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Do You Get Windows 10 Minecraft For Free With Java

Download And Install Minecraft Game Using An Installer


You may also install the free trial version of the Minecraft game using an installer. To download its executable file, use these steps

  • Open your web browser, and copy/paste the below URL on the address bar
  • Press Enter so that webpage loads completely. When it does, click .
  • Doing so will prompt you to download the installer, go ahead and save the setup file.
  • After the installer gets downloaded, double-click over it to begin its installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions one by one and thats how you get the Minecraft game.

Thats it, I hope you enjoy Minecrafts free trial version and upgrade it soon to enjoy its premium features.

Minecraft Guide: How To Redeem Your Free Copy Of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On Windows 10

Long-time players of Minecraft on PC have likely enjoyed their Minecraft adventures while playing the Java Edition. If you’re one of the millions of people that bought the Java Edition of Minecraft before October 19, 2018 you can claim a free copy of the modern Bedrock Edition of Minecraft on Windows 10. Take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.

This offer expires on April 21, 2020.

Who Is The Winner

It is hard to put any words about that, both are good performing, have advantages and fun to play.

As per the fact for running Java edition, you must have a gaming PC, not just you but the people you want to play with online in the multiplayer mode must be owning a robust PC.

Truly speaking, although it is technically a good choice as per the gaming needs yet I dont feel comfortable with this in the java edition.

Thats the reason I prefer bedrock as it let me play on my bad laptop, and most importantly, I can play with friends that are mostly using mobile phones for gaming.

I feel no lags, no limits over matchmaking, and enjoy a buttery-smooth gaming experience.

Before bedrock Minecraft, I used to play java edition.

Of course, I knew about my bad machine that it would not handle the game. I got carried away by the streamers who usually play java edition.

After a half and a month, I got fed up, the reasons were the same.

Firstly I had to experience terrible lags secondly, I cut off the way to play with friends because they all were on different devices.

Thats why I ended up playing the Java edition and bought the Bedrock Windows 10 edition. Im now happier than before.

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How To Get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

  • Open your favorite web browser such as Google Chrome and then go to the official website of Mojang :
  • After open, the official website, click on the “Account” button in the top right corner.
  • Now, you have to log in to your Mojang account. If you already have an account, look at the top-right side of your computer’s screen, and click on the “Log In” button you see. It will redirect you to the login screen. Here, you have to type your email account and password and, at last, click on the “Log In” button. See the below image:
  • If you don’t have an account, click on the “Register an Account” button. See the below image:
  • After clicking on the “Register an Account” button, it will redirect you to a new page. Now, you will be asked for your email id, confirm your email id, password, and date of birth. After filling all requirements, click on the “Create Account” button. See the below image:
  • When you create your account first time, you will get a verification code on your email id. Verify your account to go ahead.
  • After creating your account successfully, you will again be asked to log in. Login to your account and click on the Redeem button. If you already have a Minecraft gift code or prepaid card, you can redeem it here. You will not be charged to go ahead and download the game.
  • Write down your Redeem code here, and click on the Redeem button below the code. See the below image:
  • Click on the Redeem Code button under your email id.

Minecraft Win10 Edition Still Free With Java Edition

Minecraft Download Java Mac

10 minutes ago, fetwart said:

I remember a while back that you could redeem a free windows 10 copy of minecraft after purchasing java edition from So my question is does it still work or it was a limited offer?


After Monday, April 20th, 2020, customers who purchased Minecraft Java Edition before October 19th, 2018 will no longer be able to redeem their free version of Minecraft for Windows 10 token code.

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Minecraft Java Can Get Windows 10 Is Free Until April 20

That being said, Mojang recently announced that anyone that acquired Minecraft before October 2018 is now eligible for a free copy of Minecraft for Windows 10:

If you did buy Minecraft: Java Edition before October 19th, 2018, then you might not be aware that youre entitled to a FREE copy of the Windows 10 version. Its an offer that we ended a couple of Octobers ago, but you still have some time to redeem your free copy if you bought Java Edition way back when!

This is exciting news for Minecraft players, especially those thinking of trying the Windows 10 version of the game.

This isnt the first time the developer made Minecraft for Windows 10 free for Minecraft Java Edition owners. The first time they did this, it was during the Beta phase of Minecraft for Windows 10

Mojang went on and added that:

After Monday, April 20th, 2020, customers who purchased Minecraft Java Edition before October 19th, 2018 will no longer be able to redeem their free version of Minecraft for Windows 10 token code. Until then, players who bought Minecraft: Java Edition before October 19th, 2018 can still receive a token for Minecraft for Windows 10.

As you can tell, the offer will be available for quite a while. Thus, anyone that still has the Java version of Minecraft has another 4 months to get the Windows 10 version.

If you are a Minecraft fan, tell us what you think about this offer in the comment section below.

Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition On Windows 11/10

As stated above, this game type is specific for Windows operating systems, you may easily get this via Microsoft Store. To download/install this edition of Minecraft, use these steps

  • Launch Windows Store app by tapping over its icon on the taskbar.
  • When it opens up, go to the search bar, and type Minecraft. A list of matching Minecraft games will appear in the search results. However, most of them will either require Game Pass or display some price tag.
  • Select those versions that offer a trial version. For example: hit over the option Minecraft for Windows 10.
  • You may find a free trial option just below its price. Click over it and wait for this game to download and install.
  • Since the size of this game comes around 450+ MB, this will take some time to download or install on your computer.
  • After this game installs successfully, click the play button.

Thats it, you now own the bedrock edition of Minecraft. Open this game on your computer, and start enjoying its gameplay.

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Do Java Players Get Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft has long offered a free upgrade to the Windows 10 Edition, and anyone who bought the Java Edition before Oct. Once you have your free copy and are officially keyed into the Windows 10 version of the game, youll be able to join the Minecraft with RTX beta for the best-looking blocks youve ever seen.

Do I Have To Buy Windows 10 Minecraft If I Have Java

How to download minecraft java and minecraft bedrock for windows 10

If you own the Java version of Minecraft, log in to your Mojang account, and you should see a claim your free copy button underneath the Minecraft entry in My Games. The promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 20 after that, youll have to buy the Windows 10 Edition, which costs $26.99, on its own.

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Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition From Minecraft Website

You can also download and install Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition from the official Minecraft website.

Go to and click on the Games button at the top of the page, and select Minecraft.

If you want to install a free trial, click the TRY IT FREE link at the top of the website.

On the next page, click on the Windows logo to download the trial version.

If you are interested in purchasing the game, then, click the GET MINECRAFT button on the Minecraft homepage.

On the next page, select the device .

Next, choose the platform .

Next, select your edition. Then, select MINECRAFT: WINDOWS 10 EDITION to download the Bedrock edition.

Then, choose either Starter Collection or Master Collection and click the BUY button to go to the Order Summary page to purchase the game.

If you are buying Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition, it is better to buy it from Microsoft Store. Because you would get a fair price and get the cost of the game in your currency. If you buy from the official Minecraft website, the dollar-to-your currency conversion could be higher.

Minecraft Windows 11 Versions

There are three popular versions of Minecraft for PC: Minecraft Java Edition, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition , and Minecraft: Dungeons. All provide the gameplay experience characteristic of the popular Mojang title, now owned by Microsoft, but with some differences. Below we have discussed the characteristics of each of them.

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How Do You Get Minecraft For Free On Windows


  • Visit and download the launcher. To be in a position play Minecraft at all, first, you want to obtain the game itself.
  • Install the launcher. Once your obtain is complete, run the record.
  • Open the launcher. Once the set up finishes, the Minecraft launcher will have to start up right away.
  • Register an account.

Minecraft: Java Edition Vs Windows 10

How To Get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition For Free Full Version

ByWesley Copelandpublished 31 May 18

Which is the best version of Minecraft? Thats not an easy question to answer. For the majority of players the answer is whichever version youre used to. But what about new players or players looking to jump from a different platform? Thats where things get a little more complicated. Two games, similar features, an ocean of difference. Is the original Java Edition the definitive version? Can Windows 10 Editions updated tech slay an unbridled behemoth birthed five years prior? With the help of cutting edge science , lets compare and contrast to see which version is right for you.

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Minecraft Java And Windows 10 Version

I heard if I buy Minecraft java edition I get the Windows 10 version free is that right? I redeemed Minecraft java on but I didn’t get a code of the Windows 10 version.

Report abuse

Hi My name is Lee an Independent Consultant, I’m here to help you with your problem.Here is the steps Is Minecraft for Windows 10 included with the purchase of Minecraft: Java Edition?Players who have purchased Minecraft: Java Edition before October 19th, 2018 can get Minecraft for Windows 10 for free by visiting their Mojang account. Log into, and under the My Games heading you will find a button to claim your gift code. If you purchased Minecraft: Java Edition after October 19th, 2018, the button will not be there, so if youre unsure of when you purchased Minecraft: Java Edition, thats a good way to check. Pressing the button will generate a token and send you to a Microsoft redemption page. If you have an older Minecraft account , visit this article to find out about account migration. Once youve migrated your account, you will be able to claim a code for Minecraft for Windows 10.You must be signed into a Microsoft/Xbox Live account in order to redeem the code. Please note that you cannot move the license once the code has been redeemed. Your code is saved on your Mojang account page for future reference.Reference :

No You Are Unable To Buy Windows 10 And Get Java Edition For Free

However, if you bought Java Edition before October 19th 2018, you are able to redeem a free copy of Bedrock Edition on .

Following link details further.

The links provided in this previous answer are now broken. Mojang have updated their website to redirect to – but you can still access your Mojang account using the link at:

Here’s a guide from Mojang support:

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Should I Get Java Or Windows 10 Minecraft

The Java edition of Minecraft is more resource intensive than the Windows 10 edition. This is more like a Java issue than a Minecraft issue. Therefore, if you dont want to modify the game further, using the Windows 10 edition is a better idea. That is all the contents of Minecraft Java edition vs Windows 10.

What You Need To Know

  • Minecraft is a massive open world sandbox available on many platforms.
  • Windows 10 has the legacy Java Edition as well as the modern Bedrock Edition.
  • If you bought the Java Edition before October 19, 2018, you can redeem a free copy of the Bedrock Edition.
  • You can also buy the Windows 10 edition directly from Microsoft for $20.

Mojang came out on Twitter today to gently announce some surprising, yet welcome news. For those of you who bought the Java Edition of Minecraft before October 19, 2018, you can once again redeem a free copy of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft on Windows 10 just by logging into your account. There may be a limited number of free copies available this time around, so make sure to take advantage of this quickly if you missed it the first time around.

If you’re not sure how to redeem your free copy, we’ve outlined all the steps in our quick guide here. Just a couple minutes of your time could make you the proud owner of yet another copy of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the modern foundation that almost all versions of Minecraft are now built upon today. While the Java Edition on PC is still a great place to play Minecraft and has fantastic features like full mod support, it does miss out on some of the best things about the Bedrock Edition. Those playing the Bedrock Edition get full multiplayer support with players from other platforms, or Realms and private servers, and play a more efficient game that looks and plays the same everywhere.

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Is Minecrafts Free Upgrade Period From Java To Windows 10 Expired

Minecraft RTX, with its long-awaited ray-tracing technology, has been available to players in open beta recently. The end of Minecrafts free upgrade from Java to Microsoft has come to an end.

Minecraft, which has been shaking the market since its release and has become the best-selling video game of all time, has achieved ray tracking technology offered by NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Players who want to play Minecraft using ray tracing technology had the opportunity to download the open beta version of the game.

Microsoft announced that the offer for the free upgrade of the game has come to an end. Players with the original Java version of Minecraft will no longer be able to request a free copy of the games Windows 10 version.

Minecrafts free upgrade period is over:Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang in 2014 and launched the beta version of the game the following year. While the Java version of Minecraft continued to be used, it seemed that the future of the game was in Bedrock Edition due to cross-platform support. Microsoft recently offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 Edition. Users with the Java version of Minecraft could log in to their Mojang account and get a free upgrade from Java to Windows 10 Edition. Today this upgrade has come to an end. Players now have to pay for the upgrade.

How To Download Optifine For Minecraft

Before you download OptiFine, you should know that this mod is only applicable for Minecraft Java Edition. If you are playing other editions, you cant install OptiFine. Here is the guide on how to download OptiFine for Minecraft:

Step 1: Go to the OptiFine official website . Click tab. Now you are on the OptiFine download page.

Step 2: Click Show all versions. All OptiFine versions will be listed. But which version should you download? You should determine depending on the Minecraft version you are playing. Currently, the latest Minecraft Java Edition is 1.17.1 version. But some people may like to play old versions for the following reasons:

  • Different versions of Minecraft have different game contents. Users playing different versions cannot play together.
  • Some mods are only applicable for some specific versions.


Step 3: After deciding which version you want to download, click the button to get it.

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Install Minecraft On Windows 11

Minecraft is a vast 3D world where users can build, craft, mine, battle, and explore. It is an infinite virtual land made of cubic blocks where players can create their own worlds and experiences.

You can download and install Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition through Microsoft Store or Minecraft website. But you can only download and install Java Edition from the Minecraft website.


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