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What Is My Minecraft Server Address

How To Start Your Own Minecraft Server For Multiplayer Gaming

My minecraft server ip address

If youve played Minecraft, then its easy to see how much fun it can be. Running your own server lets you bring all of your friends into the same game, and you can play with rules you get to make or break. Its the ultimate in an already addictive game!

Weve already shown you How To Get Started with Minecraft, a Game Geeks Love. Whats better than single player? Multiplayer, of course! You can join one of hundreds of servers at to get started, or search around for more exclusive ones, but ultimately youre bound by their rules and discretion. Running your own server lets you and your friends can play together with your own set of rules, and its really easy to do.

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What Are Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers can be a great way for new friends and to make new connections. Minecraft Servers allow people to play Minecraft with other players around the globe. This is a great way to play Minecraft, which is very popular with millions of people around the world. You can have fun and meet new people by playing Minecraft with others from around the globe. Minecraft Servers are a great way to meet new people and have fun. To play with other Minecraft players around the world, you need to join a Minecraft server and play on it. You will need the IP address to join a Minecraft Server. We have many servers for you to choose from on our website.

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What Should I Know Before Joining A Server

Every server has different rules you need to learn and respect, and a staff team to ensure you stick to them.

  • Depending on the server, hacking is usually not allowed, nor is using a cracked client.
  • Keep swear words under control. Be kind and considerate of others and don’t spam the in-game chat.
  • Respect the staff team and those offering their time to keep the server running smoothly.
  • Running a server costs money. If you like it, consider donating to support it.
  • Find Local Server Ip Address In Minecraft:

    Ways To Connect To Your Minecraft Server

    If you want to run the Minecraft server on your Local Windows Desktop then your PCs IP address is your Minecraft Servers IP. If other players want to join your game then they have to point their game to your Servers IP. At first, it might sound difficult but it isnt and we will show you how you can obtain this IP address.

    To find the IP address, you can use Windows built-in Ipconfig utility.

    Step 1: Press the Windows + R Key to open Run Window or simply right-click on the windows icon at the bottom left corner and click on Run from the menu.

    Step 2: Inside the Run window type cmd in the text box and press Enter. A black Command prompt window will appear.

    Step 3: Type ipconfig or ipconfig/all and press Enter. the window will then display several lines of information. Look for the line which says IPv4 Address. this is the line that will display your Computers IP address. Using this IP address you will be able to play Minecraft with the people on the same WIFI network.

    If you want to play Minecraft online then you have to obtain your Routers IP address often assigned by your ISP.

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    Find Your Hostname Or Ip Address

    First, start the server using the green arrow in the top left corner of your instance server panel. Once the panel has turned green you will be able to join your server. Then, you will need to locate either your server’s Hostname or IP Address. The Hostname is located at the top of the server panel right below your instance name and will be highlighted in blue.

    The server’s IP Address will be located at the bottom of the Overview page of your server panel. We would recommend using the hostname unless you’re experiencing issues.

    How To Invite Others & Join A Minecraft Realm

    Setting up a private Minecraft server can be tough. Minecraft Realms makes it easy!

    If you’re looking to join a Realms server, the server owner must whitelist you first. The owner of the Realm can do this by inviting you.

    The owner of a Realm can invite another player by starting Minecraft, then navigating to Minecraft Realms and clicking on the wrench icon of their Realm. From here, select the option that reads Players and invite the player you want with their Minecraft username.

    You can check your invites by clicking on the envelope icon at the top next to the Minecraft Realms logo. If you have a pending invite, it will show up here for you to accept.

    Once you’ve accepted the invite, you’ll be able to join the Realm from your list of Realms by selecting it and clicking Play or simply double clicking on the list option.

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    Does Minecraft Have An Official Multiplayer Server

    No, there is no such thing as an official Minecraft server. That being said, Mojang has officiallypartnered with a few servers like Mineplex. Additionally, thereare servers hosted by Mojang, called Minecraft Realms. Those, however, are limited in gameplay features therefore, we wouldn’t recommend them. Community-hosted servers usually offer more options, better performance, and cost less.

    How To Know The Ip Address Of Minecraft Server

    How to Find Your Minecraft Server’s IP Address in SMpicnic

    This blog is about the How To Know the IP Address of Minecraft Server. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this blog How To Know the IP Address of Minecraft Server. If your answer is yes then please do share.

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    How Can I Join A Minecraft Server

    How to join a Minecraft server? You can go to the Minecraft server list website to find the server you are interested in. We have many servers available right here! We have vetted many servers and gamemodes. After you’ve found the server, click “Copy IP”, then open Minecraft: Java Edition. Click on “Multiplayer” and then “Add Server” in Minecraft. Copy the IP address that you copied and paste it into the IP Address field. For the port, enter “25565”. Click on the server to load it.

    How To Find Your Minecraft Server Address On A Nintendo Switch

    Your Nintendo Switch IP address is your Wi-Fi networks address. Heres how to find it to play Minecraft on your personal server:

  • Turn on your Nintendo Switch and select System Settings from the main menu.
  • Scroll down and select Internet from the left sidebar.
  • Select Advanced, located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Your networks IP address will be shown under Properties, next to IPV4 Address.
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    Setting Up The Server

  • 1 To set up a server, you’ll need some files from the Minecraft website:
  • Visit in Safari.
  • 2Create a new folder for the server files. This will be the folder for your server program. You can place it somewhere easy to access, such as on your desktop. The server can be labeled anything, such as “Minecraft Server.”Advertisement
  • 3Drag the downloaded JAR file into the new folder. When you run the file, the folder will fill with the various configuration files for the new server. For now, just drag the downloaded server JAR file to the new folder.
  • 4Rename the file to “minecraft_server.jar. You’ll want to remove the version numbers from the end of the file. This will make it easier to run commands for the server later.
  • 5Start the TextEdit application. You can find this in your Applications folder. From the desktop, click the Go menu and select “Applications.”
  • 6Click the “Format” menu and select “Plain Text. This will switch the new document to a plain text document.
  • 7Paste the following commands into the text file. This set of commands will start the server. You can replace -Xms1G -Xmx1G with -Xms2G -Xmx2G to increase the RAM for the server from 1 GB to 2 GB:XResearch source
    #!/bin/bashcd "$"exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar minecraft_server.jar
  • 8Save the file as .start.commandin the same folder as the JAR file. Select “Save” from the TextEdit menu and save the file in the same folder as the server file you downloaded from the Minecraft website.
  • The entry lets you choose from 0
  • Configuring The Minecraft Server

    My minecraft server! 1.0.0 IP in description.
  • Configure the server by editing the file, the format for which is explained here. Be certain to edit the file with a text editor that does not add formatting , such as Windows Notepad. Additional configuration may not be necessary as many servers run fine from the default values.
  • To become or add an operator , type /op< targets> into the server console or gui. This adds the specified user’s username and UUID to the ops.json file. Operator status will not be changed if you change your username due to the use of UUID.
  • Administrators and operators may execute commands. In other words, operator privileges allow you to control certain aspects of the game .
  • ops.json contents:
  • If your is configured to enable whitelist, you can add a user to the whitelist.json by typing /whitelist add < player> into the server console or gui. Due to the transition to the UUID system, it is not recommended to directly edit whitelist.json.
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    Internal Vs External Ip Address

    There are two different types of IP addresses used to connect to a multiplayer game, internal and external. The internal IP address is used by your networks router to identify your device. Everything on your network has its own unique IP address. If you are connecting to a game that is on a device connected to your local network, then there may be times when you need to know your internal IP address.

    The external IP address is the IP address of your router. It is the IP address used by websites and other online services, like Minecraft: Education Edition, to identify your router. If you are connecting to a multiplayer game that is on another network, not your local network, there may be times when you need to know your external IP address

    How To Find Your Minecraft Server Address On An Iphone Or Android

    You can find your phone networks IP address just like you can find it on your PC or a console. Heres how to do that on an iPhone:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select Wi-Fi at the top of the page.
  • Select the currently connected Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, tap the i icon next to the networks name.
  • Scroll down until the IPV4 Address section. Your IP address will be displayed in the IP Address line.
  • If youre using an Android phone or tablet, the instructions are slightly different:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Tap Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the name of a network youre currently connected to or connect to a network and tap its name afterward.
  • Expand the dropdown menu under the Advanced section. Your IP address will be displayed under Network Details.
  • The provided instructions are for Android 10. Bear in mind that the system is updated often. Depending on the Android version and your devices brand, the steps may differ slightly.

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    How To Identify Your Server Address

    To get started, you need to identify the address of the server you want to join. If you own a Shockbyte server, you can find your server address on your Multicraft server panel . This will be labeled as “Server Address” as shown in the screenshot below.

    In the example above, the server address is Breaking this down, the server IP is the set of numbers before the “:” symbol, and after this are the last five numbers which are the server port.

    Setting Up A Minecraft Server

    How to find your local ip address for your multiplayer minecraft server

    Setting up a Minecraft server is very straightforward. You could be up and running in less than an hour if all goes to plan.

    Follow these steps and you could be playing in no time! If you have Minecraft already installed, you wont need to install Java. If you dont, the download will include a link to the Java install.

    Create a folder on your computer to store all Minecraft files and install Minecraft: Java Edition server and Java on your computer. Running a server requires lots of files, it is much easier to keep them in one place.

    Right-click the .jar file and choose the Run as administrator option to start things off.

    Open eula.txt in the application folder and change eula=false to eula=true.

    Go to your CMD window you used earlier and navigate to your Minecraft folder. E.g. cd C:Minecraft and hit Enter.

    Type java -jar minecraft_server.1.9.5.jar and hit Enter. Change the filename to whatever your Minecraft jar file is called.

    Check your Minecraft server is visible on this website. Type in your server IP address and select Check.

    To play on your own server, type Localhost. Your guests will have to put your server name and/or IP address depending on how you set it up.


    Your Minecraft server should run smoothly now and allow connections from the outside as long as you enabled port forwarding on your router.

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    How To Connect To Your Server

    Now that you have the server address, you’re ready to join the server by following the steps below:

  • On the Minecraft client, click the Multiplayer button.
  • On the Multiplayer screen, click the Add Server button.
  • On the Edit Server Info screen, enter a name you want to call your server in the Server Name textbox. Under Server Address textbox, paste your server’s address .
  • Once you’ve completely filled out your server information, click Done.
  • Once you’ve successfully added your server into the Multiplayer page, you can then connect either by clicking on the right-pointing arrow-shaped button over the server icon, double-click on the server, or click the Join Server button while your server is selected.
  • You’re done! You can now play on a Minecraft PC / Java Edition server.

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    What Are Some Of The Most Popular Minecraft Server Gamemodes You Can Play

    Survival – This gamemode has one objective: to survive. To survive, a player must kill mobs and craft resources. Exploration, crafting, and sometimes trading are the only sources of resources. Creative – Creative has no objectives and players can destroy and use whatever they want. Some players build or design with specific goals, even though there is no objective. Mini Game â This is a world that can be created by players. It allows them to play any of the mini games, such as SkyWars or EggWars. SkyBlock â Players can spawn on an infinitely expanding floating island in the void. They have minimal resources. Prison – To reach the “Free” rank, players will need to climb a ladder of ranks.

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    How To Setup A Minecraft: Java Edition Server

    Note: This guide shows you how to set up and configure a Minecraft Server. However, doing this requires changing your home network’s configuration and is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. If you wish to purchase a small private server for friends, check out Minecraft Realms. If you still wish to set up your own private server, do so at your own risk as we cannot offer support for home networks or privately made servers.

    Here is a guide to help you create a server so your friends can join and play together!

    As a prerequisite, you should make sure you have Java installed and up to date on the computer that will host the server so it can run .jar files.

  • Go to this website and download the minecraft_server.1.XX.X.jar file
  • After you have downloaded it, make a folder on your desktop to keep all your server files in. You can name it Minecraft Server.
  • Drag over or copy and paste the .jar file into the Minecraft Server folder.
  • While you have the file browser open, open command prompt from the start menu.
  • You can check if Java is installed in command prompt by typing without quotes java -version.
  • To start the server, you will need to change the directory to the location where you have the Minecraft Server folder and the .jar file located in it.
  • You can find the directory in Windows by simply clicking on the browser directory in file browser here. Copy this address to your clipboard.
  • This should look like cd C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Minecraft Server
  • How To Find A Server Address In Minecraft


    In order to join a Minecraft server, you need to know its IP address. If you wish to have your friends join your server, we will show you how to find the address of a Minecraft server.

    Minecraft is an incredible game that allows you to play alone, multiplayer, or on several devices on a LAN. If you have ever been to the Minecraft world, or have seen someone playing it, you must have been shocked as to how simple the interface is. No fancy graphics, or rigid set of rules. Yet, it is highly engaging and addictive.

    If you wish to play with others in Minecraft, you can! To do that, you just need to play the game on a server. Multiplayer games are fun and entertaining. Now, the question is what are the benefits of a Minecraft server?

    Well, you have the liberty to set your own set of rules. For instance, you can involve people to play with you, according to your own wish. Moreover, you can also use mods. Therefore, if you want to have a certain sense of liberty over the game, choose the option to play on a server.

    Moving on, let us hop onto our core topic and understand the process to find out the server addresses in Minecraft.

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