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How To Breed A Fox In Minecraft

Feed The Foxes Sweet Berries

How to Breed Minecraft Foxes! (Minecraft 1.14 Update)

Whether you’ve spent the last hour wrangling foxes, or simply threw down a few Fox Spawn Eggs, you should now have two adult foxes penned in. If you caught a baby fox, wait for it to age up.

Get close to the two adult foxes, and equip a sweet berry. These come from the green-and-red bushes you occasionally see which slow and hurt you when you walk through them. They’re fairly commonplace in the taiga, if you haven’t gathered any already.

Feed berries to both foxes by using it on them. If you’re struggling to get near enough to feed the foxes, make sure you’re crouching.;

Equip the sweet berries in your hotbar, and then approach the fox and use the berries on it to feed it a berry. If you’re struggling to get near enough to feed the foxes, make sure you’re crouching.;

Upon feeding sweet berries to both foxes, they’ll immediately breed a baby fox.;

This baby fox is your golden egg: They’ll be sweet and docile, unlike their parents, who will still go berserk when you release the crouch key. This is your tamed fox.

However, you’re not done yet. Although the fox is docile, it’s still not under your control.

What Animals Can Be Tamed In Minecraft

Taming animals in Minecraft is the process of domesticating a wild animal to befriend a player. Only a few animals can be tamed. Below are the various ways you can take him some of the animals in Minecraft-

  • Wolves They can be tamed by giving them bones. When a wolf receives a red collar around their neck means that he is tamed. In case the tamed wolves, whine implies that they have low health. Their health can be determined by checking the position of their tail- the greater detail, the higher their health. You can heal your team wolf by feeding him meat other than fish.
  • Cats They can be tamed by giving raw cod or raw salmon. They are quick to run away, so it is essential to stand still when you feed them.
  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules These animals can be tamed by repeatedly attempting to ride them until they no longer throw you off, and hearts appear around them.
  • Llamas Similar to horses and donkeys, llamas can be tamed by a repeated attempt at riding them until they no longer throw you off. However, you cant control them as they cant be saddled.
  • Parrots We can tame by feeding seeds. Be careful what you feed your tamed parrot as cookies may kill them.

Do Tamed Minecraft Foxes Follow You

A trusting fox will protect you and wait for you if it runs off, but it will not follow you. Thats because its not, technically, tamed.

If you want to take a fox with you as you roam, youll need a lead. Once off the lead, a fox may rush off if it spots a sweet berry bush or a mob of small animals.

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Minecraft Fox: How To Tame & Where To Find It

With Minecraft, Mojang managed to create a survival world where the players can feel and breathe the environment.

This game represents a chance for players all over the world to let their imagination expand by exploring new lands, creating new items in the crafting menu, and, of course, finding new species.

One of the cutest and more interesting animals that a player can find is the Minecraft Fox, a noble, loyal, and valuable companion for your journey.

Today, well talk about Foxes in Minecraft, so if you are looking to have this mob as your friend, then you have arrived at the right place. After reading this Fox guide, you will now comprehend:

  • Whats the Fox in Minecraft, and where do you find one;
  • Everything you need to know about adult foxes and baby foxes;
  • How to tame a Fox without failing in the attempt;

What Is The Point Of Foxes In Minecraft


A fox is just one of the many creatures youll encounter in Minecraft. Foxes are classified as mobs that are nocturnal, and youll find them mostly in areas rich with source trees .

Foxes are often found in the same regions as wolves in Minecraft. Foxes can play a big role in your gameplay and can be both a nemesis and an ally, depending on how you play.

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Find Two Foxes To Breed

We’ll first need to find two foxes in Minecraft. It doesn’t matter if you use red foxes or white foxes. Red foxes are often found in the Taiga Biome and white foxes are found in the Snowy Taiga Biome. If you are having trouble finding them you can use a spawn egg or summon a fox.

Tip: Build a fence around the foxes to keep them close together to make the breeding process easier.

Breed Foxes In Minecraft Means Theyre Automatically Tame

Do you wish to tame an army of foxes in Minecraft? It would probably be a bit like chucking;Minecraft sweet berries;into an animal-shaped vacuum. Fox cub with product of two tamed foxes will automatically be born tame. Yes, you heard it right.

All you need to do is use those;Minecraft sweet berries;on the original breeding pair of foxes. Once that is done, their offspring will automatically be born tame and warm up to you.

It is noticed that the foxes are quick to scamper off once the sun rose, so you will need to fence;them. A large fox pack is what you want to do.

Fox cubs will stick around to their parents instead of following their friends playing around. So, you need not to worry about having a hanger-on while youre knee-deep bashing enemies.

Foxes that trust you enough will harm the enemies who try to harm you. For now, we would want to leave cubs out of it for now.

Now when you have the idea of;how to attract foxes;and tame them in Minecraft, all thats places to venture around in the biomes of your choice and pick up some loyal pets for yourself.

Dont forget to arm yourself with;Minecraft sweet berries, patience, and supplies for some night time scouting until you find some furry soon-to-be friends.

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How To Breed Foxes In Minecraft

You will need to find two foxes in Minecraft to successfully breed and tame.

Once youve given a pair of foxes sweet berries until they each have hearts above their head, the duo will soon begin to produce with the end result being a baby fox.

After youve achieved the above, you must then be a horrible a-hole who rips the baby fox away from its parents to become your pet.

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To stop the baby fox from wanting to follow its parents despite being loyal to you, a lead will be required so you can take it home and keep feeding it sweet berries.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft Education Edition

How to Breed Foxes in Minecraft

The Education Edition of Minecraft is based upon the Bedrock version, so they have rather similar steps. The only change is that players who dont have worldbuilder permissions may be limited in what theyre allowed to do.

The steps given in the Java version of the game need to be followed in the Education Edition if you want to tame a fox. This would present a problem for players that have been locked in an area without a taiga biome, or have an immutable world as they cant break blocks to gather resources. If enemies are also turned off, then collecting strings and slimeballs may prove to be rather difficult.

Taming foxes in Education Edition is fully possible using the steps given above, but this requires the cooperation of the educator in order to gather the necessary materials.

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Collect The Sweet Berries

Sweet berries are the favorite food of Foxes. They dont eat other fruits and vegetables. You need to collect the sweet berries as many as you need to have a sufficient amount in your inventory so you can feed the foxes. Sweet berries are also located in the biomes of the taiga. Foxes love the sweet berries most and are attracted to it.

How To Craft A Lead

To craft a lead in Minecraft, you just need two materials. Heres what you need for;lead recipe in Minecraft-

  • Four strings
  • One slimeball

Using this above material, you can craft a lead. They are all not required to be used at once to make a single lead. Once you have crafted a lead, the option is to use another four strings and a ball to make other leads. Both the above materials are necessary if you want to know;how to craft a lead in Minecraft.

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How To Tame Foxes In Minecraft

Before we set off in search of foxes, you need to be aware that the in-game versions of these critters are just as nocturnal as their real-life counterparts. That means you’ll be doing most of your searching at night, which is when the world is most dangerous. Before you go out looking for a new pet, make sure you have some weapons and armor ready to fight off any mobs that might look to spoil your night.

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What Does A Tame Fox Do

Minecraft How to Tame Foxes and Breed Them

Tamed fox wont follow you without lead so you have to keep the one with your fox. Your tamed fox will defend you from the mobs and enemies when they will attack you. Hell follow you wherever you go. You can call him or take him on a walk.

Tip: You can make an army of foxes by repeating the same process tame as many as foxes you want as pets and build your Fox army. So no one can attack you.

So this wraps our guide to tame a fox in Minecraft, hope you enjoyed this. If youve any questions regarding this guide feel free to ask in comments. Also let us know whats the name of your pet fox or what name youll decide to call you fox. Dont forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Minecraft Communities you joined. Till then stay tuned for more Minecraft guides just like this one.

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How To Breed Foxes In Minecraft Easily

Foxes in Minecraft are passive mobs that spawn in the different taiga biomes in Minecraft. Players can see foxes in snowy taiga biomes, giant tree taiga biomes, and regular taiga biomes.

Players may see these mobs spawning in groups of 2-4 within the game. These mobs are similar to wolves in the game, except foxes are orange and most commonly spawn at night time.

Players can also use foxes to unlock specific achievements in the game. They can get the “The Parrots and the Bats” achievement from breeding two foxes together in Minecraft.

Breeding foxes is easy in the game. Players will not need lots of materials to breed these animals. Foxes prey on a lot of animals in the game, however, they will only breed with certain food.

In this article, players will learn how to breed foxes in Minecraft!

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft With Commands

If youre not in the mood to scour the world to find taiga biomes, you can summon foxes instead. They will still be wild, and youll need two of them to breed a tame fox, but this reduces the time you need to find them. However, before you can enter the commands, youll need to have cheats enabled for your world. To do this, follow these steps:

Java Edition New World

  • On the world selection screen, click on Create New World.
  • Before entering the world name, click on More World Options.
  • Proceed to create the new world.
  • Java Edition Existing World

  • When youre logged into your world, pause the game.
  • In the game menu, click on Open to LAN.
  • Proceed with the game. Do note that when you exit the game and open the map again, cheats will once again be turned off.
  • Bedrock Edition

  • On the home screen, click on the Cheats toggle to turn cheats on.
  • Note that achievements are locked when cheats are on.
  • Once you have cheats turned on, enter the following commands in the chat window. Chat is accessed by clicking on T on your keyboard on the Java Edition, and clicking or tapping on the chat icon on the top of your screen in the Bedrock Edition. Once the chat window appears, type in the following:

  • To summon a red fox:/summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~
  • To summon a snow fox:/summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~
  • To summon a random fox:/summon Minecraft:fox ~ ~ ~
  • Once youve summoned a couple of foxes, proceed to breed them as per the instructions given above.

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    Bred Foxes In Minecraft Are Automatically Tame

    Wanting to tame an army of foxes in Minecraft would probably be a bit like chucking Sweet Berries into an animal-shaped vacuum if not for one simple save: any fox cub thats the product of two tamed foxes will automatically be born tame. Thats right.;

    You only really have to use those Sweet Berries on the original breeding pair of foxes and once thats done, their offspring will be automatically tame and warm up to you. We noticed that they were quick to scamper off once the sun rose, so youre going to want to fence them in if keeping a large fox pack is something that you want to do. Fox cubs will stick close to their parents instead of following the player around, so you dont have to worry about having a hanger-on while youre knee-deep in bashing enemies. Foxes that are trusting enough will harm enemies who are harming you, though we would want to leave cubs out of it for now.;

    Now that youve got a better idea of how to tame a fox in Minecraft, all thats left is to venture forth into the biomes of your choice and to pick up some loyal pets for yourself. Just arm yourself with Sweet Berries, patience, and supplies for some night-time scouting until you find these furry, soon-to-be friends.;

    How To Tame And Breed Foxes Introduced In Minecraft

    How to Breed Foxes in Minecraft the Easy Way – Java, Bedrock, PE

    Foxes are in Minecraft, and you have the opportunity to tame them. It takes a bit of time to do this, though, but by the end of this, youll have a little fox following you around who shall remain loyal to you.

    Taming a Fox in Minecraft

    The first thing you need to do is locate two foxes in your Minecraft world. You can find them in the taiga, giant taiga, and snowy taiga regions. When a fox spawns in the snowy region, they show up as white instead of the traditional orange and white fur.

    If you encounter them during the day, youll find them asleep, while during the evening and late-night, theyre far more active. The best time to go after them is likely going to be during the day, so they dont immediately run away from you.

    After youve located the two youre after, locate some sweet berries. Youre going to need as many as you can find, so fill up your inventory with a good amount of them.

    Pen The Two Together

    You want to feed both foxes the sweet berries to have them fall in love and breed. Keep close while feeding them the sweet berries.

    You can repeat this process as many times as youd like to create an army of foxes, loyal to you.

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    Where Do Foxes Spawn In Minecraft

    Mobs, of course, spawn naturally depending on the biome, with foxes spawning in the Taiga biomes. These cold forest biomes come in three varieties normal, snowy and giant tree Taigas with red foxes spawning at the normal Taigas and white foxes spawning at the snowy Taigas.

    Foxes spawn here in groups of two to four, and theres even a five per cent chance of finding a cute baby fox! However foxes are nocturnal animals that only spawn at night so make sure youre equipped to defend yourself. Theyre also incredibly skittish, so make sure to sneak around them and bring plenty of their favourite food: sweet berries.

    How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

    First you need to make a brand new foxbasically, you need to convince foxes to breed. All you need to do this is to give one sweet berry to one fox, then give another sweet berry to the fox you want it to mate with. Then wait for them to breed. The freshly-hatched fox will be loyal to you.;

    The problem is it’ll also want to follow the other foxes. So if you want it to follow you, you’ll need to get it away from the other foxes. The best way to do this is to attach a lead to it and walk away from other groups of the furry fauna, then itll only have eyes for you. Make sure you look after it now that youve taken it into your care.;

    While you can find leads out in the wild, youll probably have to craft one using four string and one slimeball. Also, if you choose to breed a white and a red fox, then their baby has a 50% chance of being either white or red, whereas two of the same colour will produce the same type of cub.

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    Taming A Fox In Minecraft

    So youve located the Foxes and collected enough Sweet berries, now youre ready to tame a fox in Minecraft.

    Catch the two foxes and try to bring them closer to each other so they can produce a new offspring, a baby fox that will become your pet. To catch the foxes start making the wall around them with any blocks but make sure to sneak/crouch when youre getting closer to them so they wont run away from you.

    When you finally catch the two foxes, feed them sweet berries. If they are a distance apart from each other, then make away with blocks to join both walls block in which youve caught the two foxes. This brings them together in one place, now again build a wall around them so they wont separate now.

    Now, feed a sweet berry to each fox and they will start making a new baby fox for you. Then theyll have a baby fox which will be your tamed fox.

    Now the main thing starts from here. The baby fox cant be tamed immediately as he listens to his parents and follows them not you. So you need to grow him up by feeding the Sweet berries until he grows up. Keep feeding the sweet berries, it takes a minute or two and hell become an adult fox.

    So, now this fox will trust you and wont follow his parents because you fed and raise him to an adult fox. Give him a name to call him so hell follow you and wont afraid of you anymore.


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