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Why Does Minecraft Take So Long To Load Ps4

Solution : Restart Your Ps4

How to FIX Minecraft Stuck on Loading Screen PS4 (Easy Method!)

A restart is typically enough to fix the issue, it took care of job for large numbers of the clients who stall out on the Red screen, so restarting PS4 appears to have settled the PS4 not loading issue for you.

Follow these basic advances recorded underneath to effectively complete this activity.

  • Turn the PS4 off.
  • Disengage the PS4s force supply from the electrical plug.
  • Hang tight for 30-60 seconds.
  • Fitting the force supply back in.
  • Turn on the PS4 and let it boot up.

Minecraft Stuck On The Loading Screen On Play Station 4

Minecraft is one of the most successful games and is very popular among Gamers. But sometimes it also causes certain problems to its players. One of those problems is the never-ending Minecraft loading screen. It is very annoying for players, especially when their friends are waiting for them on the server.

However, we can solve this issue with some very simple steps.

Does Ps5 Load Ps4 Games Quicker

But that’s a PS5-optimized game compared to a separate PS4 version. The game started up twice as fast on PS5 as it did on PS4 at just 15 seconds, and while it still took a lengthy one minute to load a gameplay encounter on PS5, it did manage to shave nearly 30 seconds off of the PS4’s load times. via

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Minecraft Ps4 Stuck On Red Mojang Screen: How To Fix Long Loading Times Latest Developer Update

Is Minecraft stuck on the red Mojang title screen on your PS4? You’ll want to read this…

Minecraft on PS4 has a rather big issue which has been impacting PlayStation players for quite some time.

Namely, players on PS5 keep encountering a rather frustrating bug when attempting to load the game.

But rather than being greeted with a wonderful blocky intro, the game instead gets stuck on ‘the red screen of death’.

Or as you probably know it, the red Mojang Studio’s title card which shows when the game is booting up.

However, for some players, the game is getting stuck on this screen, unable to progress.

This isn’t exactly a ‘new’ bug, it’s been an issue with the game for months now.

I recall writing about this same issue when the Nether update released back in June. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was causing issues for players long before the release of the Nether expansion.

What’s interesting, if that’s the right word, is that the issue only appears to be impacting PS4 players. Those on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more don’t seem to be having problems.

As you can see below from a quick Reddit search, it’s more than just one player having problems, but seemingly quite a few users experiencing issues over a long period of time.

Equally, it has been flagged, repeatedly, on the Mojang Studios Official Issue Tracker. But it wouldn’t seem as though a fix is anywhere in sight.

  • Launch Minecraft
  • Update Ps4 System Software Via A Usb Flash Drive

    Minecraft Dungeons: How to Pre

    Alternatively, you can download and install the latest system software on PS4 via a USB flash drive. Before the operation, please keep the main steps in mind:

  • You need to format the USB flash drive to the FAT32 file system.
  • Create specific folders on the USB drive via a computer and download the latest system software to the USB drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to your PS4 console and install the system software in Safe Mode.
  • Now, lets see more details.

    Prepare a USB Drive and Format It to FAT32

    There are many ways to format a USB flash drive. As you will download the latest system software on a computer later, you can format your USB flash drive via a computer, too.


    On a Windows 7/8.1/10/11 computer, you can use built-in tools such as File Explorer, Disk Management, and Command Prompt to format your USB flash drive. And you can search our previous posts to learn how to use them.

    Here I recommend you to use MiniTool Partition Wizard to perform the operation. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional, reliable, and easy-to-use disk manager. It can help you create, move, resize, delete, wipe, and recover partitions quickly. Of course, you can format your USB flash drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard free.

    Step 1: Connect your USB flash drive to a computer running Windows 10 or 11. Then download MiniTool Partition Wizard by clicking the button above and installing it.


    Update PS4 System Software

  • Restart PS4
  • Initialize PS4
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    Long Loading Times Entering The Game

    Which language are you playing the game in?EnglishHow often does the bug occur?Every time What is your current game version number?Version 1.27 What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed?Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Realm Of Magic, StrangerVille, Jungle Adventure, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Bowling Night, Vintage Glamour, Movie Hangout, Spooky Stuff, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, Luxury Party.Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?Load up the game on an Xbox One console. Wait for “The Sims 4” screen and select the gamer-tag so it starts to load in.What happens when the bug occurs?Gets stuck on “The Sims 4” loading screen for a long time until it transitions into the blue screen..What do you expect to see?Not really sure. Maybe the loading time is normal because of all the packs I have installed. I doesn’t load in as quick as it used too.Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods?On console – never used.Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system?Neutral/Not Sure

    This could be just me, but I’ve tried a hard reset on the console and clearing a bunch of space out. It stays on the loading screen for awhile now. At least 4-5 minutes. Not sure if this is normal or just me.

    Edit: I timed my game load from launch on home screen to the time to enter my household and it took 6 minutes and 50 seconds. So yes, the load time is considerable.

    Fix : Update Ps4 System Software

    Similar to game developers, PlayStation developers are also keeping releasing updates to the game console for bug fixes and new improvements. If your PS4 is outdated, you might encounter various problems while playing games, including Minecraft PS4 not loading.

    To update the game console, here are two methods and you can choose one according to your situation.

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    Why Is Ps4 Slow And Lagging

    In most cases, the PS4 slowness and lag stem from the degradation of its stock internal HDD. We already published an article unveiling the truth of the PS4 stock hard drive and why its the weakest part in the whole console .

    But, although a degrading PS4 hard drive is the biggest reason for the slowness the PS4 console is undergoing, it is not the only one. Actually, the PS4 may slow down and lag due to different reasons that make playing on PS4 just a nightmare.

    Reasons such as a bad power feeding, a defective UB peripheral, and a malfunctioning hardware component, all make your PS4 slow and lagging.

    Recommended By Our Editors

    Minecraft Bedrock PS4/XB1 | Skin Not loading/Applying FIX! September 2020 MAY BE OUTDATED

    There’s speculation the load time reductions are due to the use of new data compression techniques, but the patch enabling the faster loading is just marked as fixing bugs. Did Sony instead just find a bug in its data loading process on the console? Whatever the cause, it’s a welcome one for PS4 owners. Hopefully Sony explains what’s changed soon and when we can expect the patches for these games to roll out.

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    Where Are Minecraft Files Stored

    Android & Amazon Fire OS

    Minecraft for Windows & Windows Phone

    The files will be located at %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\

    Xbox One Minecraft for Xbox one files are stored locally on the console. If you sign in with an Xbox Live account, your worlds will also be backed up to Xbox One cloud game saves.

    Fix : Clear Your Minecraft Download Cache With A Hotfix

    Mojang Studios released a hotfix for Minecraft users in the Minecraft version 2.08 on PlayStation 4. It can help you clear your Minecraft download cache and solve the Minecraft freezing on the loading screen issue that happens while you are trying to run the game.

    If your Minecraft version is higher than 2.08, you can use the hotfix to solve the problem you are facing, and you just need to:

    Step 1: Run Minecraft on your PS4.

    Step 2: Press and hold the following buttons on your PS4 controller when you see the splash screen: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Options + Touch pad. Dont release those buttons until you access the next screen.


    If you still get stuck on loading screen, try the next fix.

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    Solution : Disabling Discord Overlay

    Strife is one of the many programming created for gamers, so players can talk to each other during their gameplay. Most people use this product on PCs at present with next to no side effects in its usage. However, there are some Discord Overlay choices that may cause your game experience a few problems depending on what you play it on and how much information they give out when using Strifes overlay while playing Minecraft PS4 not loading issue has been experienced by quite a lot of gamers who disabled said function just as soon as possible!

    • Go to User Settings
    • Select Enable/Disable in-game overlay.

    Legal Basis Of Processing

    Why does Forza Horizon 4 take so long to load on PC? : forza
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    • provision of Data is necessary for the performance of an agreement with the User and/or for any pre-contractual obligations thereof
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    • processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Owner or by a third party.

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    How Does Ps5 Load Faster

    Supercharged SSD

    The promise of faster loading times has been a major selling point for the PS5. Architect Mark Cerny specifically designed the PlayStation 5’s internal hardware to bypass as much data bottlenecking as possible. The PS5 does this mainly through its use of a custom designed SSD, or solid-state drive. via

    Fix : Reinstall Minecraft

    If all the solutions above fail to solve the Minecraft stuck on loading screen PS4 problem, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft on your console.

    To uninstall Minecraft, you can go to Settings> Storage> System Storage> Applications. Then select Minecraft and press the OPTIONS button. Then select the Delete button. After uninstalling Minecraft, you can download and install the game on your PS4 again.

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    Ps4 Slowness & Lag Symptoms

    There are several symptoms that indicate PS4 is slow to the extent that it needs maintenance.

    • Long loading time. | When the PS4 loading process is slow, whether its the game/app or even the whole operating system , this marks your PS4 slow and lagging.
    • Copying application, game, or media files takes too long. | Slow-paced PS4 copying may indicate that your game console is really slow and suffering from lag. But on the other hand, this is not a definite sign. Your PS4 might be fine and the issue is caused by an external storage device connected to the console. This needs investigation and checking.
    • PS4 is lagging only when playing games. | In this situation, PS4 boots up normally, runs its applications with no problem, but when a game loads, the lag issue begins. If PS4 is only lagging online, mostly theres a problem with the internet connection. Otherwise, if this state happens online and offline, the issue is either with PS4 itself or the particular game youre playing.
    • PS4 runs well for a while, but suddenly delays and becomes slow for no obvious reason. | It happens that everything seems ok and running smoothly, but suddenly the catastrophe occurs. Just for no obvious reason, PS4s performance goes down dramatically and becomes very slow. Sometimes it freezes also.

    Ok, these are the most common symptoms that indicate PS4 lag/slowness. But what does cause this situation in the first place?

    Ways To Fix Minecraft Wont Load Past Mojang Screen

    Why is 1.17 Taking A Year To Develop??? (+ Mob C)

    Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Mojang Studios in 2011. Millions of players have been playing the game since its release. It is one of the most famous online games. Unfortunately, certain issues faced by the players prevent them from playing Minecraft. One such issue is Minecraft wont load past Mojang Screen .

    Minecraft Not Loading Past Mojang Screen

    This is one of the most common issues faced by players when they try to launch Minecraft. Shortly after launching the game, players get stuck on the loading screen. The loading wont go past a certain point no matter how much time passes by.

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    Fix : Dont Use Free Vpns

    Mojang has blocked most VPN users from logging into Minecraft as these free VPNs are often used by malicious users to hack into accounts. This can cause login/loading issues. Some VPNs such as Express VPN and NordVPN get Minecraft unblocked, giving you access to all of the latest features no matter where you live.

    Fix : Remove The Adware

    Many players find removing the adware helped them get past the forever-loading Majong screen. You can use the free utility AdwCleaner to remove useless adware:

  • Go to theMalwarebytes official website and download the AdwCleaner to your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Run a scan and remove any malware found.
  • Restart the computer and see if Minecraft launches then.
  • Malwarebyte

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    Ps4 System Software Is Up To Date

    Make sure that your System Software is updated as PS4 causes a lot of problems when the update is not done. The reason behind your Minecraft being stuck on the loading screen can be your System Software. So make sure you have the up to Date System Software for your PS4.

    You can update your System Software by going to the settings on the Play Station home screen and then selecting the System Update Software. Once the update is done you will have to restart your Play Station once again and check if Minecraft is working or not.

    These steps will resolve your issues without deleting your game.

    If your Minecraft PS4 Multiplayer is not working you should check out the guide below.

    Ps4 Hard Drive Is Almost Full

    Why in the World Does Copying Files Take so Long on the PS4?

    When your hard drive gets to 95 percent full, PS4 can slow down by 50 percent and start lagging. At this point, there is no space to save the temporary files required for operating apps, so its as if the PS4 operating system doesnt know how to run properly anymore. Thats why, as a result, PS4 starts lagging and getting slow.

    You can read more on what happens when the PS4 hard drive is full to better understand this issue.

    In brief, the PS4 hard drive space is taken up by games and applications and their updates. Also, media files, screenshots, and game saves, all that consume lots of storage space on the PS4 hard drive. Add to that the temporary files and associated files of deleted games/apps.

    What you can do here is a few things:

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    Changing Your Dns Servers Can Speed Up Downloads

    Another way to potentially improve download speeds on your PS4 is to change your DNS server settings. This can sometimes improve the bandwidth available to your console, but is very hit and miss and will sometimes make no difference or even worsen the speeds you get. The performance of DNS servers depends on so many different factors it is impossible to predict what will happen in each case if you change them.

    However, it is worth trying if you want to see if you can get files to download a little faster. The process is covered in the above video. where three different free DNS services are tested against the default ones provided by rhe ISP. The tester does indeed find an improvement in bandwidth using different DNS servers this may or may not be the case for other people who try this.

    Here is the process for changing your DNS servers on your PS4. It requires reconfiguring the internet connection mostly as Default or Automatic, but changing to Custom just for the DNS servers and entering your own ones manually. Google DNS are the first one to try.

  • Run through the rest of the settings as they are without changing them
  • Retest your download and upload speeds by heading to Settings.Network.Test InternetConnection. It is worth testing the connection a few times as changing settings can produce a one off fluke improvement in speeds the first time you test it, but then it reverts back to the speeds you were getting before.
  • Changing PS4 DNS Servers Quick Guide


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