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Can You Breed Horses In Minecraft

How To Get Horses To Breed With Each Other

Minecraft how to breed horses

Horses will need to be close together when in Love Mode in order to breed. The best way to control this is to lead the desired 2 Horses into a closed-off area. You can make Horses follow you by holding a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot in your hand.

When the couple is close together, feed them each 1 of the golden foods and theyll begin to nuzzle while red hearts appear above them. After theyre done mating, a baby Horse will appear nearby after a few seconds.

Things To Do With Horses In Minecraft

You can saddle a horse and ride them all around the overworld. Depending on the horses stats, their speed can be only marginally faster than a sprint or at least three times faster. These stats are random, but repeated breeding can allow you to breed faster and higher-jumping horses.

Saddles grant you an extra slot as well, handy for keeping an item on the horse.

Riding a horse is done by using the movement and mouse keys to travel. Horses can also jump over obstacles. The best horses can jump above five blocks, while the weakest ones are only barely able to clear two blocks.

You can make armor for your horse as well for additional protection. The armor protects the horse from getting killed quickly, but it doesnt prevent the horse from getting injured by fall damage.

Only horses can wear horse armor, while skeleton horses, zombie horses, donkeys, and mules cant. However, the latter two can be equipped with chests to grant you 15 extra slots. This reflects the nature of donkeys and mules as pack animals.

With a horse, you can explore the overworld much quicker than just sprinting. You also dont have to carry as much food around, since horses dont have hunger levels. You do have the feed them if theyre hurt badly, though they have health regeneration abilities.

Finding Horses In Minecraft

First things first, you need to know where to find some wild horses. Horses can most commonly be found in the Plains and Savannas biomes. The Plains biome have large, flat areas of green grass. Youll also find a number of lakes dotted around the biome, too.

The Savanna biomes are generated next to a desert or plains biome. Its flat and has low-elevation with scattered trees.

Finally, Villagers can naturally generate stables and animal pens with horses inside them, so if you know of a nearby village, its worth checking it out and seeing if you can steal a horse.

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Where To Find Horses

The first obvious step is to find horses for you to start breeding with. They can be found in one of three locations, savanna biomes, plains biomes, and village stables. Because of this it might take you some time to find the appropriate biome or a village depending on where you started and how convenient your world seed is.

Plains are empty fields of grass with very little trees, savannas are fields of tan colored grass with occasional Acacia trees, and villages can be found in a number of different biomes, though not all will have stables.

Can You Breed Horses Minecraft

Can You Breed Horses In Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft. In order to breed a horse, youll need to have it tamed. But once youve done that, make sure the horses are in a closed area. Once you have the horses in a safe location, make sure to feed the horse a Golden Apple or Golden Carrots so the horse can enter Love Mode.

Likewise How do you breed horses in Minecraft 2020? Breeding Horses in Minecraft

Feed a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot to each of the two horses to begin breeding. The horses will enter Love Mode causing them to mate and produce a foal. The foal will most likely have the same color and markings as one of the two parents.

How does a horse reproduce? Horses reproduce by the male impregnating the female resulting in a live, single birth the female, or mare, carries the foal for approximately 11 months. Foals are usually born in the spring with the ability to walk, stand and run. Their legs at birth are almost as long as they will be when fully grown.

Also Can you make Minecraft horses faster?

Eiter with a splash potion of swiftness or by selectively breeding horses to get a horse with higher speed. This might take some time, but its pretty straightforward. Measure the speed of your horses and then breed the two fastest.

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Craft Golden Apples Or Carrots

To get your horses in the mood to breed, you have to feed them some special treats: Either Golden Apples or Golden Carrots.

You can find Golden Apples inside of treasure chests all across the Overworld and Nether, but you can also craft them. Place a regular Apple in the center of your Crafting Menu, then surround it with eight Gold Ingots to craft a Golden Apple.

Golden Carrots, luckily, aren’t as expensive. You can craft them by surrounding a regular Carrot with eight Gold Nuggets.

Quick tip: You can get Gold Nuggets by mining Nether Gold Ore, by smelting golden items, and inside of treasure chests. Crafting nine Nuggets together or smelting Raw Gold and Gold Ore will get you Gold Ingots.

Breeding Horses In Minecraft

In order to breed two horses, players must first obtain either Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. These can be found in chests or can be purchased from traders. They can also be crafted by players by combining gold ingots or nuggets with either an Apple or a Carrot.

Feed a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot to each of the two horses to begin breeding. The horses will enter Love Mode causing them to mate and produce a foal. The foal will most likely have the same color and markings as one of the two parents. Typically, foals will take around twenty in-game minutes to fully mature into a grown horse. This process can be sped up by feeding the foal. They can eat sugar, wheat, apples, carrots, and hay. Keep in mind that horses can also be bred with donkeys to produce mules. Mules, like their real-world counterparts, are unable to be breed with other mules.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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How To Tame And Breed Horses In Minecraft: A Complete Guide

Learning how to breed horses in Minecraft can be a handy skill since the said passive Minecraft mobs can be hard to come by. But horses being rare in the game isnt the only reason why youll want to tame and breed them. A horse is an essential companion if youd like to navigate your world much faster. When you place a saddle on it, youll be able to bring an extra item with you when youre on the go. Plus, breeding horses yourself allows you to have some control over the stats and the appearance of the offspring.

If taming and breeding horses in Minecraft is something youre interested in, this guide is perfect for you. We will also discuss how to breed donkeys and elaborate on the differences between horses, donkeys, and mules in Minecraft.

How To Breed Donkeys And Mules In Minecraft

Minecraft: Can You Breed The Perfect Horse?

Breeding donkeys works exactly the same as with horses. You will need to tame them and then feed them Golden Apples and Carrots. Donkeys are much slower than horses but can equip chests instead of armor. This can be super useful for above-ground adventures and transporting items from one area to another.

If you breed two horses together, you get a foal. If you breed two donkeys together, you get a baby donkey. However, if you breed a horse with a donkey, you’ll get a mule. Two Mules cannot be bred in Minecraft. Plus, a horse won’t be much use in the Nether, so you might want to ride a Strider instead.

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How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

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This wikiHow teaches you how to breed two horses with each other in Minecraft. After taming two horses, you can have them create a foal by giving each of the horses a golden apple. Horse-breeding is possible on all versions of Minecraft including PC, Pocket Edition, and console editions.

Tips And Tricks For Breeding Horses In Minecraft

In Minecraft, horses can come in seven different colors, and have five different types of “markings” on them. This means that there are 35 different types of horses in the game.

When you breed two horses, the game rolls dice to decide what the foal will look like. Most foals will share their color and markings with one of its parents, but there’s about a 29 percent chance that it ends up with a completely random appearance. So if you want a horse of a certain color, you’ll want to breed two horses with that color.

Every horse in the game also spawns with random health, movement speed, and jump strength statistics. When you spawn a foal, the game decides its stats by averaging the stats of its two parents, along with a totally random imaginary horse. This means that the better your parent horses are, the better the foal will be but breeding a perfect foal is almost impossible.

Lastly, horses don’t only have to breed with other horses. If you breed a horse with a donkey , you’ll end up with a baby mule. Mules can’t breed with any other creature.

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Where To Find Horses To Breed

Can You Breed Horses In Minecraft

To breed horses, one must first find them. Horses can be seen in herds, of two or six and are usually in any of the following locations:

  • Savannas Biomes


Due to this, players might take some time to locate the horse herds depending on where they are, and the structure of the players world seed. Horses come in many different colors like white, grey, chestnut, brown, and each with some unique markings. Apart from the savanna biomes and plains biomes, horses can also be found in village stables. Unlike the open wild, players will have to steal one from a village.

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Horse Colour And Markings

If you’re breeding two horses, then the colour and markings of the offspring are likely to each be taken from one of the parents, but there’s also a low chance of the baby having completely random markings and colouring:

  • Chance to have random colour: 11.11%
  • Chance to have random markings: 20%

If you’d like to inject more variation in the looks of horses, donkeys, and mules, then your best bet is to find a good Minecraft texture pack that does the job for you.

Things To Do With Horses

If you have collected any saddles you can strap them onto a horse to ride them anywhere you want. They will still wander aimlessly so try to keep an eye on them or a lead tied to you so they do not get lost or stuck in a hole. To equip a saddle to a horse, hop onto its back and open your inventory, there will be a slot for you to place saddles and a set of horse armor.

You can also breed horses with donkeys to have mules. Mules can be ridden across your lands just like a regular horse, but they come with the additional benefit of holding a chest. Breeding a horse and a donkey is identical to just breeding horses, keep a horse and a donkey close by and feed both of them a golden carrot to make a mule.

You cannot breed mules. Once you have the offspring of a horse and a donkey, the resulting mule cannot be bred with any mules, horses, or donkeys. You can have the mule hold a chest by right-clicking on the mule with a chest selected in your Hotbar.

If you want your horse to move incredibly fast and jump as high as possible, it is best to find a horse in the wild that has the stats you are looking for. Breeding two horses oftentimes result in a slower horse or a horse that cannot jump as high. This is due to the formula in the game mechanics of taking an average of both parent horses stats. Unless both the parent horses are near perfect in their stats, the offspring will likely not be as fast or be able to jump as high.

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How Does A Horse Get Pregnant

Mares signal estrus and ovulation by urination in the presence of a stallion, raising the tail and revealing the vulva. A stallion, approaching with a high head, will usually nicker, nip and nudge the mare, as well as sniff her urine to determine her readiness for mating.

How often can horses breed Minecraft? Any two horses can be bred with each other in Minecraft: there are no defined genders in the game, so there are no limits on which horses can be bred with each other.

Do male horses get pregnant?

Basically, the role of a breeding stallion is to impregnate mares. This means producing semen containing adequate quality and numbers of spermatozoa to fertilize a mares ovum. Spermatozoa are produced daily in the seminiferous tubules of the stallions testes.

Whats the rarest horse in Minecraft? The rarest regular spawning horse is easily the skeleton horse

First You Need To Tame The Horses

How To BREED HORSES In Minecraft (Step-By-Step)

You aren’t able to breed wild horses, you need to tame them first. Taming a horse in Minecraft is very simple, and you can do this even before you have a saddle.

Approach a horse in the wild. , as if you were trying to use an item. This will put you onto the horse’s back. Horses aren’t massive fans of being ridden and it may take a few tries for the animal to calm down.

There’s a threshold in place for how long it takes to tame a horse: each time you get on the back of the animal you basically tame it by 5 points, and there’s a magic number somewhere between 0-99 you have to hit before the horse is yours. That number is random and different for each horse. Some horses will take longer to tame than others.

Some other tips:

  • You can increase the taming speed for horses by feeding them apples, wheat, carrots, and sugar.
  • You will need a saddle if you want to ride the horse, though you can use a lead to move a tamed horse.
  • Some horses have more health, and some are faster .
  • It’s a good idea to move your horses to a farm so you can keep an eye on them, check out this guide to livestock areas here.

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Create A Horse In Minecraft

If you want to breed more horses than youll need two horses to be the parents. Any two horses will do it doesnt matter what color they are, unless youre trying to obtain a specific color with the foal.

The only exception to this are Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses. Neither of these variants are capable of being fed so they cannot breed whatsoever. The only way to obtain more of these horses is to use a spawn egg or find Skeleton horses in the wild.

Taming Horses In Minecraft

Horses tend to be one of the more rare mobs in the game. They spawn in the Plains and Savanna biomes in groups of up to 6. Typically, the herds will be of the same color with slight variations on their markings. Horses can also be found in most villages within small stables. Horses can be pulled along by any lead as well as tied to a fence post. Horses dont have to be tamed in order to be led or held.

Taming a horse is a requirement before it can be bred or ridden. In order to begin taming, mount the horse. A saddle is not required for this. Taming depends on the horses temper rating and can vary in length. The horse will throw off the player until it is tamed. Repeatedly mount the horse until it is successfully tamed. From here, the horse can be mounted without an issue and can be bred.

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The Stat Ranges Of Horse Health Speed And Jump Height

The above calculation method is used for all 3 stats, however, Health, Speed, and Jump Height all have different ranges. The random value that gets included in the breeding calculations is always within the possible ranges for the specific stat.

  • Horses can have between 15 and 30 Hearts of Health
  • Horses can have any movement Speed value between 4.74 blocks per second and 14.23 blocks per second
  • Horses can have a Jump Height value between 0.4 and 1.0


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