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How To Turn On Durability In Minecraft

A Bit About Meincraft Durability

Minecraft Shortcuts How To See Durability On Items In Minecraft

According to, empact America, As an indie game, Minecraft has won millions of fans worldwide. It is currently one of the most played games in the world and one of the most successful in youtube gameplays.

The game is based on an open world made of blocks, and in this block universe, you have two game options, a simpler mode where you venture only with buildings and explorations that can be realized in surprising ways or in survival mode.

F3+b Activates Visible Hitboxes And Line Of Sight

The F3 key paired with another key isnt just for activating tooltipsits for manipulating the in-game debug menu. This allows you to view a wealth of information you might not otherwise have access to. For example, if you hit F3+B, you can view different entitys hitboxes and their line of sight.

This can be particularly useful if you arent sure how large an enemy actually is. You can gauge how close you need to get in order to land a blow, as well as what direction that enemy is looking. When it comes to Endermen, you want to avoid making direct eye contactand this command can help.

Tooltips Show Remaining Armor Durability

Just as Advanced Tooltips in Minecraft demonstrate remaining weapon and tool durability, it can also show you how much more abuse your armor can take. Different enemies and types of damage cause your armor to decrease at certain rates. The above damage was caused after a Creeper explosion at point-blank range.

For example, a fall might damage a set of boots, but it isnt likely going to damage your chest plate. Burning will damage all of your armor. Armor worn by enemies wont take damage except when worn by undead creatures, and their helmets will take damage when they begin to burn in sunlight.

Tooltips can also be used to designate additional information about items, such as whether a beehive contains bees or not. Beyond that, tooltips offer no additional informationbut there are other ways you can put the debug menu to use.

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F3+g Shows Chunk Borders

The Minecraft world is divided into different sections called chunks, each of which is a 256-block high, 16×16 area. They are important for a variety of reasons, but the main one is this: Chunks that remain loaded at all times affect the gameplay of the entire world.

For example, your spawn chunk is always loaded. If you have a lot of redstone clocks set up that are causing lag in that chunk, then every chunk in the game will also experience lag.

Most chunks are not loaded, however. If you want to make sure youre building things in different chunks to avoid overlap and potential errors, its important to be able to see chunk borders. Press F3+G to show these on-screen.

Once you know where the chunk borders lie, you can better plan redstone machines, mods, and much more.

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How To Find Out The Durability Of A Tool In Minecraft

Durability Show Mod for Minecraft 1.13/1.12.2/1.11.2 ...

Tools in “Minecraft” help you break down blocks for building materials and clearing the environment. Every tool deteriorates as you use it and will eventually break. This makes knowing the tool’s durability important for effective use. While you’ll see a bar under each tool denoting the general “life” of a tool, you can also find exactly how many more times you can use the item before it breaks.

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Use A Shield To Break Its Crossbow

To tame the pillager, you need to break its crossbow. Since a has a durability of 326, you need the pillager to use its crossbow 326 times to break it!

So add 5 shields to your hotbar and possibly some food. Then stand near the pillager and use a shield to block the arrows as the pillager shoots at you.


It will take up to 5 shields and nearly 15 minutes to break the pillager’s crossbow. And once the crossbow breaks, the pillager will no longer attack. Instead, it will just wander away. Also, the pillager will NOT pick up any weapons off the ground, so it is safe to hang around with.

How To See Durability In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the few games that ask a lot from players. It demands your attention and concentration throughout the gameplay. Minecraft allows you to use several valuable tools, weapons, and armors to develop yourself as a better player. These items gradually lose their efficiencies with time. It would be best if you cater for this aspect too in Minecraft. First, you need to learn about how to see durability in Minecraft.

First, you need to find the object icon on your screen. You will also see a small bar under this icon. You will be able to check the state of your object with this bar. That bar would be in one of the three colors: red , green , and yellow . You need to press F3 and H keys to know the exact durability numbers. Move your cursor to that bar to find the precise number.

It is essential to keep an eye on the efficiency, working ability, durability, and performance of your Minecraft item. Or else, your items will wear out with time. By checking the durability of your items, you will make your tools long-lasting and highly efficient. Here, I will tell you about how you would check the durability of an item.

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F3+t Reloads Resource Packs

Minecraft is an old game with a lot of modifications over the years. Though it typically works without a hitch, there are times when the resource packs can fail. You might encounter graphical glitches or weird bugs that interfere with gameplay.

When this happens, press F3+T to reload the texture packs. This is particularly useful if you are playing a modded version of Minecraft or youve downloaded additional texture packs to improve the games appearance.

The game will pause and a load screen will appear. After the bar fills complete, the screen will flash and the game will resume with all of the textures reloaded.

How Can I Change The Durability Of Items Using Commands

How to see your durability in minecraft 1.18 NO MODS

I have a Minecraft 1.8.1 vanilla server and would like to reward certain users. I would like to /give some users a 99999/99999 durability renamed Diamond Pickaxe .

How do I use commands to change/repair the durability of items? If possible, using only one command and use /give.

You can use the /give command to create an item with a certain amount of durability by entering a damage value after the quantity. For example, to give a diamond pickaxe that has been used 50 times , use this command:

The /give command also allows you to give items with NBT data, including the Unbreaking tag. To give a diamond pickaxe that will never break, use this command:

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Advanced Tooltips In Minecraft To Up Your Game

Gives you the edge in hardcore mode

When youre new to Minecraft, youre more concerned with surviving the first day and getting a shelter built. Higher-level players rely on different tricks and advanced tool tips to give them an edge, especially when playing on Hardcore Mode.

Minecraft has an oft-ignored tooltip feature that displays additional information about items within the game. The tooltips show specific IDs for each item, but they also show more critical details: remaining tool, weapon, and armor durability, as well as other important details.

How To Turn Off Durability In Minecraft

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Durability On Items In Housing


GoldenCobra said:Hey guys,So I’m making a PVP housing and want to have a one-shot sword with really low durability. However, every time I get the sword low and try and pick it up in my inventory it just repairs itself! Anyone know how I can stop this from happening so I can put it in the PVP loadout? Thanks!

SublimeBox- said:Not answering your question, but a 1 shot sword is really bad even if it’s really low durability. I had a situation in my Housing where players just did /clear to get infinite god apples. which ruined how I planned for the 1 god apple to be some kind of 1 time use if you need to use it.

GoldenCobra said:Hey guys,So I’m making a PVP housing and want to have a one-shot sword with really low durability. However, every time I get the sword low and try and pick it up in my inventory it just repairs itself! Anyone know how I can stop this from happening so I can put it in the PVP loadout? Thanks!

GoldenCobra said:Hey guys,So I’m making a PVP housing and want to have a one-shot sword with really low durability. However, every time I get the sword low and try and pick it up in my inventory it just repairs itself! Anyone know how I can stop this from happening so I can put it in the PVP loadout? Thanks!

How Do You Find The Durability Of An Item

minecraft java edition minecraft feed the beast

One of the things that most dazzles Minecraft players is the variety of items they can get during the game. There are thousands that can be found or created by the players themselves. Such items have durability, wear, and may even break, but to avoid, it is necessary to keep an eye on durability.

Commonly you may notice a small bar just below the object icon, and this bar indicates its state by color green means good, yellow medium and red bad. You can also choose to see exact numbers just by pressing the F3 and H keys.Mouse over the item, it will show the exact durability numbers.

After you create an Anvil, you will need to have some of the same material you used to create this item to repair. For example, Iron for an Iron Pick or Diamonds for a Diamond Pick. You can also use another worn item and in this case, even unite the spells of different items into one tool, weapon, or armor, but again at great cost.

Step 4: Create an anvil using 3 Iron Blocks on the top row and 4 Iron Bars completing an I shape.


If you do not know how to make Iron Blocks, they are made with 9 Iron Bars, filling the entire Crafting area of a Worktable.

Step 5: Right-click on the anvil and you will see a window with 3 free spaces, like this: + => .

6th Step: Place your worn tool in the first slot and the material or second tool in the second. The order is not important.

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Enabling Advanced Tooltips In Minecraft

To activate advanced tooltips in Minecraft: Java Edition, players can use the simple shortcut of F3 + H at the same time. The game’s debug menu should place a message in the chatbox stating that advanced tooltips are active if used correctly.

Some users have discussed their inability to use this shortcut due to pre-determined functions on their keyboards. Nonetheless, multiple mods allow players to enable and disable the tooltips manually. CurseForge is one such platform.

In addition to activating advanced tooltips, Minecraft players can use the following shortcuts to enable some other helpful debugging tools:

F3 + B

  • This shortcut will create visible hitboxes and lines of sight for players looking for a little extra info about mobs in their game world. This can help determine just how close players need to get to a mob to strike it or determine where it’s looking to avoid it.

F3 + T

  • Minecraft has numerous modifications and resource packs out there, and they don’t always work together cleanly. This can result in missing textures or unusual mechanics that end up with undesired results. Fortunately, this shortcut can reload a resource pack’s files, which may alleviate some problems. This isn’t guaranteed, but it can be worth a shot.

Alt + F3

  • If Minecraft might be siphoning off processing or graphics power, this shortcut can bring up a monitoring chart that allows players to visualize any fluctuations in framerate past a simple FPS counter.

F3 + G

For Minecraft Armors Tools And Weapons

The durability of Minecraft armor, tools, and weapons changes with the type and material of these items. The durability of the things mentioned above decreases by one point for every four damages. Thats why it is necessary to check the durability of these items with time. Otherwise, you will lose your armors, tools, and weapons.

You will use the same method to see the durability of your item. But, how would you know the durability of these items in Minecraft?

  • You dont have to open your inventory to check the durability.
  • From the object icon, you will select your item.
  • Then press F3 & H keys at the same time.
  • You will get to know the exact value of the durability of your item on your Minecraft screen.

Here is one thing that you need to care about. You will check the durability of all the armor pieces separately in Minecraft.

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How To View Durability Again

I’m playing version 1.14 and it appears that F3 + H won’t show me the durability of my items anymore. I’ve been playing Minecraft for many years, did they remove the ability to see Durability in 1.14?

It still works for me consistently. Try pressing F3 + Q to see the command list, and if it is changed, it should show up there. Otherwise, just make sure your F3 keys work independently, and if nothing’s wrong there and the list still says to use F3, then make sure your system isn’t treating F3 + H as a shortcut to something else .

Otherwise, try loading another version and seeing if it works there if not, either your keyboard is broken, your computer is overriding or not receiving the shortcut, or something else system-related , and if so, try reinstalling 1.14.

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Durability Minecraft Data Packs

  • 1.18 – 1.19 Snapshot Quality of Life Data Pack50%
  • 1.17 – 1.18 Quality of Life Data Pack22Minecraft 1.17 to 1.18 Compatibility ING3_1/23/22 1:05 posted 12/12/21 3:446k5182
  • 1.17 Quality of Life Data Pack77 LeonNikolai6/8/21 3:29 posted 10/15/20 2:4936k10.9k22
  • 1.16 – 1.17 Quality of Life Data Pack235Minecraft 1.16 to 1.17 Compatibility Francielly2/26/21 11:17 posted 6/9/20 8:3842.9k5k54
  • 1.14 – 1.16 Quality of Life Data Pack116Minecraft 1.14 to 1.16 Compatibility LeonNikolai10/14/20 5:25 posted 5/23/19 6:0058.9k17.3k29
  • 1.14 Quality of Life Data Pack8
  • 1.13 Weapons and Armor Data Pack18 MukiTanuki6/8/18 9:14 posted 6/6/18 7:1015.7k1.7k22

Alt+f3 Displays Frame Time Graph

No one would define Minecraft as a resource intensive game, but specific mods can definitely impact performance. If youre concerned about your in-game framerate and you want to monitor it while you perform specific activities, press Alt+F3. This opens the debug menu, with the added frame time graph at the bottom.

You can play the game while this menu is on screen and monitor how your frame rate behaves during play. This is a good way to measure exactly what activities might be impacting your performance.

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How To See The Durability Of An Item In Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition allows you to keep an eye on your Minecraft items working. There is a proper way of checks and balances for your Minecraft items. You will check the durability with this method.

  • You will see an object icon on your Minecraft server screen.
  • Move your cursor to that icon.
  • There would be a colored bar below the object icon.
  • You will know the state of your item from that bar.
  • You can also find the exact durability in numeric form.
  • It will tell you about how many times you can use your item. It also tells you about the number of damages that your item can take in Minecraft gameplay.

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