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Mountain Cave Minecraft Lego

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LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave Set 21137 Speed Build Review
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  • Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave Available

    Just a reminder that the #21137 LEGO Minecraft Mountain Caveset is now available for LEGO VIP members. General release is going to be next month. This is a massive set with over 2,860 pieces and the largest LEGO Minecraft set ever released. The set is also an excellent source of basic LEGO elements, including a large number of sand-green plates. Below is the full description and designer-video, so you can check it out in more detail.

    Here is the official description:Build and experience the Mountain Cave, featuring an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstonepowered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spiderspawner, charged Creeper explosion and a lava burst. Position the light-brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack olantern, first-night shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance. Enjoy handson Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this easy-to-reconfigure, modular LEGO Minecraft set designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes Steve and Alex minifigures, plus 13 mobs a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper. Measures over 12 high, 20 wide and 11 deep. 2,863 pieces. Price: $249.99 BUY HERE

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    LEGO designer, Fred, is no stranger to creating adventurous and wonderful worlds in Minecraft. That got him thinking. What would it be like to recreate some of his favourite scenes in the game in real life and integrate them in his desktop? Watch the video to find out what he made! Are you ready to bring your creations to life? Take part in the challenge here!

    The Mountain Cave Is The Biggest Minecraft Lego Set Yet

    " The Mountain Cave"  Minecraft LEGO set, made entirely in Minecraft ...

    May 20, 2017 By Jay

    A little late to the party posting this , but LEGO has officially announced the biggest Minecraft set 21137 The Mountain Cave.

    The LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave contains 2863 pieces, handily surpassing 21128 The Village by 1263 pieces. The Mountain Cave will retail for AU$399.99 / US$249.99 / CA $299.99 / 249.99 / £259.99 and is set for a 1 July 2017 release date. As with most D2C sets, LEGO VIPs will receive early access to this set on 15 June 2017.

    Here are the links to the produce pages for your respective LEGO.com store:

    The set is also pretty huge, with dimensions of 12 high, 20 wide and 11 deep.

    Ill be completely honest I know next to nothing about Minecraft having never played the game, although I do recognize the propertys massive impact on gaming and pop culture. Pretty sure Youtube earns a massive chunk of revenue from Minecraft Lets Play videos.

    As I dont really have an active interest in the franchise, I dont think I can really add much thought or an informed opinion to this set other than a generic perspective from a LEGO fan.

    The scale of The Mountain Cave is certainly quite impressive and I love that the focal part of this set is an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spider-spawner, charged Creeper explosion and a lava burst.

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    Move Your Camp Online

    Creating a virtual camp experience is easy with our step-by-step guide to moving your LEGO® Education camp online. Our easily adaptable lesson plans, tips for planning and organizing, and sample grid of daily camp tasks will help you to quickly decide on what to include and how to make your camp fun and engaging while optimizing accessibility for your students.

    Grades PreK – 5

    Largest Ever Lego Minecraft Set Announced: 21137 The Mountain Cave

    The LEGO Minecraft world just got a whole lot bigger. Today LEGO has announced the largest set yet for the minifigure-scale theme, 21137 The Mountain Cave. Coming in at a staggering 2,863 pieces and a retail price of $249.99 when it arrives July 1, young Minecraft fans had better hope Grandma has deep pockets if they put this on the wishlist . This is the second large exclusive for the Minecraft theme, following last years 21128 The Village.

    As the name implies, the set features a sizable stone mountain thats riddled with caves. The mountains footprint is 20x11in , and has minecart tracks, a small home, and a light brick that can be positioned to light a jack o lantern, lava, or several other features. The set features lots of new printed elements, along with two minifigures and 13 mobs, including some new ones such as a baby wolf, bats, a charged creeper, and a giant slime. As with other large exclusives, we expect it to be available about two weeks early for LEGO VIP members.

    Official press release:

    As shown on the back of the box, the various modules can be rearranged to alter the landscape.

    The small stone home has a creeper face made of ice blocks.

    The home is equipped with a map, creeper head, bed, and oven, among other things.

    The skeleton and zombi share a set of gold armor.

    They may look cute, but both wolf and baby wolf feature the red, angry eyes that indicate theyre hostile mobs.

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