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How To Find A Treasure Map In Minecraft

Finding Treasure With Chunk Borders

How to Find a Buried Treasure Map in Minecraft (All Versions)

Buried treasure will always generate near the center of the chunk. The world is broken into sections called chucks that aren’t visible when playing. Fortunately, you can easily turn on chunk borders by pressing F3 + G. Doing so will display all chunks.

When you get near the X on the map, turn on chunk borders and find the center blocks of the chunk. Dig down until you reach the treasure chest, and gather your rewards!

Minecraft Buried Treasure: How To Find It

So, you traveled to different biomes but couldnt find the exact location of the buried treasures?

What if I say, the best method to find a buried treasure is by using a treasure map. Thats where my Minecraft Buried Treasure Finder Guide comes in handy.

You have to dig a few blocks to find the treasure chest. The closest chest also contains saddles in Minecraft.

How far down is the buried treasure in Minecraft?

The buried treasures are 3 to 6 blocks deep down. Treasure maps dont help you find the exact location of the treasure. They only reveal structures and monuments. You have to dig about 2 meters of radius around the X mark to get the treasure.

Keep Reading, As Ill show you where the treasure chests are exactly located.

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In Minecraft How Deep Should I Dig To Find Buried Treasure

The hidden riches arent usually buried deep under the blocks. In Minecraft, you dont need to dig more than five blocks to uncover Buried Treasures.

Apparently, the X on the map is not the actual location.

Its just a suggestion. You may easily find the Buried Treasure by digging around that X point and also by digging 15-18 blocks.

You may use the TNT to locate the treasure faster if you grow bored of digging.

Buried Treasures may only spawn on the same level as the stone they cannot spawn below it.

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How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft With A Map

The buried treasure map helps to find where the treasure has spawned. For using this treasure map, you should collect this from the shipwrecks or from the ocean ruins. After collecting this, follow the instructions and the marks on it which will lead you to the location where the buried treasure lies.

When you reach the location, the white dots which indicate your location will overlap the red cross mark on the map. Then you can start digging as buried treasure lies underground. You may have to dig about 3 to 6 blocks deep to get it.

Find The Treasure Map

How to Find Treasure in Minecraft?

If players want to find a buried treasure chest, they must first have a map for it, as finding them randomly is nearly impossible as they can spawn almost anywhere.

To get the map, players can explore the world and try to find a shipwreck or an underwater ruin. Other than this, the map can also be obtained by trading with a cartographer villager.

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Heres The Best Way To Obtain Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps have a chance to contain Heart of the Sea, one of the rarest crafting materials. Buried treasures are objects that are naturally generated in Minecraft. They are usually located on beaches, buried at a certain depth. And the way to get to them is through Treasure Maps. Players can find these maps in Shipwrecks or trade them through cartographers in exchange for some items. Our Minecraft guide will tell you the best ways to obtain Buried Treasure maps.

How To Find Buried Treasures In Minecraft

A buried treasure can be an excellent reward for anybody who plays Minecraft. For a game that makes use of several semi-precious and precious stones and metals in its crafting menu, Minecraft does have a way of making you run around a lot to find those materials. But with buried treasures, you can find those rare resources just sitting there waiting for you at one spot.

So if youre new to Minecraft and are wondering how to get one of those amazing chests, then here is what you can do.

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In Minecraft How Does A Buried Treasure Appear

The appearance of Buried Treasure is entirely dependent on the Biome in which it is discovered. However, Mostly is a vibrant treasure chest.

There is just one chest in Minecrafts buried riches.

You wont go home empty-handed since the chest is usually always hidden under some stuff.

There are no hidden treasure chests in certain Minecraft biomes. For your convenience, Ive included an image of what a Buried Treasure in Minecraft looks like.

If the chests are buried in a beach biome, they will be covered by a sand or gravel block. If the hidden riches are produced on the side of an underwater hill, they may spawn with a stone block covering them up.

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Treasures sometimes spawn on the ocean floors surface, which is then covered by gravels or sand blocks.

Make a potion of weakness in Minecraft to quickly eliminate hostile creatures and keep your treasure box quest on track.

Any appropriate terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite, may produce hidden riches in terrain biomes.

How To Get Treasure Maps

How to Use a Treasure Map in Minecraft: Minecraft Treasure Maps – How to Find Them (Avomance 2019)

There is only one way of getting these Buried Treasure Maps, and that is by looting a Shipwreck. The Shipwreck is a naturally generated structure in Minecraft that mostly spawns underwater. Furthermore, this structure has two chests that players can loot to find items like Iron, Gold, Emerald, and even Diamonds.

First, the player has to travel out to the Ocean biome to have the best chances of finding a Shipwreck or Sunken Ships. Unfortunately, these dont often spawn, so players must be patient and keep their eyes open for any wooden structures. It helps to find these structures using Dolphins to scout them quicker.

For this purpose, the player needs a lot of Raw Cod or Raw Salmon, which they can get by fishing. Also, there are groups of Salmon or Cod fishes in the Ocean, which the player can kill to get resources. Next, a Dolphin needs to be found for this method. Fortunately, a Dolphin is relatively easy to find as plenty of them spawn within the Ocean.

Once the player finds a Dolphin, they should feed it some of the Raw Cod or Salmon. After this, the Dolphin rewards the player by helping them reach the nearest Point of Interest, like a Shipwreck. However, there are chances it leads somewhere else, like Ocean Monuments or underwater Ruined Portals.

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How Do You Get The Underwater Treasure In Minecraft

The fact that some of these chests will be underwater you may wonder how you get to them.

If your buried treasure happens to be underwater you will have to get underwater and due to the fact that you will most likely not be able to find the treasure immediately, you should keep an eye on your oxygen level. If you want to be sure this doesnt stop you a way to avoid this is taking a Potion of Water Breathing.

Once you find your treasure, simply look into it. To make sure you can actually get to the chest make sure to remove the send blocks covering it or a water block if the chest is waterlogged.

How To Find A Buried Treasure Map

Buried Treasure Maps are one of the few items in Minecraft that you cant craft. But once you find one, youll be able to go on an adventure to find some loot. So if youre looking for tips on how to find a Buried Treasure Map, what to do with it, and the loot found in the buried treasure, we have you covered in our Buried Treasure Map guide below.

Looking for something particular in our Buried Treasure Map guide? Be sure to click the links below to jump to…

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Finding Buried Treasures In Minecraft Has Its Benefits

From Minecraft 1.13 JAVA edition forward, buried riches have been included. When youre outside of the creative mode inventory or Commands, the only method to get the heart of the sea is to dig up buried treasure boxes.

In Minecraft, use a command block to get expensive goods in a matter of seconds.

And the hearts of the sea are among the most expensive items on the whole Minecraft world.

The Buried Treasure Map may be used to determine which biome the treasure has spawned in.

Finding a buried treasure is an adventure in itself. Its more enjoyable than just seeking the stuff.

Quick Tip: Give Minecraft extra RAM for smoother gaming.

What Is A Buried Treasure

Minecraft Ps4 Treasure Map Seed

Buried treasure is a loot chest in Minecraft with many rare items. From food items to tools and minerals, it has several things that can help you survive in the game. If you are planning to create a Conduit in Minecraft, you will need this chest. It is the only source of the Heart of the sea. Creating a conduit with it will give you Minecraft beacon-like powers but focus on underwater mobs.

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Step Four: Enjoy The Loot

After finishing all the processes explained above, now you can enjoy the loot of this buried treasure which contains lots of valuable things such as diamonds, emeralds, etc. You also have the chance to get both from the same loot. It also consists of TNT and most importantly the heart of the sea which is very rare and important. You can not get it from another treasure chest.

How To Find Treasure Maps

Buried treasure maps can only be found in shipwrecks and ocean ruins.

Shipwrecks are underwater structures that resemble sunken ships. Some shipwrecks may have mobs such as drowned spawning, so it’s best to be cautious when exploring. Additionally, shipwrecks will spawn in a variety of different positions. For example, in the image above, you can see a shipwreck on its side stuck in ice. They can also spawn partially on land or buried on the beach.

Inside each shipwreck, you can find up to three chests with a variety of loot. To get a treasure map, you need to locate the map chest. They are not labeled, but this chest will be located in the lower section of the ship. If there is a map chest, then there will be a 100 percent chance that it will contain a buried treasure map.

Similar to shipwrecks, you can find ocean ruins underwater. They are a bit rarer than shipwrecks and can be quite treacherous to navigate in. These structures are found in ocean biomes and appear to look like an underwater village. Within the buildings of an ocean ruin, there will be chests filled with loot. You have a 43 percent chance to find a buried treasure map in these chests.

Overall, it’s a better choice to look in shipwrecks for a buried treasure map.

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Can Buried Treasure Be Underwater

Since the treasure will spawn either in a beach or snow biome there is a pretty big chance the treasure will actually spawn underwater. Even if they spawn on the shore since they are under a few blocks they will most likely be underwater.

There is also a chance the treasure will be on the ocean floor or even buried underneath.

How To Find The Treasure Map In Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft (2022) 100% LEGALLY | Minecraft treasure map guide

The first step is to find the treasure map itself. There are two search methods.

Buy a map from a villager. As a rule, it is sold by a resident cartographer for emeralds. A successful trade requires 12 to 28 emeralds and several compasses. In addition, the cartographer must be upgraded to level 4.

Similar maps can be generated in destroyed dungeons. Try to explore the world to find the item.

There are three map options. Each of them has its own characteristics. All of them differ in the color of the cross.

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How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft With Command

As the digging process is so lengthy and time-consuming and players also dont have the chance of getting a chest on their first attempt, they can use a command to locate the buried treasure instead of digging. The command for finding buried treasure in Minecraft is /locate hidden_treasure. This command will help the players to find the treasure chest quickly.

Can Buried Treasure Not Spawn

The buried treasure originally spawned on their own. However, if you turn off the generate structures option in your setting you will not be able to find treasure chests.

Another thing that could make it seem like the treasure chests do not spawn is if you have a map from one version and trying to find the treasure in a different version. Due to the terrain changes the chest will actually not be located where the map shows.

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How Deep Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Buried treasures, as aforementioned, are chests concealed on the ground, below some material. Their locations are typically on beaches, so theyll likely hide beneath the sand or gravel.

Although primarily common to spawn on beaches, buried treasures can appear in different places. For example, the chest will be below stone blocks if it generates in an underwater hill.

Buried chests typically appear below one to three blocks. However, they can be at a max depth of 15 blocks.

So, get a shovel ready and jump to work itll take you a few minutes at most to find the goodies.

How To Find The Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure Map in Spawn Shipwreck

Now that you know how to find treasure maps in Minecraft, the next step is using it and locating the actual treasure. For this reason, first, equip the Treasure Map by putting it in the Hotbar and switching to it. This shows the Treasure Map in the players hand as a regular Map, but theres a huge red X on this Map.

The red X marks where the Buried Treasure is and where the player should head. However, there isnt a guarantee that the player will spawn somewhere near the Buried Treasure. Consequently, the players reticle will show a small dot at the edge, signifying his travel direction.

For example, if the players reticle is on the north side of the Map, they should start traveling south. After a while, the player can check their progress by their icon size and location on the Map. For instance, the icon will appear larger if they are getting closer.

After traveling to the Xs location of the Treasure Map, the player has to dig the surrounding area. For this reason, carry a Shovel to quickly get rid of any Sand blocks, as its buried deep underground. Sometimes, the chest is not precisely at the X, so make sure to dig in a broader area to avoid going over the Buried Treasure.

Eventually, with patience and enough digging, the Buried Treasure will reveal itself in the form of a chest. However, this isnt an ordinary chest, as it includes some of the best in-game loot. Overall, its easy to miss the chest as its buried deep, so its essential to dig in a larger area.

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Whats Inside The Chest

Inside a Treasure chest you can find items from this list :

  • Heart of the Sea
  • Prismarine Crystals
  • Diamond

You will always find a Heart of the Sea in every Buried Treasure chest. It will also be the only way to obtain one, so if you want to craft a Conduit you will need to follow the steps that we showed in this article.

How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft All Version

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Buried treasure in Minecraft is something that comes with lucrative rewards but finding it sometimes is very difficult. If you are a noob and dont know how to find buried treasure in Minecraft then take 5 minutes in hand with a cup of tea and go through the article.

The Minecraft game is updating day by day and the feature of this buried treasure is added to Minecraft Minecraft as part of 1.13 The Update Aquatic. It is something that players cant craft, so the only option is to find it. Here in this write-up, we are going to tell all the details of buried treasure.

  • How to get the underwater buried treasure in Minecraft?
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    How To Locate A Buried Treasure Chest In Minecraft

    The image shown above depicts that you have reached the exact location required to find the buried treasure. Now, this is still a highly complex task, and you wont be able to find the buried treasure as the destination point area will be huge, so locating a treasure is still not easy. You can locate the buried treasure when the values of X, Y and Z coordinates reaches , where ~ represents any value of the Y coordinate that does not matter in this case that you can see in the image below.

    After getting the required coordinate value , you should start digging until you find the buried treasure, which should not be difficult. You can see the image of the buried treasure below, which looks very similar to the treasure chest that you found earlier on the shipwreck.

    After opening the buried treasure chest, you will find many valuable items that are very tough to locate from anywhere else they can also be used for crafting purposes.


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