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How To Make A Simple House In Minecraft

Large Pink Modern House

Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Survival House

This Large Pink Modern House by GAMES is an appealing and sophisticated villa design thats number 39 on this list.

These stunningly cute Minecraft houses lathered in hot pink paint look well-maintained despite being situated in a forest biome. It also has an outdoor pool in case anyone wants to take a swim.

The house itself is an airy design that lets you see through the first floor and second floors, letting light in for a bright, rosy environment inside that matches its lavish and femme exterior.

Another design thats jaw-droppingly good is this Luxury Villa House by LubovLC.

This contemporary villa house looks good enough to be a vacation destination. With connected rooms, a swimming pool, and a perfectly-placed sun lounge, its no wonder why this design is regarded highly as one of the best Minecraft house ideas out there.

While the color schemes been tried and tested to oblivion countless times over, this ones still very much worthy of being on the list.

Add Windows And Shutters

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Now its time to make some windows in your house. After all, no home will be complete without it, right? So, break the two stones, and then install an upside-down stone at the bottom. Place a glass plane of your choice and use spruce trapdoors for the shutters. Do the same for all of your windows.

For extra decorations, you can also add spruce fences and get a more finished look. Just take them and start placing them from the bottom of the second level up to the roof. Add lanterns above all the windows to brighten up space.

Decorate Your Minecraft Medieval House

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After youre done with the chimney and other details now, you can decorate your pathway with some leaves and flowers. You can decorate your house interior as you want.

Here in this Minecraft house design, there are basically three main levels:

  • On the ground level, there is an open kitchen with a lot of storage cabinets. There is also a stove and heater. There is also a small living area that also has a table for work.
  • On the upper level, there is a huge bedroom with a fireplace and some decorative shelving areas. You can also use some chandeliers and lights to brighten up your place. There is also a balcony that can be accessed from the master bedroom.
  • Finally, on the last level, there is a small corner that can be used as a reading nook.

This is just a small decorative house, not a much survival house, but this will fit into any village nicely. Take more interior inspirations from our blog onMinecraft Interior Design Ideas.

Here are some more cool Minecraft medieval houses:

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Roundhouse By The River

Uploaded by Jeyger.

What’s the easiest way to ensure players avoid the box design? Build a circle! As expected in a game all about cubes, building circular structures takes a bit of finesse. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools online that can give players blueprints to work from.

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This building has a smaller circle on top of a bigger one to add some layers and variation to the interior design. The open feel this design gives the interior is perfect for people who like everything they need in one centralized location. If more space is needed, it would be effortless to build another layer underground or make the existing layers bigger and go further upwards.

Including water features in a house by the river can be a nice touch that can impress friends online as well as give players quicker access to the upper floors. Simply choose an area on the roof of the desired floor and place a block of water to create a small waterfall. To avoid making a mess, simply dig a one-by-one hole where the water lands to contain it. This will create a water elevator as well as a more aquatic aesthetic for one’s riverside abode.

Sizable Minecraft Survival House

How to make a simple house in Minecraft (For Beginners ...

If youre going to play Minecrafts Survival Mode, make sure that you have ideas for building a full-blown house ready to come to fruition. Diving straight in without a game plan isnt something that smart players do. You can take your experience from one level to the next when building a dedicated survival house in Minecraft. This is all that the entry at hand is about, giving you a simple-to-follow design with common materials so you can have an effortless time constructing it.

Youre going to need about 406 Oak Planks, 149 Cobblestone blocks, and 56 Cobblestone Stairs to get started. Furthermore, glass panes and fences will also be needed. All of these materials can either be easily crafted or found within the Minecraft world.

The layout of the Sizable Minecraft Survival House can be designed by going through a bunch of steps. You first have to place three Cobblestone blocks, so they are 3 blocks tall. Once done, place 5 blocks of Oak Plank to the left of the Cobblestone blocks. Build another 3-block structure to the left of the Oak Plank blocks to proceed. Youll now have to bring in some Oak Stair blocks and place three of them diagonally to the first Cobblestone structure.

The next step is to place 3 more blocks of Cobblestone in the same row as the rest of what youve built primarily until now. Use more Oak Planks to the right and set up yet another Cobblestone structure so you have four of them in total.

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Top 6 Minecraft Survival House Ideas

Ollie Mattison

If you play Minecraft, especially survival mode, you must know the importance of Minecraft survival house ideas. You can’t think of playing survival mode without a house to protect yourself from all kinds of evil and damages. Apart from its importance, building such homes is a fun process. It allows players to use their imagination and creativity to build unique places without any limitations and restrictions. Building such houses is one of the best things to do in Minecraft. Most people play Minecraft just to use their creativity in order to convert their thought into practice. If you are a new Minecraft player and haven’t built anything yet, it might be a challenging process for you. It is important to have Minecraft survival house ideas to start building one. Without a clear idea in mind, one can’t build anything worthwhile. This article contains the top 6 Minecraft survival house ideas. These ideas are simple and easy to implement. We have only selected ideas that beginners, as well as experts, can use. Each idea has a tutorial that makes it easy for you to understand and build your own house just by following few simple steps. You can try these ideas in creative mode first and then use them in survival mode for better and quicker results.

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4. Large Spruce Survival Mansion

5. Fantasy Cottage

Minecraft Wooden House Ideas

To kick off the list is Zaypixel‘s Autumn cabin, a home complete with a thatched roof, cushy fireplace, and plenty of pumpkins. This cabin is on the snug side and I love the brick accents throughout the exterior of the cabin. Zaypixel’s tutorial is super easy to follow and together with its soft piano score makes for a relaxing watch even if you’re not planning on building.

Looking for a wooden house that’s a little more impressive? Check out ‘s huge, wooden house which can be built in either survival or creative mode. This home is multilayered and a great base for spotting from afar.

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Easy Minecraft House Ideas

From making buckets in the game to constructing castles, theres virtually no limit to what you can build in Minecraft. This sandbox title has amassed insurmountable popularity over the years ever since its release. It today boasts widespread prevalence on a bevy of platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and current-gen consoles as well. The games Creative Mode is famous for delivering a limitless experience, but when it boils down to the easy Minecraft house ideas, you have the Survival Mode to turn to.

Apart from the most amazing building ideas in Minecraft that require their fair share of expertise and effort, there are many uncomplicated design ideas to work on too. This makes the whole affair more approachable for beginners and newcomers to the game. Were going to talk about the best house designs that dont require tons of resources nor do they sport a complicated layout.

  • On a side note, do make sure though that you check out our mainline Minecraft house ideas guide for a thorough list of different types of high-quality designs, but continue reading if youre only after the easiest ones in the bunch.

Well also leave important guidelines along with each entry to make sure you get started in the right direction. Lets jump right into the guide without any further ado.

Oak & Spruce Wood By Smithers Boss

How to Build a Simple Survival House | Minecraft Tutorial

If you want something thats easy to build, and pretty to look at, this house is worth checking out. It is built using mostly wood which is one of the most common block types in Minecraft. You can build it with different types of wood but oak and dark oak look best. There are also other blocks used e.g. cobblestone and glass but theyre easy to find or craft.

The only downside to this house is that it is mostly wood and will be easily damaged by mobs. In the image below, special shaders have been used so your house will look different depending on the shaders youve installed.

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Vii Underground Minecraft Home

Instead of towering over every approaching player or mob in six stories of glass, brick, stone, and concrete, why not go the completely opposite direction? Underground bases are cool, secretive, and highly defensible. And based off of this spectacular tutorial by YouTuber ItsMarloe, they can obviously look stunning.

ItsMarloes build is incredibly roomy and strikes all the items on the Ultimate Underground Bunker checklist. If put in the context of a zombie apocalypse, this could be the safest place to be. And if you follow their tutorial to the letter, youll notice that the modular design gives you plenty of room for future expansions.

Simple Medieval Minecraft House

This is a house from a naturally generated village as found in the 1.14 Village & Pillage Update. The homes in villages can be a good starting point or example for how to build a simple Minecraft house.

Note the easy-to-get materials for building a medieval house: cobblestone, wooden logs, wooden doors, and trapdoors. You can improve the appearance by using smooth stone or stone bricks .

These types of houses are perfect for your first days when playing survival Minecraft. They arent exactly beautiful, but they get the job done and protect you from monsters.

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How To Build A Wooden House In Minecraft

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Having a house is always nice. You can put your stuff there, decorate it to your hearts desire, and it keeps you safe from the hoard of zombies chasing after you at night. Or at least in Minecraft it does. There are many ways to build a house in Minecraft, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective is a wooden house. You can even start building as soon as you start playing! Minecraft is available on PC , Xbox 360, and Pocket Edition. Action keys provided are for these three respectively.

Modern House On Stilts

Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Starter House Minecraft Map

Uploaded by Greg Builds.

Modern house ideas are often quite easy to build in Minecraft as they have square designs. Compared to medieval houses, which have a lot of complexity, modern houses just have weaved rectangles. This is an example with a few less complicated weaving to get players familiar with the style.

The way each section slowly fans outwards and backward gives a feeling that is simultaneously sharp and rounded while still leaving plenty of interior space and working in windows for lots of light. If that isn’t enough, there are a couple of skylights too that make the roof more visually interesting and light up the interior.

Taking the support idea even further, players can use stone pillars to create a relatively realistic aesthetic. The detail of the stone pillars will look nicer than wooden logs if players prefer the visuals of stone over wood.

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How To Build A Minecraft House: The Basics

However you build your Minecraft house, there are a number of essential items you need to make sure you include. To start off with, make sure you place plenty of torches around the place, as these serve two important purposes. First, they let you actually see what’s going on inside, which is especially useful if you’re carving out a cave, and second they help to keep monsters away as they mainly spawn in darkened areas. By placing a generous number of torches both inside and outside your abode, you can significantly reduce the chances of a monster appearing to ruin your day.

Next, build a bed in your Minecraft house, so you can sleep through the night and wake up fresh in the safety of the morning. More importantly, a bed serves as your spawn point in the world, so if the worst happens then you’ll revive at home rather than the set world spawn point, which will at least save you a journey getting back there to pick up where you left off.

Other essentials to consider installing are chests to store all of your materials, items, weapons etc so you’re not lugging them all around with you. A single chest should be enough to get you started, though you can increase to more storage as you progress. You’ll also want to install some crafting stations to produce new items and enhance your equipment, so start out with the standard crafting table and furnace, then add in extra crafting options as you further expand your adventuring operations.

Big Minecraft Village House

The Large Minecraft Village House is another easy Minecraft house idea that can be implemented in all versions of the game, including the relatively recent Minecraft 1.18 release. If youve got a village set up in your game and youre looking to create fairly sizable starters houses, youve stumbled upon just the right idea.

A combination of Cobblestone, Dark Oak Wood, and Oak Wood will be required to erect this house. None of the materials it needs are hard to attain, so youre pretty much set moving forward. The only material that has the prerequisite of enchantment is Glass Pane, which needs Silk Touch to harvest.

  • Speaking of enchantments, check out the Sword Enchantments in the game to lay waste to your enemies like never before.

It employs a 7- by 3-block base layout using Cobblestone blocks in width and length respectively. The next step is after youre done forming the initial format is to generate the walls. That will be done using Oak Wood while raising the structures to 7 blocks in height. Be sure that youre building from one block outward in each corner of the wall for the best results.

You will then use a combination of Cobblestone, Oak Logs, and Oak Planks. Be sure that youre leaving a gap at the top of the house for the aforementioned Glass Pane. Doing so will get you a window for your house, so dwellers of the homestead inside can catch whatever youre doing on the outside.

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Top 5 Easiest Minecraft House Tutorials For Easy Builds

For players new to Minecraft, or for those who are not building experts, finding ways to make easy but nice looking houses can be hard.

Building a house, or some sort of base, in Minecraft is vitally important, especially in the early stages of the game, as it will protect players from dangerous mobs, as well as provide a place to store all items safely.

Because building might not come naturally to some players, watching house building tutorials is the best way to find easy yet beautiful house builds. Listed below are the top 5 easiest Minecraft house tutorials, all of which are decently small, compact and easy to build.

Large Oak Minecraft House

Minecraft : How to Build a Simple Starter House

The Large Oak Minecraft House is one of the most impressive entries we have on this list. Its definitely not called large for nothing as it uses a 31 by 31 initial foundation to be built upon. However, the favorable part about this build is that it can be constructed in Survival Mode, only if youre willing to walk the extra mile though.

Youll require about 812 Oak Logs, 692 Oak Planks, 680 Oak Fences, and a good number of any light source that you can get your hands on easily. Its advised to use Beacons for this purpose, but Glowstones will also do just fine. As far as the most sturdy Minecraft house ideas go, you cannot sleep on the Large Oak Minecraft House.

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Small & Compact Modern Minecraft House

Tiny and compact homes are becoming increasingly popular, even in real-life. Despite the small size of this house, it is possible to make it practical for your needs too. A tiny house is usually best for just an outpost place to sleep and grab some supplies like food.

Another cool idea is to make a tiny house like this on the ground, and then have a massive underground base beneath it. People will come inside expecting a tiny house, and be pleasantly surprised when they find a massive underground base under it!


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