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How To Find Netherite In Minecraft

Other Ways To Find Netherite

MINECRAFT | How to Find NETHERITE! Tutorial

Bastions are super scary but extremely good to find all the desirable loot. With unmerciful piglins roaming, you have to be careful with how you make your way down to the chests. If you ask me, Bastion Remnant has the best loot in the game and should explain why its somewhat challenging to enter the structure.

Bastions are full of useful loot and annoying piglins

Bastion Remnant generates four different structures whereof each structure has unique kinds of loot. Regularly, theres about a 10% chance that youll find ancient debris in most chests, but what you should aim for is to look for Treasure Bastions. As often seen in Dreams videos, they dont hesitate to enter Bastions because, even if its difficult, itll be rewarding once youve reached the chests. Especially in these Treasure Bastions.

Theres a 42.1% chance of spawning a whole netherite ingot and a bunch of enchanted diamond armour and tools. Putting the cherry on the top, theres plenty of gold blocks surrounding the chests.

And that wraps the diamond and netherite mining guide for update 1.18! The wait shouldnt be too long until the full release and oh boy, I cannot wait to try it out myself. Would you consider it the best Minecraft update so far? Or do you prefer the good old 2010s textures?

How To Make A Netherite Ingot In Minecraft

When you’ve got your Ancient Debris, start smelting it in a furnace with any fuel source. One Ancient Debris will produce one Netherite Scrap and unfortunately, you need four Netherite Scrap to create one Netherite Ingot. You also need four Gold Ingots to make a Netherite Ingot, as you combine them with the four Netherite Scrap. So yeah, getting enough Netherite Ingots for a full kit will take a while. The placement of the scrap and ingots in the crafting grid doesn’t matter, as it’s a shapeless recipe.

Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

What Can You Do With Netherite

While you can power beacons or make Blocks of Netherite and Lodestones with them, the best thing to do with Netherite Ingots is make Netherite armour and tools.

To do this, simply put in a piece of Diamond armour or a Diamond tool and a Netherite Ingot in the smithing table to upgrade it. This will make your armour stronger and will even stop it burning up in lava, a great little perk.

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Tools Enchanted With Efficiency

If you don’t have TNT, you can still mine for ancient debris! Using a pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency, you can quickly mine through netherrack to find ancient debris.

In general, netherrack mines very quickly. With a diamond pickaxe, it will take 0.1 seconds to mine. If your pickaxe is enchanted with Efficiency, then you can completely destroy entire walls of netherrack in less than a second.

Although this isn’t as quick as using TNT, it is still a good way to clear entire areas in search of ancient debris.

Using Tnt To Mine The Netherrack

How to Find Netherite EASY &  FAST

The Netherrack, or the redish blocks that make up the majority of the Nether, can be mined easily and quickly with TNT. Players should dig a long, straight cave into the Netherrack, then place TNT every other block. The TNT will explode large swaths of Netherrack out of the way, giving players access to large portions of possible ancient debris locations. TNT is made with 5 gunpower and 4 sand and is triggered with flint and steel.

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Turning Ancient Debris Into Netherite

Once you have the Ancient Debris its time to smelt it into Netherite. You can do this with the Blast Furnace to make Netherite Scraps. Once you have four Netherite Scraps you can then combine these scraps with four gold ingots on the crafting square to craft a Netherite Ingot.

Finally, once you have the Netherite Ingot you can simply combine it with any diamond tool to make the Netherite version of that item.


Getting Netherite Armor Weapons And Tools

After attaining the Netherite Ingots, getting the armor, weapons, and tools is actually quite easy, assuming the player already has diamond variants of them. These items are not crafted in the traditional way, and instead require the player to upgrade existing diamond gear at a Smithing Table. The player needs simply add their diamond gear to one side and a single Netherite Ingot to the other in order to upgrade that piece of gear into Netherite Gear.

As mentioned earlier, Netherite gear is stronger than diamond gear, so players will want to seek it out. It also has a few unique properties the armor reduces knockback for example, and all the pieces float in lava and cannot be destroyed by fire. This makes getting it back after dying much easier.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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How To Find Netherite

The interesting thing about Netherite is that it does not work like any other ores. While you only need to mine Diamon ore to get diamonds, or just smelt iron ore to get iron ingot. You have to smelt ancient debris and then craft Netherite scraps with gold to create 1 Netherite ingot.

This is when it becomes difficult, finding ancient debris in the Nether is astronomically rare. Sometimes if you got lucky, you can find ancient debris and netherite scraps in loot chests, such as in Bastions.

To mine ancient debris, you have to use a diamond pickaxe. So you still have to get a diamond first after all.

Smelt The Ancient Debris In Netherite Scraps

How to Find Netherite EASY – Minecraft Hardcore #10

After mining a good portion of Ancient Debris, you need to go back to your base to begin smelting. The first step is to place the Ancient Debris into a furnace . After some time, it will turn into Netherite scraps. Each Ancient Debris will give you one Netherite scrap, whereas a Netherite ingot will actually require a total of four Netherite scraps.

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Craft The Most Powerful Items In The Game

Ancient Debris and Netherite are two new additions to Minecraft with the release of the latest update and this new material allows you to create the most powerful items and armors. However, this extremely rare Ancient Debris and Netherite are incredibly hard to find. With this guide well give you what you need to know about finding Ancient Debris and creating Netherite.

Mining In Nether In 118

Surprisingly, as I am typing this now, Mojang has still not intended to change the range of the nether y-axis. Neither have the developers gone out to the community and stated something or given hints. It might actually be a little tricky because, unlike the overworld, nether has a roof. Strangely enough, you can enter the area above the nether roof using a glitch. The question is how should the developers change the world generation if people have already started building things on the roof? Only a Minecraft developer can tell.

Ancient debris blends in really well with netherrack

With that being said, whether the generation for ancient debris changes or not, there are still only a few ways to effectively find them. The first way is to simply create a ton of pickaxes and dig through the entire layer y=15. Preferably enchanted with mending because we all know how short pickaxes last in the nether. Or you can start using a much more efficient tool bed.

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What Is Netherite In Minecraft

Netherite is a crafting material primarily used to upgrade diamond items. The tools boast a durability of 2032 considerably higher than diamond gear. Netherite has the highest explosion resistance in the game too, as it can easily withstand high 7/8 explosion values.

Its traits also include the ability to float on lava without catching fire. Other Netherite uses include decorative blocks, stairs, beacons, and loadstones.

What Kind Of Block Makes Netherite Scraps


Albeit a bit different from other resources in appearance and naming convention, Netherite Scraps still require players to find a specific kind of ore block and mine it before going through the usual smelting process. In this case, one will be looking for Ancient Debris, which are dark reddish-brown blocks with pale spirals on their tops and brick-like patterns on the sides.

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Best Ways To Find Netherite In Minecraft

Netherite is one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft. Netherite ingots are used to upgrade diamond gear, making it both more durable and more powerful.

Another bonus that sets Netherite gear apart is that it is fire and lava resistant, unlike all other gear. However, players still have to be wary of cactus blocks as these can destroy Netherite items.

Netherite ingots are made by combining four gold ingots with four Netherite scraps. The difficulty comes in obtaining the Netherite scraps, which can only be obtained either by smelting ancient debris or as loot found in chests that spawn in Bastion Remnants.

Ancient debris can be mined with either a diamond pickaxe or a Netherite pickaxe and is only found in the Nether. It can be found in veins of 1-4, but most commonly, players will find it as a single block.

Note: These methods reflect only the opinions of the writer, so some may not be included. The list is also in no specific order of quality.

Video 3 Easiest Ways To Find Ancient Debris Netherite In Minecraft 1 18 Mcpe Xbox Ps4 Nintendo Switch Pc

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Getting A Netherite Ingot

This video takes place in one of the early snapshots of the update, so some of the info is inaccurate now.

In order to get a Netherite Ingot, there are a couple steps players will need to take. First, they will need to find some Ancient Debris, and this is the hardest part. Ancient Debris spawns very low in The Nether, some estimate at or below Y=20 , and requires a diamond pickaxe to mine. Players will need to strip mine while avoiding the pools of fast flowing lava in order to get this stuff. Ancient Debris can be smelted into Netherite Scraps in the furnace, which can then be crafted into Netherite Ingots using four Netherite Scraps and four Gold Ingots.

Minecraft Has Rolled Out A New Nether Update Which Has Added A New Material Called Netherite Continue Reading To Learn How To Get Netherite In Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Find Netherite – (Minecraft Finding Netherite)

Netherite ingots are rare items found in Minecraft. These items are durable and way more powerful. In addition, they can also float in lava, and do not burn. Players can use a Netherite ingot to upgrade their tools and craft stronger armour, weapons and other useful tools.

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Minecraft Netherite: Effects And How To Make Netherite

Everything you need to know about Minecrafts high-level material

What is Minecraft netherite? The latest material in Minecraft is available as part of the 1.16 update and you can find it in the deepest depths of the Netherright? Yes, and you can also make it from a new ore called ancient debris heres how.

Netherite isnt for the faint-hearted, its a high-level material and you better believe it does something special worth venturing through a Minecraft Nether portal for. You can use it to update your diamond gear, but instead of diamond+ its a whole new thing by itself, opening up possibilities for netherite items, gear, tools, weapons, and more.

In order to get your cubey mitts on the strongest material in the game, youll need to take a trip to the Nether in search of rare ancient debris, which youll craft into netherite ingots before creating the best weapons and armour in Minecraft. Wondering how to find netherite? Nether fear, well guide you through the whole journey, from digging in the spooky dirt to showing off your full set of netherite equipment. Heres how to make netherite in Minecraft, along with netherite effects, and why its so much better than diamonds.

How Is Netherite Made

In order to make Netherite ingots in the first place, players will need to delve into the Minecraft Nether for ancient debris. This hard-to-find material looks like a lighter, more tan version of Netherrack, and it has a circular pattern on the top of it in alternating dark and light circles. Ancient debris will spawn around level 15 and lower.

There are several methods that players can use to ensure that they get as much ancient debris as possible.

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Using A Diamond Pickaxe To Farm For Netherite

A Diamond pickaxe with Efficiency II will mine Netherrack in a single hit, making it easy to plow through massive sections of the Nether looking for ancient debris. This method, especially if coupled with the TNT method, will blow up massive portions of the Netherrack, hopefully exposing several sections of the much-needed Minecraft material from the Nether ancient debris for players to mine and take.

Once players have some ancient debris in their inventory, it’s time for smelting.

How To Craft Netherite Armour And Netherite Weapons

How To Get Infinite Netherite In Minecraft / how to get ...

The good news is, after scouring the Nether for enough ancient debris to make a netherite ingot, you only need a single netherite ingot for each piece of netherite equipment. Instead of crafting your new tools out of pure netherite, youll instead upgrade existing diamond armour and weapons by combining them with your netherite ingot using a smithing table.

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Smithing tables can be found in the blacksmiths building in a village, or you can craft one yourself with wood planks and iron ingots. Enchantments placed on your diamond equipment will be transferred, but the durability wont be reset, so youll need to use an anvil if your diamond equipment needs restoring.

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How Much Better Is Netherite Than Diamond

Netherite is better than diamond for all tools, armor, and weapons, especially in terms of durability . For armor, netherite provides the same amount of defense points with a bonus to knockback resistance and armor toughness. For weapons and tools, netherite does indeed perform better in terms of block breaking time and damage output.

To see how much better it is for each type of gear, see our comparison chart below :

Diamond Armor vs. Netherite Armor


How To Find Netherite In Minecraft

Unlike diamond, you cant find Minecraft netherite in ore form in the ground. Instead, youre looking for a block in the Nether called ancient debris and its astronomically rare. Youll need at least a diamond pickaxe to harvest it, so come prepared.

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Ancient debris spawns in veins, and always spawns completely covered by blocks on each side, so you wont be able to spot them from the surface. Instead, youll need to dig down ancient debris can be found from y=22 to y=8, though its most common at y=15.

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How Do You Find Ancient Debris In Minecraft

Ancient debris blocks spawn between levels eight and 22 in the Nether. To locate these blocks, enable game coordinates from the menu or press F3 when playing on a PC.

Look at the Y-coordinate and make sure its between eight and 22. Start mining in various directions at those levels to locate Ancient Debris blocks and beware of lava.

Mining Ancient Debris To Smelt Into Netherite Scrap In Minecraft

How To Find Netherite FAST – Top 5 Methods To Find Ancient Debris In Minecraft

Before Minecraft players set out to mine ancient debris, they’ll need to obtain a diamond pickaxe or stronger. Assuming the player doesn’t have Netherite gear already, a diamond pickaxe will have to do the job.

Once they have the necessary tools, Minecraft players should look for ancient debris on elevation levels 8-22. Checking one’s elevation can be done by activating the “show coordinates” setting in Bedrock Edition or by pressing the F3 key in Java Edition.

The elevation level is measured via the Y-coordinate shown, so players should keep an eye on it as they descend. According to analysis by the Minecraft community, Y-level 15 is the elevation that is most likely to have ancient debris.

Once at the appropriate elevation, players will have to mine in the same way that they do in the Overworld. However, considering the dangerous nature of The Nether, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful and be wary of sudden pitfalls or flows of lava. These can end a Minecraft player’s excursion quickly.

Ancient debris is not a common block within The Nether, so the mining process is likely to take some time. In fact, ancient debris naturally generates in “blobs” of up to two per chunk.

Blobs of 1-3 ancient debris will generate similarly to the distribution of Lapis Lazuli, while others will appear sporadically between the layers Y=8 and Y=119. Finding ancient debris is a lot of work, but players are advised to start at Y=15 and move from there.

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