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How To Create A Beacon In Minecraft

How To Use A Beacon In Minecraft

How to Create Beacon in Minecraft Tutorial

Now that youve built your Beacon, find a suitable spot to place it. However, dont expect it to work just yet. If you do, it wont do anything. To use a Beacon in Minecraft, youve gotta perform some extra steps. However, you should see the screen above when the Beacon is in use. This screen is how you control the status effects.

To activate the Beacon, you must place it atop an Iron Block Pyramid, Gold Block Pyramid, Emerald Block Pyradmid, or Diamond Block Pyramid. The type of block you use will not affect the status effects received – it is entirely a cosmetic choice on your part.

The larger the pyramid, the greater status effects you will receive. For each Tier, you unlock a status effect. One may only be activated at a time, along with the Regeneration buff. Increasing your Pyramid Tier will also increase the radius range of the status buffs.

The Pyramid Tiers are are as such:

Changing The Beacon’s Effect

  • 1Find an effect mineral. To change the beacon’s effect, you will need at least one of the following:
  • Iron Ingot
  • Diamond
  • Netherite Ingot
  • 2Select the beacon. Right-click the beacon to open it.
  • 3Select an effect. Select the effect that you want to receive from the beacon. You will have two options:
  • Speed – Select the claw icon on the left side of the window. This makes you run faster.
  • Haste – Select the pickaxe icon on the left side of the window. This makes you mine faster.
  • The more levels your beacon tower has, the more effects you’ll be able to equip.
  • 4Add an effect mineral. Click and drag a mineral into the empty box at the bottom of the beacon’s window.
  • On Minecraft PE, tap the mineral in the upper-left side of the screen.
  • On consoles, just select the mineral and press Y or triangle.
  • 5Select the checkmark. It’s the green icon at the bottom of the beacon’s window. Doing so will apply your selected effect to the beacon.Advertisement
  • How To Activate A Minecraft Beacon

    Players need to place the beacon on top of a pyramid made from gold, iron, Netherite, emerald, or diamond.

    In total, there are four sizes for a beacon pyramid: 3X3, 5X5, 7X7, and 9X9. Each of the layers must be put on top of one another in the same order as listed. Last but not least, you must place the beacon as a cherry on top in the center of the 3X3 blocks.

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    How To Make A Rainbow Beacon In Minecraft

    Youtube – Photo by newtoniorock8

    Once you have beacon block, making a rainbow beacon is pretty easy! Say, that you want to have 7 colored rainbow beacons, then all you need to have is 7 beacon blocks and 7 stained glass with the colors you prefer. If you want the colors to change automatically, you can incorporate pistons and clock to make the stained glass pushed in a rotating manner on the beacon. Press shift + right-click on the top part of the beacon to place the stained glass. After youve placed the stained glass on top of the beacon, it should have a color beam!You can also mix the color by placing more than one stained glass on top of the beacon. The colors that are produced will be the same as basic color mixing. For example, if you place a yellow and blue stained glass, the beacon will light green beam. If you have 7 beacons, you can place them side by side on top of one pyramid. It will look extra pretty!Thats all about the tutorial on how to make a beacon in Minecraft! Even though its not easy, we hope you will successfully make it and get the powers!

    Minecraft: Setting Up A Beacon For Maximum Effect

    How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

    Once players have crafted a beacon in Minecraft, activating it requires the construction of a pyramid-like structure. By increasing the size of the structure, the beacon placed atop it can provide a larger number of positive status effects and also extend the range of those effects.

    There are four maximum pyramid heights, each with its own degree of capability, but Minecraft players can build their pyramid structures as large or as small as they’d like.

    Benefits will stop being increased after reaching the fourth stage’s maximum height, but a large pyramid with a beacon marking its peak can still look visually satisfying. Multiple beacons can also be used on one pyramid in order to receive multiple buffs.

    The smallest a beacon pyramid can be is a 3×3 platform with the beacon at its center, with the maximum size required to bring the beacon to full power is a total of 164 blocks that exist in 9×9, 7×7, 5×5, and 3×3 layers before placing the beacon.

    • Diamond blocks
    • Netherite blocks

    In addition to requiring certain blocks to be made into a pyramid to activate, beacons also require an open sky in order to project their signal light. The view of the sky must be nearly completely unobstructed, though transparent blocks won’t obstruct a beacon’s signal beam. Bedrock and the ceiling of the Nether are also permitted.

    To activate different status effects, feed the following materials into the beacon:

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    How To Light Beacons In Minecraft

    Your work isnt finished once youve built your beacon. To get it to work, youll need to build a pyramid to support it and make sure theres nothing blocking its vertical beam. That means you cant have any solid blocks above your beacon, but you can have transparent materials like glass.

    To activate the beacons true power, youll need to build a 3×3 platform out of diamond, emerald, gold, or iron. Then, activate the beacon to go into its menu, where you can spend ingots of the same materials to select from several different powers.

    Beacon Tips And Tricks

    You’ve defeated the Wither, found the mysterious Nether star, constructed the awesome beacon, spent a horrifying amount on building a pyramid for it, and have fully powered it up and upgraded it. Did you think you were done there? There are still a few tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your beacon.

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    What Status Effects Do You Get From The Beacon In Minecraft

    When you activate the Beacon, you can choose to gain a status effect. There are 5 primary powers available, all of which take you one step closer to being a Minecraft superhero:

    • Speed
    • Jump Boost
    • Strength

    Speed and Haste are available if you build a Pyramid with one layer. To unlock Resistance and Jump Boost, you need to make at least a 2-level Pyramid. To get the Strength status effect, you need to make a Pyramid with 3 layers. All of these status effects are level 1.

    If you make a Pyramid with four layers, you can choose one primary and one secondary power. For your secondary power, you can choose to either gain Regeneration at level 1, or increase your primary power to level 2.

    How To Set Up A Beacon In Minecraft

    How to Make and Use a Beacon in Minecraft [1.16]

    A helpful visual marker, as well as a source of buffs, Minecraft’s beacons aren’t the easiest to craft but its upsides certainly are worth the trouble.

    Emitting a large beam of light, providing players with positive status effects, and capable of being powered up depending on how it’s built, beacons can be a huge help for Minecraft players.

    They are made of three primary materials, two of which are simple to acquire, but the third, Nether Stars, are a different story. Nether Stars are dropped by the wither boss, who for most Minecraft players, isn’t an easy opponent to take on.

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    How To Easily Build A Beacon In Minecraft

    Beacons in Minecraft are blocks made of nether stars, glass, and obsidian. Players can use it to get a set of effects when in its range. These effects from the beacon can include regeneration, speed, haste, strength, jump boost, and resistance.

    The beacon’s light can be seen from far distances and can be used as a navigation point by players. They must ensure to have a base for their beacon after crafting it. The base needs to be at least a three-by-three platform made of either diamond, emerald, iron, gold, or netherite blocks.

    How To Build And Use A Beacon In Minecraft

    Beacons in Minecraft are useful items that provide status effects to players. These buffs include Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, and Strength. Beacons are especially useful for travelling around the settlement you have constructed, the place where you primarily spend most of your time. The larger you build your pyramid, the greater the range these status buffs remain in effect.

    While it is a lengthy process to build and use a Beacon in Minecraft, it is totally doable! This guide will show you first how to build a beacon and then how to use a Beacon in Minecraft.

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    How To Create A Beacon In Minecraft And Change Its Color

    Here is a picture of the supplies you may need. The first 5 are mandatory, the color of the glass block is optional.

    Create a 5×5 platform of either emerald, iron, gold, or diamond blocks.

    Add a 3×3 platform on the center of the 5×5 with the same block that you constructed the 5×5 with.

    Place beacons on top of the center of the 3×3 area. The beam should activate.

    Place the stained glass block on top of the beacon and watch as the beacon changes color, and admire your handiwork!

    • Diamond Blocks

    Whats The Beacon Block In Minecraft

    How to Use and Craft: Beacons in Minecraft PE

    The Minecraft Beacon is a block that spawns a marvelous light into the sky.

    Nevertheless, the importance of the Beacon doesnt lie on its looks, but on its function. The powers this magnificent item provides to players are among the best in the whole world of Minecraft.

    Did you know?

    Mojang introduced the Beacon almost 10 years ago! . Players first experienced this solid block in the Pretty Scary Update for Minecraft Java Edition and other versions of the game.

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    Q How Do You Fully Power A Beacon

    A. First, 81 blocks are placed on the bottom layer in a 9×9 square. Then, 49 blocks are placed in a 7×7 square. Next, 25 blocks are placed in a 5×5 square. After that, 9 blocks are placed in a 3×3 square. Finally, to complete the pyramid, you set the Beacon on top.

    The block types that are valid in the pyramid must be either iron blocks, gold blocks or diamond blocks.

    Setting Up A Minecraft Beacon Easily

    A beacon on its own is not typically easy to make.

    Players in survival mode will need one netherite star, three obsidian blocks, and five glass blocks to make a beacon. A glass block can be made by smelting sand blocks in a furnace.

    Smelting five sand blocks will make five glass blocks. Obsidian blocks can be found in areas where water and lava are overlapping. Players can also make obsidian by placing lava source blocks in water. The water can either be flowing or another source block.

    Flowing lava will make cobblestone when it comes into contact with water.

    A Minecraft nether star will be the most challenging item out of the three needed for a beacon. Players can get a nether star by defeating a Wither and collecting it at despawn.

    The Wither is a boss mob in Minecraft that players have to build before fighting. A Wither is made out of four soul sand blocks and three Wither skeleton skulls. Wither skeleton skulls in Minecraft are a rare drop from Wither Skeletons and will take time to gather.

    Once players have made a beacon, they will need a base to put it on for activation. The bare minimum for a base is nine blocks in a three by three square. The base can be made out of diamond, netherite, iron, gold, or emerald blocks.

    An easy way to build a functioning beacon is by using iron or emerald blocks after crafting the beacon. It would take players 81 iron ingots or 81 emeralds to craft these blocks.

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    How To Change The Beacon’s Light Color

    Your pyramid can be made out of any combination of emerald, diamond, gold, iron, or netherite. This is great for making it stand out in the world.

    Even cooler, though, is the ability to customize the color of your beacon’s light. To do this, place a stained glass window on top of the beacon. It’ll tint your light the same color as the glass.

    You can make stained glass by filling a 3×3 crafting grid with glass, but swapping out the middle piece for whatever color dye you like.

    Add Items To Make A Beacon

    How to make a fully powered beacon in Minecraft.

    In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a beacon, place , , and in the 3×3 crafting grid.

    When making a beacon, it is important that the glass, nether star, and obsidian are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be 3 glass. In the second row, there should be 1 glass in the first box, 1 nether star in the second box, and 1 glass in the third box. In the third box, there should be 3 obisidian. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a beacon.

    Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the beacon will appear in the box to the right.

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    Types Of Beacon Structure

    One pyramid layered of beacon. The layer of pyramid is formed by several iron blocks. Usually, the one pyramid layered beacon consists of 9 pieces of blocks.

    For the materials, it doesnt have to be from iron but from other materials as well, such as gold, emerald, and diamond.

    After that, you ought to locate the beacon in the middle of the blocks. After that, you might choose the power for your beacon, like Haste and Speed.

    Two pyramids layered beacon. The second type of beacon structure has a lot more required amount of blocks, which arranged from 5×5 blocks as the core and 3×3 blocks on the top of it.

    The system is similar to the one layered beacon. You place the beacon in the middle of the blocks and you choose the power that you want to give to the nearby playmates.

    Whats Needed To Craft A Minecraft Beacon

    5 Glass Blocks

    • Of all the items needed to craft the beacon, glass is the easiest. All it takes to make it is smelting sand in a furnace. Once all 5 are ready, place 3 on the top row of the crafting grid and 2 on the left and right side of the middle row.

    3 Obsidian

    • Most Minecraft players know obsidian as the block needed to create Nether portals, but theyre also used to construct beacons. Its formed when lava and water interact with one another and must be placed on the bottom 3 slots in the crafting grid.

    1 Nether Star

    • The last and rarest material is the Nether Star, which is placed in the very center of the crafting grid. In order to obtain this essential item, players must defeat the terrifying Wither boss. Its summoned by placing 4 Soulsand in a T formation and placing 3 Wither Skeleton skulls on top of the top 3 blocks. This scary opponent can fly and fire ranged attacks, so players ought to prepare as many arrows as they can and enchant their swords if they want to successfully take it down.

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    Haste Speed Jump Boost And Regeneration

    Once the Beacon is ready, the Beacons menu will open by interacting with it.

    As you can see, it has secondary and primary powers, such as jump boost, speed, and more.

    In order to use these powers, you need to sacrifice one gold ingot, iron ingot, diamond or emerald to the Beacon.

    The primary powers depend on the level of the pyramid, while the secondary status effects can only be activated by having a full-sized pyramid.

    What Does A Beacon Do

    How to Use and Craft: Beacons in Minecraft PE

    Beacons can provide only one effect at a time and thus players need to construct 6 beacons to get all the 6 effects. However, in Java Edition it is possible to have two powers active. The effects of a Beacon are:

    Primary Power

    • Speed I Increases move speed.
    • Haste I Increases mining speed and attack speed.
    • Resistance I Increases durability.
    • Jump Boost I Increases jump distance and height.
    • Strength I Increases melee attack damage.

    Secondary Power

    • Regeneration I Regenerates health
    • Level II for the Primary Powers

    Players can only select the Secondary power for a level 4 pyramid. Players can activate the powers by using the Beacon by clicking on it and feeding it Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds or Netherite ingots.

    The effects are applied over a range of 50 blocks for a Level 4 Pyramid.

    Fun Fact: Players can change the color of the Beam by placing a block of Stained Glass on top of it.

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    How To Make A Beacon In Minecraft: A Step – Minecraft isnt only about crafting woods and collecting dirts to make buildings. Its also creating magic, superpower, and everything that seems impossible in the real world. To fully experience Minecraft, one has to explore all the possibilities and willing to try new things in the game itself. If youre a beginner, you have a long way to go to explore it all. But, once youve dipped your feet in the game, its such an addictive thing to do. One of the most popular things that Minecraft players long to build is a beacon. Its a block that beams light to the sky and will also give you powers if youre nearby, such as speed, jump boost, haste, regeneration, resistance, or strength. Its considered as a rare block and not very easy to obtain. Aside from being a light source emitting level 15 of the light, beacon can also melt snow and ice. In Minecraft Java edition, pistons cant push beacon. when activated, it serves the purpose as a landmark shooting light beam to the sky which can be visible from far away. To function, it also has to be placed on a pyramid which we will explain later in this article.If youre looking for a tutorial on how to make a beacon in Minecraft, look nowhere else! In this article, we will give you a full and easy guide on how to make a beacon in Minecraft. Just keep scrolling down!


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