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Can You Eat Pumpkins In Minecraft

S To Carve A Pumpkin In Minecraft

How to Make a Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft (Tutorial)

First of all, youll need to find pumpkins in the game. The pumpkins are basically found in the biome, near the villages, and on the plain grounds. These are just block like structure of yellowish orange color on the ground.

Youll need a pair of shears to carve the Pumpkin in the game. Equip the shears and go near the pumpkin on the ground. Use the shears and cave the pumpkin to shape it like a stylish one. You can finalize the carving of pumpkin by adding them in the crafting table with a torch. When it is done pick and add the pumpkin in your inventory.

How To Carve A Pumpkin In Minecraft

Carving a Minecraft pumpkin is simple use shears on an uncarved pumpkin. Youll receive four pumpkin seeds, as well as a spooky new friend. It probably goes without saying, but no, you cant un-carve a Minecraft pumpkin youve brought it into the world, and youre responsible for it now.

You can craft a jack olantern by combining a carved pumpkin with a torch they provide a small amount of light, and can be placed underwater to illuminate the ocean floor, which is always useful.

Carved pumpkins arent just for decoration they can also be used to create iron or snow golems. You must place four iron blocks in a T shape before popping the carved pumpkin or jack olantern on top to make your Minecraft iron golem; for a snow golem, youll stack two snow blocks vertically and top it off with your carved pumpkin.

How To Make A Pumpkin Pie

Players need 3 distinct items to make this delicious treat in Minecraft. These are:

  • Pumpkin x1
  • Sugar x1
  • Egg x1

Pumpkins can be found in village farms or spawning randomly on plains and grassy biomes. Players can also grow pumpkins from pumpkin seeds and farming them.

Sugar is a resource that players can get by processing Sugarcane in their Inventory.

Eggs are dropped randomly by chickens on a regular basis.

Combine these items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to make a Pumpkin Pie!

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Part 1 How To Find Food In Minecraft

Image from;miumiu39 via Flickr

It’s better to know how to find food first before we move on to the steps on how to eat in Minecraft.

1. Kill animals if you want to eat meat

Fun fact, many animals in your Minecraft world will drop meat when they are killed. Those meats are safe to eat raw. But, you must remember that chicken meat can cause food poisoning.;

To avoid food poisoning, we suggest you to cook chicken meat. It can also increase the benefits of the meat. In Minecraft, you can eat meat from cows, rabbits, pigs, sheep, chickens, and mooshrooms.

2. Try fishing for food

Besides killing animals to get meat, you can also try fishing to restore your hunger bars. Try fishing for food if you have a fishing rod. Clownfish, raw fish, and raw salmon are safe to eat.;

But keep in mind that pufferfish will cause nausea and food poisoning. Just like chicken meat, we suggest you to cook the raw pufferfish to avoid food poisoning.

3. Harvest crops

Once harvested, food can decline in different crops and plants. You should eat multiple crops at once, such as onions, cabbage, and melons. You’ll need to create maize, sugar cane, pumpkins, and cocoa beans to grow fruit. You will grow maize, onions, carrots, beetroots, apples , pumpkins, and melons.;

These plants are to be found in different locations throughout your world, though you may be able to find a lot of concentrated in village farms.

What Kind Of Pumpkin Is Used For Pumpkin Pie

The Best Ideas for How to Make A Pumpkin Pie In Minecraft ...

Like I mentioned, there are literally pumpkins named pie pumpkins. So obviously those are good for making pumpkin pie. BUT they arent the only ones that make a good pie.

In general any pumpkin thats meant for eating can be made into pie. Some may be more dry and some more liquidey. Some may be sweeter than others.; But once you drain the liquid from the cooked pumpkin and add the rest of the pie ingredients you shouldnt notice any big difference between a pie made with pie pumpkins or any other pumpkin.


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How To Make A Pie In Minecraft

In a Nutshell:

To make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft, open the crafting table containing the 3×3 grid. Place one pumpkin block in the first block, one sugar block in the middle box and one egg in the last box. Now that a Pumpkin Pie is made, simply click it and drag it to your inventory.

Making a pumpkin pie is a very straightforward process. What is not straightforward can be some of the ingredients that you will have to acquire. Here is a list of what you will need below:

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 1 unit of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • The egg can be acquired easily if you have access to chickens. Having a chicken farm will make acquiring multiple eggs an easy prospect.;

    Getting sugar will be a bit more difficult unless youve built a farm for it. If you are looking specifically for sugarcane to acquire sugar itself then keep in mind that it has a habit of nearly always growing near a source of water.;

    As far as acquiring a pumpkin, that prospect can be a bit challenging if you arent looking in the right biomes. They can grow almost anywhere so long as there is a grass block, but your best chances might be looking in taiga or snowy taiga villages where pumpkin is grown instead of hay bales due to the climate.;

    Once you have acquired all of the ingredients all that is required is putting them together in order to form your desired food product.

    Part 1 Of 4: Finding Food

  • 1Kill animals for meat. Many animals you find in your Minecraft world will drop meat when killed. All of this meat is safe to eat raw, except chicken meat, which can give you food poisoning. Cooking meat will increase its benefits.
  • You can get meat from cows, pigs, chickens, mooshrooms, sheep, and rabbits.
  • See Start an Animal Farm on Minecraft for instructions on farming animals for meat.
  • 2Fish for food. If you have a fishing rod, you can fish for food. Raw fish, raw salmon, and clownfish are safe to eat, but pufferfish will cause food poisoning and nausea. Cooking raw fish will increase its benefits.
  • See Fish in Minecraft for details on how to fish.
  • 3Harvest crops. Various crops and plants will drop food when harvested. Some crops, such as carrots, potatoes, and melons you can eat immediately. Others, such as wheat, sugar cane, pumpkins and cocoa beans you will need to craft to make food. You can farm wheat, potatoes, carrots, beetroots, apples , pumpkins, and melons. You’ll find these plants in various locations throughout your world, though you may be able to find a lot concentrated in village farms.
  • See Build a Basic Farm in Minecraft for instructions on creating your own farm to harvest crops.
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    How To Make A Pumpkin Pie In Minecraft

    Ah, pumpkin pie. One of the more appealing Minecraft foods available, at least before you add any food-based Minecraft mods into the equation. Heres how you can whip up a comforting pumpkin pie in your Minecraft kitchen .

    To make pumpkin pie, combine a pumpkin with sugar and an egg in your crafting table. Its as simple as that and eating one restores 8 hunger and 4.8 saturation. If cooking isnt your forte, apprentice-level farmer villages might trade you four pumpkin pies in exchange for an emerald. You might be able to find them in chests in taiga villages, too.

    Where To Find Pumpkin Pie In Creative Mode

    How to Make Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft
    • Java

    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find pumpkin pie in the Creative Inventory menu:



    • Platform is the platform that applies.
    • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
    • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

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    How To Equip The Carved Pumpkin

    Using the carved pumpkins on your head is very easy. Go to the inventory by pressing E button and select the pumpkin. Drag the selected pumpkin to the head section of your character in the game. Now, you can see what you see inside an pumpkin head on Halloween. This pumpkin will also protect you from monsters like Golems.

    How To Find Pumpkins In Minecraft

    Before you can carve a pumpkin, you have to find one. Pumpkins naturally spawn in almost every Overworld biome, requiring only a grass block with an empty air space above it to appear.

    This means that with the exception of deserts, beaches, and oceans, you can find pumpkins virtually anywhere. Look for grassy biomes with few visual obstructions, such as taiga or plains biomes, to find them.

    You can also find pumpkins in Woodland Mansions, pillager outpost tents, taiga villages . You can find pumpkin seeds as dungeon, mansion, village, or mineshaft loot, which you can then grow.

    Carved pumpkins;can;be found naturally, too, appearing in rail rooms inside Woodland Mansions, as well as in pillager outposts, where they act as the heads of scarecrows.

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    What You Can’t Do With Carved Pumpkins

    A carved pumpkin can not be used to make pumpkin pie, nor can it be placed into a crafting table to retrieve four pumpkin seeds, so don’t make the mistake of shearing your pumpkin if you were planning on doing either of these things.;

    That’s everything you need to know about how to carve pumpkins in Minecraft, as well as how to find and what they’re used for. Check out our other Minecraft guides;while you’re here, or use our Minecraft seeds articles to find your next favorite seed!

    Dig Up The Carved Pumpkin

    Automated Pumpkin/Melon Farming Guide for Minecraft

    Now you can dig up the carved pumpkin. The to dig up the carved pumpkin depends on the version of Minecraft:

    • For Java Edition , left click and hold on the carved pumpkin.
    • For Pocket Edition , you tap and hold on the carved pumpkin.
    • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
    • For PS3 and PS4, press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
    • For Wii U, press and hold the ZR button on the gamepad.
    • For Nintendo Switch, press and hold the ZR button on the controller.
    • For Windows 10 Edition, left click and hold on the carved pumpkin.
    • For Education Edition, left click and hold on the carved pumpkin.

    The carved pumpkin will break and a smaller carved pumpkin will float on the ground.

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    If 113 Added Regular Pumpkins Then Bread Should Need To Be Baked In An Oven

    If 1.13 added regular pumpkins needing to be sheared, Then bread should need to be baked in an oven!


    • I think three wheat should still make ‘1 Bread Dough’ but then after doing this you need to bake the Dough to get ‘Baked Bread’

    • Pumpkin Pie would be crafted into a “Raw Pumpkin Pie, then you would bake the Pumpkin Pie in a the furnace to get Normal Baked ‘Pumpkin Pie’

    • Cakes needed to be Baked as they would be “Raw Cake” and baking it gives: Cake.

    • Cookies should be Raw Cookies and then cooked into Regular Baked “Cookies” in the furnace

    “These are just little tweaks that would make them follow the other cooked foods. Also would help make the furnace have more uses and purposes.”

    Also you should be able to eat raw cake, raw pumpkin pie, and raw bread dough but they should make you slightly sick like eating rotten flesh.

    Edit 1: After reading some comments and discussing here are some reasons to have these new Middle recipes stated above:

  • Raw Bread Dough Could be get a buff so its slightly better to make then previous because they could change the recipe. 3 Wheat would eventually give 5 Bread Also They should add + 0.2 Saturation to Baked Bread while they make this change.

  • Pumpkin Pie could be changed on what it gives you when it is eaten. I think instead of its current: 8 hunger and 4.8 saturation. It should give: 8 Hunger and 5.8 Saturation.

  • Raw Cake mix + fruit = specific type of cake. Then you Bake for that Cake.

  • 1 dough + 2 wheat + 2 cocoa beans = 16 Cookies.

    Part 2 Of 4: Eating Food

  • 1Play in Survival mode. Your Hunger bar does not deplete in Creative mode or Peaceful mode.
  • 2Check your Hunger bar. You can only eat when the Hunger bar is not completely full. The only exceptions to this are chorus fruit, golden apples, and milk.
  • Your Hunger bar will shake when it begins to lower. Once at least one of your hunger icons starts to deplete, you can eat.
  • 3Select the food item you want to eat. Open your inventory and drag the food item onto your hotbar at the bottom of the screen. Press the hotbar number to select the food and hold it in your hand.
  • 4Press and hold the “Use Item” button. This is usually the right mouse button but can be changed to other keys. Continue holding the button until the food has been completely eaten. Advertisement
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    How To Enchant A Pumpkin In Minecraft

    • Once you find and carve a pumpkin, you can also enchant it.
    • You can only enchant a pumpkin with an anvil. You cannot use an enchanting table to do so.
    • Only two enchantments can be placed on a pumpkin. These two enchantments are the curse of binding and the curse of vanishing.
    • The curse of binding will prevent you from unequipping a pumpkin head when it is placed in the helmet slot.
    • The curse of vanishing will make the pumpkin head disappear as soon as you die in the game.

    With this, we come to the end of this article on how to carve and enchant a pumpkin in Minecraft. As you can see, this is a pretty easy process as long as you follow the right steps.

    How To Make Vegan Pumpkin Pie

    All About Crafting with Pumpkins in Minecraft, Part 3

    The hardest part about making Vegan Pumpkin Pie is making the crust first . Once you have the crust ready, the actually pumpkin part is RIDICulously easy!

    If youre in need of a good vegan pie crust, might I recommend THIS Perfect Vegan Pie Crust or THIS coconut oil pie crust? Its SO GOOD and I have a video coming out soon on how to make it 😀 DO IT!

    Okay, you have your crust ready. Now for the filling. All were going to do is blend all of the ingredients in a blender and then pour it into the crust. DONE. Thats it.

    Heres what is going in the blender:

    • pumpkin puree
    • salt
    • cornstarch

    You *could* whisk everything together but Ive found it gets a lot smoother and creamier if you just blend it. Its a dirty dish well spent.

    The filling is then poured into the crust and baked for almost an hour. But then you also have to let it chill for a bit which is MUCH more difficult than youd imagine.

    Im so excited for you to try this pie! Its seriously the best pumpkin pie Ive ever made and Im happy that there is plenty of pumpkin season left this year.

    Thats all I have for you today. I have lots of exciting things coming to the blog this week . Ill be back tomorrow with another amazing pumpkin recipe!!

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    Part 3 How To Eat In Minecraft

    Image from;Helen Phan via Flickr

    Step 1. Play Mode for Survival. The Hunger bar doesn’t go down in Creative or Peaceful mode, and whether you do one of these, you won’t be able to eat.

    Step 2. Check your Bar on Hunger. You’ll only be able to feed if you’re not completely loaded with Hunger Plate. Golden apples and honey are the only examples. If your Hunger bar shakes, it will start to lower. You’ll be able to eat at least once you start to get used to the first hunger icon.

    Step 3. Choose which food you want to eat. If you pick up food without anything in your hands, it is automatically selected. To open your inventory, press the “…” button, tap a hotbar box, then tap your food item to add it to your hotbar. You can then tap this to hold it in your hotbar.

    Step 4. Tap and hold the selected food on your screen. You might need to look around a little before you can start feeding, because you may unintentionally try to click on a button. Push and hold down the phone before you eat the meal.;

    Now that you have got all the steps on how to eat in Minecraft, try to eat something, and don’t let yourself starve!


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