible to use firework rockets and shoot them using a crossbow.

    Like most other weapons, crossbows can be fixed either by combining two crossbows on the grindstone or by placing them inside a crafting grid.


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