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How To Kill All Of One Mob In Minecraft

Using The Kill Command To Kill Another Player


If you are playing in multiplayer mode and have admin privileges, you can easily kill other players using the following command:

/kill playername

In the above syntax, the player name is the name of the player you want to kill in the game. But you may want to check if they are online in your world before executing the command else, you will face an error while doing so.

Minecraft Kill Command: Kill All Mobs In Minecraft

So, you want to kill every mob at a single blow? But, dont know how?

This post shows you some amazing commands to kill any entity available in your Minecraft JAVA & Bedrock Edition.

What is a Minecraft Kill Command?

Keep reading, As I will show you how to use the Minecraft kill all mobs command effectively.

PRO TIP: Use a Command Block to Execute the commands easily.

Where To Find Wardens In Minecraft

Before you can kill a Grand Warden, youll first need to know where you can find them. Wardens only spawn in Deep Dark caves which are a new addition to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. Deep Dark is the lowest cave type in the game resting just above bedrock. This is the perfect place for Wardens to hide because they lurk in the shadows and creep up on players. There is also a Wardens Cabin also located in Deep Dark which is bound to be where the Wardens spawn.

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Minecraft Kill Command Guide: How To Fight Bad Guys

When the sun goes down, the monsters come out! If youre above ground, get your weapons on hand. If you find yourself in a cave, make sure to have your weapons ready at all times, because the sun doesn’t shine underground.

Heres a list of common monsters youll encounter in the game and how to fight them:

Where To Find The Warden In Minecraft

How to use the kill command in minecraft 1.8

The Warden can only be found within the Deep Dark biome located anywhere below y level zero. Wardens do not just wander around the biome but instead are summoned by noisy activity within the region.

Specifically, the Warden will be summoned when enough noise has activated a Sculk shrieker four or more times and the level of the light in that region is 11 or lower. There also cannot be another Warden within 48 blocks for a new one to spawn.

Activities like mining a block, jumping around, opening chests, or using an elytra will send out a signal that slowly builds until enough noise is made to fully awaken the Warden. A loud shriek accompanied by the Darkness effect will signal to players that somewhere close to them a Warden is crawling out of the ground to find them.

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How To Use The Kill Command In Minecraft

There is only one way to remove entities from the map effectively. If you try to traverse the entire world and kill the mobs manually, it will take a significant amount of time. You will probably fail at the task since mobs will naturally spawn anyway, diminishing your effort significantly.

Killing all mobs relies on using a kill command in the console. This is technically cheating through the game, but a bit of mob cleanup never hurt anyone if its for better performance.

The /killcommand can be used to remove any entity from the game, including players, mobs, drops, and other items, useful or not. It can be extremely selective when you want it to be, allowing you to remove a single mob at a time by typing its unique identifier as the command parameter. However, it will remove everything when used without any other parameters, including you .

How To Enter Commands In Minecraft

You can enter commands in Minecraft using the chat function. Press T on PC, D-pad right on the controller, the chatbox button on Android, to open the chat window. Now type or copy the appropriate command into the chat window and then Enter.

The game will show a list of everything you killed in the chatbox on the left.

Now, you know how to kill all mobs in Minecraft. Check out more articles on our site for more Minecraft guides:

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Why Should We Kill All The Mobs In Minecraft

Minecraft | PET MOBS MOD! | Befriend Endermen, Zombies, Magma Cubes & More! [1.4.7]

Mobs look adorable but still, we need to kill them. Do you know why?

Well, firstly we need to understand that what you are doing in Minecraft? In Minecraft, you will be building the entire world, and that world will be consisting of a cool house, like a royal house. But if you ignore those adorable mobs, just thinking why should we kill them? Then my friend you are wrong here. They will not allow you to build your visualized world.

They can be killed by a diamond sword but!! Once you kill one of them, more of them will again come to your visualized world and they will destroy your house. So, killing them all is the only solution you have, and you would have to kill them all to protect your house.

There are a few commands by which you will be able to kill all krugg of them.

Keep reading the article to know the commands.

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Variations Of Minecraft Mob Farms

Once you are comfortable with a simple tower mob farm, you can try some of its variations in-game as well. Here are a few of the easiest mob farms you can make in Minecraft.

How to Make Sculk Farm in Minecraft

Block family of sculks is a part of the new ancient cities in Minecraft. Here, other than being visually good-looking, these sculk blocks are also an easy way to collect experience. Unlike most blocks, they drop high XP when mined. Moreover, you can basically create unlimited sculks if you have a Sculk catalyst.

Sculk catalyst is a block that generates Sculk features around itself when a mob dies nearby. So, you just need to place Sculk catalysts next to your hoppers in a mob farm to get an easy Sculk farm in Minecraft.

Minecraft Mob Farm with Monster Spawner

If you dont want to use darkness to spawn mobs, you can also rely on mob spawners in Minecraft to generate the mobs you wish to kill and collect the items they drop. Our linked guide on spawners can help you understand this block in depth. They are basically a functional block that spawns some common hostile mobs.

To use it on your farm, you need to ensure that the water collection area is directly beneath the spawner. So, each mob that spawns will either fall into the system or will slowly get pushed into the tower opening by water. You can also choose to expand the water stream as you wont need most of the spawning area.

How to Make an Iron Golem Farm

Reset The Game With A Quick Kill Command

Now you know how to remove every mob or item in the game via the helpful kill command. Use this power responsibly, and youll clear up the games memory to remove annoying FPS drops and stuttering. Or just go around making items and mobs go poof. Its your call.

What other Minecraft commands or cheats would you like to know? Let us know in the commend section below.

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Attacks And Abilities Of Minecraft Warden

The road to defeating an enemy starts by learning about them. So, lets go over Wardens basic abilities and then understand its attacks.

  • Warden is blind, so it has to depend on vibrations and smell to find your location.
  • It can detect you through blocks.
  • Even if you somehow escape it, the Warden can sniff you from a 20 blocks distance.
  • It can climb on single blocks like other mobs, but it cant break them.
  • Due to a low tolerance level, even the smallest of vibrations can annoy the Warden. Once it gets annoyed, it doesnt care if you are a baby mob or a boss, and it will attack.

Darkness Effect

As soon as a sculk sensor detects your presence, the darkness effect gets applied to you. It limits your visibility to only a few blocks surrounding you. You can try using the Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft to counter it, but its effects dont expand over 6-7 blocks right next to you. Similarly, light sources like torches arent any good either.

Combat Attack

The favorite way for the Warden to kill you is with its bare hands. Even if you are wearing a full set of Netherite armor, the Warden can kill you in just two hits. However, if your armor is weaker than that, you might have to respawn even after taking a single hit.

Sonic Shriek

How Do I Kill All Mobs In A World Without Being In It

How to kill all mobs in minecraft command 1.7.10

I used a command block that was set to repeat with the command /summon slime and accidentally turned on a lever next to it. Now my screen is full of slimes, the world is lagging, and I can’t turn off the lever as the game won’t completely load. Is there a way to stop the mobs?

This is a bit of a complex way to kill the slimes, but it technically should work.

  • Set your render distance to one chunk. By doing this, you will be able to move slightly faster while doing everything after this, as it wont render all the slimes.
  • Place down a command block. Make this command block a repeating one and enter this command: /kill @eand add a redstone block next to this command block. This will kill all slimes rendered in your world.
  • Turn up your render chunks. By turning up this, you will be able to kill all slimes in your visible area. Then, destroy the command block summoning all the slimes.
  • There are multiple ways to remove all slimes.For all listed methods you should set your render distance and entity render distance to the lowest value possible.This will eliminate some lag by rendering less slimes.

    After every method you should change everything back to how you prefer it.

    The methods are listed in order of simplicity:

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    How Do You Kill All Mobs On A Minecraft Server

    In Minecraft there are a few ways to kill all of the mobs. Finding an effective way to kill all mobs can be very easily, especially if you are running a modified version of minecraft servers. The recommended way to do this is by using a plugin/mod on the server. However, this is possible to do using just the Vanilla command in Minecraft.


    One of the best ways if you have a Spigot, Bukkit, or Paper server with Worldguard. If you have this plugin it can be done easily with the following command:


    If you are running modded Minecraft, you can use the CoFH Core mod to allow the cofh killall command.

    /cofh killall *

    How To Kill Mobs In Minecraft

    Here are the steps to kill all Mobs in Minecraft:

    Step 1: Use the Mobs Universally Unique Identifier

    Every entity in Minecraft has a unique ID which is shown when the command is being executed.

  • Aim at the mob and type /kill.
  • Select the UUID of the mob.
  • Sometimes you may not see the UUID. This may happen because of a bug. Restart Minecraft to debug. You cannot use this command in creative mode.

    Heres a complete guide on how to get bees in Minecraft.

    Step 2: Select a Specific Type of Mob Entity

    If you want to kill a specific type of entity then this step works the best.

  • Aim at the mob directly and type /kill.
  • Type . This will kill all the cows at once.
  • Execute the Command by pressing enter.
  • Follow our guide to make Dyes in Minecraft.

    Step 3: Select all Mobs except Player

    If you want to kill mobs all at once then this step is the best.

  • Type /kill
  • Type . This will kill every Mobs.
  • Execute the command by pressing Enter.
  • You can also use console commands similar to the shown methods.

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    How To Despawn Mobs In Minecraft

    If you don’t want the mobs to respawn because you want to explore the world, you can use this command “/gamerule domobspawning false” before you use the kill command. This command will prevent mobs from respawning after you kill them.

    If you just want to completely clear the world and reset everything the use the “” command twice. The second command is to clean up all the items the mobs drop after being killed.

    Note: If you are not too sure about how these commands work then you should just test them out once or twice in another world that you don’t care about first.

    Most Commonly Asked Questions

    MINECRAFT | How to Remove Animals! 1.16.4

    Is it possible to kill mobs using Command Blocks?

    Yes, command blocks may be used to kill mobs. In such scenario, a Redstone is required to activate the block.

    Question: In Minecraft, how can I get rid of the remains after using the kill command?

    To get rid of the mobs leftovers, repeat the command again.

    Question: Which systems in Minecraft do not allow kill commands?

    Kill instructions are not available on the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii U platforms. You may use kill commands on additional systems in addition to these.

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    In Minecraft How Do You Kill Mobs

    You may simply kill mobs by using the kill e type command. Not only that, but the Mobs leftovers will cause you an excruciating headache.

    To kill all mobs in Minecraft, follow these steps:

    Use the Mobs Universally Unique Identifier as the first step

    Every creature in Minecraft has its own unique ID, which is shown when the command is run.

  • /kill is the command to use. while aiming at the mob.
  • The mobs UUID should be selected.
  • The UUID may not always be visible. This may be the result of a bug. To debug, restart Minecraft.

    Step 2: Choose a Specific Mob Entity Type

    This stage is the ideal if you want to kill a particular kind of creature.

  • Aim straight at the mob and enter /kill.
  • is a type of cow. This will instantly kill all of the cows.
  • Step 3: Except for the player, select all mobs.

    This method is the ideal if you want to kill many mobs at once.

  • Type /kill
  • is a kind of player. Every mob will perish as a result of this.
  • How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft Java Edition

    Even though Minecraft is a low-end game, players can often face lags and frame drops. One of the common reasons for this is the high number of entities in the world. Unlike blocks, entities put a heavy load on the game, which can cause game lag and increased CPU temperatures.

    Usually, hidden mobs account for the increased number of entities in Minecraft. The good news is that lag caused by the high number of mobs is easy to fix. The simple and straightforward fix is to kill all the mobs who are occupying the space.

    This article informs players about different ways to kill all mobs in Minecraft. By killing all mobs, players will experience performance improvement in-game. It will also increase mob farm output as there will be space for new mobs to spawn.

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    Best Location To Make A Mob Farm

    Minecraft mob farms are directly dependent upon players and a dark environment for mob spawning. So, you require the following:

    • The player should stay within a few hundred blocks of the spawn area.
    • For hostile mobs, the farm requires complete darkness for them to spawn effectively.
    • The spawn area should be large enough to spawn, store and move the mobs. Usually, one chunk is enough.
    • If you are planning biome exclusive mobs like Nether mobs, the farm must be in that biome or dimension.

    If your mob farm is too high in the sky or too deep in the ground, it might become ineffective while you explore the nearby areas. So, the best place to build mob farms is under the ocean, where its dark enough for mobs to spawn at any time. You can also mine caves and build safe houses for easier exploration.

    Alternatively, you can make your Minecraft mob farm buried a few blocks below the ground too. This location makes it easier to explore Minecraft ores within caves without compromising the farms functionality.

    How To Kill Wardens In Minecraft

    How To Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

    Now that you know where to find Wardens, youll need to know how to kill them when exploring the Deep Dark. This is where it gets tricky because you wont want to attempt killing a Warden, let alone a Grand Warden. The reason is that Wardens are the strongest mobs in the game. Wardens are taller than Iron Golems and can kill you in two hits if you are wearing full netherite armor. It has been reported that Wardens get faster when you attack them, so the best tactic with Wardens is avoiding and escaping them.

    Once you are more comfortable avoiding and escaping Wardens, the best way to kill a Grand Warden is to lure it into an area that has been rigged with explosives and blow them up with it inside. Though it is too early to tell if that will kill it or just make it angrier, it is a good approach to kill a Grand Warden.

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