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How To Use Name Tag In Minecraft

How To Find Name Tags

How To Use Name Tags in Minecraft

Unfortunately, its not possible to craft name tags in Minecraft. Instead, youll have to either find them in the wild or purchase them from a villager. Name tags are pretty rare objects, but you can stumble upon them in chests scattered throughout your realm. Its also possible to find them while fishing, although the odds of that are pretty slim.

If you dont want to waste time looking for name tags, its possible to purchase them for 20 emeralds from master-level librarians.

How To Fish For Name Tags In Minecraft

Fishing is a straightforward way to get name tags in Minecraft because all you have to do is make yourself a fishing rod and go fishing. You dont need to fish in any particular location, and every cast has a chance of hauling up a name tag. Unfortunately, the odds of hauling in a name tag are pretty low.

To increase your chances, try enchanting your fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

Heres how to fish for name tags:

  • Make yourself a fishing rod.

  • Locate a body of water.

    You can fish anywhere there is water in Minecraft, even a one block pond inside your house.

  • Cast your line and go fishing.

  • Continue fishing until you get lucky and catch a name tag.

  • How To Get A Name Tag In Minecraft:

    The best way to find a name tag in Minecraft is through exploration. Although name tags dont spawn everywhere, the chances of finding one are very high if you know where to look. For example, there is a 40% chance for you to see name tags in mineshaft chests.

    Follow the steps below to find name tags in Minecraft:

  • Explore the Minecraft world and try to locate an abandoned Mineshaft, Dungeon, or Woodland Mansions.
  • Now, find a chest in that location and open it.
  • If you get lucky, you might find a Name Tag in your first location. On the other hand, continue exploring other places until you find one.
  • If you are using Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can also find name tags on buried treasures.

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    How To Use A Nametag In Minecraft

    In Minecraft, players can use name tags to give names to their pets or other mobs in the game that they do not want to despawn. Players can pick a unique name for their pet and it will hover over their head when the name tag is on.

    Name tags can be located pretty easily around Minecraft. They can be obtained inside of treasure chests, while fishing, traded by villagers, they can even be found inside Mineshafts. Unfortunately, players cannot craft name tags.

    Players will need an anvil to use name tags in Minecraft. Anvils are created using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Without an anvil, players will not be able to add a name to the tag.

    Using name tags is easy, however, it will cost the player something in order for the tag to be named. Players will need enchantment levels in order to place a name on a tag.

    Enchantment levels are shown in the green bar at the bottom of the screen. Some players refer to this as just their regular experience level. This bar is increased by mining, slaying mobs, and other tasks around the Minecraft world.

    Here are some ways players can use name tags in Minecraft, and how to place them on mobs.

    Side Effects Of Taming A Pillager

    Name Tag Crafting Recipe

    If you decide to keep your pillager by your side in the game, there are a few side effects that you should be aware of:

  • Your tamed pillager will still scare away villagers. Even though your tame pillager will not attack any of the villagers, the villagers are still programmed to run away from pillagers in the game.

  • You will NOT be able to sleep in a bed when your tamed pillager is nearby because the game still considers the pillager to be a monster. If you try to sleep in a bed with your tame pillager nearby, the following message will appear in the game:

    You may not rest now there are monsters nearby

  • You should use a name tag on your tamed pillager to prevent him from despawning. After spending nearly 15 minutes taming the pillager, you don’t want him to disappear in the game.
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    Tips When Taming A Pillager

  • DO NOT stand too close to the pillager when blocking with your shield or the arrow will bounce off your shield and hit the pillager .

  • DO NOT get in the boat with the pillager until it is tamed or it will attack you.

  • The name tag does NOT tame the pillager, it only prevents the pillager from naturally despawning from the game.

  • Add The Name To The Name Tag

    Next, you need to add a name to the name tag. To do this, start by moving the name tag into the first slot. Then click on the brown box where it says “Name Tag” so that you can add a name.

    Press the Delete key to remove the words “Name Tag” and then type the name you would like to call your mob. In this example, we have typed the name Daisy. This is what we want to call our cow in the game.

    In the third slot, you will see the name tag that has the name of Daisy. It will cost to change the name tag.

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    How do you summon 20 zombies in Minecraft?

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    How To Use Name Tag In Minecraft

    How to Use Name tags in Minecraft Survival (Bedrock, 2020)

    Name tag is a very beneficial and essential item that should be present in your inventory so that you can get some help in remembering something. But always remember that for adding a name on a name tag you will require an anvil. It helps the players to get support and then hit the name tag for getting the name stick on the name tag. Players must know the importance of a name tag as it will make them get a lot of help which they cant even imagine.

    Most of the players are not much aware of the name tag, and its usage so tries to use it well by following some proper guides. You should enhance your knowledge about all the items of the game so that you can easily deal with them. A name tag has so many benefits which make people face so many advantages which makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are not aware of how to use a name tag in the game, then no need to take tension as there is a solution for you.

    You can consider the below information as it will help you to know how you can use a name tag and also how to deal with other name related aspects.

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    Where To Find Name Tags In Minecraft

    The name tag is surprisingly rare in the world, and can often be hard to find. Below, you can learn about two possible locations where you can find name tags.

    Underground 42.3%
    Dark forest 28.3%

    Of these two options, mine shafts are more common. They can be found everywhere, instead of just one biome. Exploring these mining shafts is the best way to find a name tag.


    Now, lets look at two other methods to get the name tag.

    How To Use Name Tags In Minecraft

    Personalization makes everything better, and Minecraft is no different. Naming things in Minecraft can add an entire level of fun to the game. Certain names even cause the named things to act differently.

    Naming things isn’t expensive, but the required materials can be somewhat difficult to acquire. Here’s how to get and use name tags in Minecraft.

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    Trading For Name Tags In Minecraft:

    If you dont feel like exploring the Minecraft world or dont have that much time to spare, you can always trade for name tags, given that you have the suitable materials lying around. To trade name tags, you need to find a master librarian and hope that they offer you a name tag for some emeralds.

    Check out the steps below to trade for a name tag:

  • First, locate a Village in your world and go to the Library.
  • Interact with the Librarian and make a few trades if it is not yet a Master Librarian to help it level up.
  • If youre lucky, a Master Librarian villager may offer you a name tag for some emeralds or other materials.
  • How To Get Rainbow Sheep Minecraft

    How to make a name tag in minecraft pe

    Players may get their own disco ball as a pet by naming a sheep of any color with the name tag jeb_. Every sheep may be transformed into a multi-colored, ever-changing rainbow lamb with this name tag technique.

    This Easter egg is dedicated after Jens Bergensten, one of Minecrafts initial primary game designers.

    These rainbow sheep are a lot of fun to have around since they will liven up whatever place they are in. Nevertheless, it should be noted that once sheared, these lambs do not shed rainbow wool since such an item doesnt really exist in-game.

    A rainbow sheep would then leave their natural color of wool once sheared or killed.

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    Fishing For Name Tags:

    One of the easiest ways to get a name tag in Minecraft is by making a fishing rod and going fishing. This doesnt require you to go to a particular place, and every cast has a slight chance of getting a name tag.

    However, it can take a lot of tries before you can get one since the odds of catching a name tag are very low.

    Nonetheless, here are the steps to fish for name tags:

  • Make a Fishing Rod by combining a few sticks and strings on the Crafting Table.
  • After that, find a body of water anywhere on the map.
  • Cast your line and start fishing.
  • Repeat this process until you catch a Name Tag.
  • Attach The Name Tag To The Mob

    You must now apply the name tag to your mob. In this case, wed want to apply it on our horse. Place yourself in front of the horse with the name tag you choose from the hot bar.

    Now your horse ought to be upside down with the name Dinnerbone. This easter egg may also be used to flip additional creatures upside down!

    Users may also name a spawn egg, and when youre using it to spawn, it would generate upside down. Except for the fact that they are upside down, they behave in the same way.

    Whenever a name tag is given the names Dinnerbone or Grumm and then attached to a mob, it appears upside down.

    This is a nice thing to do, or you could even construct an upside-down building around the upside-down mob to cause confusion on a Minecraft server.

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    How To Use A Name Tag In Minecraft

    To use a name tag, you will need to rename it at an anvil which will cost one level of experience. Fortunately, you can rename multiple name tags with this one level. If you want a stack of name tags with the same name, it will cost the same amount of experience as renaming just one.

    Unnamed name tags cannot be used, so remember to find an anvil and think of a name.

    With your renamed name tag, head to any mob of your choice. Interacting with the mob while holding the name tag will place the name on the mob and consume the name tag.

    Naming mobs is a great way to personalize your world, but it also has some practical uses. Mobs with names will not despawn this allows you to keep dangerous mobs without worrying about them disappearing.

    You will be able to see the name of your mob if you are standing a few blocks away if you are too far, the name will not appear. This is helpful if you have a lot of mobs in a small space that all have names.

    If you happen to be killed by the mob, then your death message will display their new name.

    How To Name A Dog In Minecraft

    How to use Name Tags Minecraft 1.6

    Naming a dog in Minecraft is not as difficult of a task because you can do it with some simple steps. Now before going into these steps, though, make sure to keep this important concept in mind that any pet you want naming will require the following things:

    • Name Tag
    • Anvil
    • You should have a minimum of 5 XP levels.

    Note: To make an Anvil you should have 3 iron blocks and 3 iron hinges. Now, to name a dog in Minecraft follow the given steps:

  • Built the Anvil.
  • Once you have built anvil, go to your anvil and now, you will see a Repair and name dialog box.
  • Now, place your name tag in the first box.
  • After, putting the name tag, write your desired name in the box.
  • Now, place your name tag to the box given at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Now, go to your Dog and stand in front of him with the name tag selected in the Hotbar.
  • Now, choose the commands according to your device:
  • For Education Edition, right-click on the dog.
  • For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right-click on the dog.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the dog.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For Java Edition , right-click on the dog.
  • After this, when you place your cursor on the dog, you will see the name you provided.
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    Trade With The Villagers

    The final way to get a name tag is deal with a master librarian. This is a villager link with podium, who offers book-related deals .

    With a master librarian, you can simply buy a name tag for 20 emeralds. To level up villagers, youll need to trade other items The more you trade, the higher their level will be.

    For more information, be sure to check out our guide to how to trade with villagers.

    This is a very easy way to get name tags, but a bit expensive. A great way to reduce villagers prices is Turn them into a zombie villager, and then heal them. This will reduce their overall price so you dont need to spend 20 emeralds on a name tag.

    Use The Name Tag On An Npc

    You’re now ready to use the Name Tag to rename an NPC.

    1. Find the NPC you want to rename. Again, this can be any NPC except for the Ender Dragon.

    2. Put the Name Tag into one of your inventory’s nine hotbar slots and hold it.

    3. Use the Name Tag on the NPC. This will default to double-clicking on a mouse, or the left trigger on a controller.

    Your Name Tag will disappear, and a name will appear above the NPC’s head.

    Although a creature won’t despawn anymore once given a Name Tag, they can still be killed. Once a renamed NPC dies, their name will disappear.

    If you’re not sure what you want to name an NPC, check out some of the easter eggs below.

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    Use A Shield To Break Its Crossbow

    To tame the pillager, you need to break its crossbow. Since a crossbow has a durability of 326, you need the pillager to use its crossbow 326 times to break it!

    So add 5 shields to your hotbar and possibly some food. Then stand near the pillager and use a shield to block the arrows as the pillager shoots at you.


    It will take up to 5 shields and nearly 15 minutes to break the pillager’s crossbow. And once the crossbow breaks, the pillager will no longer attack. Instead, it will just wander away. Also, the pillager will NOT pick up any weapons off the ground, so it is safe to hang around with.

    How To Use Dinnerbone

    Minecraft: How To Get &  Use The Name Tag! [1.6.1]

    In order to flip a mob, these are the steps.

    • Put the Anvil in its place. Select a Hotbar anvil.
    • The Anvil is your best friend. It is necessary to stand in front of the anvil in order to work with it.
    • Dinnerbone is the name you should use. Make a space for your name tag in the top slot.
    • Put the Mobs Name Tag on it. Put your mobs name tag on it right now.

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