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How To Enchant A Bow In Minecraft

Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Must Use

All the Enchantments to make a GOD Bow in Minecraft: Enchanted Bow Enchantments Minecraft 1.14.4

Compared to tridents, swords, and even axes, bows are underrated in-game weapons for Minecraft players. Many beginners avoid making bows just because of the additional effort that goes into using arrows. But using these best bow enchantments, you can easily turn bows into the most powerful weapon in Minecraft. All you need to make it work is a good aim. But if you are more into close-range combat, the best sword enchantments would be a better pick. And you can always combine the long and short-range combat using these best trident enchantments. With that out, lets dive right into our list of the best bow enchantments that Minecraft has to offer.

How To Choose Bow Enchantments In Minecraft Java Edition

In Minecraft, there are two categories of weapons: melee and ranged. Most players master both types of weapons to stay flexible in any battle. Out of all the weapons, many Minecraft players prefer to use a bow for its ability to take out enemies from a ranged distance.

Using enchantments, players can buff their bows and deal more damage. However, choosing the proper enchantments is the real problem because some are not compatible with each other. Moreover, the experience cost increases with every enchantment.

This article dives into bow enchantments and how to choose them.

How To Craft An Anvil

Before seeing the 4 methods in detail, lets see how to craft an Anvil. Its quite an expensive item, it will require a lot of Iron. You will need 4 Iron Ingots and 3 Blocks of Iron. Just in case you dont know it, to obtain a Block of Iron you need to put together 9 Iron Ingots in a Crafting Table like this:

This means that an Anvil will require the equivalent of 31 Iron Ingots! If you dont want to spend all these resurces, you can try to find one in a Village and steal it from the Villagers. You will need a Pickaxe to break and take an Anvil.

If you want to craft an Anvil, this is the crafting recipe:

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Enchanting In The Table

The enchantment table is the most effective way of enchanting an item. Any item can come out with a new enchantment if you have the proper setup, including bows.

However, this method is not 100% sure to make you get the infinity enchantment. For instance, since the enchantment table can give random perks, you might get unlucky by not having an alternative to acquiring the infinity enchantment.

Still, if you decide to go that route, make sure you have three lapis lazuli, and your players level is above 30. Then, what youll need to do is place an item in the enchantment slot it can be either a bow or a book and hope for the best.

The Best Fishing Rod Enchantments

Minecraft Bow Command ./give multiple enchants
  • At the mercy of the sea Increases the chances of catching treasures and reduces the chances of catching unwanted items.
  • Lure Decreases the waiting time to fish.
  • Unbreakable You cannot use the durability of the fishing rod when in use.
  • Recommend Mode This allows you to repair the fishing pole using experience orbs.

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The Best Sword Enchantments

  • Sharpness Greatly increases the damage of a sword.
  • Pillage Increases the number of items that creatures drop when they die.
  • Unbreakable Has a chance not to use the swords durability when attacking.
  • The aspect of Fire Adds fire damage to regular attacks and ignites monsters when hit by the sword.

Example Of How To Enchant A Bow

You can enchant a bow that you are holding by using the /enchant command.

For example, you can use the /enchant command to enchant the bow that the player called DigMinecraft is holding with Flame I.

/enchant DigMinecraft flame 1

In this example, flame is the name of the enchantment and 1 is the level of the enchantment to add. The command would result in the bow held by DigMinecraft to be enchanted with Flame I. This enchantment would shoot flaming arrows at its target.

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The 7 Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments You Should Use

Compared to tridents, swords, and even axes, bows are an underrated in-game weapon for Minecraft players. Many beginners shy away from making bows just because of the extra effort involved in using arrows. But using these best bow enchants, you can easily turn a bow into the most powerful weapon in Minecraft. All you need to make it work is a good target. But if youre more of a melee fighter, the best sword enchants are your best bet. And you can always combine ranged and melee using these best trident enchants. With that done, lets dive straight into our list of the best bow enchantments that Minecraft has to offer.

How To Make A Minecraft Repair Table For Bows

Bow Enchantment Guide | Easy Minecraft Enchanting Guide

An anvil is required to repair your bow, amongst other equipment. To craft an anvil of your own, you need to get hold of enough iron ingots to create three blocks of iron , with an additional four ingots left over.

It may seem like a lot to sacrifice, but the anvil is incredibly useful. Not only can it repair your weapons and other items, but it also allows you to combine enchantments and rename your items.

Still, if you cant be bothered to craft one of your own, you can find one in a nearby village and just mine it with your pickaxe. Theyll never know what hit em.

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Bow Enchantment Strategies For Different Combat Styles In Minecraft

Minecraft Bow Enchantments

In Minecraft, a bow is used to fire arrows at your enemies. It can also be used for fishing or more deadly purposes. However, using a bow can be quite difficult sometimes depending on the type of enchantment that you have on the weapon and the way you fire it. This article will explain some strategies that can help improve your ability with a bow in Minecraft. These strategies are useful regardless of whether youre playing Survival mode or Creative mode or adventuring around in Multiplayer servers . Youll also learn how these enchantments affect your accuracy with bows , which leads to better combat strategy all round! NOTE: Bow Enchantment effects may vary from version to version of minecraft. The numbers displayed here represent 1.8.

A bow can have up to five enchantments which you can apply to it, these are Power , Punch , Flame , Infinity and Unbreaking . The effect that each enchantment has on your accuracy and also your damage output is explained below:

Power Arrows shot from a bow with this enchantment on it will fly faster than they would normally, but only until theyve traveled around 40 blocks. Theyll then slow down to normal speeds so you must plan ahead.

Flame Arrows shot from bows with this enchantment will shoot out a small fire effect upon impact, setting any nearby objects on fire. The flame lasts for a few seconds but the duration becomes shorter as it goes further from your target.

How To Obtain Enchantments

There are three ways you can obtain these enchantments. You can enchant your Bow/Crossbow in an Enchanting Table, find an enchanted book, or a villager that is willing to trade it. The Enchanting Table will be your best bet, as you can keep rolling until you get it, instead of just looting chests and villages, as the chances of finding a book or villager willing to trade the ideal enchantments are extremely low. If you do happen to find a book with the enchantment you want, just use an anvil to apply the book to the armor piece.

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Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft

Minecraft offers great weapons like swords, bows, and crossbows with Enchantments. The game is still relevant in 2022, having been released all the way back on the 18th of November 2011. This is impressive for a game, and well, it doesnt kill the amount of fun you can have in the game at any point. New upgrades keep coming out and offering brand-new things for you to do. With these upgrades, we get to see new Enchantments Books for all the weapons, armors, and tools in Minecraft. Todays guide will look at all the Enchantments available for the Bow as of update 1.18 and rank them according to their usefulness.

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Bow enchantments are great if you are into using bows as your go-to weapon. However, if you fancy an axe or a crossbow, then you need to get the best axe enchantments and crossbow ones as well to deal decent damage. Other than that, you can get a powerful and useful buff in the game by getting Infinity enchantment.

  • Minecraft: Bow Enchantments – FAQs
  • Best Bow Enchantments List Minecraft Guide 2022

    Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

    This bow enchantment is very important and is quite easy to craft. You can easily find it inside the village chest. It can be crafted with the help of 3 sticks and 3 strings. Although it has 7 enchantments, players cant use all of them easily. One of the most important enchantments of the bow is flame.

    What Makes Power Unique in Bow Enchantment?

    In this, you will see arrows destruction will increase upto 25% per level. Half of the heart will be completely damaged. In level V you will see the entire damage and destruction clearly.


    Here is a list of bow enchantments for the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition .

    The cursed item will disappear after a player dies 71
    Turns arrows into flaming arrows 50
    Shoots an infinite amount of arrows 51
    Uses XP to mend your tools, weapons, and armour 70
    Increases damage dealt by bow 48
    Increases knockback dealt 49
    Increases the durability of the item 34

    learn more about Top Crossbow Enchantments

    What Makes Infinity beneficial in bow Enchantment?

    In this you will have every single player will have their own arrows. The arrows will be unlimited. When they are about to fire they should have only 1 arrow at a time. If you have unlimited arrows you will have a greater chance to win.

    What Makes Unbreaking Unique in bow enchantment?

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    How To Get The Infinity Enchantment In Minecraft


    In Minecraft, surviving can become quite challenging at times, and if youre struggling to keep the durability on your shield, armor, or sword, you can go for ranged attacks. However, its not like choosing a bow and arrow as a primary weapon is going to be easy.

    For instance, it will still take you quite a bit of work to have a sufficient number of arrows. Therefore, expect to search for feathers and collect flint from gravel for a pretty decent time before stepping into danger with a bow.

    Still, if farming the materials and crafting arrows seems boring, you can loot arrows from skeletons. But, it wont be as productive, and youll end up getting about five to ten arrows per night.

    Nevertheless, there is a method in which youll be able to avoid any of these tedious tasks and still enjoy shooting enemies with arrows. In fact, you can shoot infinite arrows if you get your hands in something called the Infinity enchantment.

    So, lets find out how to get the infinity enchantment in Minecraft quickly and easily. But first, lets discuss what it is and its pros and cons.

    Best Bow Enchanments In Minecraft

    The makers have added bows and arrows in the game as one of the most common weapons to use. To increase its efficiency, the players have been given an option to fit different enchantments to their weapons to improve its efficiency. To help out the players, here are top 5 enchantments that can be attached to the bow in Minecraft 1.17. Choosing the best enchantments completely depends upto the players gameplay. Thus, have a look at all of these attachments and choose the best accordingly. Apart from this, here is also a video taken from YouTube that can help the players with the best bow enchantments.

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    The Best Enchantments You Should Get On A Bow In Minecraft

    While exploring the Minecraft world, you will face different types of mobs that try to kill you and you cant protect yourself if you dont have any weapon in your inventory. In such critical situations, a bow is one of the most useful weapons that can help you as it is a ranged weapon, and you can kill enemies from a distance.

    Sometimes the mobs are too strong to be dealt with an ordinary bow so you need an enchantment that improves its capability and provides some additional features that are not available in a basic bow. So, in this article we will show you some of the best enchantments for a bow that can help you in difficult situations.

    How To Get The Infinity Enchantment

    Minecraft Tutorial: How to enchant bows in Minecraft

    Before we begin, we’d like to note two important facts about enchanting your Bow with Infinity. First, it only works on normal arrows. You’ll still have to obtain Tipped or Spectral Arrows if your Bow has the enchantment. Second, you can’t mix the Infinity enchantment with the Mending enchantment on the same Bow.

    Even with the downsides listed about, the Infinity enchantment is convenient because it isn’t any more difficult to get than any other enchantment. Let’s look at the different methods.

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    Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft 2021

    Ollie Mattison

    Playing Minecraft is always fun and thrill. Especially when you are playing the creative mode in Minecraft. It lets you do the things that you want to do without any limitations or restrictions. But when we talk about Survival Mode, it is way more complex and competitive. If you want to survive in this mode, you have to equip yourself with the best possible tools and weapons to help you defeat the mobs and other players and protect yourself against all the harm. One of the best long-range weapons is a Bow. It lets you target your enemy from a distant place. If you want to maximize its potential it is important to attach the best bow enchantments to it. Bow enchantments increase the power and capability of the bow. In this article, we are going to list down the 7 best bow enchantments in Minecraft and how you can easily find them and use them against your enemies.

    Enchanting Your Bow & Crossbow

    To add an enchantment to your Switch Bow, you can use the same method for enchanting vanilla items. You can do this by placing the item on an enchantment table and then choosing the enchantment to be added.

    You Can Also Use Anvils

    Also, you can enchant your Switch Bow by using an anvil. Do this by interacting with an anvil first then combine your bow with an enchantment book.

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    The Best Crossbow Enchantments

    • Quick Charge Reduces the time required to recharge the crossbow.
    • Multi-Shot This allows you to shoot a range of three arrows at the cost of a single arrow.
    • Unbreakable Has a chance not to use the durability of the crossbow when shooting an arrow.
    • Recommend Mode This allows you to repair the crossbow using experience orbs.

    The Best Bow Enchantments

    Top 7 Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

    There are six different enchantments available for the bow in Minecraft. Some of them are unique to the bow, while others can be applied to other tools you own. Here is a complete list of them:

  • Power Extra damage
  • Punch Knockback effect
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Infinity As long as there is one arrow in your inventory, you will have infinite arrows.
  • Flame Sets arrows and mobs on fire.
  • Unbreaking Extra Durability
  • Mending Increases the items durability as you gain XP
  • Soul speed is the only one you cannot get from villagers, but you can barter with piglins for it. Soul speed, Mending, curse of vanishing, and curse of binding are the only ones you cant get from an enchantment table.

    Any of the treasure enchantments is considered extra rare, these are Mending, Frost Walker and Soul Speed .

    Edit: since the Piglin bartering update, Soul Speed has become easier to get than the rest of the treasure enchantments

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    The Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft


    Minecrafts combat is full of exciting mechanics that improve the gameplay hugely. Still, one of the most skilled ways to brace enemies in the game is by using a bow.

    Although Minecraft has various types of short and long-ranged weapons, bows are popularly used for their versatility and ease of crafting. In addition, compared to other long-range weapons, theyre pretty swift and shoot arrows quite fast.

    Moreover, the amount of content gravitating around bows is exciting this weapon can use different variations of ammo and enchantments, making it adaptable to most combat situations.

    Therefore, studying the bows adaptations, features, and skills, one can get pretty far into the late game by using this long-ranged weapon the truth is, bows facilitate most of your gameplay and will be a life-saving tool for most of the campaign.

    So, lets jump right into the topic and discuss the best bow enchantments in Minecraft, including every upgrade and ammo variation.


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