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How To Collect Everything In A Chest In Minecraft

No Secrets Between Us


In the quest to defeat the Arch Illager, every upgrade can mean the difference between success and failure. That means finding as many chests as you can is vital to your victory, even if it means taking small breaks in the middle of battle to fight a harmless pig to the death, or taking the path less traveled by. If it gets you to a chest, it’s probably worth the effort.

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Chests And Secrets

Squid Coast Secret 1

After you learn how to shoot the skeleton archers, go around the back of the fence to reveal a secret chest in front of the house.

Squid Coast Secret 2

Around the corner from the first secret, when you reach more houses next to trees, get behind the fence by going underneath the trees to reveal another secret chest.

Squid Coast Chest 2 – How to get the island chest across the ledge

This one is a lot more visible than the others, but can be puzzling to claim if you’re unfamiliar with Minecraft Dungeon’s controls.

You need to roll across the gap to reach the other side of the ledge and get the chest.

How To Store All Same Items In Chest

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Quote from SomethingvalidPick up one stack from your inventory and mouse it over another stack, then shift-right click on it, which moves all the stacks into a chest.

Quote from RasahNot right click. It’s shift+double-left click.

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Quote from Linklinehow am im suppose to double click it when first click already stores the item before second click

2) Mouse over stack of same type you want to move3) Shift + Double left click.I was assuming when I said it’s not right click it’s “x” that you would still follow the steps I did not correct. There are videos on youtube also. You could have watched a demonstration faster than it takes to make a post.

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Redstone Mines Secrets And Chests

Redstone Mines Chest 1

Near the start of the level, along the main path there’s a chest on the snowy mound.

Redstone Mines Chest 2

Continue along the main path and there’s another chest in the middle of the cart tracks.

Redstone Mines Chest 3

Again, continue along the main path and there’s a chest hidden in the bottom corner of the room, obscured by the wall.

Redstone Mines Chest 4

Just around the corner from the last chest, check in the side room on the right hand side.

Redstone Mines Chest 5

In the next room from the last chest, there’s another on the backside of the snowy mound.

Redstone Mines secret cow level rune

When your objective is to free 6 villagers , look for a hidden button in the top left of the room. It’s next to one of the villagers. Head inside and click on both the button at the end of the path and the rune when it appears.

Redstone Mines Chest 6

Again, continue along the main path and both chests 6 and 7 are in the room before the exit.

Redstone Mines Chest 7

Chest 7 is obscured by the wall.

More Features Are Planned

How to put items in a chest with a hopper

With all the sudden attention that Chest Cavity is receiving, it’s no wonder that expectations are running high for any extra features. On April 9th the creator proved they were intent on doing so by releasing a new update. Chief among the new content added was the option given to enchant any organ you like. Enchanting is a great feature within the game, so it’s certainly;a smart;early addition.

If this recent update is anything to go by, you can expect more to pop up before long, and for this mod to keep you entertained for longer than you may have first expected.

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Fiery Forge Secrets And Chests

Fiery Forge Secret 1

Just on the right before you go into the forge.

Fiery Forge secret cow level rune

Just inside the forge, look for a lever on the wall next to the dead Redstone Golem. Then head inside and grab the rune after pressing the button.

Fiery Forge Secret 2

A little further inside the forge, in the bottom left corner of the side path.

Fiery Forge Secret 3

In the corner above secret 2.

Fiery Forge Secret 4

Once you reach the “overload the cores” section of the level, there’s a golden chest in the right-hand side path.

Fiery Forge Secret 5

In the middle of the overload the cores section.

Fiery Forge Secret 6

Again in the overload the cores section, go into the marked side room to find a secret golden chest.

How To Use A Chest In Minecraft

Simply hold the chest in your hotbar and right click to place it. When you right click the chest after it is placed you will see the chests inventory. You can place whatever items you want in it and you can double the space of the chest by placing another chest at its side.;

This will combine the inventory of the two chests resulting in more storage space.;

Your storage room can be as simple as placing rows of chests in a line, sorting them by types of items, and a mix of style and function.;

If all you need is a lot of storage then consider making a large room lined with chests. If you want to go for a more compact style consider placing them against each other. There are many ways you can utilize chests and even mark them.;

Use placing your chests as an opportunity to be creative. It will be easier on you when you have stacks of different items to sort, as well as being easier on your eyes.;

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How To Craft A Chest In Minecraft

Here’s how to build a Chest from scratch:

  • Collect 3 Wood Blocks. Any type of wood is fine .

  • Craft 12 Wood Planks. Put 1 Wood Block in the 2X2 crafting grid to make 4 Wood Planks, then repeat.

  • Make a;Crafting Table. Put a Plank in each box of the 2X2 crafting grid.

  • Place your Crafting Table;on the ground and interact with it to open the 3X3 crafting grid. The controls to do this depends on the platform you’re playing on:

  • PC: Right-click
  • PlayStation: Press L2
  • Nintendo: Press ZL
  • Don’t forget where you put your Crafting Table. You can use it later to craft more items.

  • Craft your;Chest. Put 8 Wood Planks in the outer boxes .

  • Place your Chest;on the ground and open it to store items.

  • But Dont Keep Searching Needlessly

    how to quickly take all similar items out of a chest- minecraft

    When you press the map button, a transparent version of the map will appear on the screen, and you can keep walking around to see your character icon move on the map in real time. However, as Eurogamer reported, you can actually hold down on the map button to open a larger version of the map that contains more information.

    In the bottom-left corner of this screen, youll see the number of chests and secrets the level contains . If you see that youve already found all of the chests in a level, you can stop thoroughly searching each environment and move more quickly to the end!

    For more information about Minecraft Dungeons, or to view the rest of our guides for the game, check out our previous coverage.

    Disclosure: Xbox gave SuperParent codes for Minecraft Dungeons for coverage purposes.

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    Search Every Nook And Cranny

    Some chests are found out in the open, making them really easy to spot. Other chests are hidden behind trees and walls, and some are actually invisible until you get close enough to them.

    While the games map will show you any areas youve yet to visit in a stage, youll need to do the work of thoroughly exploring each of these areas. That may mean walking all of the way to the;edges;of the map to make sure there arent invisible chests waiting to be found. Also keep in mind that some chests may be hidden inside secret areas that you come across as you play .

    If you come across a chest thats behind a tree or another obstacle, a helpful outline of the chest will appear on the screen so you know where it is .

    Minecraft Dungeons: How To Find Every Hidden Chest

    Follow these tips to collect all of the loot that you can!

    Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling adventure game set in the blocky world of Minecraft. The game allows you to explore procedurally generated levels full of enemies to defeat and loot to collect. While enemies will sometimes drop loot when theyre defeated , you can also find lots of helpful items in treasure chests in each level.

    Since the games environments are procedurally generated, this means a single level wont have the same layout even if you play it multiple times. That also means youll be able to find chests in different locations each time you play. Since thats the case, we cant create guides to help you find each chests specific location.

    However, we can share a few tips that will help you find all of the chests scattered throughout each stage. Let’s get started!

    Your Body May Reject New Organs

    Just like in real life, transplants aren’t guaranteed to be successful and you can imagine throwing in non-human ones can add to the risk. In this mod, organs are either considered owned or free to use. If you steal an organ to use for yourself from another player, revenge won’t be the only lingering consequence.

    Organ rejection is painful and means formerly owned organs are not intended for long-term use.;You can get away with using them for short bursts though. To be completely safe use organ;drops. As they’re no longer tied to an owner, you can harvest and use as many organ drops as you like.

    The only thing to be aware of is the organ tier system, with rotten ones performing fifty percent worse;than human organs. Animal;parts aren’t much better;either,;though are worth experimenting with as they can unlock some;special abilities.

    Organ Amounts Can Adjust Your Stats

    If you could only use 30 double chests and an ender chest ...

    Once you start taking things out you may quickly regret it. For example, losing your spine will kill you because it will render you incapable of movement, so that’s a big no-no. But at the same time, you can disassemble monstrous mobs in tight situations.

    Other additions and subtractions wield more surprising results. More stomachs will increase fullness from food, extra lungs will allow you to hold your breath for longer and you’ll find ditching most organs will eventually kill you in one way or another if you’re not careful. No spleen will mean it will take longer to heal from eating, while fewer ribs will make you more vulnerable to taking damage.

    You often can learn what stats are possible to improve by first suffering these stat reduction consequences and seeing what having less or none of the organ types will do. But take precautions when sourcing new parts or else complications may arise.

    How To Move Items Fast To A Chest In Minecraft For Pc

    Chests in “Minecraft” are primarily used to keep your valuables safe so you don’t lose your items upon dying; thus, most players will find themselves often adding and removing items from chests. Manually moving items between your inventory and a chest is normally a laborious process that involves a considerable amount of dragging and dropping. However, an alternate transfer method exists that enables you to quickly transfer items between your inventory and a chest, and vice versa.

    Right-click on the chest to open it. A window displaying your inventory and the inventory of the chest displays on-screen.

    Hold down the “Shift” button on your keyboard and left-click the item you want to move to instantly transfer it from your inventory to the chest’s inventory.

    Hold down the “Shift” button and left-click any item in the chest’s inventory to instantly transfer it to your own.


    You can also move items quickly from your inventory to your hotbar by shift-clicking them in the inventory screen with no other windows open.


    Steps and information in this article apply to “Minecraft” version 1.6.2 and may differ in other versions of the software.


    Dingy Jungle Secrets And Chests

    Dingy Jungle Chest 1

    Appears by the side of the gate when you defeat the enemies.

    Dingy Jungle Chests 3 & 4

    These appear after you defeat the enemies that appear when you press the buttons to open the gate.

    Dingy Jungle Chest 5

    Appears by the side of the gate when you open it.

    Dingy Jungle Chest 6

    Enter the side cave when your objective is to explore the vine maze, then clear out the enemy ambush. This chest appears up on the second floor of the small area.

    Dingy Jungle Chest 7

    Activate the Creeper pole ambush to make this chest appear.

    Dingy Jungle Secret 1

    In the area where your objective is to cross the canyon. Take the path away from your objective and on the bottom fork an obsidian chest – which is this level’s secret – will appear.

    Dingy Jungle Secret Level Location – Panda Plateau

    Check your map when you load into Dingy Jungle, and sometimes when you play through this level the map will say “Secrets 0/0” instead of “0/1” like above. When this happens, the secret above will be replaced with a door you can go through.

    Inside, go up to the top side and press the buttons in the top three corners.

    When you’ve done that, go down to the middle-left, and you’ll find the secret level – Panda Plateau – map here.

    Dingy Jungle Chest 9

    Soggy Swamp Secrets And Chests

    As well as the following secrets and chests, there’s also the new Soggy Cave location to find – as shown in the below video from Dead Zpkies. You’ll know if it’s spawned on your run through the level if the map says you have 2 secrets to find:

    Soggy Swamp Chest 1

    After you come out of the Enderman cave, go up the structure at the bottom of the path and roll over the gap to reach the golden chest.

    Soggy Swamp Chest 2

    Continue along the path towards the objective, and the second chest is in the middle of the area. Climb over the wall to get to the chest.

    Soggy Swamp Chest 3

    In the very next area, up on a ledge in the middle of the clearing.

    Soggy Swamp secret cow level rune

    Just to the right of the exit to the level, there’s a hidden button that reveals and entrance. Remember to click the rune inside as well as the button.

    Chests: Safely Stashing Your Stuff


    Whenever you head away from your secure shelter, there is always a reasonably high risk of death. Creepers, lava pits, long fallsthey can all do you in. Respawning is only a moment away, but the real danger here is that any items youve collected and carry in your characters inventory drop at the location of your untimely death and may prove impossible to retrieve in the 5 minutes you have to get back to them before they disappear forever.

    Chests act as an insurance policy. Put everything you dont need in a chest before you embark on a mission, and those things will be there when you get back or after you respawn.

    The natural place to leave chests is in your shelter, but you can also leave them elsewhere, perhaps at a staging point as you work away in a mine or even outside. Mobs will leave them alone, and the only real risk you face is leaving them out in the open in a multiplayer game or getting blown up from behind by a creeper in Single-player mode while youre rummaging around inside.

    Chests come in two sizes: single and double. A single chest can store 27 stacks of items. Create a double chest by placing two single chests side by side. The double chest stores up to 54 stacks of items. Given that a stack can be up to 64 items high, thats an astonishing potential total of 3,510 blocks in a crate that takes just 2×1 blocks of floor space. If youve ever followed the Dr. Who TV series, consider chests the Tardis of storage!

    A Base Near A Village

    For a game whose name implies that mining and crafting will be your primary tools, Minecraft villages have a surprisingly busy economy. If you can find one with a couple of different buildings eg. a blacksmith, a church, a farm, a stone-cutters, etc – then youll be laughing. Trade them whatever theyre looking to buy for things like emeralds and enchanted books.

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    Its a good idea to have at least a temporary base near your favorite villages; not only for ease but for the villagers safety. If you have to steal one of their beds overnight, you might wake up to find one less villager in the morning possibly your favorite trading partner.

    How To Make A Shulker Box

    Shulker Boxes are portable containers. Like Chests, they contain 27 inventory slots. To make a Shulker Box, put a Chest in the middle of the Crafting Table, then put a Shulker Shell above it and a Shulker Shell below it.

    You can change the color of your Shulker Box by putting dye next to it in the crafting grid.

    It Grants Access To A Secondary Inventory Space

    Before you start running after your friends or going surgical on Minecraft’s many mobs, you’ll realize the main benefit to this mod is the ability to access more inventory space. All you need to do is take a moment of introspection and search deep inside yourself for an answer… with the Chest Opener tool, that is.

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    Once you’ve opened up your blocky chest you can reap the rewards of having a secondary inventory space. Sure it will be full of random organs but it’s probably safe to swap some of them out for something else; that appendix was just using up valuable space anyway!

    Extra room is extremely useful to have in Minecraft and it’s suitable that it comes at a cost. Although the main fun is to be had with replacing organs, your body can now be used for storage in desperate situations.


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