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Minecraft Seeds That Are Cool

Temple And Ravine At Spawn

Cool Minecraft Seed 1.9, 1.8.8 NPC Village Spawn Good for building

Seed: 194699705

Temple and Ravine is another valuable seed that places you near a temple that is stocked with useful items. As you go away from the temple, you will come upon a ravine smack dab in the middle of the desert.

The ravine is dangerous, but if you keep looking, you could find a few rare ores. Finally, in the desert biome, theres a hamlet with a few more items to help you with your Minecraft game.

Best Minecraft Seeds For Players To Explore In 2022

Want to know the best Minecraft seed in 2022? Check out the epic and coolest Minecraft seeds with our handy list.

Minecraft is an exceptional sandbox game that highlights an open world with lots of structures and biomes for the players to discover. In the game, all things are generally based on the spontaneous world that you spawn in. As you spawn into a Minecraft realm, it utilizes seed numbers to form a brand new world. This seed is the major code that creates the world and determines your spawn direction in it.

Moreover, the coolest thing is that, if you find a world really attractive or you like it a lot, then you will be able to save, copy and share the world via its seed number. For the players who want to try something new and adventurous, world seeds are perfect and useful to explore. Below we have listed some of our favorites yet interesting seeds!

Old Growth Pine Taiga

Old Growth Pine Taiga biomes, as they’re called nowadays, are one of my favourite biome types. There’s something so fascinating and mysterious about these thick, towering forests. It’s like something out of Lord Of The Rings. The land is also broken up by hills which bulge out from the ground, taking the forest canopy even higher. A good spot for a treehouse, perhaps?

Seed: -5543523367840054503

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The Best Minecraft Seeds For New Adventures

Try these Minecraft seeds to give yourself a great start

The best Minecraft seeds will spawn you in some favorable and interesting environments to get you started on your adventures, whether you’re looking for a challenge or to take things easy. While Minecraft worlds are infinite, the need to gather resources quickly to survive means you won’t stray too far for your first few hours, so having easy access to a range of key materials and structures will really help you out. Below, we’ve listed some of the best Minecraft seeds that we found for version 1.19 of Bedrock and Java Edition, as well as some important information on how seeds work.

Deep Dark And Ancient Cities

PC/Mac seed: Village + Ocean Monument Minecraft Seed:PLUSCARD ...

The other major change to Minecraft’s worlds with the 1.19 update is the forboding Deep Dark biome, and the giant Ancient Cities found within. This seed parks you right on the edge of a large Deep Dark biome which you can easily access from the idyllic Roofed Forest on the surface above.

Seed: -2909343002793827664

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Largest Hot Desert Spawn

Its time to turn up your AC because this seed is hot, and we are talking literally. This seed spawns you next to a desert village, which can help you find decent loot. But once you are done, there is not much to look forward to other than endless barren land.

For hundreds of blocks, this seed only features desert and badlands biomes that are not known for their plantation. Though, the occasional cave openings are definitely welcoming if you know the ore distribution in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: 2356348494561932660
  • Spawn Biome: Desert

Best Minecraft 119 Seeds

Now that seed parody exists, you will find that you can share seed codes across different versions of the game more reliably! Keep in mind that generated structures like Villages, Mansions, Temples, etc. will not always be in the same place on either version. This is the one area where seeds will differ in Bedrock and Java, but were hoping that the spawns remain largely the same.

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Top 20 Minecraft 1192 Seeds For September 2022


Since Mojang released a stable version of The Wild Update in Minecraft 1.19.2, the community has been busy locating the most bizarre underground places in this update.

Our list of the top 20 Minecraft seeds for September 2022 showcases some of the wildest new seeds, including hidden structures in the ocean and inside the caves, multiple instances of mob spawners, colliding underground structures, and many others.

There are also plenty of easily-accessible villages and other sources of loot among this selection of seeds.

  • Coordinates: 100, -50.
  • Biomes: Plains.

Once in a while, it is possible to find a village with a blacksmith, but finding a village with two or more blacksmiths is even rarer. You will find a village with three blacksmiths in this Minecraft seed at coordinates -1000, and 850. You will also find a stronghold under this village at coordinates -850 and 1050.

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 119 Seeds

Cool Mountain, NPC Village Spawn Minecraft Seed 1.8.9, 1.9

To beat the summer heat, what else is better than cooling off inside your house while playing Minecraft? From a seed with tons of Ancient Cities at spawn to a bunch of maps with inviting watery goodness, here are some of the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19 seeds for August 2022.

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Abandoned Mineshaft Next To Village

Seed: 141280768

Like most other seeds on this list, this one has a village right at spawn, but what separates this seed from the others is an exposed mineshaft nearby. If you make your way to the desert biome a few blocks away from the village, youll come across a ravine with multiple waterfalls, some lava pits, and an abandoned mineshaft running through it. The mineshaft even has a few chests strewn about with rare items and materials, making it absolutely worth the trek into the depths.

And those are the best Minecraft seeds! If you want to know the best Minecraft enchantments, the best Minecraft mods, or anything else, visit our Minecraft page for more.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

– This article was updated on September 30th, 2022

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A Land Of Fire And Ice

Seed: 45721884739527

Platform: Java

This Minecraft seed is like a Russian doll as its hiding a secret area. To uncover the hidden village, you must first traverse the snowy tundra and make your way over a wooded mountain before you uncover a desert island. On this sandy wasteland, youll find a small village basking in the sun.

Its a unique sight to behold and one that demonstrates just how amazing Minecrafts procedurally generated worlds can be.

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Survival Island With Shipwreck

Over the years, players have discovered multiple challenging ways to play Minecraft. But still, nothing seems to impress players more than the survival island spawn. It puts you in a tricky situation where you have to survive with limited resources and no sense of direction. And thats where our next seed puts you in Minecraft 1.19.

Fortunately, the spawn island is loaded with wood and even has bees. So, you can easily make a bee farm in Minecraft to survive and gather resources. Then, if you want to make progress, there is a floating shipwreck quite close to your spawn point. You simply have to swim to the shipwreck to collect everything else you need.

  • Seed Code: 8490635458390752516
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: -371, 66, -225

Coastal Village With Docked Ship

Pin on Minecraft Seeds (PC/Mac Java Version)

Seed: 2083747154327962073

As you can see from the first Minecraft seed, the world creation may do strange things at times, but not always.

Youll find yourself at a gorgeous beach community with a shipwreck near spawn. The positioning of the wreckage, though, is what makes it stunning. As it is docked, it seems like this ship was designed to be there.

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Spawn Next To A Desert Temple And Village

Seed: Double Village

I know, I already put one temple/village combo on this list. But while the other one was cool mostly for the rare gems you’ll find, this one is cool for other reasons. As you can see in the screenshot, the temple is mostly buried. And though it isn’t immediately obvious, a lot of the village is too. Excavating the temple and village was one of the most surprisingly fun things I’ve done in Minecraft. It’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a lazy afternoon.

Minecraft Best Java Seeds That Are Fun

It can often be difficult to find good world seeds for Minecrafts Java Edition. Theres simply more content out there about Bedrock – because its, in a few words, more popular. Bedrock is designed to run smoothly on all kinds of computers, and its also crossplay enabled, making it a great option for folks who want to play Minecraft with friends. The downside? Java players wind up getting no love! I endeavor to remedy this problem. Here are fifteen awesome seeds that work on both Java and Bedrock!

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Ocean Temple Island Village

Seed: 6039186344010446208

This concept for an island community is straight out of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

This picturesque little hamlet is surrounded by water and is home to a variety of dwellings and watchtowers.

You may even begin your mining activity in a cave underneath the settlement. An ocean temple may be found just outside of the settlement, beyond the wooden docks.

Mangrove Swamp And Outpost

8 cool seeds in minecraft 1.18

Seed: -3546842701776989958

This is a good place to head if you want to build up your collection of Minecraft frogs as they are there in abundance. You will also find a desert pyramid, a village and a shipwreck too! So there’s plenty to see and do if you decide to take a trip to Mangrove Swamp and Outpost.

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Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed

Seed Code: -8993723640229201049Coordinates: Z: 181, X: -109

Lets meet up with this best seed for Minecraft enabling you to spawn in a village that is besides more than two woodland mansions. Not only that but there is also a witchs shelter in this rarest seed in Minecraft. If you love to explore something new every time, then this Minecraft seed is the dream realm for you. Not for the villagers, as they are destined to get stormed all the time.

Explore The Top Minecraft Seeds Right Now

From unique structures to straight-up impossible worlds, we have covered a diverse and fun range of Minecraft seeds in this article. If these seeds fail to impress you, a whole Minecraft city built by professionals might seal the deal for you. For the ones looking for more diversity in the sandbox gaming world, we also have cool games like Roblox that you can play to go beyond Minecraft. But now, you have the power of the best Minecraft seeds in your hand. Dont wait for a second longer and start exploring these Minecraft seeds!

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How To Use Minecraft Seeds

Simply put, Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that dictate an exact Minecraft world for you to load into. Before creating a new world, you can punch these numbers in to conjure up the particular place you want to explore, and creators share these codes online. You’ll find a field to enter your chosen seed in the “More World Options” menu when creating a new world. Using a seed will get you exactly the same world generation as someone else who’s used it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure youre running the correct version of Minecraft. Otherwise, your seed has a chance of not spawning exactly what you want, or being just slightly different.

Thankfully, its pretty painless to run legacy versions of Minecraft. All you need to do is open the launcher, click on “Launch Options” then “Add New.” From here you can name it, and below that is a drop-down box with all the previous editions. Just click on the one you need, head back to the News section, and load up the version you need. Now, an in-depth look at the best Minecraft seeds.

Stronghold Library In The Ocean

[Java] Speedrun

Seed Code: -4184000969893959047Coordinates: Z: 978, X: 1840

Moving towards the next Minecraft seed, this is one of the epic Minecraft seeds, that has a stronghold library in the middle of the ocean looking for you to enter and access it. If we talk about the Stronghold Libraries, then it is usually very hard to reach out, so if you find one then it helps you open several blocks where spawn is quite unusual. In addition to this, the seed provides you with a small mushroom island for giving you a fascinating world experience.

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A Mountain Above The Clouds

For those who want to go higher: imagine a huge mountain towering above the clouds. Up there, you can start and build your dream house. If it’s too bright for you above the clouds, you can of course start digging. You decide, just as you like. In any case, there is a lot to discover in these lofty heights and the competition for the highest alpine hut can begin!> -969535336

If you’re curious now and want to try out the different Minecraft seeds for yourself, why dont you give it a try with a server from G-Portal? Have fun exploring!

Ocean Monument With An Amethyst Geode

Seed: -2036761388

The Amethyst crystal is an important feature in Minecraft 1.17. This material is used to make spyglasses and tinted glasses.

Amethyst geodes include these stones. However, with the addition of this building, it may spawn in some strange locations.

The geode sprouted on top of an Ocean Monument in this Minecraft seed. Its a strange surprise, but its a pleasant one!

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Huge Village With Ravine

Seed: 1935762385

Right near spawn, youll find a giant village, complete with a blacksmith that has some decent materials to get you started. Once youve equipped yourself, you can explore the ravine thats just outside of town. The opening is very slim, but it runs deep. Theres also a second village just across the plains biome, and the plains biome itself has tons of flat spaces that are perfect for building a home.

Large Mountain Range Near The Sea

Top 5 AWESOME SEEDS for Minecraft 1.18.2! (Best Minecraft 1.18.2 Seeds)

The 1.18 update brought along new possibilities, such as caves and ravines. You can find all of them in this world, which beautifully shows how far Minecraft has come. Theres an extensive mountain range close to the sea, and you spawn close by on a small island.

Fans of shipwrecks will also be delighted to hear that theres one near the mountain.

Seed: -1824611495

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What Are The Top Seeds For Minecraft Survival

You all know the feeling of loading up a new Minecraft world for the first time only to find yourself stranded on an island with nothing but three flowers and a goat to work with. Next time, instead of leaving the structure of your Minecraft world to fate, why not try loading up one of these seeds? These Minecraft seeds have been tried, tested, and found worthy by thousands of players

So what is a seed in Minecraft? Well, everybody knows that each world in Minecraft is randomly generated. Every time you load up a new world, you have no idea what biomes will appear or what the landscape will look like. However, each world has a unique alphanumeric code called a seed that allows you to replicate its exact structure. In short, every time you use one specific seed when generating a new world in Minecraft, that world will look exactly the same every time.

This, of course, is great for when you want to show your friends the mountain you found that looks like an Among Us crewmate but dont want to send them your entire world file. They can just put the worlds seed into their own computer and find the mountain themselves.

So, here are my personal top 15 seeds for 2022 to guarantee an epic survival experience.

Water Village And Taiga

Seed Code: -888O3O2588844O65321

Next on this list of best seeds for Minecraft, here comes water village. This seed is partially plunged into the water, which spawns you straight to a village. It is the best Minecraft seed for both exploring role-playing and having more fun. There is also a wide taiga park beside a northern forest filled with trees and wolves. If you are a newbie, then it is a perfect place or seed to spawn in. It doesnt include a lot of risk, danger, or travel to visit out.

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Desert Village In Bamboo Jungle

code: 1942743729653594874 version: 1.18+

Heres another very unusual village desert buildings but inside a bamboo jungle biome! Located just a short journey from spawn at X=-514, Y=74, Z=-832, this fascinating combination is extremely rare.

If youre interested in some more adventure, this seed has plenty more to offer. A can be found close to the desert village, and next to the spawn is an abundance of fossils dotted around the swamp.

Best Speedrun Seed For Minecraft 119

Mushroom Island seed for Minecraft Java Edition. Seed: GOLDPLATINUM # ...

Irrespective of the update, speedrunning is something that isnt leaving Minecraft anytime soon. And if you are a speedrunner too, this seed is perfect for you. It gives you one of the closest possible strongholds to your spawn point on the Java edition. You only have to travel about 1300 blocks to find this exposed stronghold.

While you are on the way, you will find plenty of ruined portals and a couple of villages. All of that would be more than enough to help you collect the required resources and cover your journey into the Nether.

  • Seed Code: 1216998451290974659
  • Stronghold Stairway Coordinates: 1332, 28, 548

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