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How To Make A Treasure Map In Minecraft

How To Make A Treasure Map

How To Make a Custom Treasure Map | Minecraft JAVA

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A treasure map can be useful for many things – school plays, homework, games, or just for a fun activity to do with your kids. Making your own authentic-looking treasure map is easy to do.

What Is In Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Buried treasure is a chest that can be in Minecraft, containing loot. The chests fall under the generated structures category. This means that the chests will not appear if the Generate structures world creation option is not turned on.;

The buried treasure consists of a single chest which can be found on the beach and snow biomes and sometimes underwater as well. The chests will be covered by some type of block, most likely sand, stone, or gravel.

Unless the chests are buried on the ocean floor when sand covers them or on the side of an underwater hill when a stone block covers them, the chests can be covered by any block suitable to the terrain. The chests can also be waterlogged.

The chest contains different loot. Depending on the specific chest you find, it will contain iron, gold, cooked salmon and cod, leather tunic, iron sword, TNT, emerald, diamond, Prismarine Crystals, or the heart of the sea.

How To Use The Treasure Map In Minecraft

When you make a treasure map, it will be blank. You must fill it, and for that, place the map in your characters hand, and move from one place to another. At that time, it will be very useful to see the coordinates in Minecraft to know where you are, and also to put markers in Minecraft so as not to lose any location.

To open the treasure map, in the case of the PC, click the right mouse button. In the mobile version, press and hold the screen. In the console version, press the optionCreate Map, this is at the bottom of the screen.

The treasure map it will start to fill in the direction your character is facing. North is at the top of the map. A white dot will appear on the map, thats your character. We hope this publication has been useful to you, write us your comments and share this article with your family and friends.

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How To Find Minecraft Buried Treasure

In order to find these buried treasures you first need to find a treasure map. The maps are usually easy to find. They are found inside underwater structures such as boats or ruins. Although they do not spawn all over the place it shouldnt take too long to find them.

Since boats and ruins are on the rarer side the best way to find them is to fly above any water surface and looking for them on the ocean floor.

Its important to keep in mind that not every structure will have a chest with a treasure map inside it. If this happens to you, just be patient and keep searching.

Once you find the map and take a look at it, the map will display the location of the buried treasure with a red X and, conveniently, your own location with a white dot.

To find the treasure simply follow the map. It works just like a regular map, with the top of the map showing North, and other sides of the world according to that.

One important thing to note is where you are in regards to the treasure the map is showing. Depending on where you are, in order to find it, you may have to go the opposite way.

If you are not sure which way to go, you can press F3 on your keyboard, and among other information, right under chunk, you will find a line showing which way you are facing.

How To Make A Map In Minecraft Using Crafting Table

27 Treasure Map In Minecraft

Making a map in Minecraft using Crafting Table is one of the most common and easier ways of all. To craft the map, you will need eight papers and one compass. But to have both of these items, one will need several other items, that can be found by mining or digging around the world. First of all, to get the papers, you must collect the pieces of sugar cane. Three pieces of sugar cane can provide you with three papers, which means you will need 9 pieces of sugar cane. You can easily collect the sugar cane from the land. Once you have successfully collected the required pieces of sugar cane. Open the crafting table and place 3 pieces of sugar cane in a row, it will generate 3 papers. Repeat this process 3 times.

Another important element for the map is the compass. To craft a compass, you will need one Redstone dust and four iron ingots. The Redstone dust can easily be found while mining, they are usually found near lava. But as far as the iron ingots are concerned, you can smelt iron ore with a furnace to get them. Iron ore can also be found while mining, just like Redstone dust. Once you have all these objects, open the crafting table, place the Redstone dust in the center, and place the iron ingots on four sides adjacent to the Center Block. It will provide you with the required compass.

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Why Cant I Find The Treasure In Minecraft

Buried treasure is a chest that can be in Minecraft, containing loot. This means that the chests will not appear if the Generate structures world creation option is not turned on. The buried treasure consists of a single chest which can be found on the beach and snow biomes and sometimes underwater as well.

Can Buried Treasure Be Underwater

Since the treasure will spawn either in a beach or snow biome there is a pretty big chance the treasure will actually spawn underwater. Even if they spawn on the shore since they are under a few blocks they will most likely be underwater.

There is also a chance the treasure will be on the ocean floor or even buried underneath.;

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How To Make A Map In Minecraft: All You Need To Know To Create Map In Minecraft – In Minecraft, locator maps will help you keep your bearings. It allows a player to capture surface features of areas they visit, plotting them on a hand-held map. If you think you need this element, you may be wondering how to make a map in Minecraft.

For Minecraft players, the map is an essential item that is used as an aid to exploring the Overworld. Here you will know how to make a map in Minecraft so you can finally know how to find the way back home.

After learning how to make a Map in Minecraft, you will know where you’re going and where you’ve been. Making these maps can be great helps for your adventure in Minecraft.

Fulfill your Minecraft need by making the map. With our easy guides, you can learn the step-by-step process of how to make a map wall in Minecraft. Scroll down!

How To Play Your Pirate Treasure Map Game

How to Use a Treasure Map in Minecraft: Minecraft Treasure Maps – How to Find Them (Avomance 2019)

Now you have your genuine pirate map. heres how to play your game!

1) The aim of the game is to follow the treasure map to four different locations, where different letters are hidden that spell out the whereabouts of the treasure. One player is the pirate who knows where the treasure is hidden, and the others are the scurvy plunderers looking for the booty!

2) To set up the game, the pirate must take the letters that spell out where the treasure is, and hide them at each location on the treasure map, along with the treasure in the place that the letters will spell out!

3) Now pass the treasure hunters the pirate map and let them loose. To make it really tricky, give them a time limit of three minutes to get to the treasure! Can they find it in time? Good luck!


Write your clues in pencil, then when the game is over, use a rubber to rub them out, and choose a different location for your next treasure hunt!;

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How Do You Find A Buried Treasure

Steps to Find Buried Treasure Find a Shipwreck. First, you need to find a shipwreck in Minecraft. Look for a Map Chest. Each shipwreck can have up to 3 chests, depending on the size of the shipwreck Map Chest, Treasure Chest and Supply Chest. Use the Buried Treasure Map. Find the Buried Treasure Location. Dig until you Find the Buried Chest. Open the Buried Chest.

How To Mark A Map

You can mark a point on a map by interacting with a Banner that has been placed in the world, with the map in your hand at the time. This will mark the Banner’s location on the map with a marker that matches the colour of the Banner.

If the Banner is destroyed, the marker will remain until you re-explore that area in the world, after which the map will update and remove the marker.

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Treasure Hunting In Minecraft

Gear Up

  • First things first, treasure hunters need to prepare for their ocean voyage by bringing along appropriate items. Sailing through the water on a boat is much quicker than swimming, so craft a boat and a backup just in case. Those with access to a brewing stand can concoct water-breathing potions by using a pufferfish, which will grant them more time underwater. Additionally, all other basics, like armor, tools, and food are needed to keep the player safe and healthy on their expedition. There’s a variety of aquatic life roaming Minecraft‘s ocean biomes, including deadly mobs that can threaten the player’s expedition if they’re unprepared.

Find A Treasure Map

  • Next, players will need to travel out into an ocean biome and search for any shipwrecks or sunken ships. The abandoned ships dont spawn very often, so treasure hunters will need to scour the oceans in search of them. Crafting a spyglass will enhance the players sight a bit and make them feel like a pirate, but a more reliable method is by feeding raw salmon or raw cod to a dolphin. By doing so, dolphins will reward the player by bringing them to a location of interest out in the ocean, which has a chance to include the shipwrecks. They contain multiple loot chests, with some containing junk like poisonous potatoes, while others harbor metal ingots. Its never guaranteed, but one of these chests might hold a treasure map, which will lead players to the closest buried treasure in their game world.

How Far Down Is Buried Treasure In Minecraft

How To Use A Treasure Map In Minecraft Pe

Although a sane person may assume that a treasure may be buried quite close to the surface, however, this may not be the case with your chest.

Some chests may be found under one or two blocks, but they will never be under about ten blocks below the X.;

People often dig deeper while trying to find the chests, but that is not the way you should go about it. This happens because the map does not show you when you are exactly above the chest.;

Because of this mechanic, you should dig a few blocks around instead of digging deeper. This will allow you to find the treasure quicker.

However, if all else fails there is also another way you could easily find your treasure chest. This is also arguably the easiest way to find the chests. To avoid all hassle simply place a TNT block somewhere near the chest.;

You can place the TNT block anywhere as long as your location overlaps with the location of the treasure shown on the map. If the chest is in the way of the explosion it will get blown away, but you will still be able to collect the contents of it.

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What Is A Minecraft Treasure Map

Minecraft treasure maps are basically randomly spawned in-game maps that show the location of a buried treasure-chest.

They are non-stackable items and can be held in the players main or off-hand to view.

The map has keen features of not only showing where the buried chest is-with a large red X- but also shows the players position relative to that X.

Getting your hands on a treasure map is the first step on how to find buried treasure in Minecraft.

Minecraft buried treasure map

If the player is out of bounds of the map, the map will be uncolored and will be presented as various shades of beige. Moreover, the player will also be seen on the edge of the map until they are within range.

However, as soon as the player is within the maps range, they will move away from the edge of the map and colors of visible blocks will automatically start to fill in.

How to find buried treasure

How To Get Buried Treasure Maps In Minecraft

Minecraft players on the hunt for buried treasure will likely need a treasure map to find it unless they are incredibly lucky or nuanced in their searching methods.

Introduced in Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.13, treasure maps are instrumental in finding buried treasure in most instances. Whereas players can still find hidden structures without explorer maps, finding a treasure chest the size of one block among the massive amount of sand in a beach or ocean biome is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, with a treasure map, players are given substantial indication of where a treasure is buried even if they don’t know its precise elevation.

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How To Find Buried Treasure Maps In Minecraft

If youre reading this just now and had no idea that buried treasure maps were even a thing in the game, then your mind is probably racing wondering how the heck you can get your hands on one.

Youre not going to believe how easy it is to find a buried treasure map in the game.

To look for them, you need to look in underwater ruins chests and shipwreck chests. Thats it those are the two locations in Minecraft where you have the chance of finding a buried treasure map.

But not all chests in those two locations will have the treasure maps.

Youll know youve found one of the treasure maps when you see something that looks like yellowish paper as the small icon . Thats your path to the treasure.

As you can see in the image above, the chest had a treasure map that was moved to inventory. I know it doesnt really look much like a map, but trust me, that is the map you seek.

How To Use A Minecraft Buried Treasure Map

How To Minecraft | #24 | SALT PRANK | How To Make Treasure Maps in Minecraft (How To Minecraft SMP)

Okay, now that youve found a chest containing a buried treasure map, youre halfway there. Its not time to set out on a quest to discover this treasure.

So, you need to equip the treasure map in your hotbar, and then select it. That brings that map up to a larger size so that you can more easily follow it to the rich stuff.

Just know that if you have something like a shield also equipped, then you map will show up slightly smaller than normal.

As with any good buried treasure map, X marks the spot. So, you just have to work your way through the world until you reach that big red X on the map.

Not sure where youre starting from on this map? Well, your current position should be marked by a white cross.

Of course, your current position might not be shown on the map because you are located somewhere off the map. In this instance, youll see yourself as a white dot somewhere on the edge of the map.

If this happens to you, then you need to start walking in the opposite direction in order to show up on the map. For instance, if your white dot is found on the northwest corner of the map, then start walking in a southeast direction to get on the map.

I know that sounds kind of confusing, but thats just the way that it works.

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Place The Cartography Table

To use a cartography table, first, select the cartography table in your hotbar. If you don’t have a cartography table in your inventory, you can quickly make one with a .

Next, position your pointer on the block where you want to place the cartography table. You should see the block become highlighted in your game window.

The to place the cartography table depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , right click on the block.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the block.
  • For Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the block.
  • For Education Edition, right click on the block.

Minecraft: Where To Find Treasure Maps

The key structures that Minecraft players will want to search for in order to find treasure maps in Survival Mode are shipwrecks and underwater ruins.

Buried treasure maps are guaranteed to be found in a specific loot chest in shipwrecks while having a 41.7-45.3% chance to appear in underwater ruin chests depending on the ruin’s size.

Both of these structures naturally appear underwater as their names suggest, although occasionally Minecraft’s generation will place them above-ground.

Shipwrecks generate in the following Minecraft biomes:

  • All ocean biomes

Underwater ruins can be found in the biomes below:

  • All ocean biomes regardless of temperature
  • Beach biomes

Shipwrecks are instantly noticeable due to their shape and block composition, made primarily of wood blocks. Underwater ruins can be slightly harder to spot while underwater, as they are composed of either stone bricks or sandstone, which may not stand out as significantly.

This is especially true in low light levels at deeper altitudes while in ocean biomes, which quickly become incredibly dark without proper light sources. Once players have found the structures, however, the search for their loot chests begins.

There are many factors that influence this, including the shipwreck’s condition and the circumstances that it has generated into. If all three chests are available, one will be known as a map chest and will carry lots of paper, potentially some feathers, and a guaranteed treasure map.

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