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What Does Smite In Minecraft Do

What Is Smite Used For

What Does SMITE Do in Minecraft?

Now that we know what the Smite enchantment is, lets take a look at its uses.

If you have a max level smite on our netherite or diamond sword, it will take two normal hits to kill any undead mon, but if you land a critical hit then theyll die in a single blow. Landing a critical is pretty easy, just land a blow when falling down.

The Enchantment comes in handy when you have to kill lots of wither skeletons to summon the wither. A max-level Smite sword will make the job much easier and you wont have to grind for a long time.

Another useful use is farming for tridents. The drowned have a rare chance of dropping a Trident when theyre killed, so having a Smite sword will make the grind fun for you.

The smite enchantment is also useful for mob farms as most of the time a normal mob farm will require you to go and manually kill all the mobs and most of the time skeletons and zombies spawn in large numbers. The Smite sword is really helpful in such a situation.

What Is Smite In Minecraft

Smite is an enchantment that is used only in certain specific situations.

Smite is the most useful enchantment for fighting with the undead mobs in Minecraft. These undead mobs include the skeletons, zombies, zombie villagers, withers, wither skeletons, zombified piglins, skeleton horses, zombie horses, strays, husks, phantoms, drowned, and zoglins.

The smite enchantment comes in 5 different levels, 1 being the weakest and 5 being the strongest.

The world of Minecraft is filled with the dangerous undead mob that roams freely at night, at such times it is always advised to carry a good sword if journeying somewhere.

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How To Use The Smite Enchantment

Just hold the melee weapon in your hand, and when you see an undead mob you can attack the enemy. Smite will only work if you hold the weapon in your hand while attacking the undead. The amplified damage will help you to kill them faster with less effort.

To use enchantment you will have to use the Enchantment table. For this, you will need the following items.

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How Can You Get Smite In Minecraft

So you can by now understand that Smite is highly essential for winning any battle and surviving in this game. Do you know how you can get it in this game? Well, there are three ways to get Smite in Minecraft:



This requires an enchanted book and anvil. You need to place the anvil in front and stand near it. So if you are using a PC, right-click on the anvil to go to the repair menu. Now you need to add the weapon and the enchanted book over here. Pretty simple, right? Well, try it out!

Enchanting Table

If you want to get an enchantment through this way, you need to open the enchantment table using a right-click in Windows 10. So in the slots, you need to add the weapon you want to boost with lapis lazuli.

Now, choose the type of Smite enchantment from the available options. Finally, you will have a Smite enchanted weapon to fight with your enemies and defeat them.

Does Smite Work On Shulkers

Sharpness vs Smite

The class of arthropods in the game should encompass shulkers. When exploring in the overworld, you could use any of the three sword damage enchantments, but Sharpness is the most versatile, when raiding nether fortresses you use Smite, and when you hunt for shulkers in the End you use Bane of Arthropods.

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Smite Is Used In Killing Undead Mobs In The Minecraft Game

You might be wondering what mobs are in the Minecraft game. Mobs in the simplest definition possible are entities which are in the Minecraft game and are all mobile. These mobs tend to spawn in different and various biomes and locations as well. These mobs are in many cases divided into hostile as well as neutral mobs.

The hostile mobs in this case attack any players which are present in their vicinity. Some of these hostile mobs are known as undead mobs. Staying away from these undead mobs is very hard and killing them is even much harder to say the least. Thus, using these other weapons with no enchantments makes killing these creatures so hard. This is exactly why smite is so essential in this case. They help in making sure that these undead mobs are all killed with a single blow. This is why you need enchantments in this game.

What Does The Smite Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Having looked at what the smite enchantment is, it is now time to look at what the enchantment does in this game. To put it in the right way, smite is one of the simplest enchantments there is in the Minecraft game and its main purpose is that it is a damaging agent. If you are one of the experienced Minecraft players then this is one of the tools you can use.

The smite enchantment comes with about five levels and you can only apply it to axes and swords only. When faced with the undead mobs in the game you can boost your chances of finishing them using the smite enchantment which all inflict a damaging strike to these creatures.

If you are a player who is using the diamond sword in inflicting strikes the base damage is going to begin at 8 right on the bedrock edition. The first level of the smite enchantment can inflict damage which goes up to 10.5. If you are using the smite level v then so much of the value is going to be added to the sword where the base damage of 20.5 will go to the undead mobs.

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Smite In Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know

In Minecraft, Smite is an enchantment used to increase the power of an axe or sword to kill the undead mobs. There are five levels of smite enchantment for all kinds of axes and swords. Smite is available in both Java and Bedrock editions.

Want to take down the mobs easily? Smite is the way to go. In the rest of the article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Smite in Minecraft what exactly does Smite do, is it worth it, what can you put Smite on in Minecraft, is it better than Sharpness, how much damages Smites does, etc.

How To Apply Smite In Minecraft

What Does Smite Do In Minecraft?

This smite enchantment is highly useful when clearing out large groups of undead mobs something you will encounter while playing Minecraft. This enchantment is considered a must-have by some players of the game and is something you want to work towards in-game. In order to do this, you must set up an enchantment table to create the smite enchantment. To do this you will need some materials including: 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds, and a book. You should be able to craft this fairly quickly in your play through if you are mining efficiently. You then must place bookshelves around the table creating a wall around the table. This not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it increases the enchanting tables level. You want to place 15 of these bookshelves around the enchantment table to max out the enchantment table at level 30. Players will then be allowed to apply XP and levels found from around the world to apply enchantments like the smite enchantment.

Once you have this smite enchantment acquired you want to level it up as quickly as possible and apply it to your weapons. Enemy undead mobs can appear out of nowhere in Minecraft and the more you mine and the deeper you go, the more undead mobs you are bound to run into.

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Smite For Killing Undead Mobs

Mobs are entities inside Minecraft that are mobile. They spawn in various biomes and locations. These are divided into hostile and neutral mobs. As the name suggests, the hostile mobs attack the players when the players are present in their vicinity.

Some of these hostile mobs are called undead mobs. Staying away from them is very hard and killing them is even harder. More so if you only have basic weapons with no upgrades or enchantments.

Difference Between Smite And Sharpness

Another helpful command is sword Sharpness. Its almost the same as Smite with five levels, and the fifth is the most decisive stage. Both Sharpness and Smite are vital but not compatible with one another. Both cant work at the same time.

Last but not least, those both show up in specific situations depending on what is the players style of play. Most of the players like Sharpness compared to Smite because you can kill any mobs in two to three hits. The damage to the crowd is 1 ½ hearts with Sharpness enchantment. Thats the only difference between those two.

As we already know, the damage Smite causes. Lets have a look at the impact of Sharpness on the killing of mobs.

Sharpness l: Additional damage x 1

Sharpness ll: Additional damage x 1.5

Sharpness lll: Additional damage x 2

Sharpness lV: Additional damage x 2.5

Sharpness V: Additional damage x 3

Its clear from the above discussion that smites has more power than Sharpness. But, the Semite is only used for creatures. In the end, the Smite is excellent for fighting the mobs. It powers up to 12.5. But the diamond sword enchantments need Sharpness.

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Whats The Difference Between Sharpness And Smite In Minecraft

The Smite and Sharpness enchantments are incompatible with each other so only one can be used at a time. The Sharpness enchantment does 1 ½ hearts of damage to any mob. Thats the only difference between smiting and sharpness enchantments on the game. Both enchantments are situation-specific and it depends on your play style.

What Is The Smite Levels & Damage Extents

Minecraft Diamond Sword 30 Enchantment Smite V Knockback ...

If you regularly play the game, you must know that every Smite level adds up to 2.5 damage to the previous level. In fact, it starts from the base level and rises to the fifth level. Moreover, it can increase damage in every blow to 12.5 points.

In fact, for some of these axes and swords, this damage is more than three times their base level. So you can well understand the extent to which Smite can cause damage to your enemies.

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Hold The Enchanted Sword/axe

Once you have a sword or axe that is enchanted with Smite, you need to hold the enchanted item in your hand. You will not gain the improved attack damage against the undead mobs until the item is held in your hand and used.

Now attack with your enchanted sword and see how quickly you kill zombies and other undead mobs!!

Congratulations, you just learned all about the Smite enchantment in Minecraft.

Minecraft: What Does Smite Do

Enchantments in Minecraft are helpful for various activities. They help you break blocks faster, improve your tool durability, and even help you turn water into ice. Additionally, there are numerous weapon enchantments that help you deal increased damage to enemies. One example is smite, which deals increased damage to undead monsters. By the end of this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the smite enchantment and what it does in Minecraft.

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You can add the smite enchantment to any sword or axe, and its level ranges from one to five. For every level added to the enchantment, more damage is added to your weapon. For example, Smite I adds 2.5 or 1.25 hearts of damage to your sword or axe, while Smite V adds 12.5 or 6.25 hearts. This means that a netherite sword can deal upwards of 10.25 hearts of damage to an undead enemy. However, you cannot have sharpness or bane of arthropods on the same weapon unless you use commands.

You can enchant your weapon with smite at an enchanting table. There is also a chance that you can enchant a book with smite. If you have an enchanted book with smite on it, you can use an anvil to add the enchantment to your weapon. You can also take two swords or axes with smite to combine them and increase the weapons smite level. For example, taking two swords with level two smite on them will create a sword with smite level three.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

Does The Smite Enchantment Come With Other Roles Other Than This

Sharpness, Smite, Or Bane Of Arthropods What’s The Best Minecraft Enchantment?

The answer to this question is a simple one and is a no. The role of smite enchantment is not anything further than inflicting deadly strikes. Normally if you try striking the undead mobs with your ordinary sword then chances are you are not going to finish off the undead mobs in this game completely.

However, when you use the smite enchantment then chances are you are going to be finishing off these mobs with a single strike. Other than this, the smite enchantment does not come with other roles in this game. Therefore, if your question is what does the smite enchantment do in Minecraft then the correct answer should be inflicting deadly strikes.

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How To Use Smite In Minecraft

Smite applied to a sword or axe by using an enchantment table. To craft an enchanting table in Minecraft, players will need 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds, and a book. The higher your level, the better the enchantments you can get, which is why you might find lower-level attachments earlier on. By putting a bookstore next to the enchanting table with a buffer area of one block, you can also improve your enchantments. You will need to build a complete bookshelf boundary a total of 15 to reach the best delights.

What Does Smite Do

The Smite enchantment in Minecraft is used to intensify the damage dealt to undead mobs such as zombies and skeletons.

This enchantment comes in 5 different levels and can be applied to swords and axes only. The first level of damage increases 2.5 per subsequent level., which will start to give a large boost to damage against demi-humans and undead mobs.

If a diamond sword is used as the base for the weapons statistics, it starts with an 8 damage value. With Smite I, the total increases to 10.5 and With a Smite V enchantment on the sword, it does 20.5 damage to undead mobs.

There are many different undead mobs in Minecraft that it can be easy to forget which ones exactly are considered undead. Here is an extensive list of the zombie-like characters:

  • Skeletons
  • Zombie Horses
  • Strays

Clearly there are plenty of undead mobs that players are bound to encounter in a Minecraft GAme, and that can make the Smite enchantment both valuable and convenient when moving around at night. To start playing Smite, players must first set up an enchanting system.

To create an enchanting table in Minecraft, players need 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds and a book. A little bit of mining can lead to acquiring enchanting tables fairly quickly.

Players can opt to place an increasing number of cabinet shelves around the table as a way of boosting their maximum enchanting level.

Players will next use the XP and levels they get in Minecraft to apply enchantments like Smite to their supplies.

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It Is All About Efficiency

One of the things which the smite enchantment does is that it offers you a great deal of efficiency. For instance, when it comes to moving around, this tool can help you a lot in this regard. By striking the undead mob right in the head, you will be able to deal with these creatures once and for all.

You will not have to worry about them coming back to you which is what happens in some cases. For purposes of efficiency, this is one great deal which you cannot afford to miss out. Due to this reason, it is recommended that if you are playing Minecraft then better make sure that you get the smite Minecraft along with you for you to move with ease in this game, it will guarantee you a great deal of efficiency.

Without Smite It Becomes Difficult For A Player To Survive & Win Battles

Minecraft Enchantments List Axe

Do you know what mobs are? They are entities inside this game that moves freely here and there. In fact, they also spawn in different locations and biomes. At the same time, the game divides them into two categories, like the hostile and the neutral ones.

As you can understand, the hostile ones attack the players when they are near them. In fact, we also call them undead mobs. Moreover, it is very difficult to stay away from them and dont even think killing them is easier.

Especially if you have no enchantments like Smite, you cannot upgrade and boost your weapons, and killing these undead mobs will be even more difficult.

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What Is The Smite In Minecraft

You want to become a pro in Minecraft and learn some new techniques for it. So, here is another thing that is most demanding right now. So, What is smite in Minecraft?

Smite is a sort of energy. It can help you to increase or boost your inner power for perfect attack damage on mobs. The Smite helps all the players to get some help. It can keep the players safe and secure in the game by fighting with other rivals. The mobs that appear in the game:

  • The Zombies
  • Wither Bosses


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