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How To Make A 100 By 100 World In Minecraft

Everything Else You Need To Know About Creating A Minecraft Server

How to make a 100 by 100 Minecraft World

There are a few things to know before you run off to create your own persistent online world.

If you want to customize your world, the text file server properties in the Minecraft Server folder can be tweaked to your liking.

If you plan on having friends from outside the house join your server, the code theyll need is your IPv4 plus some extra digits.

To find your IPv4 number, just search what is my IPv4 number? on Google. Each IPv4 number is specific to each computer, so ours will be different to yours.

You should get something like 100.20.511.329 .

Take your IPv4 and add a colon followed by 25565 so you end with something that looks like the following:


Your version of the above number is your server address other players will need to enter when joining.

Finally, to allow other players to join you need to forward your router ports to allow access from other parties. YouTuber Voizdev has a great explanation and walkthrough on this should you find yourself a little confused.

What Are All Of The Options And Settings When Managing Worlds In Minecraft

Minecraft is all about freedom, and that means even creating or editing worlds comes with a huge number of options for you to choose from. These range from as little as answering questions like “Does fire spread?” to huge changes like “How about you’re immortal and you have infinite access to all resources and items?” Whatever you want, the power is yours to make that decision.

Here are all of the options you can change when creating a world or managing a world in Minecraft:

Woodland Mansion And Lush Caves

Seed: 2377611421072266823Version: 1.18Coordinates: X = 487~ Z= 492~

Instead of heading out to sea when you spawn, sail along the river toward the above coordinates and youll come across a woodland mansion on the riverbank.

Manage your mods: Heres how to install Minecraft Forge

On the opposite bank, theres a cave nestled in the hill inside, it opens up into a huge lush cave, with a dripstone cave chamber on the side. There are plenty more lush caves in the vicinity to explore, but they require some digging to find.

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Setting Up A World Border

NOTE:/worldborderGiving Operator to a Player

  • Specify the center of your world border by using the command /worldborder center < X> < Z> , replacing < X> and < Z> with your X and Z coordinates. It is recommended to set this on your world spawn. If this successful, you should receive a message similar to the one shown below.
  • Once the center is set, you can now specify the size of the world border using the command /worldborder set < size> . For example, doing /worldborder set 20 will change the diameter or distance from one end of the border to the opposite end to 20 blocks.
  • Your world’s border should now be set and will keep players from venturing beyond.

    A Batch File To Start A Server

    I Survived 100 Days in a MASSIVE RAVINE Only World In ...
    • The Minecraft Server.1.11.jar should be located in the Server folder, so do a right-click there.
    • Select New > Text Document.
    • Name the new document “Run”.
    • Paste the following text into your Notepad document: Minecraft server.1.11.jar is a jar file that may be run from the command line.


    â¢Change “Minecraft server.1.11.jar” to the name of the version of the server you’re using if you’re using a different version.

    ⢠Now save as just a batch file, which Windows utilizes to execute tasks from the command line.

    • Make sure that the Save as Type option is set to All Files.
    • Set the file name to “Run.bat”.

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    How To Set Up A Minecraft Seed

    Before we start its important to note that the end results of a seed are entirely dependent on what version of Minecraft you are running. A brilliant seed in version 1.6 could be something upsettingly bland in version 1.7. To help you out, weve put the latest version each seed works with in brackets after the seed code. Set your Minecraft launcher to this version for the correct results.

    How Big Of A Server Do You Need For Rlcraft

    RLCraft Memory Requirements & Player Slots To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 3GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 4GB or more. You wont know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on.

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    How To Set Up A World Border

    We have a video tutorial on how to set up a world border:

    A world border is a boundary or limit that surrounds an area of a Minecraft world that prevents players and other entities from moving beyond the border. Setting a world border is especially useful to limit the chunks being generated when players travel your world which sometimes causes lag or makes your world file’s size get excessively large.

    Players will take damage when outside of the border. While redstone builds and water or lava flow are unaffected, placing of blocks and liquids outside of the border may be limited if at all possible.

    The world border feature is available to Minecraft Java Edition only. For Bedrock Edition servers , you will need plugins to configure your world border.

    How To Make And Activate A Conduit

    How To Create a 100 by 100 Minecraft World w/ End Portal – Yeah Jaron

    In this Minecraft Conduit guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about Conduits, including what they are, how they work, their crafting recipe, and how you can obtain the items needed to craft these powerful beacons.

    Looking for something more specific? Click these links to jump ahead!

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    How To Make A Sword In Minecraft

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 22 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 227,485 times.Learn more…

    Your sword will probably be your first defense against the hostile mobs of Minecraft. Your first sword will probably be made out of wood, but if you’ve already gathered cobblestone or iron you can skip ahead to the section on better swords.

    Materials Needed For Making A Composter

    Here is a list of all those items that you will need to make a composter in Minecraft.

  • Crafting table
  • Seven wooden slabs
  • It would be totally up to you to use any wood. You can replace the wooden slabs with any wood present in your inventory. You can also choose from the given types of wood.

    • Acacia wood slabs
    • Crimson slabs

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    Finding Your External Ip Address

    To determine your external IP address, you’ll first need to forward your ports.

    • Go to and type in your search term.
    • Using the search field, type “external IP” and hit Enter or Return.
    • The external IP address may be found by searching for it on Google

    Any of the following instances might serve as an example of your external IP address in Internet Protocol version 4 or version 6.

    • A sample IPv4 address is 12.34.456.789:
    • Address 2001:0db8 000:0000 0000:0001 is an example of an IPv6 address.

    To make it easier for other users to connect to the server, remember your external IP address.

    Best Minecraft Seeds For Players To Explore

    I Spent 100 Days in a LOOP Minecraft World... Here

    In Minecraft, a lot usually depends upon the random world you spawn in. You can be extremely lucky and land in a calm plain or find yourself running for your life as soon as you spawn. To tackle this randomness, you can choose to spawn into a world that better captures your imagination or challenges your skills in Minecraft. And to help you out with that, we have curated a list of the 20 best Minecraft seeds that we have found and personally tested in-game. You can expect these seeds to run on most Java game versions, including Minecraft Java on Chromebooks. With that said, lets check out the best Minecraft seeds you should try out in 2022.

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    Fix : Reload Your Private World

    Some players have reported that after reloading their private world, theyre able to connect to their friends world. Somehow it works for many users on all platforms.Heres the tutorial:

  • Go to the Worlds tab and choose one of your Worlds.
  • Evoke the menu and choose Save & Quit.
  • Back to the main menu and click the Friends tab.
  • You should be able to join your friends world.
  • How To Make A Composter In Minecraft

    There are several things that a player can craft in Minecraft. This game would allow you to craft anything from your tools and weapons to the food items. Minecraft composter is one of those items. Composters let you turn your undesired food items into bone meals and make you able to use the crafted items like fuel or fertilizer for your plants. You can also fertilize your garden in Minecraft. Lets get to know about how to craft a composter in Minecraft.

    Crafting a composter in Minecraft requires you to collect seven wooden slabs in your Minecraft overworld. You will need a crafting table to make your composter. Once you have done with it, you need to place the wood chunks into the crafting table. Make sure that you have placed them in a U-shaped pattern. This pattern will leave you with the second boxes of your crafting tables first and second rows empty.

    Usually, a player wants to add a composter to its wish list or gameplay due to its benefits. There are many incredible services that a composter offers you in Minecraft. You can easily turn your unwanted food into a desired one with the composter. You will need it to recycle the unwanted vegetation as well. You will also change the looks of your garden. In this article, you will find all the needed information about a composter in Minecraft.

    You will learn about how to craft, use, and what items you need to put in a composter.

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    Combine All Of Your Ingredients In Your Crafting Table

    Then you will have to place all of your seven wooden slabs in all the boxes of your crafting grid. Make sure to leave the middles boxes of the 1st and 2nd rows of your crafting grid empty. Putting the slabs at their exact positions will let you get your desired composter. You will get a U-shaped pattern from your crafting grid. As a result, your composter will appear in the box.

    The Best Minecraft Seeds

    Surviving Minecraft in a 100 by 100 World

    Seed:-7783854906403730143Version: 1.18

    This Minecraft 1.18 seed spawns you on a rocky plateau close to a large village. There are several spectacular mountains in the distance, and just across the water is another village built into the cliffside a perfect base for ocean adventuring. Its a great Minecraft survival seed for exploring the Caves and Cliffs update.

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    Try The Rarest Minecraft Seeds Right Now

    From unique ones to straight-up bizarre worlds, we have covered a diverse and fun range of Minecraft seeds in this article. If these seeds fail to impress you, a whole Minecraft city built by professionals might seal the deal for you. For the ones looking for more diversity in the sandbox gaming world, we also have cool games like ROBLOX that you can play to go beyond Minecraft. But now, you have the power of the best Minecraft seeds in your hand. Dont wait for a second longer and start exploring these Minecraft seeds!

    How To Obtain The Heart Of The Sea

    The Heart Of The Sea is an item that can not be crafted, and the only way to find it is through a Treasure Map. You can find a treasure map in a shipwreck or ocean ruins. The fastest way to find one of these is to feed raw cod or raw Salmon to a dolphin and theyll lead you to one or the other.

    Need help obtaining a Treasure Map? Check out our complete guide below.

    Once you find the treasure map youll notice a big red X on the map. Head towards the X and start digging to find the treasure. Theres a 100% chance of finding the Heart Of The Sea buried treasure in both Bedrock and Java.

    I have obtained the Heart Of The Sea

    Now that youve found the Heart Of The Sea check it off and look for an Ocean Monument

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    How Do I Upgrade My Minecraft Server

    If theres a new release, you need to do this:

    Navigate to the minecraft directory:

    cd /opt/minecraft

    Next, run and build the new server:

    java -Xms2048M -Xmx3472M -jar server.jar nogui

    Finally, update your start script:

    nano /opt/minecraft/

    And update the version number accordingly:

    #!/bin/bashcd /opt/minecraft/ & &  java -Xms2048M -Xmx3472M -jar server.jar nogui

    Now you can restart the server and everything should go well.

    Its A Pretty Good App

    I Survived 100 Days in a JUNGLE WORLD in Minecraft ...

    This app is ok. I mean, it is good if you want maps and seeds for exploring or playing on. And also its fun to share your maps and creations to the world. But I think that it could be better. For instance, if you are looking for a map that is really detailed and nice, then you have to look for like 10min to get what you want. And the rating system is bad. Whoever does it is pretty bias, because all the mini games that have lots of mods have 5 star ratings, when the beautiful castles and towns have like no stars at all. Seriously, if you want mini games, check out online servers, or Roblox. That is what I have to say about the app. But if you want something that is nice, check out the other apps this developer made, Addons for Minecraft, it has so many better maps and Addons that you can plug into any game you want. Trust me, it is way better than this app.

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    How Do You Delete Worlds In Minecraft

    Sometimes a world exceeds its usefulness, and it’s time to free up a little more space on your device or console. Fortunately, deleting your worlds in Minecraft is almost as easy as creating new ones, so you can clear out old worlds you don’t play anymore whenever you want.

    To delete worlds in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’re in the right place by opening Minecraft on your device or console.

  • Tap or click **on the “Play” button* directly below the Minecraft logo on the main menu.

  • This will bring up a screen with three tabs along the top. Look for the world you want to delete in the list under the “Worlds” tab, below the “Create New” button.
  • Tap or click on the “Edit” button to the right of the world’s name. It’ll look a bit like a pencil or crayon writing something down.

  • This should open the “Edit” screen that looks nearly identical to the initial “Create” screen when you create a new world. Scroll to the bottom of the list on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Tap or click on the “Delete World” button near the bottom of the screen, next to the “Export World” and “Copy World” buttons.

  • A confirmation will pop-up on the screen. If you’re sure you want to delete this world, tap or click on the “Delete” button underneath the pop-ups warning message.
  • Collect The Raw Materials

    The first and foremost thing you will have to do is collect or find the raw materials for your composter. You will need to have seven wooden slabs to construct your composter. You can also find a few pieces of wood in case you dont have access to the wooden slabs. You will get four wooden slabs or planks from a single piece of wood using your crafting grid. You can also use oak logs as a raw material for your composter.

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    What Can You Put In A Composter In Minecraft

    Minecraft composter is easy to construct. You wont have to make much investment to craft a Minecraft composter. Once you have done with its construction, you can put many of your items in it. Here, I am enlisting the main items that you can put in your composter. These items include:

    • Stray flowers
    • Grass, saplings, and different crops
    • Flowers and carrots

    Minecraft Guide To Worlds: Creating Managing Converting And More

    How to Make a 100×100 Minecraft World

    Minecraft doesn’t just allow players to create and play as many worlds as they want, it actively encourages it. Want a world that tests your skills and cultivates a feeling of achievement? Play survival. Want to unleash your creativity and spend countless hours on a building project? Play creative. Want to take it easy and explore the world? Play on peaceful. Have ten of each. It can be harrowing to manage all these worlds and know what all the options are, though, so we’ve broken it all down in this guide.

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    Bonus: How To Make A Perfect Circle In Minecraft

    We have explained the manual and command-based methods to make a circle and sphere in Minecraft in the sections above. So now, lets talk about how to make a perfectly smooth and round circle in Minecraft. Yeah, it seems impossible with the cube-based game mechanics, but players have found a reliable way to make it even in vanilla Minecraft. There are several cool Minecraft mods you can use to achieve a feat like this, but this YouTuber found a way to do it in vanilla Minecraft.

    This trick functions using Command Blocks that are in-game programming blocks. These can be used to not only spawn entities and blocks but also to make them do particular actions. The Youtuber uses 6 command blocks to spawn invisible armor stands alongside falling sand blocks. These blocks have zero gravity, so they arent interactable like regular blocks.

    You can not interact with the circle in any way, but it still is a great visual aesthetic in the game. And thanks to the combination of in-game commands and visual glitches, you get a perfect-looking circle in Minecraft. For new players, the tutorial will be a fail-and-try method, but once you get a hold of it, it works like a charm. If you feel stuck at any moment, you can reach out to us in the comments section. Our team has tested this method on Minecraft Java version 1.17.1, and it works without any trouble.


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