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Minecraft Bee Plush Target

Minecraft Pillow Buddy Bees Are Being Resold At A High Price

Minecraft Bee Plush 2020 Review !!! ð??ð³

Unfortunately, the Minecraft bee pillows have recently gained popularity, and are currently sold out at locations like Target, where their listed price is 19.99 USD. For those wanting one of these adorable pillows, creators like AngelinaLily or DrowsyBeeCrate on Etsy have recreated the plushes by hand for fans to purchase. Minecraft fans can also wait for the Jinx version of the bee buddies to come back into stock on retail store websites. This may be a better route than purchasing an official Minecraft bee plush from a potentially unreliable second-hand seller.

Another option for a large Minecraft plush currently in stock is the dolphin. Currently available on Amazon for 35.95 USD from the official Jinx store, the nearly 14″ long, blue dolphins may be the perfect addition to a personal Minecraft plush collection. It is also possible the Axolotl, releasing in the upcoming Caves & Cliffs 1.17 update for Minecraft, will get a large-sized plush as well, adding another cute and cuddly option for fans to collect.

Minecraft 8in Bee Plush

  • A whole Minecraft assortment of collectible fun!
  • Lots of Minecraft favorite characters available, including fan-favorites that have stood the test of time!
  • Plush figures are 8 tall, a great size to hold and take on the go
  • Embroidered dolls are made from a variety of fabrics and textiles, so they’re fun to touch
  • A great collectible gift for fans of Minecraft, as young as 3 years old


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