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How Many Minecraft Music Discs Are There

How Do I Play Music Discs

Minecraft: 11 Things You Didn’t Know About the Music Disc

If you have successfully found some Music Discs already, you may be wondering how you are able to listen to these tracks. The only method that is currently in Minecraft that allows players to listen to Music Discs is by placing them within Jukeboxes.

As pictured above, if you are wanting to craft a Jukebox, you are going to need eight pieces of wood placed around the perimeter of the crafting grid. Followed up by one Diamond placed in the middle of the grid!

How To Get Discs In Minecraft: Adding Your Own Music Discs To The Game

You will never run out of things to do in Minecraft. This sandbox game offers a wide variety of activities, catering to all kinds of players. Whether you’re a miner, a builder, or a full-on adventurer, you’ll always have a great time playing Minecraft. But now, another profession has been added to the list. Here’s our complete guide on How To Get Discs in Minecraft and how to add your customer music into the game.

Which Is The Longest Music Disc In Minecraft

Once cat is done playing and fades out, dog begins playing for another two minutes or so, making this version of cat the longest music disc in the game. The blocks disc is one of the only non-block items in the game that has the word block in its name, the other being the minecart with command block.

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What Is Jukebox Minecraft

Jukebox Minecraft – Photo by Michael Jasper from Flickr

The Jukeboxes are used to play songs discs through chests in dungeons or by getting a skeleton to eliminate a climber. There are 11 various music discs, though only 1 music disc can be played at a time. Jukebox Minecraft is produced making use of 8 planks as well as a diamond.

If Minecraft players have jukeboxes in their inventory, the disc that is placed onto the jukebox will be played into songs. The jukebox will quit the songs as well as expel the disc when you are interacting with it. Songs discs will just play its track once when it’s played entirely before ejected and re-inserted.

You can use any mix of plank colors. But, this will not affect the result. In other words, it will always look the very same. You can destroy a jukebox using an axe. It’s as well can be destroyed by hands. Destroying it will make the jukebox dropped as well as the disc inside.

Rarest Items In Minecraft

nothing special, just thought i would share my favorite ...

| Entertainment

Minecraft had a small Alpha release in 2009 and was widely commercially released in 2011. Despite being over a decade old, Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Minecraft has sold more than 200 million copies and has more than 126 million monthly active users to date.

As an open-world sandbox game, Minecraft is pretty much limitless and players can obtain countless items. Of course, some of these items are rare and difficult to obtain. While players might disagree over which items are the rarest, the items on this list are generally cited as some of the rarest and hardest to find.

As of October 2020, the information on this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as needed.

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Ways To Get Minecraft Discs In

Music discs can be found via natural generation on chests in dungeons and woodland mansion structures.

In the Bedrock edition, you can find music discs in buried treasures.

But since these are all places that are hard to find or are far enough , the easiest way to get your hands on a music disc is to make a Skeleton kill a Creeper.

To get a music disc from the Skeleton-Creeper method, there are three conditions to fulfill.

First, both the Skeleton and the Creeper should stand still when in a controlled environment

The second requirement is that the skeleton must be trying to hit you.

And the third requirement is that the skeleton might not be near the creeper.

All requirements are risky .

Overall, you can get 12 music discs in the game, all with different center colors and designs.

Discs that are found in the Java edition is also the one that can be found in the Bedrock version.

There are two discs that are omitted because these discs contain tracks that are not realy music or not melodic.

Here are the ten best music discs to collect in Minecraft.

How Do You Get Music Discs In Minecraft

In the Java edition of Minecraft, you can find naturally generated music discs 13 and Cat in woodland mansion chests and dungeon chests. In the Bedrock edition, you can also find Mellohi and Wait in buried treasure chests in addition to the woodland mansion chests and dungeon chest discs. In both versions, you can only find Pigstep in nether bastion remnants.

Another way to find 12 out of the 13 music discs is to have a skeleton or stray shoot a creeper. Position yourself so the creeper places itself between you and a skeleton and have it shoot the creeper.

If the skeleton lands the final blow, the creeper will drop a music disc. Use a sword or axe to lower the creepers health so that you do not have to wait for the skeleton to land more than one or two shots. The music disc it drops is random, but it will never be Pigstep. Getting all thirteen discs is a test of patience and you will find multiple copies of discs before you find the full set, but keep at it and eventually, you can have a nice collection of music in your home.

To find Pigstep you will need to be extraordinarily lucky to find it in a bastion chest. Not only are bastions relatively rare, in the Bedrock edition, there is only a 3% chance you will find it in any bastion chest. The Java edition has better odds with a little over 5% chance you can find it, but this rare music disc is also one of the longest tracks that will play in the jukebox.

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Top 10 Best Music Disc In Minecraft


These are the blocks that give a little bit of fun in any Minecraft world.

One of the decorative blocks that exist in the game is the music discs.

These discs exist to simply change the music of the game using Jukebox.

Although its purpose is simple, these items are hard to find and not craftable.

If music is considered as a luxury instead of a component of survival in the real world, the same thing is the same in Minecraft.

The quest is optional but highly recommended.

All Minecraft Music Discs And How To Get Them

How to Find Music Discs in Minecraft 1.16 FAST !! | Minute Minecraft Tips

As of;Minecraft version 1.16, there are 13 discs in both Bedrock and Java platforms . All Music Discs can be added to a Jukebox to play its distinct track. However, that’s not the only important information to know about Music Discs! The lists below show you all the different discs you can get, as well as some helpful additional information about them. For clarity’s sake, we’ve put the list in order of the Music Discs’ numeric IDs.

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Music Discs And Their Locations

As stated above, music discs are quite rare and can only be found in a small number of ways. Listed below are all of the music discs and how to acquire them.


The pigstep music disc is a favorite amongst music disc fans. Since it is only found in the nether, its music reflects the location’s vibe with a darker tone and lots of effects.

The pigstep music disc is the rarest music disc in Minecraft as it can only be found in the bastion remnants located in the nether. On top of that, it only has a 5.6% chance to appear in each loot chest.

All other discs

All of the other music discs in Minecraft are listed below:

  • cat
  • 11
  • wait

Luckily, these music discs are quite easy to acquire. If a creeper is killed by a skeleton, it has a 100% chance to drop a random music disc . This means that if a player damages a creeper enough so that the skeleton can kill it, they can farm a decent amount of music discs quite quickly.

However, the player may get repeat disc drops which would make acquiring a large collection of discs quite cumbersome. Because of this, certain players have created mob farms that allow a skeleton to easily shoot a creeper, which would save the player a lot of time and effort.

In addition to this method, certain music discs such as cat and 13 can also be found in the various chests located in the dungeon and woodland mansion. Of course, it is significantly easier to have a skeleton kill a creeper.

How Do I Wait For A Music Disc

In Minecraft, a music disc is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game. Most commonly, you can find this type of music disc inside a chest in a dungeon. TIP: A creeper will drop a music disc if it is killed by a skeleton.

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What Are Music Discs In Minecraft

If you’re a fan of music, then you’ll love the Jukeboxes in Minecraft. It’s a craftable item that plays music whenever players insert a disc into it. There are a total of 13 unique music discs in the game, playing music made by;C418;and;Lena Raine.;Players can also add their own music into the game using a mod, but more on that later.

How To Use Music Discs


To play the music discs, simply place them into a Jukebox by;right-clicking on it. Players can also use a hopper to insert a disc into the Jukebox. Right-clicking on the Jukebox again releases the music disc and stops any music currently playing. Music discs play only once before they need to be ejected and inserted again. The music played by the Jukebox travels roughly 65 blocks in every direction.

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Find A Bastion Remnant

First, let’s explore where to find this music disc. In Minecraft, a Pigstep music disc is only found in the in the dimension. So you will need to find a Bastion Remnant to explore.

Outside of Bastion Remnant
Inside of Bastion Remnant

If you haven’t been to the Nether you need to build a to take you to the Nether dimension.

How To Get Music To My Ears Achievement

To get the Music to My Ears achievement or trophy in Minecraft, players have to play a music disc on a jukebox. To build a jukebox, youll need a bunch of any type of planks and a single diamond. Place the diamond in the center of a 3×3 crafting table, and surround it with planks and thisll result in your crafting a jukebox.

Now that youve got this, right-click on the jukebox while youve got the music disc equipped and youll begin playing the music. If you want it to stop, simply right click with your mouse or press L2, LT or ZL again.

Thats everything you need to know to get music discs in Minecraft. For more tips, tricks, and guides on Minecraft, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out more of our guides on the game down below.

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Here’s How To Make Custom Music Discs In Minecraft:

  • #1 Start by creating a folder to store your own records. Go to your Minecraft folder; Sounds Projects; Create a new folder
  • #2 Open any file window, type in “%appdata%”, locate the .minecraft folder; version; scroll down to your current version of the game; copy the .jar file to the new folder
  • #3 Change .jar to .zip; scroll down to find the pack.mcmeta and pack.png files; copy the lies files to the new folder
  • #4 Go back to the zip; assets; Minecraft; copy the lang file to the new folder
  • #5 Open the;pack.mcmeta file and change “The default data for Minecraft” to “Custom Records”
  • #6 Create a new assets folder; a new Minecraft folder; a new sound folder; a new record folder
  • #7 Drag the lang file into the new Minecraft folder, next to the sound one
  • #8 Convert the music records into the .ogg format
  • #9 Place the converted music records into the record folder
  • #10 Open the en_us.json file in the lang folder; change the name of a music disc
  • #11 Change your records’ names according to the music disc you choose
  • #12 Select the assets folder, the pack.mcmeta file, and the pack.png file, then zip them into one
  • #13 Move them into the resource pack folder
  • #14 Open the game, find the corresponding music discs, and enjoy!

How To Get Music Discs In Minecraft

HOW TO FARM MUSIC DISCS in Minecraft 1.15
  • Dungeon Chests
  • Creeper Drops

Music discs can be obtained in a couple of ways. First, youve got a chance of finding them inside Dungeon Chests which can be found in dungeons, strongholds and abandoned mine shafts. However, the odds arent exactly in your favor, with music discs being a particularly rare item, youve got less than a 1 in 100 chance of finding one.

Alternatively, players can get music discs in Minecraft by making sure that a Creeper is killed by a Skeleton or Strays arrow. Your best bet of doing this is to find a Creeper and bring it towards a Skeleton.

Hit the Creeper with an Iron Sword a few times to weaken it, and then let the Skeleton finish it off with an arrow. This will make the Creeper drop a Music Disc alongside the other usual item drops.

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Jukebox Minecraft: A Tutorial On How To Make A Jukebox In Minecraft

Tripboba.com – How do you decorate your Minecraft? There are many ways to make your Minecraft play more interesting. In Minecraft, a jukebox is one of the decorating items to be added to your inventory.

Jukebox Minecraft is perfect when you are bored with the in-game songs in Minecraft as it is played for many times. Fortunately, the jukebox is a feature in Minecraft that allows you to have a range of new music to play on Minecraft.

This Jukebox Minecraft is actually an interactive block that is used to play Music Discs. This feature was firstly added on the Java Version Alpha 1.0.14 released on July 30, 2010.

The Minecraft music discs can be found in various places ranging from the dungeon to the woodland mansion chests. You can also find them dropped by some creepers killed.

Here is the guide to find out everything about the Jukebox Minecraft.

Every Music Disc And How To Acquire Them In Minecraft

Minecraft players who want to add a little spice to their gameplay are highly recommended to try out the various music discs found in the game. The discs provide wonderful music created by the talented C418 and Lena Raine. Since there are 13 different discs, each with music belonging to varied genres, it is almost guaranteed that a player will find a favorite amongst them.

While these music discs are great at providing background music when building or farming, many players are unaware of how to acquire them. In fact, there is one particular disc that can only be found in the bastion remnants located in the dangerous nether dimension.

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Music Disc In Minecraft

Music Discs are unique items that can play music when used inside a Jukebox in Minecraft. The discs are named and each one has a separate melody that the players can collect.

Music Discs are very rare items that can only be found naturally spawning inside Chest loot in Dungeons, Woodland Mansions, Dungeons, Buried Accounts and Bastion Remnants.

How To Make A Jukebox In Minecraft

Guide to Hidden Music Disc Locations!

Jukebox Minecraft – Photo by Tamahikari Tammas from Flickr

Follow these easy steps if you want to know how to make a Jukebox Minecraft.

STEP 1. Collect the needed materials for the jukebox. You will need 8 wooden planks and a diamond. When crafting with wooden planks, you can make use of any type of kind of woods like an oak or crimson, to turn it into wooden planks. Here, we are going to use an oak wooden plank.

STEP 2.;When crafting a Jukebox Minecraft, it is important that the wooden planks and also a diamond is put in the precise pattern. Here is all about placings the items to make a Jukebox:

  • Diamonds are the most prevalent in-between degree 10 as well as 20. You will certainly require to tunnel to that level with an iron pick. Since they are outdoor pockets, they allow you to see several blocks in caverns, as well as lava pits. They are the simplest locations to search on the diamonds.
  • If you find it near a lava pit, prevent dropping the diamond into the lava.
  • Diamonds are typically discovered in clumps of 2 up to 8 blocks, so it is good to extract the surrounding area once you find a clump.
  • You can utilize any type of woods

STEP 3.;Head to the local one or make a crafting table.

STEP 4.;Put in 8 wood planks all around and one diamond in the middle. The jukebox will appear and then take it as well as put it in your stock.

STEP 5.;Now, place the jukebox wherever you want.

STEP 6.;Congratulations! Now you have your Jukebox Minecraft!

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