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How To Make A Tnt Launcher In Minecraft

How To Build A Working Tnt Cannon In Minecraft

How To Make A TNT Launcher In Minecraft! – (Launch Your Friends With Ease)

Blowing things up is a common way to pass the time in Minecraft. TNTs are one of the deadliest blocks in the game. Many players have faced their deaths due to TNT experiments going wrong.

Still, players love to play with TNT blocks. TNT cannons are famous for their extreme destruction power. Players can use these cannons to obliterate their friend’s Minecraft base from existence. TNT launchers are also used on anarchy servers for griefing bases and killing players.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to build a TNT cannon in Minecraft. It is a simple design and can be made by anyone, including beginner players.

How To Use It And Practical Uses

How to use it: press the button and jump into the center of the water source. when the TNT ignites you will fly into the sky. Note: I am not responsible for any deaths, item losses or experience losses. In other words store everything of value in chests before you enjoy the ride. Practical uses: A mine craft circus! you can build this under ground then build something resembling the barrel of a cannon and launch acrobats and dare devils into the sky. Or if you are a pro at calculations you can launch your self into a lake inside your secret base! Or you can just enjoy the view of your world from the sky. But who says they have to be practical uses use this ridiculously as well! I hope you enjoyed this inscrutable. Heres my youtube channel 😀

How To Make Tnt Launcher

TNT Launcher is used to launch TNT in the air. You can make it explode on the ground or in air.

Go through this guide and follow step-by-step instructions to make TNT Launcher.

The first thing you have to do is to place 15 smooth quartz blocks on the ground in the same way as shown in the image below.

Place a smooth quartz slab at the bottom area and fill the gap with water.

Place 3 TNT at the top of the water and one at the top of a smooth quartz slab as shown in the image below.

The next thing you need to do is to place a stone button on the smooth quartz block and add a redstone repeater on the ground.

After this, you have to place eight redstone repeaters on the ground in the same way as shown in the following image. Set all the repeaters to maximum delay.

Now you just have to press the stone button to activate TNT launcher. It will launch the TNT in the air.

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How To Construct A Minecraft Compact Tnt Cannon

Choose an open flat spot to build your cannon

Build the walls of the cannon.

Place the half slab in the front of the cannon.

Place a water source in the back of the inside of the cannon

Place two TNT in the locations shown in the picture.

Set the TNT the nearest to the water source and wait until the set TNT looks as if it’s gonna blow.

Quickly set the 2nd TNT on the slab right before the 1st TNT ignited is just about to blow.


Watch your TNT propel to its target! .

Instructions: Tnt Cannon In Minecraft Build

How to make TNT Launcher in Minecraft 100% Working
  • You start with the construction of a stage and place to the right 10 blocks to the rear.
  • After you place two blocks to the left and to the front, so that the blocks like a “J” shaped.
  • The gap you can close with 7 Launchers, until the design is completely closed.
  • In addition, you place a launcher on the right side of the stage.
  • On the right side, you can now place four Redstone repeaters, which will connect you with the top of the launcher and delay.
  • The rest of the cannon wall and dress them up with Redstone. In the case of the Launchers, you must hold down the key pressed.
  • In the middle of your cannon you fill now water to build back in the middle of a button to make it go.
  • Before you shoot, you need to fill the launchers with TNT. Then press the firing button back and the gun fires.
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    Lay Out The Redstone Trigger

    Now that your frame is complete, place a button or lever on the far side of the cannon as seen below.

    Run redstone wire down one side of the canon, from the safe side to one block short of the business end.

    Now place a redstone torch on the opposite side of the redstone side of your canon, followed by four redstone repeaters. Left click the repeaters until they are in their most open position or longest timing.

    Place another block at the end of your line of repeaters with a redstone torch on its side.

    Minecraft Xbox 360 How To Build Super Powerful Tnt Cannons

    Yoast FAQ

    How do you make blue TNT on Minecraft?

    To make blue TNT on Minecraft, you need to combine a blue dye and a block of TNT. First, dye the block of TNT with the blue dye. Then, right-click the block of TNT to place it.

    How do you make real TNT?

    To make TNT, you need to combine nitroglycerin and an absorbent material like sawdust. The nitroglycerin is mixed with the sawdust in a pressurized container, and then the mixture is heated until it explodes.

    How do you spawn TNT commands?

    To spawn TNT commands, you need to use the /tnt command. You can use this command to place TNT, detonate TNT, and more.

    How do you set off TNT in Minecraft without flint and steel?

    There are a few ways to set off TNT in Minecraft without flint and steel. One way is to use a redstone torch. Another way is to use a lever.

    How do you make a Minecraft explosion?

    To make a Minecraft explosion, you need TNT. First, place a block of TNT on the ground. Then, light the TNT with a flint and steel or a fire charge. Finally, run away!

    How do I activate TNT Minecart?

    In order to activate a TNT Minecart, you must first have a minecart and TNT. Next, place the TNT on the ground and then put the minecart on top of the TNT. Finally, right-click on the minecart and select Activate.

    How do you use TNT in Minecraft creative mode?

    You can use TNT in creative mode by right-clicking on it and selecting use.

    How do you make Super TNT in Minecraft creative mode?How do you make TNT on Xbox?

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    Building A Tnt Launcher

    There are many different designs for a TNT launcher. You can have them wide or long, big or small. There even exist designs for flying TNT bombers.

    Though, when deciding on the size of your launcher, do keep in mind just how much TNT you wish to be launching out and at what rate. Too much TNT being exploded is a notorious way to instantly crash your game or computer.

    If your TNT launcher is causing issues with game performance, do try checking and changing your tick speed to help.

    So, for the sake of my framerate I will stick to a simple design. From this you can get a hold of the basics and then expand on it if you wish, using more complex Redstone circuiting.

    For this design you will need:

    • 2 Sticky Pistons
    • 2 Redstone Repeaters
    • A Button or a Lever

    This will be a manual launcher, but using a few more Repeaters and some Redstone Dust you can also switch it to automatic and save yourself the additional effort.

    We will start by putting down our Redstone Repeaters one block apart from each other, facing in opposite directions. Put your Dispenser between them, facing upward.

    The Repeater on the right you will need to put on four ticks, and the one on the left on two ticks. This will cause a long enough delay between the Pistons moving to launch the TNT.

    Now all that is left is adding your Button or Lever to the Dispenser and filling it up with your TNT. Make sure that your activator is exactly on the Dispenser and not on the side of it.

    How Tnt Works In Minecraft

    Minecraft – How to Build a TNT Player Launcher

    TNT is an explosive block in Minecraft that destroys itself and blocks around it when activated.

    These blocks can be crafted as well as found naturally in the world, usually in structures like Mineshafts or Desert Temples. Theyre useful, but can also pose a threat as they can inflict damage to the Player and other Mobs.

    Many things can activate a block of TNT. The easiest way to detonate a block of TNT is using Flint and Steel or Redstone.

    TNT can also be activated by explosions from other TNT blocks or Creepers, by spreading Fire or Lava, as well as Projectiles. Finally, it can be activated by being shot out by a Dispenser, which is one of the ways of launching and activating TNT.

    You can also play around with Bow Enchantments because they can also ignite your TNT from a distance.

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    Limitations And Ways To Possibly Get Around Them

    The five big, main limits to TNT cannon engineering, ordered by importance, are:

  • That no matter what you do, a TNT will explode approximately 4 seconds or 8 flashes after being primed. The way to sidestep this is to make the TNT fly faster, but that leads us to limit 2.
  • Minecraft can only take so much, and entities flying at escape velocity around your Minecraft world can cause it to crash. Another thing that can cause crashes of your Minecraft is large amounts of impulse charges detonating in unison. With the allotted 1.5 GB of RAM, the max TNT is about 500. The way to possibly sidestep is to increase the RAM allowed for Minecraft, although that is not recommended for lower end computers.
  • TNT has a 7 block detonation radius, so just making a large cannon is a waste of time. Beyond 9 charges, the TNT is wasted. However, this can be sidestepped by either adding more vertical rows of charge to your cannon, adding a charge condensing system to your cannon, or a combination of them both.
  • TNT flows with the water while in it. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation. The way to sidestep this is to use water source blocks, and don’t place any TNT inside it.
  • If you make a vertical cannon too powerful, it will fly up too fast and high meaning it will crash your game. This can be sidestepped by decreasing the power of said cannon, or making it semi-vertical. That way you can go up and sideways.
  • How To Make A Tnt Cannon In Minecraft

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to build a large cannon in Minecraft’s Creative Mode. While it is technically possible to create a cannon in Survival, the amount of time and energy needed to select all of the resources makes doing so impractical. You can build the cannon outlined here in all versions of Minecraft, including on computer, mobile, and console versions.

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    Minecraft Human Launching Tnt Cannon

    This is a human launching tnt cannon as the title says. It will launch you high in the sky using tnt distributed by dispensers. Note if you do not know how to craft some of these items you and are in survival look it up on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine you may use. Now lets get to the build.

    How Do You Enable Tnt In Minecraft

    How To Make A Simple Tnt Cannon In Minecraft

    TNT is activated by Redstone.

    It will turn on when it is energized by the button, lever Redstone torch, button or pressure plate as well as any additional activators.

    Once you have activated the TNT youll notice it appear slightly before it will start to flash.

    After about three seconds, it will go ablaze.

    It is also possible to light TNT using flint and steel.

    Just place the TNT on the table and then right-click it using the steel and flint to ignite it.

    TNT can also be lit when there is an open flame near.

    Be aware of placing it close to lava.

    Do not put TNT in areas that have a fire, except if you want to ignite it.

    The TNTs explosion could also cause light to be reflected off TNT in the vicinity.

    If other TNT-based blocks fall located within the vicinity of the one which explodes, the other will also light up and explode.

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    First Dispensers And Extra Blocks

    For the next step you will be adding some more solid blocks in the positions that you can see the orange wool in. This acts as a color code so I can more easily show you which blocks I mean, in which case for you these blocks would be the ones you chose as your solid blocks. Then, add the dispensers. Each of the has to be between the orange blocks and one block above them as well. Also you will move your whole row of these back by one from the original design so that the last TNT will touch the sourceblock of water. In this case this is not bad as the TNT is already primed when you put it in. Also this time dont place your repeater next to the launching tnt, which is going to be at the fenct. You can see this on the picture. After you do this, add blocks in the spot where the green wool is on the third picture. This is a 2×3 field which will hold aditional redstone later. Lastly add blocks in the position where the red wool is on the picture. This will be where the dispenser is later placed at and it also holds some redstone.

    How To Make A Tnt Launcher In Minecraft


    Digging through large parts of the landscape in Minecraft can be pretty time consuming. Luckily for us, theres many ways to make tasks such as these easier.

    From using commands to Enchanting Tools, theres many options to turn to in order to make your gameplay easier. However, none of it works quite like TNT.

    Not only is it fun to watch TNT blow up, but it paves a way through the landscape and turns destroyed blocks into drops. A TNT launcher is an efficient way to shove a lot of TNT in a single direction and get the most out of the destruction.

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    Simple Redstone Hidden Door

    Like with anything Redstone related, theres endless options and possibilities. Same goes when making hidden doors.

    You can make a simple hidden door or an entire mechanism that hides a whole cave. For this article I will stick to a more simple version of a hidden door.

    For this you will need 12 Sticky Pistons, 4 Redstone Repeater, and some Redstone Dust. This will be a door that is 2 blocks wide.

    You start off by making 2 L-shapes with the Sticky Pistons as shown in the image below, with your door block inside the corner. I am using Stone because I want to imagine this door being hidden within a mountain side.

    You will need roof above the Pistons. If youre doing this in a mountain or any terrain youll need a 1 block tall gap above to place all your Redstone components.

    Place your Redstone Repeaters and Redstone Dust in the following pattern on the roof or gap. The Redstone Repeaters you want to put on one tick each. Simply right-click them once.

    That is basically all there is to your secret door. Simply place a Lever or Button where the Redstone Dust extends to the front. With this you can activate the system. To keep it hidden you can simply take your Button or Lever with you.

    How To Get Tnt In Minecraft

    Minecraft – How To Make A TNT Cannon/Launcher (Redstone Tutorial)

    The most commonly used and popular method to acquire TNT in Minecraft is to make it by yourself.

    The TNT can be made using gunpowder and sand.

    The easiest method to obtain gunpowder is by hunting down some creepers.

    Creepers drop gunpowder between 0 and 2 after being killed.

    Once youve obtained enough gunpowder, head to a table for crafting and create your own X of gunpowder and fill in the gaps with sand.

    The recipe is for TNT, and it can be stacked at sixty four.

    TNT can be produced naturally in shipwrecks.

    These structures created at the oceans bottom or on beaches on oceans can hold treasure chests.

    TNT is one of the things you might discover in a wreck.

    Different types of treasure chests are able to spawn with different kinds of items.

    If the shipwreck had an entire chest of coal, potatoes, as well as different enchanted leather armours and other items, those are the chests created using TNT.

    There are traps all over your Minecraft world, from the world generation.

    The most popular trap to encounter is the landmines of the desert temple.

    In the middle of a desert temple, there are a few coloured terracotta stones on the floor.

    Take the terracotta block with the most colour to look into the buried treasure chamber.

    Within every temple in the desert, you will find an underground treasure room that has an armature in the middle.

    Be careful and carefully disarm the tension plate by breaking it.

    You can also take this TNT home by breaking it up with any item.

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