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How To Make A Lag Machine In Minecraft

How To Reduce Lag And Speed Up Your Minecraft

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Optimising Your Server Settings

The best way to fix lag on your server is to simply prevent if from occurring before. Our guides on how to stop lag on Spigot, Bukkit and Paper servers already cover this however it’s worth going through your servers configuration files and adjusting the values to help prevent lag from occurring on your server. If you need to improve your servers performance, this Spigot guide has a comprehensive rundown of all the different ways you can optimise your server, and lots of them refer to Entities and will vastly help reduce any lag caused by your server by entity lag. Most of these changes will have almost no noticeable impact on the playability of your server, however will vastly improve the performance.

If you’re running Vanilla, you won’t have access to these configuration files, or if you do they won’t actually change anything. We do strongly recommend swapping over to Spigot if you’re running Vanilla – even if you don’t want any plugins Spigot comes with a lot of optimisations to servers, and that’s before you can make even more changes yourself to help improve the running of your server. If you need help setting your server type to Spigot, we have a guide on how to do that which you can check out here.

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How To Fix Mouse Lag In Minecraft

Minecraft causes an update to the currently displayed menu/game every time it detects the cursor updated, so if you use a high poll rate mouse, it causes a lot of updates, each time forcing a function to be run. This lags the game significantly, so I’d recommend using a lower poll rate on Minecraft.

EDIT: I’ve figured out that this issue occurs any time my mouse cursor is moving rapidly when over Minecraft, which includes playing the game, the inventory or the pause menu. As soon as the cursor is not over Minecraft the fps is stable and high. Upon trying a different mouse, the issue is gone. So the issue is with the Logitech Gaming software. If anyone else has a similar issue, I recommend experimenting with any mouse drivers.

Reading: how to fix mouse lag in minecraft

The issue seems to be my 1000Hz poll rate. Halving that to 500Hz mostly fixed the issue, but I still noticed some lag, so I dropped it to 333Hz, and the issue is gone altogether.

Maybe a month ago, my mouse started going crazy in Minecraft. It was only in Minecraft, and occurred whether I was using mods, or using a completely brand new installation of Minecraft. Yesterday I completely wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Windows and Minecraft, it was fine for a day, but today the issue started occurring again.

Here’s some videos of the issue occurring across versions and modded and vanilla.

Vanilla 1.12.2:


1.10.2 Modded

Sorry this might be a bit confusing, it’s late..

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Tile Entities Vs Regular Entities

As Tile Entities cannot move on their own, and are blocks rather than physics objects ) they will cause significantly less lag on your server than regular Entities. This can most easily be seen in the case of Minecarts, and their variant . Although Minecart Hoppers are very useful for moving items quickly, they cause significantly more lag than just using a chain of regular hoppers. In addition, Tile Entities can become “Inactive” when not in use . The reason we’re talking so much about hoppers, is that along with mobs, Hoppers and Chests are the most numerous entities in any world. Some servers can have thousands of them in such a small area, and optimising them is important. With that in mind, here are some of the easiest ways to reduce the lag caused by hoppers :

  • Ban Minecart Hoppers/Chests – Players can still use regular chests to store items, and can use longer hopper chains to move items, and hopper blocks cause way less lag than Minecart hoppers. If you want a plugin to ban these items, we mention one later on in this guide.
  • Place Droppers Above Open-Topped Hoppers – This may seem weird, but in doing so this stops the hopper checking to see if an item has been dropped onto it all the time, making it “Inactive”, reducing the amount of lag caused significantly when it is not moving items around. Using Furnaces should only be used in older versions, as in newer versions it will not resolve the lag.

Why Does Minecraft Lag


Now that you know what Minecraft Lag is, let us go into the details of why does Minecraft Lag. Since Minecraft has a single player and a multiplayer element, we are going to cover both aspects of the game. If you are experiencing lag in Minecraft in the single player mode of the game, the reason behind it is mostly the same, i.e. unavailability of adequate resources. This means that your system is not powerful enough to handle the games load and this is the reason you are experiencing lag in Minecraft in the single player mode of the game.

Coming to the multiplayer side of Minecraft, there are a variety of reasons why you could be experiencing Minecraft Lag in its multiplayer mode. The most popular and regular reason for Minecraft Lag in the multiplayer mode of the game is due to high Latency. What this means is that your internet connection is not reliable or gaming optimized causing a bad game connection. This could be easily resolved without the help of your ISP if you use the dedicated Minecraft ping booster service. However, there can be a variety of other reasons that could lead to lag in multiplayer mode and these include the unavailability of system resources and/or processing power on the server side and/or the client side of the game, other hardware and software related issues.&nbsp

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Minecraft Lag Types And How To Fix Them

Common reasons for lag:– Too many players and not enough RAM.- Too many mobs/items and not enough RAM.- You are too far away from your server.- Too many worlds are running on your server without sufficient RAM.- Errors are spamming in your console. – Too many plugins running on your server and not enough RAM.

THINGS TO DO FIRSTConsole ErrorsAlways, check for console errors before submitting a ticket. Most are easily solved with a Google search and you should get into the habit of fixing your server.

1. Check if you have any errors in your console. If you see any “SEVERE” errors, this maybe be the cause of your lag.2. Try and troubleshoot these errors. Google is your friend, and we have a knowledge base full of guides.

If you see “End of Stream” with a “SEVERE” tag, do not be alarmed. Unless this is spamming in your console this it not an issue.

TPS lag

Reduce Your View DistanceWe recommend that you reduce the view distance of your server from the default 10 to a value between 6-8.

Remove PluginsThe more players and plugins you have the more RAM you will need. If you have lots of plugins and not a lot of RAM you will overload your server causing it to have lag spikes and/or crash.The best thing to do it limit the amount of plugins you require to run your server, as some plugins such as Survival Games can use up to 1GB of RAM.

Fixing FPS lag

Fast Ping: <100ms

How To Reduce Entity Lag On A Server

NOTE:Minecraft Java Edition

One of the largest causes of lag on any server is the number of entities that you have on it. Regardless of the server type, entities can cause a large amount of the lag, and if you have too many of them, it can even cause some chunks to make the server become unplayable. However, entities are one of the most important parts of Minecraft, almost always being used to gather and store resources in mob farms.

Before you go ahead and read this guide, it may be worth running a Timings report to see what is causing your lag.

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How To Make A Lag Machine For Free Builds

Debug said:Building lag machines are not bannable only if they crash the server IIRC. Also, they aren’t homophobic for lagging out a random free build and it happened to be an LGBT one. Stop crying about “homophobic people” when they are just general griefers.

Smh so bad lag design/size

Debug said:in my OWN housing once I built a 15 layer full width client lag machine. barely does server lag and it gives u 2 fps instead of 200. I housing invited guild members into my housing and flipped the lever on.

Because It Most Likely Because Your Computer Can’t Handle It

Infinite lag machine for Minecraft 1.16.5 (Observers and pistons) 2021

I could continue with how Java is an emulated system and how emulators run slower because it needs to emulate a system architecture that is completely different to those of a PC/whatever device, but that’s not the point.

Minecraft runs on Java, which requires a virtual machine to be emulated inside your computer. Because of that – Emulation takes more memory and CPU processing power than it usually needs .The reason other games worked is because they are native to Windows; don’t need to go through 5 other steps before a value can be changed or something can be outputted.

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How Do I Build A Lever Triggered Lag Machine

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Create the Doomsday block, where you convert a piston to damage value 7.>: )

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Not lever-triggered, but building a ****ton of these could do the trick.Insert this image here.

Are you multitasking? Is that why your Minecraft window is more vertical?

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How To Make A Simple Flying Machine In Minecraft

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This wikiHow teaches you how to make a simple flying machine in Minecraft. You can build this out of pistons, a sticky piston, redstone blocks, and solid blocks. This design only works on the Java Edition and the Playstation 4 Edition of Minecraft. This does not work on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, or Minecraft on mobile, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

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How To Reduce Lag In Minecraft

If lag in Minecraft is stealing away the fun of your online gameplay then here is a detailed guide to help you solve the problems once and for all.

Minecraft is possibly one of the most popular games out there in our era of gaming. The game has been released on many different platforms and attracts millions of players worldwide with the games unique and creative tools that allow everyone to build literally whatever they want in the games world. But, as with every online game there has been, the problem of how to reduce lag in Minecraft has been the most annoying one for all of the games players

What Are Entities

Invinite lag machine for Minecraft 1.15.2 (Observers and ...

Before we talk about how to remove them, we should probably mention what entities are. There are 2 main types of entities, Tile Entities, and regular Entities . All forms of entities are essentially things in the game that store additional data other than where they are in the game world. Block Entities are just special blocks that store additional data – such as having their own inventories, or specific values they can take . Regular Entities are things most of us recognise such as mobs, and item drops. If you’re interested in a list of all entities in the game, the Minecraft Wiki has a page for Block Entities, and a page for regular Entities which contain a list of all entities in the game.

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