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How To See Achievements In Minecraft Pe

Achievement Mcpe Mod Highlights

How to check Achievements in Minecraft PE! -tutorial

For a long time, Minecraft PE had no achievements at all. This feature was exclusive to the Java Edition of the game.

However, now it changes since some enthusiastic creators have decided to bring them here too.

Nonetheless, newer MCPE versions already have them, but this addon wont interrupt it. It turns out there are a lot of unique fulfillments.

How To Get Achievements In Minecraft Pe

Like most video games, Minecraft has an achievement system. Achievements are designed to reward the player for carrying out certain actions within the game. These actions are specifically tailored to assist in progression, as well as provide the player with a rewarding experience.

While achievements in the various versions of Minecraft Bedrock are similar to advancements in Minecraft Java, there are some subtle differences like the number of achievements, how to obtain them, and how to track their progress.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal opinion. In addition, the article is about obtaining achievements in general, not a how-to for every specific one.

Minecraft Pocket Edition or PE is the name given to the version of Minecraft on mobile devices. Players can download or purchase Pocket Edition from their app store and start playing on any mobile device they have, which includes tablets.

Since Minecraft Pocket Edition falls under the umbrella of Minecraft Bedrock, players can earn achievements in this version of the game. These can be tracked using the Achievements tab provided in the games menu. The following article will guide players on how to obtain achievements for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The Following Conditions Need To Be Met In Order To Earn Achievements In Minecraft:

1) A newly generated world

Players wanting to make their way through every achievement in the game will have to do so on an entirely new Minecraft world. Loading up an older save file hampers the players progression and has the chance to leave the achievement progression incomplete. Sometimes it’s just best to start fresh.

2) No cheats or Creative mode

At the time of world generation, players are presented with a variety of choices regarding how they want their Minecraft world to be generated. This includes the type of terrain and the behavior of each entity in the world. Cheats are turned on by clicking the Allow cheats tab. However, allowing cheats will disable achievements. Additionally, if a players game saves while using creative mode, achievements are automatically disabled.

3) World type

World type is another aspect that affects the enabling or disabling of achievements in Minecraft. For a world to be eligible to earn achievements, it can be generated with any world type except the flat world type. Applying the flat world type will disable achievements.

The aforementioned criteria are a way to ensure that Minecraft is played in such a way that achievements are obtainable. Achievements act like stepping stones for a Minecrafters journey and altering the players progression by using cheats or an easy version of world generation can spoil the authentic vanilla Minecraft survival experience that was designed by Mojang.

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What Is The Secret Minecraft Achievement

A furious cocktail, or how did we get here? is the hidden achievements/advancements you can obtain in Minecraft. They have different names for the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Both of these require you to have every possible benefit/detriment available to your player at the same time. Obviously, this will take some preparation, but after looking at a list of every buff and debuff, you can easily accomplish this with some foresight.

Where Have You Been

how start to get Minecraft pe achievements #shots

Goal: Pickup gift from tamed Cat

First, travel to a village, which you will find stray cats there. Then, tame a cat using raw cod or raw salmon. Wait until a stray cat approaches you. Once tamed, you can see they have a cat collar. Now, sleep in a bed at night. When you sleep, the tamed cat will sleep with you and give you a gift in the morning. Pick up the gift and you get the achievement.

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Why Am I Not Getting Achievements On Minecraft

Many achievements can take a moment to pop. If you waited a decent amount of time then it could be a more internal issue. You may not have unlocked the prerequisite for the achievement, your internet may be having problems, or your game may not be up to date. Do some troubleshooting and try to set up the achievement once again. Also, remember that achievement can only be obtained in the survival mode of Minecraft. You cannot earn achievements if your world has been set to create at least once. You will have to make a new world and ensure it stays in survival.

What Is An Achievement

When you complete certain challenges in Minecraft, you earn achievements. These achievements are saved with the world you are playing and can be earned in any including Creative and Survival. Some achievements have prerequisites and can not be earned until you have completed other challenges.


In Minecraft, you can also use the to give or take away an achievement.

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Great View From Up Here

Goal: Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker.

First, you need to enter an end gateway, using water to swim through one block gap or by throwing ender pearl.

Once you teleported to outer islands, you need to find end city, where shulker can be found.

When shulkers shoot shulker bullets, move toward the bullet and let it hurt you, then you start to levitate, but you need to take damage of some bullet as a single bullet won’t levitate high enough, and make sure there is no block above you. Because you will take some damage from the bullet, it’s recommended to wear armor with Projectile Protection IV on all armor pieces. As you will fall down when the effect ends, your boots should be enchanted with Feather Falling IV, or/and drink Potion of slow falling or eat a chorus fruit so it completely negates all fall damage. To Brew Potion of slow falling, you need phantom membrane dropped by phantom which can only spawn after the player has not slept for at least 3 days.


How To Earn An Achievement

How to check achievements on minecraft pe

When you complete a challenge in Minecraft, you will earn an achievement. Let’s show you how to earn the first achievement called “Taking Inventory”.

To earn “Taking Inventory”, it is as simple as opening your inventory in the game. In Minecraft Java Edition , you can open your inventory by pressing the E key.

Once you have opened your inventory, you will see the Achievement message “Achievement get! Taking Inventory” appear in the top right of the game window.

Once you close the inventory menu, you will also see an achievement message in the Chat window that says “DigMinecraft has just earned the achievement “.

This message is broadcast to all players on the server.

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I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

Goal: Kill a Pillager Captain.

There are 2 ways to find pillager captains, from pillager patrols or from pillager outposts. Pillager outposts can be found in biomes where villages can generate. Pillager captains can be easily distinguished between other pillagers as this pillager will be wearing a ominous banner on their head. Kill this mob and you will get achievement, plus the Bad Omen effect.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: How To Obtain Achievements

Since Minecraft does not have a pre-existing and specified campaign or quest system, achievements are one good source of tracking the players progress through the game. Since achievements are awarded for discovering new aspects of Minecrafts world, earning an achievement is only possible once in a Minecraft world.

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Why Are Some Achievements Locked

Some achievements are locked as they are more advanced. They require a prerequisite that is typically unique to the achievement. Usually, if an achievement is locked, getting a step done before that achievement will allow you to obtain it. They are typically locked if you have not done the step required for that achievement. Give it a shot and see if what you did qualifies for the achievements description.

Ways To Check Achievement Progress In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

how to download notification achievements mod for ...

There are a few ways to check achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but only one of them is present in-game. Minecraft, being a title owned by Microsoft, runs in the company’s ecosystem, meaning that the Xbox framework is baked in. For a couple of these methods, the Xbox app or an Xbox is required.

For players on a Nintendo Switch, mobile phone or device, PlayStation, or even a computer, there is a section in the profile tab of Minecraft where achievements can be checked. This will show which ones have been completed, and for the ones that aren’t, it will show progress. For example, for the Master Trader achievement, players have to trade 1,000 emeralds to villagers. If they’ve traded 560, it will say it is 56% complete.

The other methods, for Xbox users, are much simpler. Many Xbox users have the Xbox app, as do Pocket Edition users. Pocket Edition users can sign in using a Microsoft account, which can be connected through the Xbox app. Regardless, all Xbox achievements are housed in the app, so players can navigate to that section and check their progress.

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How To Check Achievements In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft achievements don’t do much in terms of gameplay, but they provide players with objectives to test their skills and award them bragging rights. Bedrock Edition has a lot more achievements than Java Edition, and there are a few that are quite difficult to achieve. For example, “The End… Again…” requires players to have successfully defeated the Ender Dragon and then respawned it, both of which are quite difficult.

Since there are so many Bedrock Edition achievements, Minecraft players often need a progress check when hunting certain objectives. Here’s how players can track their achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How To Fix Minecraft Achievements Not Unlocking

Minecraft trophies or achievements not unlocking? Can’t redeem an achivement reward? Luckily, the…

Not to be confused with Advancements on Minecraft Java, Minecraft everywhere else comes bundled with achievements, or Trophies on PlayStation, you can unlock in-game. Sometimes, depending on your platform, achievements won’t unlock. In this article, we will talk about what you can do to get achievements working in Minecraft.

First off, make sure your copy of Minecraft is connected to your Microsoft account. This can be done from the main menu in Minecraft. Once your account is connected, only then can you start unlocking achievements. This works this way because unlocking certain achievements in Minecraft rewards the player with cosmetics for their character.

Sometimes, achievements don’t register when they are unlocked. So, it’s best practice to make a copy of your survival world before unlocking an achievement so you can reload the world and get the achievement again if something goes wrong.

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Sleep With The Fishes

Goal: Spend 20 minutes underwater without any air.

Brew 3 potions of Water Breathing . Drink a potion and stay underwater without losing oxygen. Each potion lasts for 8 minutes so you have an extra 4 minutes of water breathing. While you’re underwater, you can explore underwater caverns, the sea floor, fight drowned, find structures such shipwrecks, ruins or monuments, or build underwater to spend the 20 minutes.

Conduit Power also grants you underwater breathing indefinitely as long you are underwater near an active conduit.

How To View Your Achievements

Minecraft PE: How to Enable Achievements! [Tutorial]

Achievements are found under the Game Menu in Minecraft. To open the Game Menu, press the esc key in Minecraft Java Edition .

Then view your achievements by clicking on the Achievements button in the Game Menu.

Your Achievements window should look like this:

The Achievements window shows a sort of tree structure with arrows pointing to the next achievements that you can earn.

If you hover over an achievement, you can see the achievement name and the requirements to get the achievement. In this example, the achievement is called “Taking Inventory” and the requirement is to “Press ‘E’ to open your inventory.”

If the achievement says “Taken!” in blue text, then you have already earned this achievement.

In Minecraft Java Edition , the Achievements window is now zoomable. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or hold down the left mouse button and drag to change the focus point in the Achievements window.

Congratulations, you just learned about achievements in Minecraft.

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How To Obtain/earn An Achievement

It is very simple to earn an achievement in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Some of them are particularly easy and its harder to avoid getting the achievement in some cases. For example, when you first start a Minecraft world, one of the first achievements you will ever get is opening your inventory.

Most achievements just require you to fulfill their requirements. For example, the Top of the World requires you to place a scaffolding at the world height limit. While you do not need to make a tower of scaffolding, this does make the process easy as you can quickly tower up to the top and get down safely. Once you are at the bottom you can clean up the tower by just breaking the scaffolding.

Alternatively, you can tower up with any brick and then place a scaffolding at the world height limit. Both will count for your achievement. You will have to be playing on survival Minecraft in order to be eligible for achievements in the first place. They would not mean much if you could cheat your way through all of them.

So I Got That Going For Me

Goal: Lead a Caravan containing at least 5 Llamas.

An easy way to obtain this achievement is by killing the wandering trader, so you will get 2 lead with 2 tamed trader llama, leash one and another trader llama will form a caravan, for more llama you can wait for another wandering trader or go to mountains or savanna biomes, you can also breed regular llamas as baby llamas are also counted towards caravans . The llamas don’t need to be tamed.If you cannot find a lead, you can craft it using string and a slimeball.


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I’m A Marine Biologist

Goal: Catch Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish or Tropical Fish using Empty Bucket or Water Bucket.

Hold an empty bucket or water bucket, then press use on a cod, salmon, pufferfish, or tropical fish.Cod can only spawn in lukewarm, normal, and cold ocean . Pufferfish and tropical fish spawn only in warm oceans. Salmon spawn in cold, frozen ocean , river and frozen river. So, salmon are the easiest to encounter, since rivers are easier to find than oceans.

Mainline And Side Quests

You can now earn achievements on Minecraft PE: iOS : xboxone

Generally, you need to craft a stone pickaxe and get some iron melted in a furnace. Then you need to mine several diamonds.

Once youve built a Nether portal, you will have to kill blazes and craft an Ender Eye. Use it in MCPE to find the fortress and then slaughter the Dragon.

This is the main story according to the achievements. Notwithstanding, theres always a lot to see behind the curtains.

For example, Minecraft PE users might be interested in farming and cake baking. Also, theres an advancement for shooting a skeleton from fifty blocks away.

All in all, the game is funnier and more exciting with this addon installed.

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How To View Your Minecraft Achievements

To look at your achievements, you will need to check your profile at the main menu of Minecraft. When you first open Minecraft, you will see the Minecraft title screen, a play button, settings, marketplace, and there is a profile button on the bottom left. Click here to navigate towards your achievements.

When you open the profile you will see the characters you have created as well as an edit character button and an achievements button. You cant miss it!

When Pigs Fly

Get a saddle and a carrot on a stick.

Use the saddle on a pig, which should be near a cliff. The easiest way to get it to jump off a cliff is to hold a carrot on a stick in your hand and walk, like you normally would, in the direction of the cliff until you and the pig fall.

Alternatively, you can put the pig on a piston, trapdoor, fence gate, or any kind of opening mechanism. Then ride the pig up there and open the mechanism so you and the pig will take fall damage.

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