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How To Copy Blocks In Minecraft

Example In Nintendo Switch Edition

How To Copy And Paste Blocks In Minecraft

To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then copy this region of blocks to the destination coordinate :

/clone 6 63 2   0 68 2   ~ ~ ~

To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then move it to the destination coordinate :

/clone ~ ~-3 ~4   ~5 ~6 ~5   ~3 ~-2 ~-9 replace move

To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then copy only the dirt to the destination coordinate :

/clone 4 60 -1   2 66 -3   ~1 ~60 ~2 filtered normal dirt

Copying A Command Block

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  • Quote from KradrlingYou cannot copy command block text, sign text, chest contents, the contents of ANY container block, item frame contents, with worldedit. However, you may, using McEdit, export your building as a schematic file, then import it again to paste. Schematic files are useful because you can not only preserve all the extra data of blocks, but also copy-paste across different worlds, and even computers. They are basically files that record the information about a certain amount of blocks, rather than a world, which can be placed into minecraft as many times as you want with programs like McEdit. I’m actually not sure whether the regular copy-paste buttons in McEdit do the same thing as worldedit or not though.Hope this was helpful!

    How To Copy And Paste Buildings In Minecraft

    How to copy and paste blocks in Minecraft? The following steps can help you copy and paste blocks and buildings in Minecraft.

    Step 1: Click here to enter the main page of SMpicnic Control Panel and then log into it.

    Step 2: Follow this guide to install WorldEdit plugin.

    Step 3: Make sure that you are an operator on your server and type //wand in the game.

    Step 4: Make 2 points on either side of the target object. For instance, providing the object is a rectangle, one point is the bottom left corner, while the other is the top right corner.

    Step 5:Left-click one corner and then right-click the opposite corner with the wooden axe.

    Step 6: Got to ground level and then type //copy command next to the object you are going to copy.

    Step 7: After finding the place to put the object, go to ground level and type the //paste command.

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    Example In Ps4 Edition

    To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then copy this region of blocks to the destination coordinate :

    /clone 15 64 4   9 69 4   ~ ~ ~

    To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then move it to the destination coordinate :

    /clone ~2 ~-1 ~7   ~8 ~8 ~8   ~12 ~-2 ~-9 replace move

    To clone a source region from the starting coordinate to the ending coordinate and then copy only the dark oak wood planks to the destination coordinate :

    /clone 4 62 1   4 68 -3   ~4 ~4 ~4 filtered normal planks 5

    How To Copy And Paste Using Worldedit In Minecraft


    Since its inception over 10 years ago, WorldEdit has remained as not only one of the most popular Minecraft mods, but also one of the most popular plugins, used by almost all of the best Minecraft Servers.

    Using WorldEdit can greatly improve the speed at which players can build, automating many otherwise tedious processes. One of the best examples of this is the copy & paste function in WorldEdit, which allows Minecraft builders to copy huge builds effortlessly.

    Copy & pasting with WorldEdit is relatively simple and only requires a few commands. This guide will explain everything players need to be able to effectively copy & paste something using WorldEdit in Minecraft, including some helpful tips and tricks to practice with.

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    Clone Command In Minecraft Java Edition

    In Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16, the /clone command has different syntaxes depending on what you want to do.

    To clone a source region to a destination region:

    /clone < begin> < end> < destination> 

    To clone only a specific block in a source region to a destination region:

    /clone < begin> < end> < destination>  filtered < tileName> < normal¦force¦move> 

    In Minecraft Java Edition 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 1.11 and 1.12, the syntax for the /clone command is:

    /clone < x1> < y1> < z1> < x2> < y2> < z2> < x> < y> < z> 


    How To Duplicate Minecraft Items In Creative Mode

    To duplicate the Minecraft items in your inventory while in Creative mode, simply click on their icon with the muse wheel. This will give you the maximum stack of the selected item. This is the quikest way to do it, but it obviously works only if you are playing from a pc with a mouse with wheel. So we are going to see how to do it with the use of Shulker Boxes as well, a method that works on every platform. We are also going to see how to duplicate groups of blocks.

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    How To Copy And Paste In Minecraft

    Minecraft is an incredible playground to implement your creativity and has made its footholds in the virtual gaming world. It is a creative sandbox game. The most beautiful thing about Minecraft is how you can improve as a player. It allows you to battle with other players with advanced weapons. It also allows you to defend yourself from the deadly mobs out there. One of the outstanding features of this game is copying and pasting. But how to copy and paste in Minecraft?

    Copy and paste in Minecraft requires you to turn on cheats in your inventory. You also need to have the /clone command command in your command block list. First, select the thing that you want to duplicate. Next, choose a location where you want to clone. Finally, use different commands to duplicate your items in Minecraft.

    Copy-pasting will help you make plenty of items quickly in Minecraft. It is one of the most stand-out brilliant features in Minecraft with which you can perform many tasks in little to no time. You can copy-paste buildings, blocks, regions, and many other structures. It is a handy thing to have in Minecraft to build different structures quickly. You can build any structure at any time with a copy-pasting feature in Minecraft. This article will explain how to copy and paste different items in Minecraft.

    Can You Copy And Paste Minecraft Xbox

    Minecraft : How To Duplicate Blocks

    You will not be able to copy and paste on all Minecraft editions of Xbox. You can also play Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass. For example, one of the Xboxs Editions that does not support copy and paste commands is Xbox 360. However, you can still use this command on Xbox One platform.

    Follow the given instructions to copy and paste on Minecraft Xbox:

  • Select the text and highlight it.
  • Select Copy in the menu button.
  • Move the cursor to your desired place and paste the text there.
  • Select the menu button to paste your text.
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    How To Use Clone Command

    The first part of this command will be very similar to using the /fill command. You will need to know both the exact coordinates of the build you wish to copy and the exact coordinates of the area you wish to move your build to.

    This can be checked by pressing the F3 button while in Java Edition. In Bedrock Edition coordinates can be turned on in World Options in the Menu.

    Once you have the exact XYZ coordinates you need, you can start working on typing the command. In total you will need 3 different coordinates:

  • The coordinates of the starting point of the region your build occupies
  • The coordinates of the end point of the same region
  • The coordinates of the destination where you are moving your build
  • The command with all its syntaxes looks like this:

    /clone ~< beginning coordinates>  ~< ending coordinates>  ~< destination coordinates>   

    The replace/masked syntaxes are used to help further define exactly what you are moving. Replace will clone every block in the defined area, including Air blocks. When using this it will make the Air blocks replace any other solid blocks if paired with the force syntax.

    Masked will copy every block that is not an Air block.

    The final syntax, also known as cleanMode tells the command if you are simply copying an area, forcing it into an area to overlap with other blocks or if youre simply moving it from one place to another.

    The move syntax will only move the build, not make another copy of it.

    /clone ~12 ~63 ~-54 ~18 ~73 ~-44 ~25 ~63 ~1 masked 

    How To Copy A World In Minecraft

    How to Copy/Duplicate Minecraft Java Worlds | Tutorial 2020 Hope you enjoy this video! Dont forget to Like and Subscribe! IGN: Bubbleguineapig

    There are other answers below:

    A copy of your Minecraft world will be created in the new location, which may take some time, depending on how large your world is. To load a backup world,

    Step 7: Adding open your device that you saved the world on copy the world paste the world in your saves, in your MC folder

    I show you how to copy a building from one Minecraft World to another, without using structure blocks, using Minecraft World EditIn todays Minecraft World Ed

    How to transfer Minecraft worlds in Windows 10. Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs. On the source PC, select PC to PC on the main screen of EaseUS Todo PCTrans and move on. Step 2. Choose transfer direction Old or New Computer. New Transfer all data from remote old computer to current new computer.

    Yes. Use MCEdit. You can copy the section in your old map, and save it as a schematic, which you can then import and place into a new world , overwriting what was there before. Make sure Minecraft is closed while you are using MCEdit, otherwise you can corrupt your map. Share. Improve this answer.

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    How To Clone In Minecraft

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    Cloning in Minecraft is a console command that was included in the Java Edition for PC/Mac , in the Pocket Edition , on Xbox One , on PS4 , on Switch , on Windows 10 , and in the Education Edition . The clone command allows players to copy portions of land while in a world with cheats enabled. This new feature is useful in expediting the design process of map-making, and this wikiHow will teach you how to clone in Minecraft.

    Can You Copy And Paste Buildings In Minecraft

    Minecraft Mods: COPY WAND MOD (1.6.4)

    Are you tired of the current location of your Minecraft house? Do you wish to change the location of your tower to a better and more scenic place in Minecraft? For this, Minecraft offers you to improve your world by using coordinates. Copying and pasting buildings in Minecraft requires you three different on chat command commands:

    • Start
    • Copy
  • Start
  • You can use this command to start copying your required area. Before using this command, you need to select the desired area to copy it.

  • Stop
  • Use this command to copy the remaining selected area. This command will make you able to stop copying your required site and start copying the leftover area of your house.

  • Copy
  • This command will ultimately create the exact copy of your selected area at the place of your choice. Thus, you have successfully availed of this fantastic feature in Minecraft gameplay.

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    How To Duplicate Items In Creative On Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    The trick here is to use Shulker Boxes because, as you probably know, you can break and pick up Shulker Boxes and they will keep the items that you put inside them. This will work on the Bedrock edition and for all the other platforms where you cant use a mouse. It works on the Java edition as well.

    So, to duplicate items the first step is to get or craft a Shulker Box. To craft a Shulker Box you will need a Chest and 2 Shulker Shells. You can get Shulker Shells by killing Shulkers, hostile mobs that you can find on End Outer Islands.

    a Shulker

    To craft a Chest you will need 8 Wooden Planks :

    Then, once you have the Chest and the Shulker Shells, you can put them together this way in the Crafting Table:

    Otherwise you can just get the Shulker Box from the Creative inventory.

    The next step is to place down the Shulker Box. Then open it and put inside it the item that you want to duplicate.

    Now all you have to do is to break the Shulker Box and take it as it drops as an item.

    In Creative mode you can place the same block several times. So, once you have your Shulker Box with the item inside, place it down as many times as you want.

    If you check the newly created Shulker Boxes, youll see that the item that you want to duplicate will be in all of them. You can also see it if you move your mouse over the Shulker Box in your inventory.

    Clone Command In Minecraft Ps4 Edition

    In Minecraft Xbox One Edition, there are 2 syntaxes for the /clone command.

    To clone a source region to a destination region:

    /clone < begin> < end> < destination> 

    To clone only a specific block in a source region to a destination region:

    /clone < begin> < end> < destination>  filtered < normal¦force¦move> < tileName> < tileData> 


    • begin is the starting x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
    • end is the ending x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
    • destination is the x y z coordinate for the destination region. Use the lowest x,y,z values for the destination. This will be the bottom NorthWest corner of the destination region.
    • replace is optional. It will clone all blocks, including air .
    • masked is optional. It will clone only blocks that are not air.
    • normal will clone the blocks from the source region to the destination region .
    • force will force the clone if the source region and destination region overlap.
    • move will clone the blocks from the source region to the destination. Then replace the cloned blocks in the source region with air .
    • filtered will clone only blocks that match the tileName.
    • tileName is the name of the block to clone.
    • tileData is the data value of the block to clone.

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    How Do I Transfer My Minecraft World To A New Location

    A copy of your Minecraft world will be created in the new location, which may take some time, depending on how large your world is. To load a backup world, simply place the world folder you want to import into the saves folder. Its always a good idea to create backups of worlds that are important to you, just in case something happens.

    Four In One Getting Started

    How To Copy Block Data In Minecraft 1.16 Bedrock Edition (Works for Java Too!)

    You may not know, but structure blocks have FOUR block textures in one!

    Those four are:

    Data Mode, Save Mode, Load Mode, and Corner Mode.

    For this walkthrough, I will just use the Save, Load, and Corner Modes.

    When you place down your Structure Block and open up its menu, you are greeted with the Data block.

    If you click the highlighted box, it will take you to the next blocks.

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    How To Copy A Map In Minecraft


    Maps in Minecraft can be vital since, as a survival simulator, the game has exciting geographic rules that mimic real-life situations. Therefore, getting lost in the world is an everyday reality.

    With a fantastic crafting system and a broad world, Minecraft allows for deep exploration with the assistance of various in-game realistic resources. For instance, one can go for long journeys by merely building a boat and a compass.

    Unfortunately, not everybody has a perfect notion of direction, even with the assistance of an in-game compass. Still, Minecraft allows for different approaches concerning safe exploring, including cartography, to avoid players from getting lost too often.

    Mapping in Minecraft is essential and permits efficient registration of all surrounding resources. Yet, the game provides various ways to enhance the knowledge with maps and even expand their reach.

    So, lets go through the essential functions, features, and mainly how to copy a map in Minecraft.

    Cloning A Map Using An Anvil

    To copy a map using an anvil, players will need an empty map of the same type. For example, to clone a locator map, they will require another locator map that is empty. Only one clone can be created at a time.

    Once the player has the same type of map, they have to place the map that needs to be cloned in the first slot of the anvil and the empty map in the second slot. Two identical maps can then be collected from the third slot.

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    How Do You Copy And Paste A House In Minecraft

    Are you tired of having your buildings and structures staying in one location? No worries. You can change your location to anywhere else youd like. You can also move a structure from one Minecraft world to another Minecraft world without using a structure block. However, copying a house from one world to another entirely different world is not an easy task. So lets create the easiest way to copy and paste a house in Minecraft.

  • Open the chat window and select start. It will enable you to copy one corner of your house.
  • Now select stop to copy the other corner of your house.
  • Select the command copy to finally copy your house and paste it anywhere you want.

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