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How To Go Into Spectator Mode In Minecraft Pe

How Do You Summon A Falling Block

How to go into spectator mode in minecraft pe/bedrock edition

If cheats are enabled, falling block entities can be spawned using the command /summon . By tweaking the BlockState NBT tag, it is possible to summon a falling block entity that normally does not fall as a block, such as dirt or stone, although it will have the same behavior as a naturally spawned falling block.

Execute A Command On Behalf Of One Or More Other Entities


This command allows you to execute another command on behalf of another entity. This allows to you to force a command to run as though it was entered by another player, and can be used to easily run commands on multiple targets.


  • origin: target: The target of the effect .
  • position: x y z: The coordinates from which to run the command. If not specified, will originate at the current location of the targeted player.
  • command: The command to be run.


This command summons a pig at the exact location of MinecraftPlayer.

Hidden Features Of Minecraft Spectator Mode

Minecraft im Multiplayer Updates, Mods und zusätzliche Inhalte Die PC-Systemanforderungen von Minecraft Im Mai 2009 veröffentlichte das damalige Indie-Entwicklerstudio Mojang das Open World. Quelle: Microsoft Windows 10 – Game Mode: Was er bringt & wie er funktioniert Windows 10 bekommt einen Spielemodus. Der Game Mode wird im Rahmen des Creators Update eingeführt und soll für eine. Minecraft ModLoader 1.6.2 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Spiele finden Sie bei

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Change The Map Difficulty


This command changes the maps difficulty. Its worth noting that on Multiplayer servers, this change will last only until the server is restarted.


  • peaceful: No mobs will spawn, players automatically regenerate health and the hunger bar does not deplete.
  • easy: Hostile mobs will spawn but deal less damage than in Normal, hunger bar can deplete but leaves the player with more health than in Normal.
  • normal: Hostile mobs spawn, allowing the hunger bar to deplete will leave player with significantly less health.
  • hard: Hostile mobs deal more damage, allowing the hunger bar to deplete completely will leave the player with no health, essentially causing the player to starve to death.


This command changes the maps difficulty mode to Easy.

How To Go In Spectator Mode In Minecraft Is A Question That Is Being Asked By A Lot Of Players Check Out The Steps To Use Spectator Mode In Minecraft Here

How to go in spectator mode in minecraft pocket edition ...


Minecraft is one of the games where the players create beautiful landscapes, structures, monuments and so much more. These creations are something that every player should check out or they are missing out on in the game. Minecraft has provided their players with a special tool that they can use to see what other players are doing in the game. Many players wish to learn how to go in Spectator Mode in Minecraft.

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Spectator Mode For Mcpe

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Spectator Mode is a game mode that allows the player to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it in any way. In Bedrock Edition, spectator mode is not available, But by downloading this world you are able to access this mode and go through walls. If you want to know what spectator mode is, read this article. If you want to get spectator mode on your own world Watch this video.

Once you download the world you should already be in spectator mode. If you want to enter or exit this is what you do.

Do /gamemode d or /gamemode default to enter spectator mode

Do /gamemode c, s, or a to go to a different mode.

Spectators can fly, clip through blocks and entities, and view all entities, including other players in Spectator mode. The HUD and chat are visible. The inventory is like in Survival and Adventure mode.

Spectator mode is a little different for Minecraft bedrock. Spectators are visible, but if you want to be invisible just give yourself the effect. Spectators are not noticed by mobs.

Spectators can move through blocks, entities, and other players. When their head is inside a block, they can see through all blocks. Spectators do not take damage. Lava, drowning, fire, and suffocation also do not affect them. However, they can take damage from the /kill command.

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How Do You Change The Gamemode On Minecraft Pe

You can change game modes in Minecraft by using the /gamemode command, but youll need to enable cheats first. You can use the /gamemode command in both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.Minecraft has four distinct game modes: Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator.

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Display A Message About Yourself

This command can be used to display a message about yourself, like a text-based emote, which will be displayed in the chat.


/me cant stop dancing.

This command will output MinecraftPlayer cant stop dancing. It will not actually make you dance, but it will certainly let everyone know that you love to boogie.

Set And Control Screen Titles

How to Be in SPECTATOR MODE in Minecraft PE!


/title times

This command can be used to display a title to players in your world in large text at the center of the screen. You can also set a subtitle to display, as well as control fade-in and fade-out. This is a neat little command for storytelling purposes. This command supports JSON syntax for additional formatting, which you can learn more about here.


  • player: target: Specifies the player to which to display the title.
  • titleText: message: Specifies the message you are sending. There are three different modes for this, title, subtitle and actionbar, each determining where the message will display.
  • fadeIn: int, stay: int, fadeOut: int: These arguments can be used with the /title times command to determine how many in-game ticks the message should display. If you do not specify any times with this command, default times will automatically be used.


This command will display the message, Welcome to Minecraft! in the center of all players screens.

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Is Minecraft 116 Out

Get ready to fall into lava. Lots of lava! The Nether Update, Minecrafts next big adventure, is launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more. The update will also be available on the Java version, and will roll out on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux during the same day.

Set The Max Number Of Players Allowed To Join A Multiplayer World


This command allows you to specify a maximum number of players that can join a multiplayer world. Minecraft: Pocket Edition defaults to a maximum of 8 simultaneous players per world . You can change the maximum number of players to anything between one and 30.


/setmaxplayers 3

This command will allow only 3 players to play in a multiplayer world at the same time.

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Spectator Mode Mod Almost Exactly Like Pc

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This is the second part of the PC mod! The Spectator Mod! I’m sure you know what this is.

Known bugs:

1.) You fall through blocks as soon as you go into spectator mode.


1.)Fly before going into spectator mode.

Use “/gamemode 3” to go into spectator mode.

You can change your gamemode back, using /gamemode survival or /gamemode creative!

*You may want to disable the GUI from the in-game options menu.*

Please report bugs, and enjoy!

Set The Spawn Point For An Individual Player

Spectator Mode


This command allows you to specify a set spawnpoint for an individual player. If coordinates are not specified, the spawn point will be the current location of the player. Because of this, its easiest just to get the player to stand where they actually want their spawn point to be rather than to bother with coordinates.


  • player: target: The player whose spawn point should be set.
  • spawnPos: The coordinates of the players new spawn point.


/spawnpoint OtherMinecraftPlayer 255 255 255

This command will set player OtherMinecraftPlayers spawn point to the location at cpordinates 255, 255, 255.

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Spectator Mode Minecraft Knowhow Wiki Fando

Mit vielen Mods oder anderen Erweiterungen kann es sinnvoll sein, den RAM für Minecraft zu erhöhen. In diesem Praxistipp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie das funktioniert lite loader installer for Minecraft 1.7.10 Direct Download. lite loader installer for Minecraft 1.7.10 Direct Download. back to downloads find mods for this version. back to downloads legacy versions LiteLoader is a lightweight mod loader for Minecraft designed to provide simple, high-performance and reliable loader functionality for mods.

Give An Item To A Player


This command lets you give another player 64 of an item. You can run this command multiple times to obtain more items. Its worth noting that items that would not normally stack still wont stack, so dont go giving yourself more of an item than you can physically carry .


  • player: target: the target which will receive the item
  • itemName: Item: the name of the item which they will receive
  • amount: int: the amount of the item which they will receive
  • data: int : the item data of a specific item, if necessary.
  • components: json : I have no idea what this means PLEASE CHANGE THIS


This command gives MinecraftPlayer a Diamond Pickaxe.

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Minecraft Spectator Mode Windows 10

Spectator mode is a gamemode that allows the player to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it in any way. Spectator mode can be entered by using the command / gamemode spectator, dying in Hardcore mode, using F3 + N with cheats enabled, or through the F3 + F4 game mode selector # Spectator Mode Features + Hold a Diamond and Sneak to activate spectator mode + Hold a Golden Carrot and Sneak to activate night vision mode – Same as spectator mode but with night vision and conduit power + Hold an Iron Ingot whilst on the ground and sneak to deactivate spectator mode To get into spectator you have to tag a player with spec. When you go into spectator mode your inventory is going to be replaced with stained glass using the replaceitem command. Just so you know your Hotbar is going to be laggy do to the game In this video I’ll show you how to go spectator mode in minecraft pe using the spectator mode function pack addon for mcpe! Download: Spectator mode: TIP: You can no longer use the abbreviations starting in Java Edition 1.13. target is optional. It is the name of the player that you wish to change the game mode for. If you don’t specify a player, the game mode will be changed for the player running the command. GameMode Command in Minecraft Pocket Edition In Minecraft Pocket Edition , the.

It’s Still Exclusive To Java Edition

How to Go into Spectator Mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Unfortunately for Bedrock Edition players, spectator mode is a luxury only properly working for Java Edition players. Although it’s possible to access a version of spectator mode through mods in Bedrock, the whole function is still quite unstable. Developers have confirmed the feature is coming to Bedrock in the future.

Meanwhile, spectator mode remains one of the core four gamemodes in Java Edition. It’s most commonly seen at the end of hardcore survival worlds as the only option left for the player since they can’t respawn into the world.

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How To Go In Spectator Mode In Minecraft

There are 4 main game modes in Minecraft, survival, creative, adventure, and spectator. Many players still dont understand how to use Spectator Mode in Minecraft properly. It is exclusive to the Java edition of Minecraft, but Bedrock edition users can use this feature by adding mods to the game. The players can access the Spectator Mode in Minecraft as they would access any other game mode. First, they will have to open the chat by pressing T on their keyboard. In the chat the players will have to enter the command /gamemode spectator and they will be able to access all possible game mode options. There are certain attributes about Spectator Mode in Minecraft, check them out below:

  • The players can fly anywhere for any amount of time all over the world.
  • They cannot interact with any items, and there will be no loot inside chests.
  • The players will be invisible, can pass through any object in the game seamlessly and will have x-ray vision.
  • The players cannot die in spectator mode unless they fall into the void or enter the kill command in chat.
  • Players will have no HUD, so that will make things a little complicated.
  • The players can spectate a specific entity or player by getting close to them and clicking the left mouse button. They can cycle through the players by using the number keys. The players will need to press ‘shift’ to return to free mode.

How To Go Into Spectator Mode In Minecraft Mobile

The players can access the Spectator Mode in Minecraft as they would access any other game mode. First, they will have to open the chat by pressing T on their keyboard. In the chat the players will have to enter the command /gamemode spectator and they will be able to access all possible game mode options.Jun 16, 2021

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Clear Items From A Players Inventory


This command can be used to remove items from a players inventory. Its important to remember to specify the item name when using this command, otherwise all items will be removed from the players inventory.


  • player : Name of the player affected by the command. If no player name is specified, it will affect the player issuing the command.
  • itemName : This argument is the name of the item to be removed.
  • data : This argument is used only if multiple variations of an item exist, such as different colors of the same type of block
  • maxCount : Used to specify the quantity of the item to be removed. If set to 0, will not remove any and if left undefined, will remove all of the specified item.


/clear MinecraftPlayer wool 6 12

This command will remove 12 Pink Wool from the MinecraftPlayers inventory.

Play A Specified Sound

How to go into spectator mode in minecraft pe (awesome ...


This command plays the specified sound. If there are multiple versions of a specific sound event , it will play one at random. You can find a list of all of the sounds in Minecraft: Pocket Editionhere.


  • sound: string: the sound to be played
  • player: target: the target to play the sound
  • position: x y z: specify a specific location from which to play the sound
  • volume: float: specify the distance that the sound can be heard.
  • pitch: float: specify the pitch of the sound being played.
  • minimumVolume: specify the volume for all targets


/playsound mob.cow.say

This command will play a cow sound, audible to the person issuing the command and any close nearby players.

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Change A Block To Another Block


This command allows you to replace a block with a different block. The block being changed can either be replaced or destroyed. If there is no block in the location, you can use the keep command to change only air blocks.


  • position: The position of the block you wish to change.
  • tileName: Block: ID of the block you wish to create in place of the specified block.
  • tileData: int : Specify block data to use, in case of variations on the block .
  • replace|destroy|keep : Replace will simply replace one block with another. Destroy will remove the existing block and make it drop as an item that can be collected. Keep will change only air blocks and will not affect existing blocks.


/setblock 10 10 10 stone

This command will change the block located at coordinates 10, 10, 10 to a Stone block.

Fill All Or Parts Of A Region With A Specified Block


This command can be used to fill an area with blocks. You will have to specify the corner coordinates and the region within those coordinates will be considered the valid area for the command.


from: x y z and to: x y z: These are the opposing corner coordinates of the area you wish to fill. For example, if the area is a square, you could use the bottom left corner and top right corners coordinates.

  • tileName: Block: the name of the block you wish to fill the area with.
  • tileData: int : Specify block data to use, in case of variations on the block .
  • outline : Replaces only the blocks on the outer edge of the area specified.
  • hollow : Replaces the outer edge with the specified blocks, and fills the inner area with air.
  • keep : Replaces only air blocks within the fill region .
  • destroy : Replaces all blocks within the fill area.


/fill 15 15 15 30 30 30 sand outline

This command fills the area with the x y z corner borders of 15 15 15 and 30 30 30 with an outline of sand blocks.

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Change Or Query The Time In The World

/time add

/time set

/time query

There are multiple /time commands, each with a different function. /time add can be used to add a value to the worlds game time, /time set can be used to set the world to a specific time , and /time query can be used to return different stats on the progression of time in the world. Time is measured in game ticks, and each set of 20 game ticks is equivalent to 1 seconds in real life time. A full day in Minecraft is 24000 game ticks, which is equivalent to 20 minutes real life time.

  • 0 = dawn


/time set day

This command will set the time in the world to day .


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