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How To Un Enchant In Minecraft

How To Enchant Items In Minecraft

How to Enchant Un-Enchantable Items | Minecraft

Place the enchanting table down and interact with it. This will pull up a window with your inventory with two open slots above that. The first slot is for the item you wish to enchant and the second is for lapis lazuli.

Once you’ve put the item and the lapis lazuli in the slots, choose an option. If no options come up, keep taking the item out and putting it back until you get one. Keep in mind, you might not be able to enchant all things at level 1.

How To Repair And Disenchant In Minecraft With Examples

In Minecraft, it has become anything but ordinary that survival and building, measure ones success. Repairing and disenchanting are very important tools for use leading us to one of the frequently asked of how to repair and disenchant in the game.

Repairing in Minecraft involves sacrificing a look-alike or different item for the one to be repaired. To disenchant items, the enchanted item is stripped of its magical powers either to gain experience points or onto a book. Repairing and disenchanting could be done using a grindstone or an Anvil.

Repairing and disenchanting items is usually done using a crafted grindstone. It is however important to note that while a grindstone can handle your repairs, it doesnt protect the enchantments on such items and it becomes a serious issue when you need the enchanting powers of an item you just repaired. This and many other concerns need to be addressed.

Having played this game for years, I would share my experience with you which hopefully answers the most frequently asked questions as regards repairing, enchanting and disenchanting items in the Minecraft game.

Crafting Tables And Removing Curses

If players want to remove a curse, they simply need to head back to their basic Crafting Table. Put either two identical items that are both cursed, or one cursed and one unenchanted item of the same kind. This will combine the two, removing the curse from one and giving players a clean slate to work with.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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How To Craft Anvils To Change Enchantments In Minecraft

You can build an Anvil with four Iron Ingots and three Blocks of Iron. Once you have the Anvil in place, all you need to do is put two exact same enchanted items in it. Anvil will combine both the items and make a new one, which is even stronger than the individual.

Anvil comes in handy to craft better-enchanted items. There are limitations to how much you can enchant a particular item in Minecraft. But Anvil lets you combine even two maximally enchanted items to craft a stronger one.

How To Remove Enchantments In Minecraft Using Grindstone

Come Usare i Libri Incantati in Minecraft: 5 Passaggi

To remove any enchantment from your tools or weapons, you just need to place them in the grindstone. There are two columns in the grindstone , and you can use any of them. Just make sure that the other column is empty or has the same item in it. This process doesnt cost anything in terms of experience, fuel, or time.

Using grindstone to remove enchantments also leads to experience points. Their quantity depends upon the level of enchantment alongside the quality of your tool. Keep in mind that you can remove all the in-game enchantments from your equipment except Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing. As of 2021, there is no way to remove either of these enchantments unless you use one of these best Minecraft mods.

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Can You Disenchant Items In Minecraft Into A Book

Using an anvil, I can transfer enchantments from an item into a book. All I need do is throw that item onto the anvil and then throw in the book and a quill also. The anvil will automatically disenchant the item and transfer the enchantment onto the book. So, the secret here is the quill.

To disenchant items, I will need to enchant them first. I can achieve this by using an enchanting table with bookshelves around it to make the enchantment better and stronger with higher levels. This Youtube video avails you all you need to know as regards disenchanting items in Minecraft into books.

The interface below shows the enchanted books beside the items that have been disenchanted onto them.

When the process of transferring enchantments is completed, it should be noted that the disenchanted items keep their damage values while the books retain the same enchantment that the items had.

Adding An Event To The Enchantment

Enchantments alone do not provide any triggers. Enchantments are meant to be used as a modifier to custom actions defined by procedures.

To be able to add an action/event to your enchantment you need to create a procedure with a Global trigger or selected trigger of your custom elements.

Then, use the procedure block named “Get level of the enchantment” for each level of your enchantment. Finally, add the actions your enchantment will do when the procedure is triggered.

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Enchantments : A Guide To Enchanting In Minecraft

This page is part of IGN’s Minecraft Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about Enchantments in Minecraft, including why you should enchant items, how you can enchant items, as well as every enchantment you can unlock in Minecraft.

How To Reclaim Enchantment Points

Minecraft Xbox 360 – UN-ENCHANT Items GLITCH – How to Remove Enchantments!

So you’ve enchanted a sword to its max level in Minecraft Dungeons, but found a better piece of gear in a later level. Is it possible to get those Enchantment Points back? Shacknews explains how to reclaim your EP.

Minecraft has jumped into the realm of hack-and-slash action with spin-off title Minecraft Dungeons. Players will wage war against hostile mobs and attempt to survive the forces of the evil Arch-Illager. However, this should not be approached like other games in the genre, like Gauntlet or Diablo. Minecraft Dungeons operates differently, utilizing gear that’s bolstered by Enchantments. But once players use Enchantments on a piece of gear, is there any way to get them back?

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Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

Sharpness V or Smite V. Both Sharpness and Smite significantly increase the damage input of your sword. The difference is that Smite only affects undead mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, strays, and the like, whereas Sharpness affects all mobs but is less effective.

These two are mutually exclusive, however. So, once you have enough XP and diamonds to spare, you can have two swords with the same loadout, except one is going to have Sharpness V and the other Smite V.

Looting III. Looting, as its name implies, increases the rate at which rare items drop. But thats not all. It also increases the number of items dropped, making it essential for you to have Looting III to obtain rare endgame items and resources.

Sweeping Edge III. It increases the damage dealt to mobs by each hit from a sweep attack. Of course, level three enchantment is the best, dealing a 75% damage bonus.

Unbreaking III increases the durability of your enchanted sword, making it a very obvious choice if you want to extend the life of your sword.

Mending. And of course, one of the most precious and rare enchantments of this list is so helpful that youll probably want to add to every single enchanted item you own. Mending repairs items you have by using experience.

Honorable Mentions: Fire Aspect and Knockback. These are honorable mentions because, depending on your playstyle, these two can cause more trouble than what theyre worth.

How To Get A Knockback Stick In Minecraft

Sticks can be enchanted. Their primary function is not to be used as weapons, but with the proper enchantments you can turn them into interesting gadgets.

With the Knockback enchantment, for example, you can basically turn a Stick into a wand performing the Stupefying Charm from the Harry Potter series. Today we are here to see how to make a Knockback Stick, how to make a Knockback 1000 Stick and how to enchant a Stick with other enchantments. Lets start.

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How To Get The Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft

A cursed book in Minecraft is mostly found naturally. Along with this, doing business can also get this curse easily. In a village, you will need a lectern and some bookcases to do this. You will then need to find a librarian in your village. This Librarian helps you do business with the cursed book.

Unlock more trading options after you finish trading with the Librarian to increase your chance of finding the curse spell on the left. Go through dungeons and temples, searching chests for the cursed book. Now we will see the method for removing the curse once it is applied.

How To Make An Enchanting Table In Minecraft


To make an enchanting table, open the crafting menu and arrange book, diamonds, and obsidian ores in the following order:

  • One book in the second column of the first row.
  • A diamond, obsidian ore, and then another diamond in the columns of the second row.
  • Obsidian ore in all three columns of the third row.
  • If the items are arranged correctly, an enchanting table will appear in the box on the right, and you can then place it into your inventory.

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    How To Disenchant Enchantments In Minecraft

    If players are looking to disenchant enchanted items in Minecraft, they first have to craft a specialty crafting item in order to do it. Enchantments are important in Minecraft to build better, stronger tools, armor, and other items. But sometimes, players will want to remove these any of the Minecraft enchantments.

    How Do You Repair Items Without Disenchanting Them

    Earlier in this write-up, I stated that there were different methods of repairing items. I will be taking you through another method that aims at retaining the items enchantment. In fact, this method also combines the enchantments for two items when one is being sacrificed to repair another.

    To repair items in Minecraft with the aim of retaining enchantments, I use an anvil instead of a grindstone. An anvil could also be crafted using the crafting grid and a number of those needs be produced regularly as it usually wears out from constant use. An illustration of the anvil interface in Minecraft is displayed below.

    In the anvil diagram, the first slot before the plus sign is the target while the slot after the plus sign is the sacrifice. When repairing items, I put the item to be sacrificed in the slot on the right after the plus sign while the item receives the repairs, and of course the combined enchantments will be placed in the target slot.

    The first function of the anvil will be to rename the item to be expected. The new name can be typed in the brown slot just below the Repair and Name depicted on the anvil interface.

    There are two ways of repairing items I put in the target slot. I can put a similar item in the sacrifice slot but I would need to be sure that the sacrifice item is damaged enough to not allow a 100% durability to be exceeded after the repair process.

    Here is a Youtube video that explains how to repair items without losing the enchantments.

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    Grindstone Recipe: Crafting The Grindstone

    To know How to remove enchantments from Minecraft, you will need to know how to craft a Grindstone first. Here are what you need to prepare:

    • Two sticks
    • A slab of stone

    Crafting the Grindstone

    After preparing all of the items above, you can proceed to the way to craft the grindstone.

    Put two sticks in the left and right corners at the top row. Then the stone slab is in the middle of the top row.

    Next, put two planks in the left and right of the middle row. If you canât use slabs of stone, you could also try Blast furnace and cobblestone.

    Enchant Command In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – Un-Enchant Glitch (UNDO Enchantments)

    In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, the syntax to enchant the item that a player’s holding is:

    /enchant < player> < enchantmentName>  
    /enchant < player> < enchantmentID>  


    • player is the name of the player that you wish to enchant an item for.
    • enchantmentName is the name of the enchantment to add.
    • enchantmentID is the ID of the enchantment to add.
    • level is optional. It is the level of enchantment to apply. If you don’t specify a level, it will apply the enchantment at Level I.

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    Enchant Command In Minecraft Java Edition

    In Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18, the syntax to enchant the item that a player’s holding is:

    /enchant < targets> < enchantment>  

    In Minecraft Java Edition 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12, the syntax to enchant the item that a player’s holding is:

    /enchant < player> < enchantment>  
    /enchant < player> < enchantmentID>  


    • targets or player is the name of the player that you wish to enchant an item for.
    • enchantment is the name of the enchantment to add.
    • enchantmentID is the ID of the enchantment to add.
    • level is optional. It is the level of enchantment to apply. If you don’t specify a level, it will apply the enchantment at Level I.

    How To Craft Grindstone In Minecraft To Disenchant

    You can craft a Grindstone in Minecraft by placing a stone and woods in the crafting table slots. Alternatively, you can also get a Grindstone from a blacksmith. Grindstone is used for both repairing and disenchanting. It will ask you if you want to repair or disenchant. All you need to do is place the enchanted item on the top of the table and it will be disenchanted.

    The only problem with Grindstones is that it can only disenchant un-cursed items. This means that you will have to first un-curse a cursed item to disenchant it.

    Thats everything you need to know about how to disenchant in Minecraft. While here, ensure reading how to craft a hopper, a barrel, and a shield in Minecraft. These guides will help you craft valuable items that are useful in the game.

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    How To Remove Enchantments In Minecraft

    Enchantments in Minecraft are always fun to explore. But that doesnt mean all of them are desirable. You can find several enchanted items in this sandbox game but with negative enchantments on them. Or, you might end up putting the wrong enchantment while learning to use anenchanting table in Minecraft. Irrespective of the way you end up with an undesirable enchantment, removing it is really easy. To learn how to remove enchantments in Minecraft, we will need to craft a grindstone. Its the only tool you can use to remove enchantments in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Alternatively, you can also install Forge in Minecraft to find unique and easy mod-based solutions for the same. But most players dont need to take that complex route. So, without further ado, let me teach you how to remove enchantments in Minecraft from tools and weapons.

    Understanding The Basic : Remove Enchantments With Minecraft Command

    Minecraft Mending Enchantment

    To know How to remove enchantments in Minecraft, you will need to understand the basics of getting rid of the enchantments.

    The enchantment is a component in Minecraft that can improve or add more attributes to particular objects, including armors, weapons, tools, properties, as well as books. Enchantment works by redeeming the XP and items which are not enchanted before.

    Obtaining the spells can be sourcing from anything. Even the moderator in the server can use the command â/enchantâ to create some enchantments for the particular objects. By using simple commands, one can actually remove or get rid of the spells and enchantments for good.

    Besides the experience points, the anvil and enchanted books can make the objects get enchanted. So, one can add enchantment in particular objects without the need to redeem the XP points.

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    Grindstones And Removing Enchantments

    Grindstones in Minecraft allow players to remove all non-curse enchantments currently on an item. Players can build on for themselves, out of stone and wood, or they can swipe one from a Minecraft villager who is a blacksmith.

    When interacting with the menu of the Grindstone, the game will ask if players want to repair or disenchant the item. Place the enchanted item in the top slot, and the Grindstone will remove the enchantment from it.

    How To Disenchant Items In Minecraft

    Sometimes, its necessary to remove the enchantments from a piece of equipment. For instance, youre in a Nether fortress and you find a chest with a Netherite Sword! Thats an awesome find, but sadly it has Bane of Arthropods on it. Thats only good against a few different hostile mobs you wont face that often, clearly not something youd want to invest a ton of experience into making better. However, there are a couple of ways to remove enchantments from items in the game.

    Option number one, and probably your go-to for most situations is going to be the grindstone. Simply place the equipment to be disenchanted into the grindstone menu and the grindstone will present a completely unenchanted version of that item for you to grab. Disenchanting the equipment will also give you back a little of the experience spent to apply the enchantment. Unfortunately, this wont remove curses so on to method two.

    This is a great option for situations where you need to remove less-than-ideal enchantments from equipment obtained from loot chests or villager trading, leaving a blank slate for you to enchant as you see fit.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you found the information enchanting So sorry, I know my jokes leave people disenchanted, but Minecrafts enchanting system certainly wont!

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