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How To Make The Best House In Minecraft

Different Types Of Minecraft Houses

Minecraft: How to Build a Modern House – Best House Tutorial

Officially, there is are no specific types of houses in Minecraft, as they are constructed by the players only and can vary drastically based on their preferences. And if we listen to the fandom, there are too many types of houses to keep a record of. So, to keep things simple, we are only classifying the houses based on the difficulty of their construction:

  • Basic: Easy to build houses that can be made within an hour. These house ideas do not require any unique blocks or much planning. They are great to make on the move and in sticky situations, where you need quick shelter. You can make several of these throughout your world.
  • Casual: Stepping towards houses that require a little bit of planning, these arent big on looks but definitely smart in strategy. A few of the blocks used in these might take some time to find. They can be great if you plan to make multiple bases or just want some diversity in general. Keep in mind that you might have to spend some time researching the perfect locations for some of these.
  • Serious: We recommend you cheat a little and make the serious houses in creative game mode. These houses will require several blocks, including rare ones and a lot of dedicated time. Nevertheless, the end result is always something that makes you feel proud.

Decorate Your Minecraft Cottage:

You need a secure base you must consider adding accessories to create it safer and more suitable. It will help if you have eight blast furnaces and chain-smokers and three boilers. You can decorate your cottage using barrels and lodestone. The bed is vital because sleeping in your bed will permit you to set a spawn level where you respawn when you die in Minecraft.

Oak Wood Minecraft House

The Oak Wood Minecraft House is a plain and simple design idea that lets beginners construct a full-fledged survival house in their Minecraft world. It employs a compact architecture, is easy to build, and consists of two floors. Theres an optional basement too, should you want to take the extra time and create it outside the house. The base layout comprises a 16 blocks by 16 blocks format, so the house isnt too much of a huge build that were looking at. Youll be needing nothing but basic materials that can be hauled off early-game.

To begin, youll use Oak Wood and Oak Planks in combination to line the floor but will soon switch to Birch Wood Planks afterward. This will be to construct the walls of the house and then the roof subsequently. This is just an exceedingly decent house that may not pack all the pizzazz but is definitely capable enough to fill in all the basic requirements that a beginner will have from their starter Minecraft house.

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Minecraft House Ideas: Survival House Ideas

TheMythicalSasuage has designed the perfect Minecraft survival house. This 8×8 cabin not only looks great, but it’s also easy to build and takes no time at all, making it the perfect place for when you first start a survival map. Just because you’re starting out doesn’t mean your base needs to look basic.

This Minecraft survival house by Minecraft Today is super simple, easy to build, and also has some lovely homely touches without lots of extra resources. This small base is built mostly from stone and oak, and Minecraft Today has added some lovely little touches with a small garden out front and a huge glass window so you can see who or what is approaching your new home.

Where Should I Build My House In Minecraft

Best Minecraft Houses. Tutorials/Best biomes for homes â Official ...

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a location for your house.

  • Flat â Look for a space with lots of flat areas. It is easier to move around and away from enemies on flat ground.
  • Food â Make sure youâre close to a food source. This could be fish, pigs, chicken, or cows.
  • Trees â Youâre going to need a consistent source of wood.
  • These are the three basics. To meet these criteria, consider settling in the plains or savanna biomes. The savanna is usually better because it has more trees than the plains, but either will do.

    Donât be tempted to build in the forest. It might have plenty of wood, but it is difficult to move around, easy to get lost in, and a common enemy spawn point.

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    Where To Build Your Minecraft House

    Before you go ahead and start the construction process, you will need to pick a good spot for your house to be and for the simple style houses that we are looking at here, you will want to place it right where you start at the spawn location.

    If you are playing with friends, this is a must as you will want a safe space where they will not be at risk from all the various enemies wishing to cause you harm. You can build more elaborate houses later on in the game and in different biomes, but for now, let’s look at this simple and safe abode.

    Survival House For A Beginner

    In Survival mode, a beginner does not have a lot of resources to build a secure and powerful house in Minecraft. You can still be creative with oak wood blocks only. The following survival house was built by WeiderDude. The same building can be made in any Minecraft game, whether you are playing the PC game or the pocket edition.

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    Large Oak Survival House

    Youre now in the endgame, and want to make the best fortress to protect you against spawners and mobs.

    This Large Oak Survival House by Folli can help you fulfill your objective, with walls on all four corners, watchtowers, a gated entrance, and an elevated base on stilts in the center of it all. No other Minecraft house ideas can leave you as guarded as this one.

    While I think that some of these features may be too over the top, when a mob of zombies starts running amok, whos really going to be the one making it out alive?

    Minecraft House Ideas And Tutorials

    How To Build The Best Hardcore House (Hardcore House For Minecraft)

    If youre looking for Minecraft house ideas, Im sharing some pretty cool builds that will inspire you.

    From tree houses to wooden cabins to mountain houses, these houses will set put you on your way to creating your dream home.

    While building a house in Minecraft takes time, theres really nothing like seeing and enjoying the finished project. Below Ive included photos for you to use as guides and inspiration.

    Ive also included some of my favorite YouTube tutorials if youre looking for step-by-step instructions. Okay, now lets get to the Minecraft houses.

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    Minecraft Farmhouse Design Ideas

    This farmhouse design in Minecraft not only looks great but has a lot of utility, you can not only have a large number of people living here but at the same time, you can even have your domestic animals around and you can look after them. The colored roofs and towers give it a medieval look but make it feel pleasant.

    The design is kept in mind with all of the things that you might need. This dream house in Minecraft is especially for those who were swept away by fairy tales during their childhood and just want to relive those moments again.

    Best Minecraft House Ideas

    Minecraft is a game made for exploration. From its deep caves to the highest peaks, its worlds invite and celebrate explorers. But unless you are trying out the nomad lifestyle or speedrunning seeds, you can not keep roaming around. Whether to store goods or test your building skills, you need a house in Minecraft. But what should that house look like and how large it should be. Over the decade, the players have impressed the community with lavish mansions, secret bases, character tributes, and a lot more in their house designs. Picking some of the best Minecraft house ideas from such creators, we have all the options you need to build your unique Minecraft house. You can either use the same ideas or take inspiration from our list to build your Minecraft house. With that said, lets not waste time and check out the best Minecraft house ideas that you can use.

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    Hobbit Hole Storage Or Home

    One of the toughest things to handle in Minecraft is storage. Players will amass so much loot and crafting materials as they progress through their survival world that they will need a myriad of chests to store it all. Thankfully, there are even some builds out there with storage in mind, like this one from Youtuber TheMythicalSausage. It takes the concept of an “underground storage” and amps it up to eleven. This design could even be used for a base, combination of the two, or anything else that players can dream up.

    It’s simplistic enough for many ot build in a survival world but also maintains enough detail to be visually stunning, especially from the outside. It can be cut practically into any hillside, giving players a range of biomes to use it in. This is the perfect build for those that are looking to add their own personal touches while still starting out with a solid frame of reference.

    Where To Find Shaders And Resource Packs

    Minecraft: How to Build a Realistic Modern House / Best Mansion 2016 ...

    For shaders, resource packs and much more, you may find the site CurseForge to be super helpful. They have hundreds of resources for you to download and enjoy.

    The thing that I love about Minecraft is that there are endless possibilities for what you can create. You can build anything from small to huge structures, go on adventures with your friends and family, enjoy the beautiful scenery and more.

    I hope these Minecraft house builds have given you ideas for creating your own houses on the game. Remember to have fun and be creative!

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    Additional Things To Add To Your Minecraft House

    Now, once your house is ready, its time to make the most out of it. You can use your creativity or head over to our list of the best Minecraft house ideas to choose one that suits your fancy. Then, you can spend some time carefully modifying and rebuilding the house as you make progress in the game.

    Later on, you can add more in-game items to your house. Such items can hold decorative as well as practical value. Some of the most common practices that people follow include:

    An Idyllic Lifted Lakehouse

    Coexisting with nature sometimes means conquering it, and with this majestically soaring lakehouse, Folli shows off how something simple can really elevate your build. With perfectly detailed support buttresses and window framing, this Minecraft house is perfect to fish from after a long day mining.

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    How To Build A Minecraft House The Basics

    However you build your Minecraft house, there are a number of essential items you need to make sure you include. To start off with, make sure you place plenty of torches around the place, as these serve two important purposes. First, they let you actually see what’s going on inside, which is especially useful if you’re carving out a cave, and second they help to keep monsters away as they mainly spawn in darkened areas. By placing a generous number of torches both inside and outside your abode, you can significantly reduce the chances of a monster appearing to ruin your day.

    Next, build a bed in your Minecraft house, so you can sleep through the night and wake up fresh in the safety of the morning. More importantly, a bed serves as your spawn point in the world, so if the worst happens then you’ll revive at home rather than the set world spawn point, which will at least save you a journey getting back there to pick up where you left off.

    Other essentials to consider installing are chests to store all of your materials, items, weapons etc so you’re not lugging them all around with you. A single chest should be enough to get you started, though you can increase to more storage as you progress. You’ll also want to install some crafting stations to produce new items and enhance your equipment, so start out with the standard crafting table and furnace, then add in extra crafting options as you further expand your adventuring operations.

    What To Do Underground In A Minecraft House

    The Best Minecraft Modern House?!

    To get started on an underground Minecraft house, ideally you’ll dig horizontally into the side of a hill if the terrain isn’t suitable then you can excavate downwards instead, but this does make construction somewhat trickier. You don’t want to make your entrance too large, so carve out a tunnel one block wide and two blocks high that goes at least a few blocks deep into the surroundings. At the end of this tunnel you can then start digging outwards to construct your first room, then stick up some torches to get a proper look at what you’re doing and add the other basic items we described above.

    As well as providing a well protected bunker to live inside, you can also continue mining further into the surroundings to gather materials without having to return to the surface. As you tunnel away from your home, ensure you place a back door and extra lighting to keep your lodgings secure and monster-free.

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    Minecraft Beach House Deas

    If youre starting out in a coastal area, you may want something a little more appropriate for the area. It doesnt matter if you prefer a ramshackle beach hut or an elegant three-tiered mansion with a swimming pool, there are plenty of options. The villa atop the hill is our personal favorite. Using trap doors as decorations is a clever idea, but it requires a lot of quartz blocks to put it together. After a long adventure, you can cool off in a small pool at the end of the day.

    Why Do You Need A House In Minecraft

    Before we move to the building process, lets first understand the need for a Minecraft house in the game. A house serves the following functions:

    • A safe house that protects you from hostile mobs.
    • The perfect storage location to keep all your resources and items.
    • An easy to manage space for automatic Minecraft farms and mob trapping.

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    How To Build An Underground House In Minecraft

    Thanks to the recent Minecraft 1.18 update, the cave exploration in this game is at its peak. Because of the update, its now more important than ever to either have an underground room or a complete underground house to explore the caves. Heres how to build an underground house in Minecraft

    1. For a cave or underground house, the best locations are mountainside caves. These are relatively easy to find, and you can use their opening to quickly escape the cave biomes in case of emergency.

    2. Unlike above-ground houses, you will find the building materials on the location itself. Just dig out an open field of at least 6-8 blocks in every direction to make a reliable base area. You can use a pickaxe with some of the best Minecraft enchantments to make things easier.

    3. Then, add ladders and a trap door if you want your house to havean entry on its top. In case its located on the side of a mountain, a regular door will also work. Dont forget to add lights around this time too as caves are prone to mob spawning.

    4. Finally, to complete the house, add a bed, a crafting table, anvil, and chests with food in them. Just like a regular house, you can expand and improve on it as your progress with your Minecraft journey. The main purpose of the house is to offer you shelter and a storage location while mining.

    Cool Minecraft Houses: Ideas For Your Next Build

    7 Best Minecraft House Ideas

    Minecraft house ideas to inspire you, from small wooden cabins to luxury treetop retreats, here are the best ideas for your new Minecraft house

    Looking for some cool Minecraft houses? If youre after some inspiration for your next build, then weve dug a little deeper into Minecraft house designs available to set you on your way to creating your dream home. You should put aside some time, some resources, and some love, as building a house in Minecraft is no easy task.

    While constructing your perfect house in Minecraft is a time-consuming venture, nothing beats that feeling you get when you gaze out the window from the confines of your cosy cabin, or marvel at the views from your hilltop hideout. These cool Minecraft houses will save you the effort of crafting a design from scratch, so you can spend more time enjoying your new pad and less time bogged down getting things built.

    So whether youre a Minecraft building pro or approaching this daunting venture for the first time, weve included various types of Minecraft houses that you can build, including wooden cabins, beach huts, suburban properties, and even medieval-era abodes. Every building featured here has a handy video tutorial attached, just to make constructing them easier to achieve.

    Here are all of cool Minecraft house ideas for you to try out:

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