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Minecraft Server How To

Hosting Your Minecraft Server On Windows

How to Add Mods to a Minecraft Server

Before you are able to use your Minecraft server, youll need to go through a few steps to sort out the hosting functions. This phase typically takes around 2 to 4 minutes, but it may vary depending on your internet speed and your system specs.

  • After you finish saving the EULA file, you will need to open the start.bat file by double-clicking on it.
  • This will begin the installation process of the server file within the command prompt.
  • Once the end of the installation process is reached, the pause function that was added to the start.bat file will stop the command.
  • Scroll to the top to see if there were any errors during the setup.
  • If there are errors, you should be able to figure it out by typing help and hitting the Enter button.
  • If there were no errors, then your Minecraft server should theoretically be up and running.

Do not close this command prompt window, even after you are done playing. If you would like to save your progress while closing the server you have created, you can type stop in the command prompt and hit the Enter button before closing the window.

Connect To Your Minecraft Server

  • Open your local Minecraft client. After logging in, click on the Multiplayer option:

  • Click Add server and enter your Linodes IP address or domain name. When youre finished click Done:

  • Your server is now available to incoming connections. Click Join Server to connect:

  • Congratulations! Now that you have setup a Minecraft server on Linux, you can play Minecraft in a persistent world with your friends. For more information on working with screen, check out our guide onGNU Screen.

    /10 Create A System Of Rules & Moderators To Enforce Them

    There are many unspoken rules of Minecraft, but a good server needs to have very clear and defined rules. More importantly, these rules also need to be enforced. So it would be a good idea to look into recruiting some moderators. They can be friends, volunteers from the server, or even paid workers, but they need to be there.

    Their role can fluctuate, but having moderators available to answer questions and enforce the server’s rules is imperative. If players know that the rules aren’t just flavor text, but firm standards, they’ll feel safer from trolls or griefers and have a better time in general.

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    Get The Latest Version Of Java

    How to make a server in Minecraft Java? To set up the Minecraft server on Windows 10/11 smoothly, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. You can follow the steps below to check Java version first:

    Step 1. Type cmd in the Search box, and then right-click the Command Prompt app and select Run as administrator.

    Step 2. In the elevated Command Prompt window, type the java -version command in it and hit Enter. Then you can view the installed Java version.

    Step 3. If you havent the latest Java installed on Windows 10/11, you can refer to the following guides to install it.

    How To Connect To Your Server

    How to Setup a Modded Minecraft Server (1.12.2) : 6 Steps

    Now that you have the server address, you’re ready to join the server by following the steps below:

  • On the Minecraft client, click the Multiplayer button.
  • On the Multiplayer screen, click the Add Server button.
  • On the Edit Server Info screen, enter a name you want to call your server in the Server Name textbox. Under Server Address textbox, paste your server’s address .
  • Once you’ve completely filled out your server information, click Done.
  • Once you’ve successfully added your server into the Multiplayer page, you can then connect either by clicking on the right-pointing arrow-shaped button over the server icon, double-click on the server, or click the Join Server button while your server is selected.
  • You’re done! You can now play on a Minecraft PC / Java Edition server.

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    How Does Player Enforcement/whitelisting Work

    Whitelisting or Allowlisting is a way to allow only players you specify to play on your server. To have this property available, you need to enable it in your file. When enabled, the server will allow only selected players to connect, and you will need to know the Xbox Live Gamertag of all players who want to join the server.

    Players without an Xbox Live Gamertag will not be able to connect. If your server is public and you do not have the whitelisting property enabled, you will not have the ability to remove or ban players from the server.

    To learn more about whitelisting, check out the guide that comes with the download. If you are having trouble with player behavior on a server you own, whitelisting may be a good way to solve the issue.

    What Are Servers And What Are The Featured Server Partners

    Servers are independently crafted, multiplayer experiences hosted by trusted partners in the Minecraft community. Each Server includes its own unique content, such as minigames that let players collaborate and compete with others. By playing, players can also unlock free items within the Server! Minecraft currently has six featured Server partners: Cubecraft, The Hive, Mineplex, Lifeboat, Mineville, and Galaxite.

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    Using Java Edition On Desktop

  • 1Find your server’s address. You’ll need to know the address of the Minecraft server to which you want to connect before you proceed.
  • You can find free Minecraft servers on sites such as
  • 2Open the Minecraft launcher. Click the Minecraft app icon, which resembles a grassy block of dirt.
  • 3Sign in if prompted. If you aren’t logged into your Minecraft account, enter your email address and password, then click LOG IN.
  • 4Click PLAY. It’s a green button at the bottom of the launcher window. This will start Minecraft.
  • 5Click Multiplayer. This is in the middle of the main menu.
  • If you’re on a Windows computer, you’ll need to click Allow access on the Firewall prompt before proceeding.
  • 6Click Add Server. It’s in the lower-right corner of the window.
  • 7Enter a server name. Type the name that you want to use for your Minecraft server into the “Server Name” text box.
  • 8Enter the server’s address. Type your server’s address into the “Server Address” text box.
  • 9Click Done. It’s near the bottom of the window.
  • 10Select the server once it connects. Once you see the server’s name and a status bar appear in the main window, click the server’s name to select it.
  • 11Click Join Server. It’s in the lower-left side of the window. Doing so will connect you to the server.
  • Install Java Screen And Wget

    How To Port Forward A Minecraft Server

    Linux Screen is a terminal application that allows users to use a remote terminal from multiple locations over SSH. It maintains your work session in case there are network issues that may disrupt the connection.

    First, connect to your server via SSH . Open the built-in terminal shell and enter the following command:

    ssh username@ipaddress

    Important! Dont forget to replace both values with your real username and server IP address. When prompted, enter your username and password.

    Proceed to the following steps based on the servers operating system.


    Obtaining the latest Java version for Ubuntu requires a GNU Privacy Guard key and adding a new repository. Download and install the newest version of Java, Screen, and wgetby executing the following commands in your command line terminal:

    apt-get updateapt-get install software-properties-common screen wget apt-transport-https gnupg-curlapt-get install adoptopenjdk-16-hotspot


    Run the following commands to install the latest version of Java and other required software packages:

    sudo yum updatesudo yum install java -ysudo yum install epel-release java-latest-openjdk wget screen -y

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    Creating Your Own Minecraft Mods

    If you enjoy Minecraft Mods and want to create your own custom mods for use in your own servers, CodaKid has a series of courses that can teach you how to make your own custom creatures, biomes, dimensions, insane explosions and special effects, and more!

    Minecraft coding is fun and creative, and teaches you real Java programming with the Eclipse IDE.

    Our courses even include messaging and screen share support from live engineers if you ever get stuck, and our courses even come with a two-week free trial!

    We also offer private online coding lessons that teach Minecraft Modding, Roblox Game Development, Python, Scratch 3.0, JavaScript, Unity, Unreal Engine, and more.

    We hope you enjoyed How to make your own Minecraft Server, the Ultimate Guide. If you enjoyed our Minecraft server tutorial, wed love it if you could share it with friends.

    Also for fans of modding, check out this free tutorial called How to install Minecraft Forge. Hope you find it helpful!

    If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! If your server configuration is not working, please make sure to follow this tutorial again and double check your work. You can also write us and ask questions however please keep in mind that we are extremely busy serving customers and we may take a few days to respond.

    Connecting To Your Minecraft Server

    Now lets connect to the server. The very first step is to run our batch file to launch the server.

    With the server launched, open your Minecraft launch page and make sure you load the version of Minecraft that matches the jar you downloaded. As of the writing of this article, Minecraft version 1.15 was the latest version and the server that was downloaded. However, if this becomes outdated I can make a new server or simply load up the 1.15 version of Minecraft. It will be a good idea to make a launch version of Minecraft that we can always connect to our server with. To do this you can go to the Installations tab and click the +New button.

    Once here, you should name the installation with the server and version number of Minecraft and select the version as the release number your server download is. This is shown below for version 1.15 so make sure you change this to your Minecraft server version. Make sure to click create to finish this installation.

    Next find it in your list and click Play to launch Minecraft.

    Once Minecraft is launched go to the Multiplayer tab.

    Once in the multiplayer tab, click Add Server.

    Once this is done you should see your server made and trying to connect. If you have a failed connection, check the ip address you entered as well as the port forwarding settings. If you see a green connection bar with open spots to connect to your server, you can launch in and enjoy playing in your very own custom server!

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    Choose A Minecraft Hosting Plan

    Hostinger offers seven Minecraft server hosting plans ranging between $6.95 and $77.99/month. All VPS hosting plans come with the Game Panel, one-click Minecraft mod installer, DDoS protection, and automatic off-site backups.

    We also support major Minecraft server software modifications such as CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper. With full root access, you can install .jar files of any modpack without any restrictions.

    As each hosting plan allocates a different number of resources, make sure to consider your needs when choosing one. For example, your RAM usage will significantly depend on the number of players and mods added to the server.

    Minecraft Wiki recommends getting 1GB of RAM to support 1-4 players. If you plan to use resource-intensive mods, youll need more memory.

    As our hosting is highly scalable, you can pick any Minecraft server hosting plan to start with and upgrade it later in a few clicks. Server upgrades and downgrades will be done in real-time, preventing data loss.

    Update Package Repository And Install Java

    How to Make a Minecraft Server With Plugins : 6 Steps

    You will need to install Java. First, ensure that your package repository is updated using the following command.

    Next, install Java using the following commands.

    You can check that it was installed successfully by confirming the Java version.

    java -version

    You will see the following output.

    In order to install Java 16, you need to ensure the server is aware the package is available by updating the epel repository. You will update it with the command below.

    yum install -y epel-release

    If it is not already installed, you will see the following output.

    Next, you will install the latest version of Java, which is currently Java 16. Use the following command to install the latest version of Java.

    yum install -y java-latest-openjdk

    While Java 16 is installed, you still need to set it as the default in order for the server to run applications using the latest version. You can accomplish this by using the following command.

    alternatives --config java

    You will be presented with the versions of Java installed on your server, each with a corresponding number. Choose the appropriate number and press Enter.

    If you run java -version again, it will show the version number you selected.

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    /10 Get The Best Hosting Option

    The first and perhaps most crucial step in creating a Minecraft server is to select a hosting option. While it’s possible to self-host or buy realms, paying for a hosting service offers the most flexibility. This allows for easy customization of the server as well as the installation of Minecraft’s many mods.

    The good news is that the ubiquity of Minecraft means there are plenty of server hosts to choose from. Whether the main factor is price, the number of players it can support, moddability, or ease of use, there’s a host out there that’s perfect for the job. Companies like Hostinger, Apex Hosting, and ScalaCube are all able to meet a variety of needs.

    Connecting To The Server

  • 1Leave your server dashboard open. This will allow you to adjust your server quickly by minimizing the Minecraft window and maximizing your browser window.
  • 2Open Minecraft. Minecraft: Java Edition has an icon that resembles a grass block.XResearch source Click the icon to open the Minecraft launcher.
  • 3Click Play. It’s the green button on the Minecraft Launcher. This launches Minecraft.
  • 4Click Multiplayer. It’s near the middle of the Minecraft title page.XResearch source
  • 5Click Direct Connect. It’s at the bottom of the multiplayer menu in the middle.XResearch source
  • 6Enter your server’s address. Type the address for the server, which was listed next to the “Connect” heading, into the text box in the middle of the page.XResearch source
  • 7Click Join Server. It’s at the bottom of the page. Doing so will connect you to the server and place you in the server’s world.
    • Do I need to pay if I create a server with these methods?Community AnswerNo. These methods are free. However, if you want simpler, easier to work with servers, then you will have to pay on a different website.Thanks!
    • How do I make it creative?Community AnswerYou can go into the “Server Command” section on Home in your Dashboard, and type /gamemode c@p.Thanks!
    • What happens if I don’t port forward?Community AnswerNothing. It will simply give a request refused error as if you didn’t have a Minecraft Server at all.Thanks!

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    Startup And Maintenance Script

    Alternatively, you can manage/automate the startup and shutdown of the Minecraft server using a script such as the ones listed below:

    Port forwarding is used when you have a router and you wish to let users connect to your server through it. If you wish to host your server for local reasons, it is not required that you do so. Keep in mind that port forwarding might cause security risks.

    When port forwarding, it varies on how your router will ask you for the information. If you don’t understand on how your router wants you to input the information, try visiting for a tutorial.

    Once you have managed to locate your router’s admin page, and find the Port Forwarding page hit add new service or custom service. When you get a page asking to setup the new rule, it should prompt you on what you want to call it. You may name it as you wish, but for simplicity, name it “minecraft“. Then, you want to look for “type”. If “TCP/UDP” or “Both” isn’t an option you will have to create two rules for both protocols. For the ports , enter 25565. If it asks for anything else other than output IP , leave it alone and continue.

    To find your computer’s IP address, use the following steps:


    Now it is time to configure and connect.

    Three Possible Minecraft Server Options At Ionos

    How To Make A Minecraft Server

    Whichever server model you choose, at IONOS youll find various tariffs that differ in terms of the performance offered. Which of these tariffs is suitable for your purposes depends on how large the Minecraft world is and how many players are going to be active on your Minecraft server at the same time. In the following table, we present three possible scenarios for your gaming server including the appropriate rates within the three server models to help you decide.

    Rent your Dedicated Server at IONOS to enjoy the world of Minecraft together with friends and acquaintances at any time!

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    /10 Create A Welcoming Environment & Community

    The server should be inviting from the beginning. Every player, whether it’s their first time playing Minecraft or their millionth, should feel like they are welcome. This needs to be explicitly spelled out, whether in the rules or even the server’s name.

    To ensure that players feel safe, regardless of age, race, or gender, it’s important to work together to shut down any possible harassment. Let the people know that their server creator is there to help them. They’ll appreciate it, and the server will earn a good reputation as a positive space.


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