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How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft Bedrock

Digging Up The Treasure

How to EASILY find buried treasure! | Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.17)

The map works like a normal Minecraft map, but has a few unique features. For one thing, its entirely blocked out when you first look at it. Also, the red X marks the location of the treasure chest. You need to trek along the map and check periodically. Once you have the proper direction, just keep going until you reach the X.

Once you know where to look, its time to follow the map and start digging. When you get to the X on the map, go crazy.

There is a trick to finding the chests, if youre willing to break the immersion a bit. In Java Edition, buried treasure always generates at chunk coordinate 9 on both the X and Z axes, and are always facing east. In Bedrock Edition, buried treasure always generates at chunk coordinate 8 on the X and Z axes.

Finding the chest can be kind of challenging normally, so expect to do some digging. When you do find it, you can get Ingots, Diamonds, Heart of the Sea, and more cool loot.

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Minecraft Treasure Map : How To Use Treasure Map In Minecraft

If you have been anywhere in the gaming community in the past decade or so, youve heard the name Minecraft and if you have, then youd agree that Minecraft treasure map is one of its best features.

The game is a fan favorite of millions, and according to Youtube, was the most-watched trend in 2019.

One of the many reasons fans absolutely adored this game is because Minecraft never fails to keep the player integrated through its frequent updates.

One of these updates was the Minecraft treasure maps update, our main focus for the moment. Ever since the update, many players have been asking how to find treasure in Minecraft?. So, without further ado, heres everything you need to know about the treasure map in Minecraft.

Already have a treasure map? Learn how to use treasure map in Minecraft from the following table of contents:

In Minecraft How Does A Buried Treasure Appear

The appearance of Buried Treasure is entirely dependent on the Biome in which it is discovered. However, Mostly is a vibrant treasure chest.

There is just one chest in Minecrafts buried riches.

You wont go home empty-handed since the chest is usually always hidden under some stuff.

There are no hidden treasure chests in certain Minecraft biomes. For your convenience, Ive included an image of what a Buried Treasure in Minecraft looks like.

If the chests are buried in a beach biome, they will be covered by a sand or gravel block. If the hidden riches are produced on the side of an underwater hill, they may spawn with a stone block covering them up.

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Treasures sometimes spawn on the ocean floors surface, which is then covered by gravels or sand blocks.

Make a potion of weakness in Minecraft to quickly eliminate hostile creatures and keep your treasure box quest on track.

Any appropriate terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite, may produce hidden riches in terrain biomes.

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In Minecraft How Deep Should I Dig To Find Buried Treasure

The hidden riches arent usually buried deep under the blocks. In Minecraft, you dont need to dig more than five blocks to uncover Buried Treasures.

Apparently, the X on the map is not the actual location.

Its just a suggestion. You may easily find the Buried Treasure by digging around that X point and also by digging 15-18 blocks.

You may use the TNT to locate the treasure faster if you grow bored of digging.

Buried Treasures may only spawn on the same level as the stone; they cannot spawn below it.

Where To Find The Buried Treasure Maps

Hidden treasure Minecraft Map

Treasure maps are found in sunken ships.; These sunken ships can be found either at the bottom of the ocean or just off the land.; There is usually at least one chest on each of these ships.; Normally located through the door to the back of the ships, but this all depends on how wrecked the ships are.; In the chest, youll usually always find a buried treasure map.

If there are multiple ships located in the same area a lot of the time the treasure maps will lead to the exact same treasure chest.

To find the ships its best to get a few boats in case yours breaks or gets destroyed by a drowned trident.; I usually make sure I have 3 boats just in case.

Then Id press f5 and just roam the oceans until I see one.; Usually, they arent too rare and youll find quite a few especially in the deeper oceans.

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Obtain A Map Through Trading

Players can also acquire an explorer’s map through trading with an apprentice cartographer in Minecraft for a compass and thirteen emeralds. This can come in handy if players are further from the ocean, as it will give them a better guide on where to go.

If players want a map to find a woodland mansion, they can trade a compass and fourteen emeralds with a cartographer at the journeyman-level.

How To Dig For Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Okay, so once you have maneuvered your way through the lands to get to where that big red X marks the spot, its time to dig up that buried treasure. Thats right, the treasure is literally buried and you have to dig to uncover it.

The tricky part is that red X is not an exact location, so youll have to dig over a wide area in that general vicinity to uncover the hidden loot. Usually gravel or sand is what youll have to dig through but it may be a more durable material.

What is the buried treasure?

It will be a chest that contains five items for you. To uncover it, youll have to dig a depth of several blocks.

When you see the chest, you need to right-click on it to get the chest and its goodies.

What you can expect in a buried treasure chest in Minecraft? Five of the following items will be in it:

  • Heart of the Sea

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In Minecraft How Can You Find Buried Treasure

The lesson Ive created will assist you in locating the hidden treasure box.

So, heres how to locate the Buried Treasure in Minecraft:

  • In the ocean, sea, or beach biomes, look for a shipwreck. The shipwreck resembles the wreckage of a sunken vessel.
  • In the wreckage, look for a Treasure Map.
  • To find the treasure, use the Buried Treasure Map.
  • Go to the precise spot on the map where the cross symbol is marked.
  • Begin excavating in the area to locate the hidden treasure box.
  • Use the items in the treasure chests to quickly construct a Jack oLantern in Minecraft.

    How To Find A Buried Treasure Using Its Map

    How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Aquatic Update)

    After you have got the Buried Treasure Map, now it is time to open it. Now you can see the red X. Yes, that is where the Buried Treasure is located.;

    The Buried Treasure Map.

    You can navigate yourself by looking at the pointer on the Buried Treasure Map. If you are out of the maps coverage. Try to walk around until you see the map rendered/discovered area near you.

    After you have reached the place, start to dig down!

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    How Does A Buried Treasure Look Like In Minecraft

    The look of Buried Treasure totally depends on the Biome in which it is found. But Mostly is a colorful treasure box.

    Buried treasures in Minecraft contains only a single chest.

    The chest is almost always buried under some materials and so you wont leave empty-handed.

    Some Minecraft biomes dont have buried treasure chests. Here, I have given a picture for your ease to know how actually a Buried treasure in Minecraft looks like.

    If the chests are buried in a beach biome, then they will have a sand or gravel block covering it up. Sometimes, if the buried treasures are generated on the side of an underwater hill, the treasures will spawn with a stone block covering it up.

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    Sometimes the treasures spawn on the surface of the ocean floor which gets covered by a gravels or a sand blocks.

    Brew some potion of weakness in Minecraft to kill the hostile mobs easily so that your treasure chest adventure doesnt get disturbed.

    Terrain biomes generate buried treasures by any suitable terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite.

    How To Find Treasure Maps In Minecraft

    1. Shipwrecks

    A treasure map in Minecraft can be found in randomly spawned shipwrecks. Theyre usually found sunken underwater, however, there is a rare chance for them to spawn on land near beaches.

    The game generates around one to three chests in shipwrecks. Additionally, there are three different types of chests that can spawn in a shipwreck:

    Supply chests:

    Usually filled with food supplies and armor, supply-chests are the more common chests that spawn at shipwrecks

    Treasure chests:

    These chests are filled with precious materials, such as iron, diamonds, and even emerald. While these chests are really great for starters, but these arent the treasures were looking for.

    Map chests:

    To find ourselves a treasure map in Minecraft, map chests are the ones.

    These are chests that we have our sights set on for now, other than the buried treasure map, they contain many other materials that help you search for the map, compasses, clocks, etc.

    If a map chest does spawn, it will have a 100% chance of having a buried treasure chest, along with other loot such as paper, compasses, etc.

    2. Ruins

    Ruins are underwater structures found at the ocean bed. They are usually made from stone or sandstone, and often spawn in groups.

    Minecraft also generates these ruins with chests, usually hidden beneath some other block.

    Subsequently, buried treasure maps can generate in these chests as well. All but two types of ruin structures have chests.

    3. Dolphins

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    How To Use Treasure Map In Minecraft

    Now that you have your buried treasure map in your hand, you may be thinking how to find treasure in Minecraft?. Well think no further, this article is already here to help.

    How to find buried treasure in Minecraft: Getting ready

    First things first, however, its important that you are ready for the expedition. Minecraft treasure map doesnt exactly show how far they are and so it can take many in-game days to reach the buried treasure in Minecraft.

    As such, its important that you prepare for every circumstance. So here are a few tips to make sure youll be well prepared for the voyage:

    How to find treasure in Minecraft: Moving out

    • The first thing you should worry about is food, get plenty of stacks of your favorite Minecraft delicacy, or else you may just starve to death before you even reach the area on the map.
    • Suit yourself in armor and have your weapon by your side. Getting to the area on the map can take days, and if starvation wont get you, the mobs that spawn at night will, so its best to ready to swing your sword back.
    • Take a boat with you, youll never know when youll have to cross large bodies of water, having a boat in handy might be just the boost you need to get there faster.
    • Take a shovel with you, Its called buried treasure for a reason, youll need to dig it out from underneath whatever block it is, and the shovel is the best way to do that.
    Navigating the map

    Once that happens, start making your way towards the characteristic red X of the map.

    One: Shipwrecks And Ruins

    How to EASILY find buried treasure!

    While exploring the ocean, youll notice unusual features on the ocean floor or near the shores.

    Shipwrecks appear as parts of a ship underwater, either upright or on its side. Most shipwrecks will have three chests, one of which contains a buried treasure map. Additional loot inside these chests can be just as valuable, so theres much more to maps than just exploring them.

    Alternatively, underwater ruins look like structures made of sandstone or stone bricks. They can often appear in close-knit clusters. Exploring the ruins will yield a chest that usually has a buried treasure map inside. As you explore more ruins, you increase your odds of finding a buried treasure map.

    Youll usually need to dive to explore these ocean floor features, so make sure you dont stay underwater too long, or youll drown. You can also look for some enchantments and potions to make the diving part easier to manage.

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    Dig Until You Find The Treasure Chest

    Once the marker is centered over the red X, it’s time to start digging! Dig straight down until you find the treasure chest. Keep in mind, you may have to dig around for quite a while before you find the chest.

    Eventually, with some luck, you’ll find the buried treasure chest! Now, just open it and move your treasure to your inventory.

    Finding treasure can be extremely hard, so here are a few tips to help make the process easier:

    • Use night vision potion to quickly find a shipwreck or ruins in the water.
    • With the buried treasure map in hand, move your cursor towards the red X on the map and make sure it’s as centered as possible.
    • Once centered, start to dig down. In our experience, the treasure chest is always under a sand block .
    • Some worlds just don’t seem to have buried treasure chests. Even if you find a map saying there is one. So, if you cant find treasure in your current world, try creating a new world and look there.

    Use The Buried Treasure Map

    Next, use the Buried Treasure Map to find the location of the Buried Treasure.

    The white dot shows your location and it also indicates the direction that you are facing. The red X shows the location of the Buried Treasure. Move towards the Buried Treasure. As you move closer, the map detail will fill in.

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    Can Buried Treasure Be Underwater

    Since the treasure will spawn either in a beach or snow biome there is a pretty big chance the treasure will actually spawn underwater. Even if they spawn on the shore since they are under a few blocks they will most likely be underwater.

    There is also a chance the treasure will be on the ocean floor or even buried underneath.;

    Minecraft Buried Treasure Me Gold Achievement Guide

    How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft Bedrock (best method)

    The Minecraft Aquatic update has given players access to some really great new features. One of those is the option to find buried treasure, which is awesome. You can unleash your inner pirate after you find a hidden treasure map and then dig that up afterwards. There’s an X that marks the spot, though it can be hard to find. Keep in mind that these chests are often found a few sand blocks down, rarely ever lower than stone. The fastest way to find one of these if you’re aiming to unlock the Me Gold! Achievement for Xbox Live on any of the Bedrock devices is to do the following.Use the world Seed: -1618472320, turn on “Coordinates”, “Experimental” Basically once spawned walk forward and you’ll see a Shipwreck in the water, the mast will be sticking out. It’s in the middle of the bay so you may need to swim out for about ten seconds. The coordinates of it are 541, 62, 31. Dive down, grab a chest from below with a map . Do this step prior to grabbing the treasure otherwise the Achievement may not unlock. Head over to 198, 60, -314 and dig three blocks down. Open the chest and grab the loot. It may take a second, depending on the platform it may be slightly glitchy. This can be unlocked on any Xbox Live supported Bedrock device. Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Pocket Edition IOS/Android, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality. Note that seed generation may alter this in the future. The video below showcases this entire process in a few minutes.

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    What Is A Minecraft Treasure Map

    Minecraft treasure maps are basically randomly spawned in-game maps that show the location of a buried treasure-chest.

    They are non-stackable items and can be held in the players main or off-hand to view.

    The map has keen features of not only showing where the buried chest is-with a large red X- but also shows the players position relative to that X.

    Getting your hands on a treasure map is the first step on how to find buried treasure in Minecraft.

    Minecraft buried treasure map

    If the player is out of bounds of the map, the map will be uncolored and will be presented as various shades of beige. Moreover, the player will also be seen on the edge of the map until they are within range.

    However, as soon as the player is within the maps range, they will move away from the edge of the map and colors of visible blocks will automatically start to fill in.

    How to find buried treasure

    How To Find Minecraft Buried Treasure

    In order to find these buried treasures you first need to find a treasure map. The maps are usually easy to find. They are found inside underwater structures such as boats or ruins. Although they do not spawn all over the place it shouldnt take too long to find them.

    Since boats and ruins are on the rarer side the best way to find them is to fly above any water surface and looking for them on the ocean floor.

    Its important to keep in mind that not every structure will have a chest with a treasure map inside it. If this happens to you, just be patient and keep searching.

    Once you find the map and take a look at it, the map will display the location of the buried treasure with a red X and, conveniently, your own location with a white dot.

    To find the treasure simply follow the map. It works just like a regular map, with the top of the map showing North, and other sides of the world according to that.

    One important thing to note is where you are in regards to the treasure the map is showing. Depending on where you are, in order to find it, you may have to go the opposite way.

    If you are not sure which way to go, you can press F3 on your keyboard, and among other information, right under chunk, you will find a line showing which way you are facing.

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