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How To Use A Jigsaw Block In Minecraft

Using The Jigsaw Block In Your Data Pack

How to Use The Jigsaw Block in Minecraft 1.16???
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  • Place a north-oriented Jigsaw Block somewhere on the north face of your first structure piece
  • Place a south-oriented Jigsaw block on the appropriate face of the other structure piece
  • Fill in the correct data in the Jigsaw Blocks’ GUIs
  • The fountain itself would start with four Jigsaw Blocks – one at the north/south/east/west edges of the structure. All of them would have their Target pool set to a new Template Pool you create that lists all 11 houses.
  • They would all have Name set to minecraft:empty, because Jigsaw Blocks in other structure pieces have no reason to generate your central fountain piece.
  • You can arbitrarily set whichever Target name you’d like here the idea is that there will be Jigsaw Blocks in each house piece whose Name is set to the same value.
  • The Start Pool is drawn from, in this case guaranteeing a fountain piece is generated on the spot
  • The four Jigsaws in the fountain piece each check their Target pools for a piece, and try to find a Jigsaw Block in the chosen piece with a Name matching the fountain Jigsaw’s Target name, then generate that piece attached as described above
  • Each piece has a north/south/east/west Jigsaw Block

Program The First Structure Block

Next, right click on the structure block to open the Structure Block menu. The structure block will default to Data mode, but we need to program the first structure block in Corner mode.

To change to Corner mode, click on the button and cycle through the different modes until the button says . It will take 3 button clicks to get to this mode .

Next, enter a name for the structure. In this example, we will enter Garden as the name for our structure. When you are finished, click on the Done button.

Your structure block should now display the name Corner: Garden and will be programmed as the first corner for the structure called Garden. Notice that the appearance of the structure block changed to:

This indicates that the structure block is currently in Corner mode.

Creating Straight Cuts With Jigsaw

Straight cuts do not require great precision you just draw a thick line with your pen and follow it. For parallel cuts near the edge , use jigsaw parallel guides. These guides will allow you to create cuts parallel to the edge of the material, you should fit the guides on the shoe of the jigsaw and start cutting.

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How To Use A Structure Block To Mark A Structure In Minecraft


This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use a to mark a structure with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, you can use a structure block to mark a structure in your world and then save and load that structure wherever you want to make custom maps.

Let’s explore how to use a structure block in Corner mode to mark a structure.

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Jigsaw System Support For Stucture Generator

Hi,We can make big structures with many structures blocks and procedures, but Minecraft has an easier way to do called the Jigsaw block. The jigsaw block has been added in 1.14 to make easier the creation of the new Villages, and they are re-used into the 1.16 for the Bastion remanants. However, I tested few days ago, but we can’t use them because we need to add code, so they just are like other blocks. I know it’s already possible with procedure, but firstly, we can rotate structures, so we need to create 1,2 or 4 structures depending of the structures of each piece, but with the jigsaw block, we only one structure for each piece. it will make generation mods lighter, and more easier.


Program The Second Structure Block

To program the second structure block, right click to open the Structure Block menu.

Again, change to Corner mode by clicking on the button and cycling through the different modes until the button says . You will need to click 3 times to get to Corner mode .

Enter the same name for the structure as you did for the first structure block. In this example, we will again enter Garden as the name for our structure. When you are finished, click on the Done button.

Your structure block should now display the name Corner: Garden and will be programmed as the second corner for the structure called Garden.

As you can see, the 2 structure blocks are in opposite corners to mark the structure.

Congratulations, you just learned how to use Corner mode to mark a structure using a structure block in Minecraft. Next, we will show you how to use the structure block to .

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What Is Jigsaw Pendulum Motion

You have two types of motion in the jigsaw blade, the first one is up and down , the second one is forward, and backward, which is the pendulum motion, this motion makes it possible to cut through hard materials more efficiently.

To make it crystal clear, the jigsaw follows an elliptical trajectory. At the upward motion, it tilts forward to increase the attack of the teeth over the entire piece of wood and accelerates the cut. At the downward motion, the blade moves backward to reduce the friction and evacuate sawdust.

Id like you to watch this video so you can figure out what the pendulum motion really is:

How To Use 116 Jigsaw Blocks

âï¸? How To Get And Use The Secret Jigsaw Block In Minecraft Tutorial (Updated) âï¸? Generate Villages!
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The jigsaw block has been a recent block added in the 1.14 update. It is a very mysterious block used for technical purposes to generate structures. In the recent 1.16 snapshots, the block received some updates along with a new texture. In this post, I will explain each setting and how to use it. Also, the jigsaw block is used to generate structures saved in files. This means it’s possible to create your own structures and save them with structure blocks. With the jigsaw blocks, you can then generate your own random structures!


Structure blocks are a feature that allows you to save structures and load them. You can load naturally generated structures too. For specific info on structure blocks, recommend going to the Minecraft wiki.


To obtain a jigsaw block you will have to use commands as it is not in the creative inventory. The command can be used to give yourself one. You can open the jigsaw block to enter some parameters.


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What Can A Jigsaw Block Be Used For

Jigsaw blocks can be used to create roads, houses, naturally generated structures, and more in Minecraft.

Players can also use these blocks to generate a specific type of house or village structure, depending on what level they set the block to.

These blocks are supposed to make developers’ jobs easier while creating Minecraft worlds. However, they are not used often because of their complexity.

Creating Precise Cuts Effortlessly

Lightweight, maneuverable, and safe to use, the jigsaw is one of the most popular cutting tools in DIY. Thanks to a wide range of blades, it makes it easy to saw various materials with sufficient precision. The power of the models ranges from 300 to 800 W.

It also comes in an affordable price, low power machines are short of breath on thick materials that are beyond 50 mm. The 500 to 800 W models do not have faster oscillation frequency, but this extra energy doubles the cutting capacity and makes it possible to saw harder materials. Especially if it is associated with a pendulum motion and a quality blade.

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Four In One Getting Started

You may not know, but structure blocks have FOUR block textures in one!

Those four are:

Data Mode, Save Mode, Load Mode, and Corner Mode.

For this walkthrough, I will just use the Save, Load, and Corner Modes.

When you place down your Structure Block and open up its menu, you are greeted with the Data block.

If you click the highlighted box, it will take you to the next blocks.

Creating A Examplefeaturestart Class

� Minecraft New Jigsaw Block Tutorial and Minecraft Jigsaw ...

Start is like the initialization stage of generating our structure in the world. For now, create a simple child class with a constructor that also overrides initialize:

  • publicstaticclass Start extends StructureStart< StructurePoolFeatureConfig> {
  • )
  • }
  • Here, we’re registering 2 pools and then adding their respective children to them. The StructurePool constructor is as follows:

    • registry name of the pool, same as target pool at top of a jigsaw
    • a list of pool elements
    • the projection type of the pool

    For the list of elements, we add Pairs3) of pool elements and integers. The string passed into the element is the location of the structure in the data directory, and the int is the weight of the element within the entire target pool. Using 1 for each element ensures each one will be picked evenly.

    The projection is how the pool is placed in the world. Rigid means it will be placed directly as is, and terrain matching means it will be bent to sit on top of the terrain. The latter may be good for a wheat field structure that moves with the terrain shape, whereas the first would be better for houses with solid floors.

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    Program The Structure Block

    Now it is time to program the structure block. Right click to open the Structure Block menu. The structure block will default to Data mode, but we need to program it in Load mode.

    To change to Load mode, click on the button and cycle through the different modes until the button says . It will take 2 button clicks to get to this mode .

    Next, enter a name for the structure. This MUST be the same name used when you saved the structure. In this example, we will enter Garden as the name for our structure.

    If you wish to load any entities that are in the structure, click on the button under “Include entities” to toggle it to ON. This will ensure that when this structure is loaded, the entities will be loaded too.

    Use Structure Blocks Created With Setblock And Fill In The Appropriate Block Data Followed By Triggering It With Either A Setblock Or Blockdata Command

    How to use structure blocks in minecraft java. Build a rotation function using a chain of command blocks. In this tutorial i show how to clone any structure using structure blocks in minecraft 1.16 java edition. You could also add new structures to the nether using the structure and jigsaw blocks (ex:

    If 100, all blocks in the structure are loaded. More posts from the minecraft community. Jigsaw blocks are included when a player uses a structure block to spawn certain structures that use jigsaw blocks for generation.

    Open the menu and click to the corner mode. A big hint is to look into matrix transposition algorithms. Must be between 0 and 100 .

    Structure block tutorial in 5 minutes (snapshot 16w20a. I have a problem with structure blocks. Put the same name that you put in the save structure block into the corner and click done.

    Structure blocks are available using the /setblock, /fill, or /give commands, but it can be obtained in the creative inventory in education edition. All of these things could spark a huge interest in exploration in minecraft! You can right click a block with an axe to save its coordinates in the clipboard.

    Players most often use this feature to save time when creating many identical structures, or to create and share copies of complex buildings and natural features with other players. Place another structure block so the top of the block is level with the bottom of your build. If you liked this tutorial, please give it a like,.

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    Creating Inner Cuts With Jigsaw

    It is better to have a drill and a bit that is larger than the jigsaw blade, you should draw a circle on the sheet, drill at the side of the cutting line that youve just drawn and then start cutting from the hole that you made. By this way, you will save a lot of time and effort and you will not waste a lot of wood.

    Place The First Structure Block

    how to use jigsaw block / structure block in minecraft

    To mark a structure, you will need 2 structure blocks. These blocks will be used to mark the opposite corners of the structure. In this tutorial, we are going to mark a garden as a structure, then we can save and load this garden wherever we want in the game.

    So let’s start by placing the first structure block in the front left corner of the garden. Because we want the first structure block to be lower than the garden, we had to break the grass block and then place the structure block in the hole.

    You should now see the structure block next the garden.

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    Display The Structure’s Bounding Box

    The next step is to display the structure’s bounding box so you can see where the structure will be loaded.

    To do this, click on the LOAD button.

    Now you should see where the structure will be loaded. This gives you a chance to tweak the settings so that you can move the structure to just the right place in your map.

    Notice that the appearance of the structure block changed to:

    This indicates that the structure block is currently in Load mode.

    How To Use A Jigsaw Block In Minecraft

    Jigsaw blocks are the most complicated blocks to use in Minecraft. These blocks are unattainable in the Minecraft creative inventory and can only be summoned into the game using commands.

    Jigsaw blocks are developer-oriented blocks. They can generate structures with specific commands when placed in the correct orientation.

    It can be very difficult for players to start using jigsaw blocks in Minecraft, as there’s a high learning curve. This article will give players the simplest possible tutorial to use jigsaw blocks in the game.

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    Adjust The Location And Load The Structure

    Next, let’s adjust settings for the location where the structure will load.

    Since we don’t want our garden spawning in the air or on top of our structure block, let’s set the Relative Position to 1 0 1. Note that we don’t need to use ~ when entering our relative position values .


    You can also rotate the structure using the 0 90 180 270 buttons at the bottom. But in this tutorial, we will leave the rotation at 0.

    When you are done adjusting the settings, click on the LOAD button.

    Now you will see the structure loaded in your map.


    Congratulations, you just learned how to load a structure using a structure block in Minecraft.


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