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What Is Sweeping Edge In Minecraft

How Do You Get The Sweeping Edge

Minecraft Sweeping Edge Enchantment: What Does Sweeping Edge Enchantment Do In Minecraft?

To get this enchantment, you must have access to an enchanting table. You can also find it in the enchanted book which is contained in a Minecraft world in treasure chests. There are also other ways to find this enchantment which are going out and exploring for fishing, crawling dungeons, or even trading with villagers for emeralds.

On the other hand, you can use enchant commands for getting this enchantment. As there are 3 levels of sweeping edge enchantment, then there are also 3 commands, which are

What Does Sweeping Edge Do

Presume you are fighting with a group of creepers. If you fight them with a normal sword without any enchantment then the blow you will give them will only knock the Creepers who are closer to you. It only does damage inside a small radius.

But if you apply sweeping edge enchantment to the sword then your area of hit increases meaning you can attack the creepers who are behind the creepers you just hit.

When you attack a mob, the mobs around the mobs that you hit take less damage but if you apply sweeping edge enchantment you can significantly increase the damage to the mobs that are surrounding and are nearby the mobs you hit.

Suppose, you hit 10 mobs at once, and there are 10 more behind them that are ready to dart at you. You can efficiently nullify all those 20 mobs in a single blow from sweeping edge enchantment.

Each sword attack deals an additional 50%/67%/ 75% of the damage to mobs when using sweeping edges for levels 1, 2, 3.

Do Sweep Attacks Do Less Damage

Sweeping Edge is the most efficient enchantment for the sword. Sweep attacks help to increase your swords attack damage up to level III. You can use this enchantment with different levels. These attacks allow you to fend off your enemies when you have a handful of mobs around you. These attacks are more damaging and deadly when compared with simple attacks. You can hit your enemy with the 75% enhanced performance of your enchanted sword.

A sweeping attack is a kind of attack in which you can easily knock back all the enemies within 0.25 blocks vertically and one block horizontally around the targeted mob. It also shows that you can effectively kill more than one player at a time. Sweep attacks will do minor damage when you are moving in your world.

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How Do You Sweep With A Sword In Minecraft

If your sword is enchanted with a sweeping edge then you just need to hold your enchanted sword and the attack button. Then release the button and use the sword during the sweep attacks to the mobs around you.

As it is an enchanted sword, the damage to the mobs will be higher than the normal one. And you cant hit above the mobs or your enemies heads as a sweep attack occurs when the sword is wavering downwards.

Sweeping Edge Vs Sharpness: Which Enchantment Is Better In Minecraft

Minecraft 1.11.1

Enchantments are an integral part of Minecraft. There are certain powerups that help players in various situations. These can be applied to various types of items that a player carries while playing the game. Some are combat oriented, while others simply save a player’s life in dangerous situations.

Sweeping Edge and Sharpness are two very well-known enchantments as they are both combat oriented. Both increase the overall strength of the weapons and help players kill mobs and fight better. However, one is better than the other.

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What Enchantment Increases Crossbow Damage

Piercing, being an enchant that goes to a high level like Power or Sharpness, and probably makes the arrows more powerful or sharper so that they can go through mobs, logically this should increase the damage as well. A maxed out crossbow should be more than a one-hit kill for ordinary mobs, because the bow is.

How To Use Sweeping Edge

To use Sweeping Edge, all you need to do is perform a Sweep Attack. This can be done by standing still or moving at no faster than walking speed. As long as your attack recharge is above 84.8%, youll perform a Sweep Attack that knocks back enemies and damages them.

The additional damage granted by Sweeping Edge to Sweep Attacks will automatically be applied as long as youre using the weapon with the enchantment. Remember, it will only grant bonus damage when performing Sweep Attacks and no other kind.

Thats everything you need to know to get Sweeping Edge in Minecraft, what it does, and how to use it. Check out more of our Minecraft enchantment guides below.

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How To Download Sweep Attacks In Pe

To download the sweep attack in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are some rules and steps which you have to follow. Which are

  • First, download the file named Swordsweepaddonv2 from this link.
  • Open the file using Minecraft PE.
  • You will be asked by chrome for storage allocation. Allow it to be stored.
  • Then on your computer, you have to install the add-on.
  • Finally, to activate the sweep attack, click on the add-on file and press on active.

Best Way To Use An Enchanted Sword

What Does SWEEPING EDGE Do in Minecraft?

If youre an intelligent Minecraft player, youll know that such comparisons are futile because you can get every enchantment on your sword, increasing your damage-dealing capacity significantly.

Suppose you can get one of the above enchantments. In that case, you surely know how to get the other, so it only makes sense to apply all the enchantments on your sword and become invincible in the game!

More enchantments in Minecraft:

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What Does Sweeping Edge Enchantment Do In Minecraft

Sweeping edge is a great enchantment in Minecraft Java Edition. As Bedrock Edition has different combat tactics, this enchantment is exclusive to Java Edition. There are various types of enchantments in the game that help players in dangerous scenarios. From fighting multiple mobs at once to surviving the lava in the Nether, there is an enchantment for all difficult situations.

Enchanting items is an extensive system in the game. There are several enchantments, each having different levels, compatibilities, weaknesses, and strengths. Players can either enchant their gear through an enchanting table, find an enchanted book as loot, or by trading an enchanted book with a librarian.

What Does The Sweeping Edge Enchantment Do

Sweeping Edge is an enchantment that can only be applied to swords, and it increases the amount of damage a swords sweep attack does. To perform a sweep attack, equip a sword, wait for your attack recharge meter to fill up, then attack while standing still or walking. Sweep attacks cannot be executed while running.

Sweeping Edge has three levels to it, with each level increasing the amount of damage the sweep attack does. You can get Sweeping Edge on a sword by using it with an Enchanting Table. Each level increases damage by the following:

  • Sweeping Edge I: 50% more damage
  • Sweeping Edge II: 67% more damage
  • Sweeping Edge III: 75% more damage

Sweeping Edge can also be applied to the same sword that also has other damage increasing enchantments, like Sharpness and Smite. A sword with both Sweeping Edge and Sharpness on it can cut through groups of enemies like butter!

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For the Java Edition of Minecraft, sweep attacks are planning to undergo some changes as part of the future Combat update. Well update this article accordingly if there are any significant changes.

And thats all there is to know about the Sweeping Edge enchantment. If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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Sweeping Edge Enchantment For Bedrock

Minecraft Command Science – Ultimate Sharpness 1000 Sword! POCKET EDITION: Sweeping edge and mending do not work. By the way, you can change the lvl to whatever u want and the curly bracket is { not Ranged Weapons: Flame – Arrows set targets on fire. Impaling – Trident deals additional damage to mobs that spawn naturally in the ocean. . Je zou Sweeping Edge waarschijnlijk relatief eenvoudig op de meeste van die platforms kunnen implementeren, behalve Pocket. This addon adds 25+ new weapons to Minecraft! Yes, 24 damage, poison aura, withering, freezing, and sweeping edge II. Ice Blade. 6 damage, freezes attacked mobs Honey Sword. 6 damage, slows attacked mobs for 5 seconds Leeching Blade. 8 damage, gain health when attacking mobs (Leeching I

What Is A Sweeping Edge


The sweeping edge in Minecraft is an enchantment that increases the damage caused by the swords to the enemies or the mobs for a short period of time. It is that kind of enchantment that allows you to add any other tools and weapons in Minecraft.

This sweeping edge enchantment activates when the player descends for a sweep attack. You can add this enchantment to your tools and weapons in Minecraft.

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What Is A Sweep Attack In Minecraft

A sweep attack is performed only when the player swings downward hitting an entity above the players head does not perform a sweep attack.

What is a sweep attack?, A sweep attack is a network scanning technique that typically sweeps your network by sending packets, and using the packet responses to determine live hosts. Typical attacks use ICMP to accomplish this. The Sweep vector tracks packets by source address.

Furthermore, What is sweep attack damage in Minecraft?, Sweep attack

The Sweeping Edge enchantment increases the damage dealt by 50% of the normal hit damage for level I, 67% for level II, and 75% for level III. The amount of knockback is 80% that of the knockback due to Knockback I , and does not benefit from that enchantment.

Finally, What is better sweeping edge or sharpness?, Sweeping edge increases the % of normal damage dealt to mobs hit by the sweep. They work together, but dont stack because they dont do the same thing. Sharpness increases the damage to your primary target. Sweeping Edge increases the damage to the additional targets in range.

What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft

The Sweeping Edge enchantment strengthens the power of the sword attack. This enchantment can be added to any sword through an anvil, enchanting table, or game command. You can use the enchanted sword for battles, and see how it increases the damaging capability of your sword.

The sweeping edge on a sword is an enchantment that makes sweep attack blows more destructive. To perform a sweeping attack, hold the attack button and then release the click. When a zombie or skeleton group attacks you, you can use this move to deal with them.

Sweeping edge is an enchantment that does literally what its name says. When applied to a sword it gives you an edge in terms of how much damage you can do to the opponent group. When combating a group of mobs this enchantment is quite useful as it blows away a larger number of enemies in a single hit.

Because Minecraft can be very frustrating when you die because you lose all your inventory. So, sweeping edge enchantment is a fantastic feature from the game developers to help the player fight the mob increasing his chances of survival.

Let us get into more detail and understand in this blog what it is and how it is applied.

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Minecraft: What Does The Sweeping Edge Enchantment Do

Enchantments are powerful boons that players can add to their favorite tools and weapons in Minecraft. Theres an enchantment exclusive to swords called Sweeping Edge, and its a powerful enchantment to have, especially if you like to take on multiple enemies at once. Today, well answer the burning question: what does the Sweeping Edge enchantment do in Minecraft?

Sweeping Edge In Minecraft

How to Get Sweeping Edge in MCPE|Minecraft Mods

Sweeping edge is an enchantment native to the sword weapon only, which means you wont be able to use the enchantment on any other tool. And rightfully so, the term sweeping edge should give you a hint about what is in store for us.

Gaming Deals too Good to Pass On

Simply put, a sweeping edge increases the swipe damage done by the players sword. The sweep damage is only applicable in the Java edition of the game theres no such thing as sweep damage in Minecraft bedrock.

The sweep damage keeps on increasing. 50%, 67%, 75% for levels I, II, & III,to respectively. So furthering upon the level of the sweeping edge enchantment, the damage will also keep on increasing significantly, making it very powerful.

Also, you can mix-match this enchantment with other sword enchantments like sharpness or fire aspect.

The damage starts to rack up pretty significantly when you use the sharpness enchantment as the damage sweeping edge increase is based on the damage sharpness enchantment will be doing!

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How Much Damage Does A Sweep Attack Do

Based on the following formula, you can determine the damage inflicted by sweep attacks:

1 + Attack_Damage × )


attack damage = sword damage combined with sharpness, smite, and Bane of Arthropods.

There are three levels of Sweeping edge enchantment

Level 1- The Least efficient

Level 2- Moderate efficient

Level 3 Most efficient

With the sweeping edge, the damage increases by 50% for levels 1, by 67% for levels 2, and 75% for levels 3.

Sweeping edges are only applicable to swords in survival mode. But in creative mode along with swords, axes can also be enchanted with it. Moreover, if you use an anvil to enchant then any item in the creative mode can be enchanted with this skill.

A sweeping edge attack can be performed when the attack recharger is full and the player is not moving faster than walking speed. A slashing attack will knockback and damage 1 of the enemies near the hit enemies.

Sweeping Edge Vs Sharpness Vs Smite

As weve seen, all the enchantments bring out the best in a melee players ability to deal damage to their enemies. But which one is the best among them?

Depending upon the person youre using, theyll have different answers.

If you have a mob farm and grind for EXP, then a sweeping edge will be handy as you can kill a lot of moves at once, but if youre a PVP enthusiast, then you might like the sharpness enchantment more.

You might like the smite enchantment if you have a zombie farm and prefer to kill many undead mobs. And even if you dont have a zombie farm, the amount of undead mobs that spawn naturally is enough for you to get this enchantment.

But if we put aside exceptional use cases, the sharpness enchantment emerges as the clear winner in this race. As smite is only applicable to undead mobs and sweeping edge increase sweeping damage only, the sharp enchantment will get you the most out of your EXP.

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Does Sweeping Edge Work In Pvp

Well in player vs player PVP sweeping edge may not be that much useful as it is used to kill a large number of enemies in one blow. The Thing to understand here is that sweeping edge doesnt increase the strength of the blow, it increases the number of enemies it impacts.

Let us say you have 1 enemy to fight. If you sweep an attack against one enemy then the harm will be the same as when you would have attacked without sweep edge. The difference comes when there is a large number of enemies, and you have to cover more area to fight. A sweeping attack creates an impact on a larger area. One blow can reach an enemy that is standing far away from you, but it doesnt increase the impact on a single player.

With a sweeping edge, you can hit 10 enemies instead of 1.

The sweeping attack feature is only available in Java and Bedrock editions.

You cannot do this enchantment in any other edition of this game. But if you play Minecraft pocket edition then I have a secret method that you can use to download sweep attack.

When Will Bedrock Be Getting Sweeping Edge :

Dahl Decends

r/Minecraft: Minecraft community on reddit. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts … Posted by 2 months ago. When will Bedrock be getting Sweeping Edge? Im not sure if it is going to be strictly a Java enchant but having to swing my sword in mobile a thousand time in a mob grinder is …

Seen 144 times

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Is Sweeping Edge Available In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Minecraft players on Bedrock Edition cannot obtain Sweeping Edge enchantment, not even by cheating. It is only available in the PC variant of Minecraft called Java Edition.

In Java Edition, Sweeping Edge has a maximum level of 3. At level 1, this enchantment increases sweeping damage by 50%, and 67% at level 2. Finally, at level 3, you will be able to deal 75% more damage with your sweeping attacks.

In the future, Bedrock players may receive a combat update featuring enchantments missing in the Bedrock Edition. But as of now, Sweeping Edge is only accessible in Java Edition. Until the time comes, you can still use amazing enchantments like Sharpness, Fire Aspect, Looting, and more to create the best sword in the game.

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