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How To Farm Melons In Minecraft

S To Make Your Automatic Melon And Pumpkin Farm

Minecraft Xbox 360 How To Farm Melons

To start this build, place a chest on the ground, with a hopper attached to the top. To do this, just press shift while attaching the hopper so the chest won’t open.

Next to the hopper, place a building block and a redstone block. You should have a 3×1 build.

Place a powered rail on top of each block. Remember to press shift again when placing on top of the hopper.

On either edge of the powered rail track, place two building blocks.

Use one additional building block on the back, center edge of the build. Above, you can see the setup of these building blocks.

Between the two top blocks, place three dirt blocks. They should be directly over the rails below.

With the dirt in place, attach two building blocks on either side, with a third block attached at the corners.

Overall, you should have a ‘hole’ formed with the blocks. Place your water in this hole. This will be the water source for the pumpkins and melons to grow.

On the building blocks next to the dirt, place two observers.

Then, place a piston directly in the center, above the water. Getting these blocks to face the right way can be a bit tricky, so feel free to use any temporary foundation blocks.

Behind the piston, place redstone dust, and then two building blocks directly behind each observer.

On the two edge pieces of dirt in front of the observers, till the ground and place your seeds. This example uses one of each, however, you can just two of the same seed if you prefer.

Four: Build The Rails

Once you’ve placed the Redstone Torches, cover them up with blocks so the hole is even. At this point, you will be adding the rails for the Minecart to ride and collect any loose melons or pumpkins. Follow the outline in the image above. Above the blocks with Redstone Torches underneath, you will place Powered Rails. This makes the Hopper Minecart continue to go around and collect Melon Slices and Pumpkins and drop them off in the Hoppers when it rolls over them.

What To Farm And When

The first thing youll want to farm is Wheat. Youll also want to be collecting any eggs you find to start a chicken farm.

Once you have wheat, youll be able to improve your chicken farming, and also move on to sheep and cows.

Melons and pumpkins are good, but you cant grow them until after you have found some seeds. The same for potatoes and carrots: plant them when you get them.

Pigs will have to wait until after the carrot farm is started.

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How To Build An Automatic Melon Farm In Minecraft

Melons in Minecraft are one of the easiest food sources to grow as melon stems on breaking drops 0-3 melon seeds, which can be found in savanna and desert biome villages. Additionally, players can find melon seeds in Dungeons, Mineshafts, and Woodland mansions.

Unlike other crops like wheat and potato in Minecraft, melons need two blocks to grow, one for the melon stem and the other for the melon itself, which the player can harvest.

Players can grow melons by using a hoe on a dirt block to turn it into farmland and then planting the melon seeds on it. This article is a guide for players looking to build an automatic melon farm in Minecraft. Here’s the list of items required for this specific design:

  • 40 Pistons
  • 1 Hoe

Tips For Farming Efficiency


This farm can easily be expanded by repeating the pattern. Instead of placing a 3×1 foundation, you can increase this to your desired size. The powered rail should expand as long as the farm.

Remember, the pumpkins and melons will only grow if you are nearby, so be sure to add this near your base for the best production rates.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use this farm to produce just one type of material. For example, if you aren’t planning on using melon, you can set this farm to only produce pumpkin.

This farm will only work for these two items because of the way that they grow. Other fruits and vegetables grow directly out of the ground and require a new seed after each harvest. Pumpkins and melons require a space next to the seed, however, the seed will create an infinite number of resources.

The pumpkins and melons that you will receive from the farm can be traded with villagers as well. A villager with the farming profession will buy six pumpkins for an emerald, and four melons for an emerald. This is a great way to make emeralds without doing too much work.

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How To Get Seeds For Farming

Usually, chests in Minecraft are a great resource for seeds. They could be found inside dungeons or mineshafts. In the latter case, you could find a chest which is in a minecart.

But there is no reason to worry if you couldnt find a seed.

There is another way to farm melons or pumpkins, and thats when you have the whole fruit itself which you have found from somewhere in the game for example, through jungles or biomes which have grass.

Anyway, when you have a whole pumpkin and melon, you could get seeds using a crafting area or crafting grid.

Is There A More Efficient Melon Farm Design

Space-efficient or Time-efficient… If you want to harvest more often, put seeds on every other space like a checker board like this. This way one stalk can place a melon in 4 different spots, so it grows 4x as fast. However, if you only harvest when they are all done you get less per harvest, so this is only if you harvest almost constantly.

For space efficiency then your best option is this because you can use the space you are currently wasting with torches. Light from above.

If you’re good with redstone, have pistons below drop the dirt 2 blocks, breaking all of the melons, then being pushed by water.

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Where To Find Melon And Pumpkin Seeds

Prior to building this farm, you will need to have some pumpkin and melon seeds.

Pumpkins can be found in pretty much every biome, as long as there is grass. Additionally, they can grow on top of snow, so you can find pumpkins in mountain and taiga biomes.

When looking for a pumpkin, search around plains and mountain areas. Trees will not be dense here, so the pumpkins will be easy to spot from a distance.

Melons are a bit more difficult to find. They can be found naturally in jungle biomes, as well as savannah villages and woodland mansions. To quickly find a melon, try locating a village. If a village has a farming area, they may be planted here.

After finding pumpkins and melons, you will be able to craft seeds from each. Open your crafting menu, and you should be able to turn each into their given seed.

One: Get The Resources

How To Grow MELONS In Minecraft [Minecraft Melon Farm]

Shown above are the resources you’ll need to need to make this melon/pumpkin farm. If you wish to make a pumpkin farm, replace the 40 melon seeds in the image above with 40 pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, you can make a combination of 20 melon and 20 pumpkin seeds to make a farm that harvests both of them almost equally!

With this farm, you need plenty of rails, pistons, and observer blocks. You’ll rarely be able to make an automatic farm without these. The reason you need so many pistons and observer blocks is that melons and pumpkins grow into blocks that must be smashed rather than produce that can be broken and moved by water.

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How To Grow Melons In Minecraft

1. The first step in growing melons would be to locate some melon seeds. In the past, the only way to find melon seeds was to locate them through treasure loot. These days, you can find melons growing naturally in savannah villages and jungle biomes. You can also find them through wandering trader inventories, they will trade melon seeds for 1 emerald.

2. Regardless of your method, you only need 1 melon seed to eventually grow large amounts of melons. Once you have located your melon seeds, consider where you would like to plant your melons. Use a hoe to till the ground to prepare your melon seeds.

3. Also, consider where you want the melons to grow. If you have all four sides of the melon plant open, the melon can randomly grow at any one of these four sides. If you want your melon plants to grow in a row, ensure that the melon plant only has one space that the eventual melon could fit.

4. Next, you will want to ensure the ground is hydrated by placing a water source block within 4 blocks of the tilled ground. While 1 tile of water can hydrate a large area, you can add more water for cosmetic purposes if you wish.

5. Next, you will just need to plant your melon seeds. For your melons to grow, they require at least one adjacent block of space that is open. Having multiple blocks of space will increase the time that melons will grow, but it can be difficult keeping the melons looking neat and orderly.

That is all you need to do to grow melons in Minecraft.

How Do You Grow Watermelons Step By Step

Plant the Seeds Wait until soil temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit before planting seeds to ensure germination. Make a slit in the black plastic and press four watermelon seeds 1 deep into each hill. Cover the seeds with soil and water them. When seedlings sprout, thin to just two plants per hill.

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The Most Effective Pumpkin/mellon Farm

This farm requires a observer directly above a plant and pistons that activate when the plant moves. These outputs will then be taken through a hopper minecart into a chest. This is cheap but harder to build due to the orientations of the pistons and and observers. This is a short video explaining the topic.

More About How To Grow Melons Minecraft Recipes

Minecraft Melon Farm





FromViewsEstimated Reading Time

  • Craft a hoe. Open a crafting table and place a stick in the middle slot and the middle of the bottom row. Then, place 2 wooden planks next to each other in the top row.
  • Till dirt near water. Hold the hoe in your hand and right click some dirt that is within 4 blocks of water.
  • Wait for the stem to grow and produce a melon. You can use bonemeal to speed up the growth process.
  • Break the melon. Melon blocks can be broken using an axe or your bare hand, and they’ll drop 3-7 melon slices.





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Tips On How To Find Watermelon

Image from

Villages only can be found in flat biomes, including desert, plains, and savanna. You need to be careful when exploring mineshafts. There are cave spiders, sudden pits, monsters spawned in the darkness that are really dangerous if you are getting lost.

If no farmer is offering a trade you want, you can get new trades by completing the offers they do have. Going to the jungle is another way to find watermelons because jungle biomes sometimes randomly spawn watermelon blocks.

Three: Place The Hoppers And Torches

Usually, you will not see Void when you place the Redstone Torches. The only reason you see it in the screenshot above is that the farm in this guide is being built on a Superflat world, so there is limited space available. When facing the hole from the Chest, you want to place two hoppers in front of the chests.

Then, walk over two blocks and dig a hole across the bottom of the farm. This hole will be 1 * 10 * 2 blocks, as shown in the image above. You may place the Redstone Torches however you please, so long as they’re placed on the bottom layer in this hole. After that, you’ll need to dig another hole 1 * 1 * 2 blocks against the wall five blocks away from the hoppers and place a Redstone Torch on the bottom layer. If you need help, follow the image above.

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How To Build A Gold Farm In Minecraft

Gold is a precious material in Minecraft, much like real life. Obtaining and maintaining a stockpile of gold in-game gives you the materials to make some of the best healing items in the game, such as Golden Apples, as well as brewing materials such as Golden Carrots and Glistering Melon Slices.

As a result, building a gold farm should be one of your top priorities.

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Do Watermelons Need Water Minecraft

Minecraft: How To Build A Melon Farm

Over time, they grow into a stem and produce a melon on any adjacent dirt, grass, or farmland block. If a melon is already occupying an adjacent dirt/grass or farmland spot, the stem does not grow any more melons until the melon is removed. Watering is very importantfrom planting until fruit begins to form.

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Building The Gold Farm

You’ll need to build high walls on either side of the initial pit you’ve dug. It’s a good idea to completely enclose one side, apart from the entrance to the pit. This creates a safe side and an entrance. It’s also good to add a ceiling to the farm, as it prevents Ghasts, Blazes, and any other enemies from shooting you from afar.

Three blocks down, you’ll want to place hoppers and then chests. This will capture the gold for easy collection.

Digging down to the level next to the hoppers, you’ll now need to create the point where you’ll attack the Piglins. At the level of the hoppers, place a line of slabs in line with the feet of any creatures trapped. If you don’t remember to place this slab, small Piglins will be able to escape. This creates a harvesting area.

On the other side of the trap, it’s helpful to dig around to have easy access to the chests.

Once you’ve finished the build, simply aggro the Zombie Piglins by attacking one of them, and lure them to the trap by standing on the safe side you’ve created. Then, go down to the harvesting area and strike the Piglins. Any gold they drop will be deposited in the chests below. And there you have your Gold Farm!

Eight: Place The Observers

This part is also tricky and must be followed precisely for the Observers to be oriented correctly. In between every Piston is an empty space above the tilled Dirt. From above the farm, look down between the Pistons at the plants below. Move your crosshair to be on the top of the hitbox of the plant. Place the Observer. Use the image above as an example of where your crosshair should be. Place an Observer above every plant. These Observers will detect when a Pumpkin or Melon block has grown.

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Minecraft Melons Not Growing: Whats The Reason

Minecrafts farming mechanic is simple and somewhat relaxing, as it is a good way to distract yourself from all the dangers and tiring adventures that you face every day. You can use this mechanic to grow all sorts of different fruits and vegetables on your farm and use them for whatever reason you want.

However, farming in Minecraft is actually trickier than it might sound. Even small mistakes can ruin everything by causing all sorts of different problems. For example, you might be trying to grow melons in Minecraft but they simply wont grow. There are quite a few good reasons behind why this happens, and you can learn more about them below.

Do You Water Watermelon Everyday

Minecraft Melon Farming Tips

Watering is very importantfrom planting until fruit begins to form. While melon plants are growing, blooming, and setting fruit, they need 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged. Water at the vines base in the morning, and try to avoid wetting the leaves and avoid overhead watering.

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Add Items To Make Melon Seeds

In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make melon seeds, place in the 3×3 crafting grid.

When making melon seeds, it is important that the melon are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the second row, there should be 1 melon placed in the middle box. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for melon seeds.

Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the melon seeds will appear in the box to the right.


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