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How To Get Mushrooms In Minecraft

Creating An Automated Farm

The fastest way to get mushrooms in Minecraft

Now that you know the basics of mushroom-farming, you might want to try creating a more complex or automated farm. The same rules will apply regarding spreading, the light levels, and when your crop will stop spreading.

There are many ways to make an automated mushroom farm, and I’ve found that all of the methods are a bit tedious. This is why the simple version is good enough for me. Some items you’re going to need are a few pickaxes, 20 redstone, a few glass blocks, a switch, a sticky piston, 2 buckets of water, and a smooth stone.

Once you have all the necessary items, find a large area in your home. You’ll want to find an area you can use just for this purpose. Similarly to the simple farm, I recommend putting a door at the entrance to this area. The video below describes the easiest means of creating an automated mushroom farm. The video includes step-by-step instructions and the directions are easy to follow.

How To Grow Huge Mushrooms

If you dont want to wander looking for the right biomes or you dont want to use cheats, you can alsways grow Huge Mushrooms. To do so you will need to find regular Mushrooms, which naturally generate almost everywhere there is a light level of 12 or less . You can even find them inside caves.

You can grow them where you find them by using Bone Meal on them . Note that they will need a 3 blocks radius around them and at least 7 blocks above them of air.

If you want to take the Mushrooms and grow them somewhere else, or if you already have Mushrooms in your inventory, you will need to place them on blocks with a light level of 12 or less. You can have a 12 light level block even in open field by following these steps:

  • dig a 3 blocks hole in the ground and place a Dirt block on the bottom. Use Dirt, because Huge Mushrooms dont grow on every block.
  • place one block above the hole
  • place the Mushroom in the hole

Once you placed the Mushroom, you can break the block above it. As long as you dont break the blocks around the Mushroom, it will not drop, even if the light level is not 12 anymore.

Now you can use Bone Meal on the Mushroom and it will grow into a Huge Mushroom.

Where To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

Brown mushrooms are one of the common items that players can find around the Minecraft world. They have no real purpose other than being used to create rabbit stew, fermented spider eyes, and flower pots.

Mushrooms can be mined using anything in Minecraft. Players can even mine brown mushrooms using their hands. Brown mushrooms are typically found under trees in the game.

Mushrooms usually generate in poorly lit areas in Minecraft but can be found in well-lit areas as well. Mining a mushroom block will grant the player two mushrooms to place into their inventory.

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How To Find Huge Mushrooms

You can find Huge Mushrooms in Mushroom Fields

You can find them in Dark Forests

And, in the Bedrock edition, you can also find them in Swamps. They will be very easy to spot, expecially the red ones.

If you cant find any of these biomes, you can use the locate biome command. To use commands you will need to have cheats allowed in your Minecraft world. If cheats are not allowed in your world, there is a workaround. You can check here how to still use cheats in that Minecraft world.

To find for example Mushroom Fields, you just need to open the commands and type:

/locate biome minecraft:mushroom_fields

And youll see a message appearing with the coordinates ot the closest Mushroom Fields.

Now what you have to do to get there is just closing the gap between your coordinates and the coordinates of the biome that you want to go to.

F3 coordinates

How To Make A Mushroom Farm In Minecraft



Mushrooms are a plant that can be found above and below ground in the world of Minecraft. Theyre useful as a food item for making Stew or Rabbit Stew, but did you know theres more to them than that?

The Suspicious Stew that can be made with Mushrooms can have plenty of benefits and Mushrooms are one of the many components in Potion brewing.

But it isnt always easy finding Mushrooms on the surface. Luckily for us, just like most other foodstuffs, it is possible to grow your own! In this guide, Im going to show you how to make a Mushroom farm in Minecraft.

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Where To Get Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

Players must have experienced that feeling where they played Minecraft and started craving mushroom stew.

In Minecraft, there are two meanings to the term “brown mushroom.” One is the most prevalent the fungi are a key to making mushroom stew and can be found in a few biomes. The other is the Mooshroom mob variant, which has stolen the hearts of Minecraft players.

What’s our Block of the Week? It’s…MUSHROOM!


Uses And Places To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

The easiest place to find mushrooms of either kind is in the Mushroom Fields biome. There, they generate amply on the ground and have often grown into full mushroom trees. Unfortunately, that biome is potentially the rarest alongside the Badlands.

Otherwise, mushrooms naturally generate in areas of low light, which is defined as a light level equal to or less than 12. They are fairly common in caves. In those areas, there is a 12.5% chance for a red mushroom to spawn. It’s 25% for brown mushrooms.

Mushrooms of both kinds also generate on the surface in these biomes: Swamp, old growth taiga and the Nether. In Java Edition, mushrooms can grow on the bedrock ceiling of the Nether, too.

There are also mushroom rooms in Woodland Mansions that generate the item, so there’s a random chance there will be brown mushrooms as opposed to red ones.

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Our Other Minecraft Guides

That being said, a dark indoor room is the best place for your farm, but it doesnt have to be underground. Just as long as the light is low enough, your mushrooms should grow. However, if you are not playing in Peaceful mode there are a few precautions you need to take. Because the room your farm is in is so dark, mobs may spawn inside. Getting murdered while you are trying to harvest your produce is not the best feeling in the world. So, make your room a little taller than normal. That way you can place torches two or more blocks up, and still, have the room be dark enough for your fungi growth.

Fortunately, you really only need to plant a few mushrooms from the get-go. After a few growth cycles, there will be a chance that your fungi will spread by themselves. Eventually, your room will be overtaken. However, this is only true if your room is big enough. So, dont be afraid to make your farm as big as possible.

When you have enough produce, you can begin your new mushroom lifestyle. Mushroom Stew requires one red and brown mushroom, and one bowl. While a Rabbit Stew, which recovers 10 hunger, needs one rabbit, any mushroom, a carrot, and one baked potato. Each is definitely worth your while and makes mushroom farming a valuable venture.

If this guide helped you at all in growing your mushroom empire in Minecraft, be sure to let us know in the comments below. As well, share it around so it can help others!

Creating A Mushroom Farm In Five Steps

How to get Brown Mushrooms – Minecraft

Mushrooms will only spawn at a light level of 12 or less. They will spread up to two blocks away in all directions, including diagonally. All you really need to establish a mushroom farm is a decently sized area that’s dark enough.

  • Begin by clearing out a room where you want your farm to be. If you want to grow a lot of mushrooms you should clear out a big room. Personally, I don’t want to keep a lot of mushrooms because the mushroom stew is not stackable in your inventory. Keep in mind that the bigger the room, the more you’ll be able to grow.
  • Next, place a few torches around. Ideally, you’ll want the light level to be between 8-12. This will prevent any hostile mobs from spawning. You should put a door up at the entrance of your mushroom farm, just in case you don’t get the light level quite right and a mob spawns.
  • Now, place your mushrooms at least a few blocks away from one another. If they pop right back out after being placed, that is a sign that the space is too light. If the space is not dark enough, you’ll need to take down some torches or dig small holes in the walls or ceiling and place the torches inside the holes. Doing this will decrease the light level.
  • Once you’ve formed your room, placed your torches, and planted your mushrooms, you will begin the long process of waiting for your crop to spread. It takes mushrooms quite a while to spread, so you should do something else while you wait. Come back to your farm periodically to check on how it is growing.
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    The Quick And Dirty Way

    Alternatively, if you need mushrooms quickly and you want a lot, theres a much easier way to do this. If youve any podzol or mycelium, you wont have to worry about light levels at all. Additionally, if you have any bone meal kicking around, things can go even easier because youre able to make gigantic mushrooms if you use it on any growing mushrooms.

    One thing youll want to note is that before you go this route, especially if youll using bone meal, youll want to space things out by quite a bit and have quite a bit of ceiling clearance as these mushrooms will grow big and wide. If the caps run into anything that will result in a dead mushroom and nobody wants that.

    Its truly as simple as planting the mushroom you want on some of the above-mentioned soil and then, ideally, sprinkle some bone meal on it and watch your huge mushroom burst straight out of the soil in front of you. The more you use, the faster it goes, and it seems a few shakes is really all it takes.

    How Do I Get More Mushroom Blocks

    Mushroom blocks can now be obtained using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. The textures of mushroom blocks have been changed. Mushroom blocks can now be used to fill up composters. Variants of brown, red and stem now have been renamed to Brown Mushroom Block, Red Mushroom Block and Mushroom Stem, respectively.

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    How To Find A Mushroom Biome

    Mushroom biomes are rare, and usually exist as remote islands in the ocean. However, if you just want to see one, here’s how:

  • Start a new game.
  • In the ‘Create New World’ screen, click More World options…
  • Type the word lost into the box and continue to create the new world.
  • You should find yourself near a small mushroom biome.

    How To Farm Mushrooms

    Enhanced Mushrooms

    There are a few guidelines one must remember when trying to farm mushrooms. The first: they can only be grown in rooms with a light level of 12 and below. This just means that the room you decide to grow them in needs to be as close to dark as possible. The second guideline is that they need opaque blocks. All this means that if you try to plant your mushrooms in any type of transparent block, they wont grow. Dirt or sand blocks are always best.

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    How To Get Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

    Mushrooms might not seem like an important item in Minecraft, but they have several good uses. One of the best food items in the game requires mushrooms, so that alone is reason enough to search for them. In the game, there are two different types of mushrooms: brown and red.

    Brown mushrooms are a bit more common, but they’re both equally useful. They have several uses in crafting recipes and more. Here’s how to get them and what to do with them.

    How To Build A Simple Mushroom Farm In Minecraft

    To build a croft to grow mushrooms, this method mercifully relies on thorough lighting to ensure a Minecraft mob-free and no-mining-required farm. To start this construction, players must first create a room at least two blocks high and as large horizontally as desired, although more torches will be required based on how long the build is.

    With this done, players will now need to dig one block up into the room’s ceiling and place a torch to create recessed lighting, allowing the mushrooms to grow and spread. After this, players can have as few as one torch every six squares with no danger of Minecraft’s mobs and monsters spawning. Now, all players need to do is spread the mushrooms on the floor and wait for them to grow.

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    Mushroom Recipes In Minecraft

    Minecraft Mushrooms are not too tough to find yet they have a lot of uses. They serve as a component in brewing Minecraft ingredients like a fermented spider eye, and as part of various food recipes.

    • Mushroom Stew – Brown Mushroom + Red Mushroom + Bowl.
    • Rabbit Stew – Cooked Rabbit + Any Mushroom + Baked Potato + Carrot + Bowl.
    • Suspicious Stew – Brown Mushroom + Red Mushroom + Bowl + Any Flower.

    The further you play Minecraft, the more aware you are of Suspicious Stews importance in the game. Its exclusive effects depend on which type of Minecraft flowers is added to the stew. You may get poisoning or fire resistance.

    Minecraft Guide: How To Farm Mushrooms

    How to get Giant Mushrooms easily in Minecraft | Bedrock and Java Edition | NO MYCELIUM NEEDED

    Mushrooms are an excellent food source in Minecraft. Just one bowl of Mushroom Stew can restore six hunger. Though these fungi cannot be grown in direct sunlight, theyre lucrative produce that any player should have their eye on. But for those of you who need a little help with making your own mushroom farm, here are a few tips!

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    Uses Of Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft

    One of the most versatile and commonly found items in Minecraft is the brown mushroom. You can use these mushrooms for a variety of purposes, from crafting to food and even decoration. Here are some of the most popular uses for brown mushrooms in Minecraft:

  • Food: Players can eat Brown mushrooms raw or even cook them. They offer a fair amount of hunger restoration. Theyre a good source of food when starting in a new world, or if you need to restore health quickly.
  • Farming: Brown mushrooms can be planted on farmland and will grow into full-sized mushrooms over time. This is an easy way to farm your mushrooms, which can then be used for food or other purposes.
  • : Placing brown mushrooms around your home can add a bit of color and life to your build. You can also use them to make mushroom stew, another useful food item.
  • Brewing: You can also use brown mushrooms in brewing potions, making them a valuable ingredient for any potion-maker.
  • These are just some of the many uses for brown mushrooms in Minecraft. With their versatility and availability, theyre sure to be a staple in your game for years to come. Brown mushrooms are an essential part of the game and a key ingredient in making potions, and there are a few ways to get them. Players can find them in many different biomes, and they have a variety of purposes.

    Getting A Mushroom Block In Minecraft

    When a player mines a huge mushroom block in Minecraft, they will typically get regular mushrooms. One giant mushroom may drop up to two mushrooms per block.

    Players who want to collect the block itself will need an enchantment. The enchantment used for this is silk touch. Silk touch can be added to most Minecraft tools to mine anything that doesn’t typically drop itself.

    This enchantment can be added to tools through an enchantment table or on an anvil. Using an anvil to add this enchantment requires an enchanted book. Enchantment tables will give tools this enchantment for the cost of XP and lapis lazuli.

    A block from a huge mushroom is easy to break regardless of the tool used. However, the preferred tool is an ax of any type. Enchanting an ax with silk touch allows players to mine huge mushrooms for their blocks. Players can take mushroom blocks back to the base and use them in a few different ways.

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    Break The Brown Mushroom

    The to break the mushroom depends on the version of Minecraft:

    • For Java Edition , left click and hold on the mushroom.
    • For Pocket Edition , you tap and hold on the mushroom.
    • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
    • For PS3 and PS4, press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
    • For Wii U, press and hold the ZR button on the gamepad.
    • For Nintendo Switch, press and hold the ZR button on the controller.
    • For Windows 10 Edition, left click and hold on the mushroom.
    • For Education Edition, left click and hold on the mushroom.

    The brown mushroom will break and a smaller mushroom will float on the ground.

    How To Get Mushroom Blocks

    Minecraft MUSHROOM BLOCKS How to Get Tutorial

    To get Mushroom blocks you need to break them using a Silk Touch enchanted tool, so that they can drop as they are instead of dropping Mushrooms.

    This way you can get Red Mushroom blocks

    Brown Mushroom blocks

    and Stem blocks. These are one of the withe block in Minecraft, you could even use them for building.

    Red and Brown Mushroom blocks, when placed, show their color on every side that you can see.

    Only when you break a block to which they are attached they will show the internal texture.

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