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Where To Find Melons In Minecraft

How To Get Carrots In Minecraft

How To Find Melon Seeds In Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a game filled with a variety of materials and tools for you to create your own unique world. One such material is the carrot. Carrots can be eaten to restore hunger points, or used to attract and breed pigs and rabbits. It can also be used to craft a Golden Carrot , breed horses,XResearch source and has the highest saturation in the game, meaning your hunger will go down slower. Unless otherwise specified below, carrots work the same in all latest PC, console, and mobile editions of Minecraft.

How Do You Get Melons In Minecraft Without A Jungle

Grow and harvest a melon block.

  • Locate an abandoned mineshaft, they commonly intersect with a ravine, so ravines are a good place to look for them.
  • Look for chest within an abandoned mineshaft.
  • Grow melon on farmland using melon seeds.
  • Harvesting the fully grown melon block yields 3-7 Melon Slices.
  • How To Use Seeds Or Grow Crops In Minecraft

    The obvious thing you would want to do with the obtained seeds is to sow them and grow food items in your Minecraft world. So, whether you received your seeds from chests or harvesting, you can sow or use them the same way. It stays true for all types of seed-based plants in the game. Let me show you how to grow crops in Minecraft:

    1. Begin by finding grass or soil blocks. You cant directly use these blocks to plant seeds in Minecraft, but they are the base blocks we need.

    2. Next, to make these blocks useable, you will need a hoe in Minecraft. Thankfully, hoes are simple to make. All you need are two wooden sticks and two blocks of wooden planks, cobblestone, iron, or similar blocks. You can use the following recipe after making a crafting table in Minecraft. Open the crafting table and place wooden planks in the first two cells of the top row of the crafting area. Then, fill the middle cells of the remaining two rows with wooden sticks. This recipe will give you a hoe in the game.

    3. Once your hoe is ready, approach the grass or soil block. Then, right-click on the blocks or use the secondary action key while equipping the hoe. The soils color and texture will change once you do that, suggesting that the soil has been tilled.

    Note: Do make sure theres a water source nearby for the crops to grow. It doesnt have to be directly connected to the soil, just close by. As it absorbs water, the tilled soil will turn dark brown in color.

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    How Do You Use Melons In Minecraft

    When melon seeds are fully grown, you can destroy a melon block and receive three to seven melon slices. Melon slices can be used to create more seeds one slice can be crafted to give one seed make a melon block by placing them in a 3 by 3 grid on a crafting table, or be eaten to fill one bar of hunger.

    Melon Locations In Minecraft

    Where to find Melons in Minecraft guide

    Players can see melons in large quantities in . It might be quite hard for the player to seek a jungle biome in Minecraft than finding a melon in the jungle itself.

    Besides, you can try your luck hunting savanna villages down. Minecraft melons can be found in farms or as a substitute for hay bales in these villages. But it is not guaranteed that all villages in the savanna biome will have the melons you are searching for.

    Those who know the spot of a woodland mansion in their seed can also attempt to look for melons there. You may encounter them in a very certain type of room. However, it will be a waste of time hunting down a woodland mansion only to find melons. You can use these woodland mansion seeds to make it more time-efficient.

    The specific rooms spawn inside each mansion are totally randomized.

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    How To Find And Farm Melons In Minecraft

    In this guide, you will learn how to find and farm Melons in Minecraft. You have to follow the simple steps to farm the melons.

    The easiest way to find melon is to find a savanna biome and then a village. There will be piles of melons in these villages for you to collect.

    The uncommon jungle biome also spawns melons all over the jungle floor.

    You can find melons in the extremely rare woodland mansion sometimes too.

    The slices of melons will give you one melon seed each.

    The melon seeds will create melon stalks, which will grow unlimited amounts of melons each.

    27.3% of mineshaft chests will have melon seeds.

    There is an 18.5% chance of seeds spawning in a woodland mansion chest. There is also an 18.5% chance of seeds spawning inside a dungeon loot chest.

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    Minecraft: How To Make An Automatic Melon And Pumpkin Farm

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    Finding Pumpkins In Villages

  • 1Find a taiga or snowy taiga village. These are the only village types that generate with pumpkins. They can be found in taiga and snowy taiga biomes. Keep exploring your world, particularly these biomes, until you find one of these villages.
  • 2Look for pumpkins. Walk around the village and look for piles of pumpkins or pumpkin stems in farms.
  • 3Break the pumpkin blocks or stems. Pumpkins can be broke using an axe, which is faster, or your hand. Pumpkin stems can be broken with your bare hand and will drop 0-3 pumpkin seeds.
  • The older the pumpkin stem is, the more likely it is to drop seedsXResearch source.
  • If you’re playing on Pocket Edition, tap and hold on the pumpkin block to break it.
  • If you’re playing on a console or using a controller, hold down the right trigger.
  • 4Turn the pumpkins into seeds. Open your Survival inventory or a crafting table and place the pumpkin blocks in the crafting grid to turn them into seeds. Each pumpkin will give you 4 seeds.
  • How To Use Melons In Minecraft

    How to Find Melons in Minecraft (All Versions)

    These are how players can use Melons for their experience in the game.

    • Melons are the food sources that need to be cut into slices to eat. Each melon slice can restore 1.2 hunger saturation and 2 hunger points.
    • Also, melons can drop Melon Seeds which are utilized to grow more Melons. When planted on tiled lands, it will grow a small stem and each stem grows 1-4 Melons if there are empty blocks close by.
    • Players can also use them in Trades as Journeyman level farmers will buy 4 melons in exchange for 1 Emerald.
    • A melon slice can be made into a Glistering Melon Slice.
    • You can use Melon in a Composter and it has a 65 percent chance to boost the level by 1.

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    How To Grow Melons In Minecraft

    1. The first step in growing melons would be to locate some melon seeds. In the past, the only way to find melon seeds was to locate them through treasure loot. These days, you can find melons growing naturally in savannah villages and jungle biomes. You can also find them through wandering trader inventories, they will trade melon seeds for 1 emerald.

    2. Regardless of your method, you only need 1 melon seed to eventually grow large amounts of melons. Once you have located your melon seeds, consider where you would like to plant your melons. Use a hoe to till the ground to prepare your melon seeds.

    3. Also, consider where you want the melons to grow. If you have all four sides of the melon plant open, the melon can randomly grow at any one of these four sides. If you want your melon plants to grow in a row, ensure that the melon plant only has one space that the eventual melon could fit.

    4. Next, you will want to ensure the ground is hydrated by placing a water source block within 4 blocks of the tilled ground. While 1 tile of water can hydrate a large area, you can add more water for cosmetic purposes if you wish.

    5. Next, you will just need to plant your melon seeds. For your melons to grow, they require at least one adjacent block of space that is open. Having multiple blocks of space will increase the time that melons will grow, but it can be difficult keeping the melons looking neat and orderly.

    That is all you need to do to grow melons in Minecraft.

    Add Items To Make Melon Seeds

    In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make melon seeds, place in the 3×3 crafting grid.

    When making melon seeds, it is important that the melon are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be 1 melon placed in the first box. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for melon seeds.

    Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the melon seeds will appear in the box to the right.

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    How To Get Wheat And Beetroot Seeds In Minecraft

    If you spawn in villages of Minecraft, seeds are the easiest to come across. Both beetroot and wheat seeds can be found in chests, on trading with villagers, and by natural harvesting. Naturally, you can come across wheat and beetroot crops growing in the villages too. Though, the chance of that happening is very low. Theres only a 10% chance of beetroots growing naturally on a village farm.

    So, generally speaking, beetroots are a rare type of food item. Thats why you can find its seeds in the chests while exploring the Mansions, Mineshafts, and even the End City. But if we leave aside the loot, we can also harvest beetroot and wheat seeds easily. Heres how.

    1. To start, locate fully grown wheat or beetroot crops for their seeds. You can even break grass blocks to get wheat seeds. Now, we aim for fully grown crops, so we can get the seeds alongside the main products wheat and beetroot. Breaking the crops before maturity will drop seeds but not the food item itself. Fully grown crops would look like the following screenshot:

    2. Then, approach the crops and left-click on them or use the action button to break them. Its similar to attacking an in-game mob or breaking a block. Breaking the cropwill lead them to drop seeds and the main item as well. You can then easily pick them up if your character touches them.

    Do You Grow Melons On Minecraft

    Melons not growing

    Asked by: Isai Aufderhar

    Farming. Melon seeds can be planted only on farmland. Over time, they grow into a stem and produce a melon on any adjacent dirt, grass block, farmland, podzol or coarse dirt. If a melon is already occupying an adjacent dirt/grass or farmland spot, the stem does not grow any more melons until the melon is removed.

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    Four Easy Ways To Find Melon Seeds In Minecraft

    Starting with the basics, there are four different ways to find melon seeds in a Minecraft world. These methods are as follows:

    Find Melon Seeds in Chests

    If you are lucky, there are certain in-game chests that have chances of spawning with melon seeds in them. These chests can be found in:

    • Dungeon
    • Woodland Mansion
    • Bonus Chest

    Among these, Mineshaft chests have the highest chances of spawning with melon seeds in them. So, dont forget to loot chests while exploring these locations to get melon seeds in Minecraft.

    Trade Emerald for Melon Seed

    Unless you are in a custom multiplayer server, you can get melon seeds in exchange for an emerald. Remember that this is a trade you can only do with a wandering trader. Unlike regular villagers, this mob randomly spawns around us. They usually only spawn after one in-game day has passed.

    A good way to find a wandering trader is by looking for llamas that spawn around it. This is one of the rarest ways to get melon seeds in a Minecraft world.

    Find Melon Seeds in Jungles or Villages

    If you come across a naturally generating melon or melon stem, you can break it using your hand, a tool, or any in-game block. Irrespective of how you break it, you can get up to 3-5 melons and 0-3 melon seeds from it, making this method the easiest to find melon seeds in Minecraft. Not every melon will drop seeds, but the chances are rather high. The locations where melons naturally spawn are as under:

    • Tillage Rooms inside Woodland Mansions

    Where To Find Melon And Pumpkin Seeds

    Prior to building this farm, you will need to have some pumpkin and melon seeds.

    Pumpkins can be found in pretty much every biome, as long as there is grass. Additionally, they can grow on top of snow, so you can find pumpkins in mountain and taiga biomes.

    When looking for a pumpkin, search around plains and mountain areas. Trees will not be dense here, so the pumpkins will be easy to spot from a distance.

    Melons are a bit more difficult to find. They can be found naturally in jungle biomes, as well as savannah villages and woodland mansions. To quickly find a melon, try locating a village. If a village has a farming area, they may be planted here.

    After finding pumpkins and melons, you will be able to craft seeds from each. Open your crafting menu, and you should be able to turn each into their given seed.

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    Uses For Minecraft Melons

    • Melons are great food sources which needs to be in slice form to be eaten. Eating one slice of Melon will restore 2 hunger points and 1.2 hunger saturation.
    • Melons can also drop Melon Seeds, which are then used to grow more Melons. Upon planting on tilled lands, a small stem will grow at first and one stem grows a cluster of 1-4 Melons if there are empty blocks nearby.
    • They can be used in Trades as Journeyman level farmers with buy 4 melons for 1 Emerald.
    • Players can also use it in a Composter and has a 65% chance to increase the level by 1.
    • The Melon Slice can also be used to make a Glistering Melon Slice.

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    Bonus: How To Grow Carrots And Potatoes In Minecraft

    All About Finding Melons in Minecraft, Part 1

    Covering all the basic foods in Minecraft, lets turn our attention to carrots and potatoes in Minecraft. Even though carrots and potatoes dont have dedicated seeds in the game, they can be grown and harvested as easily. But, a major difference is that if we try breaking a half-grown carrot or potato, they drop nothing. With that out of the way, learn how to grow potatoes and carrots.

    1. Most commonly found in village farms, you should start by finding fully grown potato and carrot crops. You can also find them in chests or by trading with villagers.

    2. Once you find the crops, approach the crops and left-click or use the action button to break them. Its similar to attacking any in-game mob or block. Breaking the crop will make the carrot and potato drop like other in-game items. You can get close to them, and the character will pick them up automatically.

    4. Now, to make them work as a seed, all you need to do is plant them. Similar to sowing seeds, find a harvestable ground and right-click on it to plant them. Then, after some time, the carrots and potatoes will turn into full-grown crops that you can harvest and use as seeds once again. We also have a dedicated guide on how to get carrots and plant seeds in Minecraft, so check it out via the linked article.

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    How Many Melons Do You Get From One Plant Minecraft

    Harvesting. When melon seeds are fully grown, you can destroy a melon block and receive three to seven melon slices. Melon slices can be used to create more seeds – one slice can be crafted to give one seed – make a melon block by placing them in a 3 by 3 grid on a crafting table, or be eaten to fill one bar of hunger.

    Where Can Players Find Melons In Minecraft

    Players can find melons growing in large quantities in jungle biomes. It may be more difficult for players to find a jungle biome as a whole than it will be for them to find a melon growing inside a jungle biome itself.

    To speed up the process of finding a jungle biome on their specific game world, Minecraft players can refer to this guide. This guide shows players how to use an online tool in order to quickly find almost any biome or structure of interest inside a Minecraft seed.

    Other than jungle biomes, players can try their luck hunting down savanna villages. Melons can be found growing in farm plots or as an alternative to hay bales in these villages. However, it is not a guarantee that every village in a savanna biome will have melons.

    Players who know the location of a woodland mansion in their seed can also try their luck there.

    Melons can be encountered in a very specific type of room. However, it is not worth a player’s time to hunt down a woodland mansion just to find melons.

    The specific rooms that are generated inside of each woodland mansion are completely randomized.

    Players would be better off sticking to jungle biomes than trying to get lucky with an ideal room layout generation inside a woodland mansion.

    Minecraft players who do not mind a bit of cheating can also use the /locatebiome command in order to quickly find one of the biomes where melons can generate.

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